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    Unemployment problem

    I was on unemployment once back in the 1980's. I know back then you had to be actively seeking employment and you could not refuse employment or you would be taken off unemployment. I don't believe anything has changed since then.
  2. OldBrownsFan

    That "C" word

    Another "C" word ...consequences. Why did China stop travel from Wuhan to other parts of Cbina yet at the same time continue to allow international flights out of Wuhan China? What we know is that when China finally realized they had a crisis on their hands they stopped all travel from Wuhan to other parts of China yet they allowed travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world.....We need to know why they did that? That was either incompetence on their part or it could be they knew they were going to take an economic hit because of the virus and allowed travel to other parts of the world knowing it would likely spread the virus and "level the playing field" and having other countries facing the same flu consequences they were facing. As it was wrecking their own economy it has also now wrecked the economies of other countries around the world including the United States. We don't know why China did what they did but they need to answer for it. If they thought the virus was serious enough to stop all travel from Wuhan to other parts of China why was it acceptable for travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world?
  3. And now this...China threatening an economic "hit" to Australia if they have an inquiry over the covid19 virus...this is just one of the costs of doing business with China. China warns of economic hit over COVID inquiry https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6152226957001
  4. If Trump had made a boneheaded mistake like this that New York and the MSM darling's Gov Cuomo has approved of with allowing patients testing postive with covid19 back into nursing homes every nursing home death would be laid at Trump's feet and they would claim he "had blood on his hands". This makes no sense at all because nursing home patients are at the highest risk of fatalities due to covid19 and the LAST thing you would ever do is to knowingly place patients with covid19 in a nursing home. State lacked common sense in nursing homes coronavirus approach: Goodwin https://nypost.com/2020/04/25/new-york-lacked-common-sense-in-nursing-homes-coronavirus-approach/
  5. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    NYT reporter gets an assist from YouTube to shut down video that could help prove Trump’s point https://therightscoop.com/nyt-reporter-gets-an-assist-from-youtube-to-shut-down-video-that-could-help-prove-trumps-point/
  6. And they go to court every time to fight voter ID.
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    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    Disinfecting the Left Wing Media As well as President Trump has done in those daily press briefings discussing the federal government’s fight against the Wuhan ChiCom virus, it might be time to put those to bed. The reason? He’s beaten the Democrat activists in the White House press corps to a pulp, he’s destroyed their credibility, and he’s captured as much of the confidence of the American people as he can in those press conferences. And at this point the Dem activists are simply going to report what they want to report, the facts and reality be damned. Trump has noticed that, skipping the briefing on Saturday and expressing frustration with the media’s refusal to offer anything like responsible journalism on the virus. A good example of that came last Thursday, when Trump had Acting Undersecretary of Science and Technology for the Department of Homeland Security Bill Bryan at the podium to discuss a new study indicating that the presence of UV light, as in sunlight, was very effective in killing the Wuhan virus in open air, and also indicating that the virus died off very quickly in the presence of disinfectants. Bryan offered a good deal of information to indicate that the outdoors could be a tonic environment for those exposed to the virus, but not much of it was reported. Why? Because the president, interested in the findings of the study, asked a few questions about whether the study could open up the possibility of new methods to treat the virus. Specifically, he asked about whether UV light could be used inside the body, perhaps in the lungs, to kill the virus — and also whether disinfectants could be infused into the body of a virus patient. Maybe it’s inappropriate to hold a brainstorming session on different ways for doctors to kill the virus within the framework of a press conference. Or maybe its refreshing to see ideas discussed in the open. Your opinion might be colored by your opinion of the president. Or your opinion of the legacy media, which immediately reported that Trump was suggesting people huff Lysol. That idiocy spread so quickly that the makers of the household disinfectant put out a statement begging people not to swallow their product, as though somehow that’s what Trump was saying. It turns out that there are actual practical methods being employed to use UV light and disinfectants on an experimental basis with respect to treating the Wuhan virus. Whether Trump was aware of them or not when he asked the question, he isn’t the only one thinking along those lines. Doctors at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles have been working on applications of UV light inside the body. In fact, last October they published an abstract of research into that very thing — an entry in the United European Gastroenterology Journal discussed “Internally Applied Ultraviolet Light as a Novel Approach for Effective and Safe Anti-Microbial Treatment.” And with the appearance of the Wuhan virus making effective forms of treatment highly important, a company called Aytu BioScience has invented something called the Healight, which is essentially a probe emitting beams of UVA light into the body of virus patients on ventilators, doing almost exactly what Trump was talking about. Here’s the YouTube video explaining the device. Whoops! Sorry. YouTube won’t allow you to see it for some reason — new and/or experimental treatments, especially those referred to by the president, can’t be discussed on YouTube. At the Healight website, the video is posted in Vimeo format. Also, there’s a “fan video” still on YouTube describing the device. As for the use of disinfectants inside the body, that isn’t unprecedented, either. No, nobody uses Lysol. But hydrogen peroxide, which is a well-known disinfectant, has been used internally for quite some time against infections. This, from two weeks ago… Another way to “disinfect” internally would be to use ozone, which is a method for treating infectious disease going back more than 100 years. A company in Texas has been touting ozone therapy as a potential treatment for the Wuhan virus, but just like in the case of the Healight, the media establishment and the public health bureaucracy came down like a ton of bricks on them, calling it a “sham” treatment. Whether it is or it isn’t, we aren’t going to weigh in on. The point is Trump isn’t the only one thinking along these lines. He isn’t a doctor and he can’t be expected to invent a miracle cure. But as the president attempting to find ways to fight the virus, it’s difficult to understand what’s so wrong about asking those questions. What’s most obnoxious about all of this is while Trump is being treated like a snake-oil salesman or a moron for discussing things like this — the way the media treated him for expressing optimism about hydroxychloroquine, while doctors all over the country were busy prescribing it to largely good effect, was nothing short of disgusting — it seems like he’s the only one who actually cares about finding effective treatments for the virus. These geniuses in the mainstream media and their pals in the Democrat party sure are big on telling everybody to stay under self-imposed house arrest, but perhaps your author is the only one noticing they trash every single suggestion for how to treat this thing. Maybe none of these methods work. Or maybe the media and the Left actually LIKE the shutdown. And what would it say about them if that was the case? https://spectator.org/disinfecting-the-left-wing-media/
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    New Drugs / Medical Breakthroughs

