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  1. 1) sure a lot of teams had peppers as a second round pick.....none of those same teams would take himin the second round now after seeing what he looks like in an nfl secondary 2) peppers is/was *in* that poor tackling secondary, and he was one of the reasons it was so poor 3) peppers being demoted to SS(SS is a far less valuable position in he nfl than FS today....just look at the market) speaks to his lesser coverage skills, but strong safeties in the nfl still are expected to cover people in space.....something peppers cant do on an nfl level.
  2. peppers cant be expected to cover anyone period....
  3. POLL: When will Baker start?

    I don't know that baker is a long term answer at qb or 'the' guy going forward for the next decade. That is certainly tbd. but yeah we need to give him enough action so we sorta know
  4. Playmakers

    lmao....if you can see he needs to move up 6 spots to be average I could just as easily say he needs to move down just 6 spots to be in the bottom15%
  5. Playmakers

    high? No...I actually have the ability to look beyond your stats. I bet if you are a baseball fan you are still hung up on rbis.....
  6. Playmakers

    qb- we are still likely to be below average at qb next year. I think it's unlikely Mayfield will be a league avg qb in 2018. And certain advanced stats aside, TT is not league average either. Whether or not mayfield can get to league avg or above in the future is an open question.... WR- Gordon still has a lot of questions even apart from can he stay clean. Even looking at the games he has played since his huge year, thats a lot of games since he has not been a stud or close. Landry is serviceable unless he improves his approach a lot. Coleman is still the same dud. RB- Hyde isnt anything special and Chudd lacks burst. We are certainly better at skill positions, but far from elite.
  7. Playoffs?

    logical fallacy above.....saying 8-8 is 'attainable'(your word) comes with it the assumption that those plays here or there going are way are required to happen to get us to 8-8. You can't then jump us to 10-6 with the same reasoning.....if you extend that forever, last year we really werent far away from being a 12-4 team.
  8. Message Board Story about Peppers

    he's a second year player who was a first round draft pick the year before....you aren't going to waive or trash another player in that situation, no matter how clear it was his first year he wasn't a playmaker and doesnt have an nfl level skill set as a db. the negative reports/questions on peppers coming out of college have all proven to be true so far.
  9. Message Board Story about Peppers

    I dont care what safety position you play in the nfl, being an nfl db in 2018 is about making plays in the passing game. period. there is absolutely no indication Peppers can do that at an nfl level. the guy has a linebacker skill set and is obviously far too small to play linebacker in the nfl. He was a ridiculous pick in the late first round and is not an nfl talent.
  10. Antonio Callaway

    his on the field attitude is unlikely to allow him to play well
  11. Antonio Callaway

    all this "dorsey did his homework" here stuff is ludicrous. If Dorsey *did* do his HW, he certainly found out hes a bad apple. Im not losing sleep over a 4th round pick I would rather just not bring people lie that into the org
  12. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Im hoping mayfield becomes solid, but I dont have super high expectations.....if he becomes prime jeff garcia, Ill be happy.
  13. Antonio Callaway

    the more dorsey researched this character, the worse it would have been. This is *not* a T. Hill situation where a player had one catastrophic mistake/incident. Thats a situation where you can legitimately do a little more research and collect data that shows it may have been an isolated incident. With Calloway, we have a guy who time after time after time does boneheaded low character stuff and there isnt the slighest bit of evidence it's getting any better. Furthermore, his character concerns arent solely off the field concerns either(although those are certainly numerous) I'll always take a Joe MIxon or T Hill type over a Calloway type because at least in the case of the former guys you dont neccessarily have a failure to stay out of trouble after getting in trouble. I will agree that a 4th rounder is pretty low risk....my argument would be that this sort of character is just the kind of guy you dont want to associate with period....even as an udfa
  14. Antonio Callaway

    umm no....the difference is randy moss had severe difficulties at the end of high high school career and then after high school, but after he actually got enrolled at marshall he was a great teammate for two years who was super focused on the field for two straight years in college. Whereas Calloway...his problems just continued to get worse after he arrived at florida and he didnt have any period where he wasnt a problem since coming to florida. He's actively continued to head in the wrong direction. Very very different than the moss situation.
  15. Draftday Re-Do, By You

    Rosen or Darnold at 1.... try to slide down a few picks and still take Ward next....and if he were gone after we slid down just take minkah instead guice instead of Chubb... no calloway.....