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  1. McCarron Unrestricted Free Agent

    There is no point to signing AJ. There is no evidence he is even a capable nfl backup, much less a starting caliber qb. I've been very unimpressed with AJ the few times he has received meaningful snaps. Very lead footed, needs a certain spot to have a decent launch, can't reset his launch point easily because he's so lead footed, etc....His upside is extremely low imo. Cousins would be fine. But as others have said, why in the world would he sign with Cleveland? He is going to have other teams wanting his services that are far more attractive situations for really big money as well.
  2. The First-pick Draft game thread

    if we end up with an undersized qb with a mediocre arm(Mayfield) and a freaking rb with the #1 and #4 picks in the draft, that would be an absolute disaster. Mayfields game doesn't translate to the nfl as a quality starter imo. When he's not on his spot he doesn't have an nfl arm. And against nfl defenders he isn't going to be quick enough to get out of the pocket and re-establish a good launch point like he could in college. And even though barkley is a stud, no way should we take a rb in the top 4 overall picks. take rosen and then trade the #4 overall....
  3. delusional....our defense is bad....8 of our 11 defenders should not even be receiving meaningful playing time in the nfl. We've got a long ways to go on defense and offense. but this is the nfl, so change is quick.
  4. Quarterback Stats

    don't overthink this...rosen is the pick.
  5. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    ummm...you are getting your years confused. The team zeke ran for 200+ on(really it was one big 80 yard run at the end of the game when they were already going to win that took it from a good game to a great game statistically) fournette ran for almost 4 ypc on. Still they controlled him pretty well though.
  6. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    one could say the offense at leasthas mostly collapsed. They've played 4 games. In 2 of those games the offense was beyond dreadful. In the most recent game they scored 15 pts and although the final offensive stats were not terrible in terms of efficiency the offense was clearly incredibly limited. the team is 3-1 because the defense held the falcons to 10 pts and the raiders to 6 or whatever it was.
  7. why again do we hate the steelers? Do we have some connection to them(other than being pretty close geographically) Im not aware of? The steelers-ravens and to a lesser extent steelers-bengals thing I get. The steelers couldnt give two ***** about us....
  8. not five years. no nfl contract is going to be set up so you cant get out reasonably before five years. Thats simply not the nature of the nfl. Cousins is going to get a massive deal, but the cap implications and up front money/guarantees will probably make it set up where whoever signs him can reasonably get out of it in 3. Still a huge risk, because 3 years in the nfl is a hell of a long time. The most likely scenario is that the browns dont get either cousins or smith, that they drafr a qb #1,and that qb plays very early(likely to start the year or definately by wk 8 or so) and we bring in a lesser name vet and our 3 top qbs are #1 pick(likely rosen), lesser name vet and Kizer.
  9. why do we care what the jags or steelers are doing? neither of these teams are our actual current rivals, whatever we think...
  10. eh...it's mixed I think. The point is Wentz for sure(and Goff too) is better than what these qbs are now projected to be. Not a single nfl team right now would trade wents/goff for the #1 overall pick in this draft.
  11. Let's Ask This

    the reality is, as usual, none of us know. It's best to just take Rosen and hope for the best. Just as in 2016 it'snow clear we should have taken Wentz and hoped for the best.
  12. Cousins would "seriously consider" the Browns

    Cousins isnt going to be a brown. If he came to the browns it would come with a ton of guaranteed money and dorsey is going to take Rosen #1,so this makes no sense. A #1 overall draft pick and Cousins cant exist together. for obvious reasons
  13. Alex smith

    Foles has been absolutely atrocious on 2/3 starts so far. I mean scout team bad.
  14. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    My preference is to take rosen at 1 and trade down at #4. Hopefully we can get a good offer.
  15. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    we need to take rosen at 1.