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  1. Israel claims they’ve created a vaccine for coronavirus They predicted they would do it. Now Israel’s Defense Minister is claiming that the country’s biological research institute has created a vaccine to the coronavirus, or more specifically to COVID-19: What a huge breaking through this would be if true. I hate to sound skeptical, but I just wish there was more known about the testing and development of this vaccine. Based on the above it sounds like they must’ve already completed human trials since they are patenting it and getting ready to mass produce it. I don’t know about other countries, but here some doctors here are very careful about what they prescribe for a patient, with some even being unwilling to prescribe HCQ since it doesn’t have the rigorous history of trials and testing with COVID-19 that it does with other diseases. Let’s hope this vaccine has a solid history of testing and development that will set doctors, and the FDA, at ease about approving it. Because we could definitely use a vaccine right now. https://therightscoop.com/boom-israel-claims-theyve-created-a-vaccine-for-coronavirus/
  2. Not really. The woman accusing Biden is a life long democrat who does not support Trump. What is happening is the democrats are reaping the whirlwind of their double standards in how they reacted to Kavanaugh vs Biden. https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/01/democrats-are-reaping-the-whirlwind-kavanaugh-warned-about/
  3. "Believe all women" is a dumb statement and totally contrary to our system of government and laws that believe everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If we ever ditch that standard like the democrats did with Kavanaugh (and gave him a presumption of guilt and then said it was up to him to prove himself innocent) that is the type of law in communist countries not a country based on freedom. So using that standard Biden should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is not up to Biden to prove his innocence but to his accuser to prove his guilt. We need to keep that standard of justice in every case. What I am speaking about is a court of law not the political arena. There is some evidence that Biden did commit the offense with no known motivation for Ms. Reade to make these charges and of her telling other people at the time about the offense. A person could look at that and believe Biden is guilty and not vote for him because of it (but when it comes to voting we have that freedom to vote for whomever we want for any reason). Also it may be politically expedient for Biden to try to prove his innocence and release his Delaware records if it exonerates him. He doesn't have to do it but it might be in his political best interests to do it.
  4. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    Hydroxychloroquine Works Miracles on Texas Nursing Home https://thinkamericana.com/hydroxychloroquine-works-miracles-on-texas-nursing-home/
  5. OldBrownsFan

    Informal poll

    1 Complete and gradual reopening over the next two or three weeks. That is what I would go with. It makes no sense to close down a florist shop for example and have people buying flowers at Walmart. I think however with the 24/7 coronavirus coverage and a good chunk of citizenry good and frightened about this virus I don't see how when things open back up everything will go back to normal. Restaurants for example will need to take steps to ensure customers are as safe as possible and the same with a number of other businesses. I saw a nail salon for example where both customer and employee had on masks and they had a plastic shield set up where the customer would stick their hands under an opening in the plastic shield for the employee to work on the customers hands. Innovations like this are to me good common sense approaches but shut downs now should be over as they will be more destructive with businesses not coming back and loss of jobs. Time to get back to work and use ingenuity in trying to make things as safe as possible and then deal with the effects which in all likelihood will mean a rise in more coronavirus cases but you cannot stay in lockdown forever.
  6. and this insanity......... Coronavirus: California governor orders release of 7 high-level sex offenders as he criminalizes beach attendance https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-governor-orders-release-high-level-sex-offenders
  7. Jonathan Turley shreds Biden for not allowing even a search of his Delaware senate records Jonathan Turley shredded Biden today over his refusal to allow a search of his records for Reade’s allegation. He noted that in the beginning of the interview with Morning Mika he found Biden credible, but then all of that fell apart when Biden refused to allow for the release or even a search of his records at Delaware University. First, Turley points out that Biden’s claim that only the national archives would have Reade’s complaint isn’t true: 435 people are talking about this Turley compares Biden’s “cringe-worthy” refusal to allow a search of his Delaware records to someone who is ok with a search of their barn but then gets irate when asked to search their home… Turley says what Biden is calling for is a “flashlight search”, when what is really needed is sunlight… 374 people are talking about this 589 people are talking about this It’s clear to see that Biden is only interested in ‘responding’ to the sexual assault allegations and not in true transparency. That’s likely because it really happened. What makes this all the worse is that after complaining about Biden, Reade’s job was downgraded and she was ultimately fired. She was victimized twice by Biden and his Senate staff and the fact that he won’t even allow for a search of Reade’s name makes her story even more credible than before. https://therightscoop.com/jonathan-turley-shreds-biden-for-not-allowing-even-a-search-of-his-delaware-senate-records/
  8. China threatens to halt medical supplies after Netherlands changes Taiwan rep office name This is the cost of doing business with China and having to rely on them for anything. We are seeing it elsewhere with China threatening Australia with economic consequences for wanting to have an inquiry about the source of the virus. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3925556
  9. OldBrownsFan

