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  1. Equifax Breach of Security

    I was expecting to hear the consistency rebuttal of "complaining about too many regulations already in business". Anyway who did you have in mind about the credentials? Wild guess Betsy DeVos?
  2. Equifax Breach of Security

    A massive cyber security incident at Equifax — one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the United States — may have exposed private information belonging to 143 million people — nearly half of the U.S. population. The breach, which was discovered July 29, includes sensitive information such as social security numbers, birthdays, addresses, and in some instances, driver's license numbers. The agency said 209,000 credit card numbers were exposed in the breach, which includes customers in Canada and the United Kingdom. Adding to the scandal, three of the company's top executives sold Equifax shares just days after the breach was discovered. The breach was not publicly disclosed until Thursday, more than six weeks later. John Gamble, chief financial officer; Joseph Loughran, president of U.S. information security; and Rodolfo Ploder, president of workforce solutions solutions, all sold shares days after the company was aware of the breach, according to SEC filings. Bloomberg, which first reported this, estimated the total value of shares sold to be $1.8 million. And we find out this: Equifax “Chief Security Officer” Susan Mauldin has a bachelor’s degree and a master of fine arts degree in music composition from the University of Georgia. Her LinkedIn professional profile lists no education related to technology or security. This is the person who was in charge of keeping your personal and financial data safe — and whose apparent failings have put 143 million of us at risk from identity theft and fraud. It was revealed this week that the massive data breach came due to a software vulnerability that was known about, and should have been patched, months earlier. Some people need prison time over this. 143 million American citizens have had their confidential information breached over the incompetence at Equifax. Then we find outr Equifax executives sold stock in the company right before the breach was disclosed .How convenient. The chief security officer was a music major with no professional credits to technology or security. Criminal negligence. 143 million Americans will now be at risk for identity theft for years to come over this. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/equifax-ceo-hired-a-music-major-as-the-companys-chief-security-officer-2017-09-15 http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/speed-equifax-data-breach-scandal-49771561
  3. If Amazon was concerned about the amount of negative reviews of the book and reasoned there could not have been that many people who read the book that quickly and give it bad reviews I can understand that. What I don't understand is why all reviews were not pulled then both good and bad. Did Amazon assume all the high star reviews of the book were from speed readers? By deeming all the high star ratings as valid and the negative ones invalid is something Amazon needs to explain.
  4. 8 year old gets strung up from a tree

    The same criteria should be used for all here in regards to juveniles being tried as adults. The problem Cleve there are no national standards and each state has it's own rules and criteria that are not uniform from state to state. I do believe in general that juveniles need to start receiving harsher punishments especially for crimes like this. The Sheriff in this case seemed to show too much concern for the welfare of the perpetrators of this attempted murder and not enough for the victim and that should concern anyone who believes in fairness.
  5. This is what happens in the absence of unions....

    I am not anti union as unions did make working conditions better for workers. I think we are better off without them but they are necessary today when companies do not do right by their employees. A saying I always believed is any company that has a union probably deserves a union.
  6. I went conservative for the social issues and later they won me over on fiscal issues as well. The democrats are very much socialists and socialism sounds good in theory but doesn't work in real life. Thatcher nailed the flaw in socialism when she said "you eventually run out of other people's money".
  7. Ed was Trump's biggest backer but he never thought Trump was a conservative.
  8. I voted for republicans like this for years thinking they were the lesser of two evils but not going to do it any longer. If there is nobody worth voting for I just will not vote. Tired of voting for hypocritical republicans who talk a good game about border security, illegal immigration, repealing Obamacare and lie to us to get their votes and then go to DC and forget about all the campaign promises they made to get elected. There are still some good republicans worth voting for (Jim Jordan comes to mind) however the leadership is awful with Ryan and McConnel.
  9. Kizer

    Good analysis Tour except I would say his baby steps were very good ones . Zombo summed it up that this was a rookie QB playing his first NFL game against the Steelers and overall gave a very good account of himself. He should only get better with more experience. Everything I read about Kizer is that he has excellent work habits and Hue should be able to develop him. Hate to lose to the Steelers but we gave them all they could handle.
  10. Disrespect

    The Browns players running out with the police and military was a great gesture and I liked seeing that. Things like that are unifying and bring people together while the taking of a knee during the national anthem is a divisive type of protest I don't respect.
  11. Absolutely if you are a conservative Cruz was the real deal. For me until Trump made his pronouncement that he would be working with Schumer and Pelosi I was hoping for the best and had been happy with Trump until now. My concern is once Trump figures out he can get great media coverage (winning) by cozying up with Schumer and Pelosi who knows where this romance is going to lead. Democrats have schooled Trump in the art of politics https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/democrats-have-schooled-trump-in-the-art-of-politics
  12. CAT V Hurricane headed toward Florida possibly gulf coast

    Watching the weather reports this morning and the predictions could not be any worse for this hurricane. Really sad to see back to back hurricanes with Texas and hurricane Harvey and the massive destruction and loss of life and now this one predicted in Florida. Praying for all those affected.
  13. Or it could just be Trump is New York liberal at heart who was pretending to be a conservative? If I remember right all his children were registered democrats and he was a financial donor to liberal democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Hillary Clinton among others. Trump has done some good things such as getting us out of TPP and the Paris Climate accords as well He saved the Supreme Court from becoming predominantly liberal with Gorsuch but I don't fully trust the Donald. He is way better than the alternative Hillary Clinton. His recent siding with the democrats on the debt ceiling was not any great negotiating but simply caving to the democrats demands which is no different than what any other RINO would do. Even with the republicans controlling all three branches of government they still act like they are the minority party and the democrats are in control.
  14. The debt ceiling

    Ann's new book: "In Trump We Distrust: E Pluribus Awful!"
  15. Anyone who claimed the killings at Sandy Hook was a hoax like Jones did/does should never be taken serious. They have no credibility.