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  1. SkippinTurtles

    Denzel Ward or Quenton Nelson?

    Ask Andrew Luck. Nelson always seemed like a lock and completely changed the identity of the Colts offense and really the whole team. Ward is talented but won't impact the D like Nelson has upgraded the Colts offense. Baker would trade Ward for Nelson all day. And Ward is a stud.
  2. SkippinTurtles

    Earl Thomas can be had cheap. Dented HOF in his prime.

    Earl Thomas is special. The Legion of Boom required his superior talent and his leg break isn't any type of career-ender. Smaller Ronnie Lott. Myles Garrett would have a dude on his level in the secondary. Pretty cheap. Myles and Earl would be a MLB (prolly not Schobert) away from a foundation.
  3. He's basically a coach on the field. Directs traffic and erases everything deep. Class act. He'd look so good roaming center. Or not. Feel free to rip.
  4. L.Bell wants 10 million a year less than K.Mack got. Salary cap considered, Bell is the better value. And both are cap nightmares. Mack is great at what he does, but 24 million for one dude out of 11 on D, not a QB. And getting hurt with that contract...ooof. Could've paid for 4 impact starters with that Mack money. Football players aren't superheroes. They get hurt all the time. Banking on 1 dude on defense to be 10x better than everyone else on the D because of his salary is unrealistic. He can't live up to his contract, period.
  5. Mack has to be fresh to be effective. Great RB's get better as the game wears on.
  6. SkippinTurtles

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    If he's serious, why not the Browns? Same size as Mayfield and plays a similar game. Budget back-up but might not be worth the potential midget QB controversy.
  7. SkippinTurtles

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Manziel is modeling his career after Jeff Garcia. Alcohol + CFL= future NFL star. I'm in. Just pass the keys.
  8. SkippinTurtles

    Josh Rosen has the weakest looking shoulders I have EVER SEEN.

    Rosen is the one QB who could afford Brady level PED's.
  9. SkippinTurtles

    Josh Rosen has the weakest looking shoulders I have EVER SEEN.

    Josh Rosen: 6'4" 195 + concussions. Ouch.
  10. SkippinTurtles

    Josh Rosen has the weakest looking shoulders I have EVER SEEN.

    Just check him out in a T-shirt. Yikes.
  11. NO WAY he lasts 2 seasons in Cleveland. Let him be nice and prone in a dome.
  12. SkippinTurtles

    Sam Darnold

    Taking 2 QB's sends a message to Tyrod Tarkenton. Not having a blue-chip QB prospect since Otto Graham is nuts.
  13. SkippinTurtles

    Sam Darnold

    Agree with Darnold at #1 and Allen at #4. Bust insurance. Take the safe bet and the project.
  14. Stiff pass-rusher? Maybe he can be coached to be more athletic. Pass.
  15. SkippinTurtles

    Barkley at #1?

    They draft the top QB with a superstar running back on hand.