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  1. SkippinTurtles

    Would you trade Baker to the Dolphins for Tua?

    Hunt could easily be Comeback Player of the Year in this offense. The talent is still there.
  2. SkippinTurtles

    Can we run for 150 yds per game?

    C'mon. Chubb and Hunt. Plus Hunt can catch and run routes.
  3. On the field Chubb can mostly do what Hunt does. Together they can play cat and mouse with defenses all day. Two 1000 yd rushers with O-Line upgrade. Add a TE who can catch and block plus a legit fullback. Pay them while Bake is on the cheap.
  4. You guys had fun watching Hunt with the Chiefs. I know you did. His future with this team is bright. He's special.
  5. Hunt is supposed to be here today. And tomorrow. And the next day. He belongs. Runs, catches and blocks at a Pro Bowl level. I get the off the field. The guy is just a picture perfect running back. My analysis.
  6. What if Chubb gets hurt? Hunt is perfect insurance. The most talented back in the league and potential HOF. Watch.
  7. Kareem Hunt is a legit RB1 with All-Pro and HOF potential. Age 24. Averages 10 yards per catch at RB. Has multiple 50 yard plus plays. Pre Mahomes as a rookie led the NFL in rushing.
  8. Great point. Hunt is an elite NFL running back. Period. Who smokes. Who cares. Just slow down on the roads.
  9. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    If you want to sign him, now is the time. A nothing crime that doesn't help his leverage.
  10. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    CM is great. Not sure how he got in the discussion. I like Hunt healthy and hopefully Chubb for the next 6-8 years. Would love more. Start drafting guards. Protect lil' Bake and pound the rock.
  11. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    Kareem Hunt has a legendary stiff-arm. Never fumbles. Pure receiver. Potential for growth. Only 24. Pay him and Chubb.
  12. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    I hope CM stays healthy. Hunt just plays so tough. Reid knows how good he is. You know he was sad he left. Hunt is a lot like Brian Westbrook.
  13. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    I love Riggins. White RB's historically don't last. Jim Brown wasn't exactly a Boy Scout with women. OBJ is great. Tyreek is great and plays nasty. Like Hunt.
  14. SkippinTurtles

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    CM is white. Outside of Riggins, white RB's don't last.