    Watch The Numbers For 6 weeks

    It does not take a genius to predict as we open things up that the rise of new covid19 cases will inevitably happen. I see already those making those predictions so they will sound so smart when the new covid19 cases happens. So what is the answer? We cannot stay in lock down much longer as we are already seeing the terrible economic consequences. We have to open things back up and try to take common sense measures to help stop the spread. That is all we can do. To try to stay in lockdown mode month after month is economic suicide and how many lives will that cost as well as the long term damage?
  10. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    Happy to hear you are out of the hospital.
  11. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    Do what you want. There is a mountain of evidence of the safety of HCQ being prescribed for decades with little side effects and even pregnant women being prescribed it. If you get the virus and don't want to take HCQ there is a simple remedy....just say you don't want it. As for me I would take it. My problem are those who want to take the decision away from patients and their doctors.
  12. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    There are little side effects with HCQ and that has been proven over many decades. It has a decades long history of a safety record. A leading doctor who has prescribed HCQ for 40 years for patients with lupus or malaria said the only side effects they ever encountered were mild such as a rash and never anything where someone had to be hospitalized. The possible side effects with heart issues are adding the zpac and that is why doctors need to be involved in prescribing the cocktail of HCQ, zpac and zinc combo. Patients with heart conditions may not be a candidate but that issue should be discussed with the doctor and their patients and not any politician making that decision for them. There is no free lunch. You might have the $1,000 a pill paid free of charge but as that $1,000 a pill is used in mass quantities somebody will be footing the bill and those costs always get passed back on to consumers.
  13. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    I don't care about politicizing any drug because when it comes to this virus it doesn't care about who it strikes. I just want us to use the best most effective drugs we have but I feel right now at this moment it is hydroxychloroquine with zpack and zinc added for patients with early symptoms of covid19. I found it odd with Dr. Fauci how hesitant he was to endorse HCQ with so many testimonies of it's success but I understood it as he is a scientist and wants more facts however Fauci sure jumped in feet first with endorsing Remdisvir (without much study) which the costs right now are $1,000 a pill vs the .30 cents a pill for HCQ. I am getting skeptical in my older age and starting to take notice of the wisdom of the old saying of "always follow the money trail" when seeking answers. I heard Laura Ingraham say she gets calls from doctors all over the world wondering why the United States is panning HCQ when they have seen it's positive effects? I think the answer is there is no money in HCQ for big pharmaceutical companies. I am glad to see studies being conducted to back up the anecdotal evidence of HCQ effectiveness but even the doctor who has had so much success with HCQ states that the effectiveness primarily works in patients with early symptoms of the virus and works to keep them progressing symptoms to where they are placed on ventilators. As we race to build more ventilators NYC had an 80 percent failure and death rate of those whose symptoms had reached the critical point of being placed on a ventilators leaving no doubt ventilators are no solution for those critically ill buy maybe HCQ does work to keep many patients from reaching critical condition? I will be glad when we get real studies done on HCQ and not those like the sham study of the VA. There are people though right now who don't have the luxury of time to wait on the studies and for those people I like the idea they at least have the choice to take HCQ with their doctors approval and not have politicians taking that choice away from them. I am for any drug that works and will support any drug that works best but I am skeptical that big pharmacy has those same feelings. HCQ Works, Says Group of US Doctors. Fauci Pushes His Pet Drug https://creativedestructionmedia.com/analysis/2020/04/30/red-flag-fauci-forces-remdesivir-approval-as-aaps-confirms-hcq-cures-91/ Coronavirus Drug Exclusive: Meet The Doctor Behind The Hydroxychloroquine Treatment, And What’s Next For Its Use https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/04/30/coronavirus-exclusive-meet-the-doctor-behind-the-hydroxychloroquine-treatment-for-covid-19/
  14. OldBrownsFan

    FDA warns against drugs endorsed by Trump for COVID-19🤣

    If Remdisvir is proven to be more effective than hyrdroxychloroquine, zpack and zinc combo i am all for it. I wanted people to take Hydroxychloroquine because we have an empty medicine bag right now and there are a number of testimonies from people who claim it helped them. With no other alternative I wanted patients to be able to take HCQ with approval from their doctors and not have governors making the decision for them. If they find better alternatives than Remdisvir I am all for that as well. With a vaccine still a long ways off I want us to continually try to find better treatments.