    Why???????????????????????????????? YouTube Takes Down Bio-Tech Firm’s Video Explaining Potential UV Light Treatment for Coronavirus Patients https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/youtube-takes-bio-tech-firms-video-explaining-potential-uv-light-treatment-coronavirus-patients/
  9. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    Hydroxychloroquine, zpac and zinc costs? The doctor in NY who said they had a lot of success with it said the total costs per patient was about 30 bucks. HDQ is a cheap easily mfg drug that the patent has run out on. There is no money in it for big pharma. As for safety HDQ has a decades long record of being safe. I recently saw one doctor on television who has prescribed HDQ for decades say that in 40 years of prescribing the drug they never had any issues except minor ones such such as a rash but never anything that would cause someone to be hospitalized. The anecdotal evidence for HDQ seems to be the earlier you take it the better the chances are it will work for you but what the FDA is doing now by wanting it to be only be prescribed for hospitalized patients ensures that only the worst patients are going to be able to take it. Again for me I don't care what anyone else believes and if they wouldn't touch HDQ with a ten foot pole if they had the virus that is their right. People should have the right to take it though if they choose so and if they want to take it earlier in the course of the virus vs waiting until a patient is in critical condition they should be allowed that choice I agree with those saying that those with Lupus or other diseases who depend on HDQ should have the first priority over covid19 patients because we know it works for them and they depend on it. Fortunately since it is a cheap easily mfg drug we do not have a shortage.
  10. The hypocrisy of the liberal MSM is again on full display with so little coverage given to this story as compared to Kavanaugh. Where are all those on the left now who said in the Kavanaugh case we always must believe the women? If those on the left didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all.
  11. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    We have testimonies of covid19 patients who were close to being placed on a ventilator and before that last option took the hydroxychloroquine, zpack and zinc combo and they got better and did not have to be placed on a ventilator. I would want to try it myself.
  12. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    Let me see. A person has the virus and their symptoms are worsening. Going on a ventilator might be the next option. (For some reason with all the dissing of hyydroxychloroquine the media doesn't report the horrible failure rates of those placed on ventilators). Since there are no other drug alternatives to take the plan is to do nothing but wait and if your breathing gets worse you get placed on a ventilator which we know has a high history of failure. Or you have the option of asking your doctor to take hydroxychloroquine, zpac and zinc cocktail in hopes it might help There are lots of stories of people saying it helped them. There are a lot of doctors who recommend it for covid19. I would take the drugs. I don't care if someone doesn't like the drug, doesn't think it works whatever.....For those people just don't take it if you don't want it...simple.nobody is forcing you to take it...just don't take away the rights of others who may want to at least try it instead of the alternative of nothing. Why doesn't our media report much on this stat about ventilators failure rates in NYC? 80% of NYC's coronavirus patients who are put on ventilators ultimately die, and some doctors are trying to stop using them https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-ventilators-some-doctors-try-reduce-use-new-york-death-rate-2020-4
  13. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    Yep the world we live in today. I saw a commercial recently with a car driving around the narrow ledge of a skyscraper. At the bottom of the commercial was a disclaimer telling people not to attempt to drive a car on the ledge of a skyscraper as it was a video simulation....
  14. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    But I had to use Redstate as a source....of course I had to. The problem is those who complain about Redstate seem to think other news sources such as the NY Slimes or WaPo and other MSM sources are not biased. Sites like Redstate exist to tell the other side of the story our MSM will not report. Even most of the MSM I do not like rarely outright lie but it is always more on the lines of what they fail to report when it doesn't line up with their narratives they want to portray.
  15. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    Don’t Believe the Blue Checks: Here’s the Context to Trump’s Comments About UV Light and “Injecting” Disinfectant https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/04/24/dont-believe-the-blue-checks-heres-the-context-to-trumps-comments-about-uv-light-and-injecting-disinfectant/
  16. OldBrownsFan

