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  1. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    I think the gun control debate should be this: How do we protect gun rights for law abiding citizens and keep guns away from those who have no business owning one much less something like an assault rifle? In the latest case it sure looks like the FBI dropped the ball when they were tipped off about the shooter in Florida and failed to do anything. In the church shooting a few months ago the shooter should not have been able to have a gun with a domestic violence in the Air Force that failed to get entered into the system. We have to be honest and admit that there are no laws that can prevent these shootings but we can take steps to try to minimize them. Like most issues with terrorism we should look to our friends in Israel and use their models in our own schools with armed teachers and better security. Designated "gun free" zones are just plain stupid and probably even make things worse as murderers know they will be facing unarmed people. What I don't want to see happen is law abiding citizens losing their second amendment rights over the actions of a few evil people.
  2. It does go both ways but it is worse with the hatred of Trump. Bush and Obama might be comparable but not Trump. The left has gone off the rails with their hatred for Trump.
  3. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Actually she invited James to come on her show.
  4. The hatred of Trump with so many liberals is off the charts and sick in many cases. Not to mention stupid. The founding fathers of this country set up a great foundation with checks and balances so the irrational fear of Trump is silly. It is not the end of the world he was elected and after 4 years he will be back for re-election and voters will decide if he has done well enough his first 4 years to give him another 4.
  5. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Ingraham has made this point for years that entertainers should focus on doing what they are paid to do and not inject their politics into it . She wrote a book years ago called "Shut up and sing" making that point. James and Durant didn't like what she said for them to"shut up and dribble"and I have no problem with them coming back at Ingraham except don't claim racism about it. It was not a racist comment but liberals find racism everywhere that less keen eyes see it and pick up the "code words" and "dog whistles" less keen eyes and ears miss. James was a big Hillary supporter who like many other Hillary supporters seems to have problems coming to grips with she lost and Trump won.
  6. Tex your bubble is going to burst. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. That is not to say Russia didn't interfere with our election because they did. The investigation of Russian involvement started in 2014 before there even was a Trump candidacy. The 13 Russians Mueller indicted are meaningless because they will never face prosecution in the United States and Russia will never hand them over. No collusion and no obstruction of justice over a phony collusion case.
  7. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    What I posted: "Now it is about racism"and I linked the article from The Hill. The Hill quotes Durant as saying Ingraham's comments were racist The Hill article also states James tweeted a link to Durant's comments which I said was because he obviously is supporting what Durant said (my opinion not a fact). I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water by splitting hairs that James himself never made the comment about racism. What I posted is correct ("now it is about racism") and you should take up the separate argument about what James said with the Hill writer. If your only point here is James did not say this but Durant did I would say you are right. My post was about making this about racism when it when it shouldn't be there.
  8. It's only money we can print up a lot more. Seriously I think we are in trouble big time. We are taking in huge amounts of revenue and still not making a dent in our national debt showing we have a spending problem that is out of control. We have kicked the can down the road this far and I think we are only going to take action when it is too late. We could be taking less painful steps now but when it becomes a crisis there is going to be some real pain involved.
  9. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    As I stated take it up with the Hill. You are splitting hairs. Durant is the one quoted as saying Ingraham's remarks were racist and Lebron is quoted as forwarding his tweet in obvious support. "Durant and James both responded in separate statements Friday, saying they would not stop talking about political issues important to them and accusing the Fox host of racism. James tweeted a link to Durant's comments, adding the hashtag "#wewillnotshutupanddribble."
  10. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Ingraham wrote a book years ago "shut up and sing" where she was critical of entertainers pushing politics in their shows and her criticism of James and Durant was on the same lines and nothing to do with race. When Paul McCartney talked about how dumb George Bush was Ingraham fired back that Bush went to an Ivy League school while McCartney went to Liverpool High School. I remember reading where Elvis Presley who was a conservative talked about keeping politics out of his shows because he didn't want to offend any fans at the show who were liberal and that makes sense to me. Today it is politics being injected into every area including sports.
  11. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    You should contact The Hill Immediately and set them straight: "Durant and James both responded in separate statements Friday, sayingthey would not stop talking about political issues important to them and accusing the Fox host of racism. “To me, it was racist,” Durant responded at a press conference. "Ignorance is something I try to ignore. That was definitely an ignorant comment. I do play basketball, but I am a civilian and I am a citizen of the United States, so my voice is just as loud as hers, I think – or even louder." James tweeted a link to Durant's comments, adding the hashtag "#wewillnotshutupanddribble." http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/374375-ingraham-comments-reignite-political-feud-with-nba-stars
  12. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Here we go now it is about racism: "Durant and James both responded in separate statements Friday, saying they would not stop talking about political issues important to them and accusing the Fox host of racism." http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/374375-ingraham-comments-reignite-political-feud-with-nba-stars
  13. Dow Plummets

    The economy is sound and doing better than ever. This is a correction in the market most knew we were due for.
  14. College Students Hating on Trump’s SOTU Address

    Winston Churchill said the best argument against democracy was a five minute conversation with the average voter. Those in the video prove him right.
  15. The best president since Reagan. I have some issues about some of his tweets and statements but his policies have been spot on and just what this country needed. His policies remind me of Reagans and we are seeing the positive results with the economy taking off after 8 sluggish years under Obama.