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  1. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    Britain's chief medical officer believes those getting flu shots need to self isolate with some at high risk for 12 weeks so I for one would not discount what he says. I don't think the flu shot they get across the pond is any different than the flu shot we get here in the states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Van-Tam https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-top-medic-warns-anyone-21708701
  2. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    And I think that is a point being made with this link of the article. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-top-medic-warns-anyone-21708701
  3. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk 36% Says Military Study https://www.disabledveterans.org/2020/03/11/flu-vaccine-increases-coronavirus-risk/ OK..not posting this to stir up any controversy I just found it interesting...I think more studies would be needed to prove a link between getting the flu shot and being at higher risk for covid19.
  4. OldBrownsFan

    Dewine has done a great job!!

    Michigan now has quadruple Ohio’s coronavirus cases: What’s causing the difference? https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/04/michigan-now-has-close-to-quadruple-ohios-coronavirus-cases-what-could-be-causing-the-difference.html?fbclid=IwAR3xqvMs_YF28F66G3PfmDzRF_yK-N6_adiei1WvURHE7ItAxJZyUjwSTgs
  5. OldBrownsFan

    Yet another misleading headline

    Hydroxychloroquine rated ‘most effective’ coronavirus treatment, poll of doctors finds https://nypost.com/2020/04/02/hydroxychloroquine-most-effective-coronavirus-treatment-poll/
  6. OldBrownsFan

    Yet another misleading headline

    Thanks Cal. Denny is a super nice guy and I was sick to hear about it and we have been praying for him. The only time I have gone out is to the grocery store which is once every 2 weeks. Our family has been following the CDC guidelines with the spacing, washing hands and keeping hands from our faces. The next time I go to the grocery store I am going to wear a bandanna mask that I saw on Youtube can easily be made.
  7. OldBrownsFan

    Yet another misleading headline

    I know but before that last resort of going on a ventilator I would like to see people given another last resort option of hydroxychloroquine and zpac which at the minimum shows some promise against covid 19.
  8. OldBrownsFan

    Yet another misleading headline

    I know. I didn't care for the headline itself. Why wouldn't Trump want people not to be placed on ventilators"? They have a horrible failure rate. Why not try to use the hdryroxychloroquine and zpac first and use ventilators as an absolute last resort? A few weeks ago I saw a friend at the grocery store. He stuck out his hand for me to shake and I told him I wasn't shaking hands anymore and doing the elbow chicken wing thing. He was put in the hospital friday for covid19 and was not able to breathe. Yesterday they transferred him to another hospital and they put him on a ventilator (anyone who would want to say a prayer his name is Denny). Denny was 64 years old and as far as I know was in good health being one of those farming type guys. I really don't think our hospital did anything for him until he got even worse and then they put him on a respirator. I contacted our health dept and asked them if they are giving covid19 patients the option of hydroxychloroquine and zpac and they never responded. This drug may not be the answer but I know respirators are not the answer. Why not at least try this before putting a patient on a ventilator? update: I got the answer from his sister. They were told they didn't have hydroxychloroquine. We just had a company donate 320 million doses and Israel just gave us 6 million doses with 4 more million to come quickly yet we don't have any?
  9. OldBrownsFan

    Yet another misleading headline

    Trump says he wants to keep people off ventilators. Of course he would. The unhappy fact is that the success stories of those placed on ventilators is not good. There is a drug that has shown promise to covid19 patients taking it that their symptoms do not progress to needing to be placed on a ventilator (hydroxycholoroquine and zpack). I commend Trump for putting this out there for the public. Let the doctors and the patients make their own decision as to taking this drug or not. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/04/02/826105278/ventilators-are-no-panacea-for-critically-ill-covid-19-patients https://www.contagionlive.com/news/results-from-a-controlled-trial-of-hydroxychloroquine-for-covid19 https://nypost.com/2020/04/02/hydroxychloroquine-most-effective-coronavirus-treatment-poll/ https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2020/03/31/gov-whitmer-reverses-course-on-coronavirus-drugs-is-now-asking-feds-for-hydroxychloroquine-and-chloroquine
  10. OldBrownsFan


    MSNBC’s Maddow Bets Against The Navy...And Loses MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has underestimated the U.S. Navy. Maddow claimed in a segment last week that it was “nonsense” to believe the U.S. Navy capable of mobilizing the hospital ships discussed by President Trump to arrive in New York City as rapidly as a week later. “In terms of the happy talk we’ve had on this front from the federal government, there is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there’s no sign that they’ll be anywhere onsite, helping out anywhere in the country, for weeks yet...That’s nonsense.” However, the very thing Maddow claimed to be nonsense became reality when the hospital ship USNS Comfort docked in New York Harbor Monday morning. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/msnbcs-maddow-bets-against-navyand-loses
  11. OldBrownsFan