    Grocery shopping/updates/86’d

    In about a year or so when we see cases of TP being sold at garage sales I think we will have a good clue who the hoarders were.😄
  17. I disagreed with Logic on banning bumpstocks. After seeing what happened in Las Vegas with that shooting I wanted to see them banned. My fight is to keep semi automatics legal not a device that enables a semi automatic to mimic firing like an automatic. I think we are going to have enough trouble keeping semi automatics legal with so many on the left wanting all semi automatics banned. Keeping semi automatic weapons legal is that Hill for me to die on. That doesn't mean I disagree with Logic on his other points such as Trump using an executive order to ban them. I agree with Logic that it sets a bad precedent for other presidents to restrict gun owners rights with future presidents using executive orders to curb gun rights.
  18. OldBrownsFan


    Redstate Vs. mostly MSM Bluestate media.. Redstate will report what the Bluestate MSM doesn't. (the other side of the story, the conservative side). Although today journalism has gotten so bad there are those caught flat out lying most of the time the bias is one sided reporting. At least "Redstate" doesn't try to hide they are conservative. Our liberal MSM will try to tell us they are not biased and that is laughable.
  19. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    I just want people to know who have the virus that we have a number of testimonies of success with HDQ, zpack and zinc cocktail and to be able to talk to their doctors about safety issues and whether they can and should take it. I know if I had the symptoms and they were worsening I would want to take it. It is not as if we have many choices right now with any other alternatives.
  20. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    I missed all the presser but after seeing clips on it I didn't see where he was suggesting injecting disinfectant. He is posing the question to the expert about the use of disinfectants and not recommending anything. To say he suggested injecting disinfectant it is flat out lie. When I google this I see page after page with the header "Trump suggests injecting disinfectant".....journalism is dead Just another insane story like blaming Trump for the guy who took the fish tank cleaner and died because his wife said Trump told them it was safe.
  21. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    And you are intelligent enough as a retired counselor to look back at your own posts on the BB about Trump and see you might be at least infected with a smidgen of TDS? The very thing you project onto us who support Trump about watching too much Fox you feed on liberal MSM (which many will never give this president credit for anything and works 24/7 to destroy him) and you will occasionally post something from a more conservative media outlet if it bolsters your case. Shoot the messenger instead of the message many times because I post from a conservative outlet when you know good and well the NY Slimes, WaPo and other liberal media sites are guilty of only telling one side of a story when there are always two sides to a story. The one side they present is the one that fits their narrative so if you want to hear the other side of the story you usually can get it only from a conservative site that will tell the other side. Over and over that plays out today. Journalism is dead.
  22. A lot likely has to do with the particular VA hospital. My bad experience with the VA was 10 years ago and maybe/hopefully they have gotten better? Don't get me wrong Diehard I am very grateful I had the VA to fall back on when I lost my job and was without medical insurance for a short time and had the VA to fall back on. The time I was hospitalized saved me thousands of dollars because I had no medical insurance at the time. But we can always get better and be better and I hope that for all our VA facilities.
  23. OldBrownsFan

    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    I don't disagree at times Trump would be better off sometimes not wading into some of the issues he has the experts there to speak about. One of the things he gets faulted for is for constantly claiming the good job his admin is doing. He needs to do this as our MSM isn't going to do it so I don't fault him for that. Take the governor of NY Cuomo our liberal media is fawning all over yet he has made serious mistakes they won't report about or gloss over. It is one thing to be biased and another thing to be biased and claim to be neutral and non partisan which is what our MSM claims. I can handle their bias but it is their hypocrisy that bugs me. Their liberal bias is usually on full display. I am biased I admit it. I am against much of what the left stands for. I try to be honest though and if I think the left is right about something I would support them. I wouldn't let my bias stop me from agreeing with them if I thought they were right on an issue.
  24. No you are silly with wanting to "throw the baby out with the bath water". The NRA is not your enemy as a 2A supporter although you disagree with them on some issues. I think Wayne LaPierre should have been fired at the NRA but that doesn't stop me from still supporting them because they do too much good. I just disagree with them on some things. My real enemy of the 2a are those on the left wanting to ban semi automatics and really destroy our 2a in fact some want to eliminate the 2a altogether.
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    He Has Officially Lost His Mind

    Not a big deal. He had an expert there talking about UV lights. So he throws his opinion in. If anyone don't agree with it so what? Those who hate him are going to do it regardless and not listen to him anyway no matter what he says. I am glad he spoke up about hydroxychloroquine even if it is likely not a game changing drug. There is enough evidence in my mind it does help some and with little else as an option I would want the opportunity to take it along with zpack and zinc if I had symptoms of the virus.