    I remember an old line about computers ...garbage in and garbage out. Here is garbage out. What our CDC said about not wearing masks. They need to be honest with the public or they lose credibility. Tucker blasts feds over medical masks, says 'stop lying to us' about why we shouldn't buy them https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-carlson-blasts-feds-medical-masks-coronavirus
  12. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    Apparently some doctors and dentists were abusing prescribing hydroxychloroquine. Not sure reason why dentists were giving out prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine anyway except writing prescription for themselves and friends and family. There are ways to combat that and Dewine for instance has ordered that no doctor can prescribe hydroxychloroquine unless certain condition are met such as a documented positive covid19 test, the patient must be inpatient and the prescription is for only 14 days. I don't like Dewine's order that you have to be inpatient to get the drug myself. I wish the restriction would be only a documented positive covid19 test so patients can have the opportunity to take the drug sooner before symptoms progress to being placed inpatient. At our local hospital I am convinced the only way you will be treated inpatient is when you are placed on a ventilator.
  13. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    OK our latest Trump Derangement Syndrome victim. To root against the success of this drug because Trump supported it is insanity but that is what TDS is. I just listened to a man who had the virus on television last night who thought he was going to die because he could not breathe and within hours of taking hydoxychloroquine and zpac he said he was 100 percent better. I also saw where some front line medical doctors and nurses are now taking these drugs as preventative measures. Israel just gave us 10 million doses and another company is donating 130 million doses. It is not some rare type of drug but one which is cheap and easily mfg. As for the hoarding problem is that Trump's fault or is it because of the apparent success of the drug? There is enough of this drug to go around and there are ways to limit hoarding without denying covid 19 patients the drug. In Ohio a pharmacist cannot dispense this drug unless a covid 19 patient has been positively diagnosed and for inpatient treatment as well as limiting prescriptions to 14 days. Some people hoard that is a fact. That is the reason many people cannot find toilet paper on the shelves right now. The answer is not preventing anyone from buying toilet paper but to limit buying of toilet paper and not letting some customers buy shopping carts full of it.. The posts were from the same American doctor but there are doctors all over the world using hydroxychlorine for covid 19 patients and I am seeing more doctors in our country saying this drug is beneficial. The bottom line there is not much out there to treat covid19 patients except putting those with severe covid19 symptoms on a ventilator. I would take hydroxycholoroquine and zpac combo in a second if I had the virus with breathing problems. The patients and the doctors should make the decision to take hydroxychloroquine. The FDA seems to agree as they just approved it for covid19 patients. https://www.foxnews.com/media/recovering-coronavirus-patient-talks-about-his-experience-am-i-going-to-live-to-see-midnight-or-the-next-day
  14. OldBrownsFan

    Meet Bidens replacement

    Uhm no Tour it was Biden whose numbers went up when Warren got out of the race. The dem establishment and their media allies did a good job in taking down Sanders. Sanders didn't seem too demoralized last time around in 2016 when Hillary Clinton and the DNC shafted him so he doesn't seem to get too upset at these things. Biden, not Sanders, gains in popularity after Warren drops out: Reuters/Ipsos poll https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-democrats-poll/biden-not-sanders-gains-in-popularity-after-warren-drops-out-reuters-ipsos-poll-idUSKBN20W31R
  15. OldBrownsFan

    Meet Bidens replacement

    Looks like some democrats are looking to Obama to help get Biden to exit the race... Democrats need to recruit Obama to bench Biden, find another candidate: Goodwin Looking isolated and lapsing into occasional gibberish, he seemed ­every bit the mentally challenged 77-year-old he was on the worst days of the campaign. Although he did better on a CNN virtual town hall Friday, his tics, such as having a three-point answer to every question, do not inspire confidence that he is capable of being president for four years. I also am looking forward to see Biden debating Trump...it should be...interesting. So what can Dems do? Find another nominee. But first, they must bench Biden, or persuade him to bench himself. It’s a job for Barack Obama. The former president remains the most trusted member of his party and is uniquely situated to deliver the bad news to his vice president. In fact, it won’t be a total surprise given that Obama never endorsed Biden, despite making it clear he did not want Sanders, the only other choice, to be the nominee. Obama could pitch withdrawal as a final public service to country and party. For all we know, members of Biden’s family share the idea and would welcome Obama’s intervention. The timing is tricky because the remaining primary schedule is in flux, leaving Biden about 800 delegates short of the required majority of 1,991. It is even possible the July convention will be postponed or canceled, creating huge complications around the nomination. https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/democrats-need-to-recruit-obama-to-bench-biden-find-another-candidate-goodwin/