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  1. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    ive watched every second of every browns game. peppers doesn't belong on the field period. He's only there because he was a (terrible) first round pick and the rest of the roster is so lacking.
  2. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    lmao.....his 'skillset' isn't useful at all in the nfl. you're trying to mold this perfect safety position for your boy, but that's not how the nfl works period. Don't get hung up on fs/ss nomenclature......peppers is not a suitable nfl safety period. You want safeties now with ball skills/corner skills. the problem with peppers all season hasn't mostly been that he is 'out of position'. the problem is that he doesn't have nfl skills to match up with any nfl position.
  3. Its happening

    we were going to draft a qb #1 with or without sashi/Dorsey..... But I certainly don't have any sympathy for sashi not getting to make the pick. He had his chance to draft a qb high and elected not to. too bad, so sad. But yeah I'm excited about rosen or darnold.
  4. Dorsey Hired

    which is part of the problem with this regime....we do need to use analytics in our approach going forward. THat would mean not signing Kenny britt,not drafting peppers, not drafting kizer.... I sure as hell hope we make decisions driven by data(the right data) and are forward thinking. That would be a welcome change.
  5. Sashi fired

    bzzzt...one of the foundations of an analytics approach is, when a player has a long track record, don't rely too much on one outlier year. Sashi did that. classic mistake. look at his other seven years.
  6. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    can we just cancel the game at this point? this is brutal to watch.....two bad qbs, tons of penalties, bad atmosphere..... tough to watch
  7. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    because it's not? If you think it's ranked high you are looking at the wrong rankings.
  8. Kenny Britt released

    lmao....no, most of those guys teams would not give up much if anything for. A couple in particular represent very bad misses onsashi's part. and yes, sashi sure as hell did go for wide recievers. He wasted a middle of the first round draft pick on one, and then signed another to a good bit of guaranteed money. He went after the position, but just failed miserably.
  9. you guys are missing part of the point- it doesnt neccessarily matter whether he makes his net 6 fgs or whatever or not. What matters is he just clearly doesnt have an nfl leg...he doesnt look comfortable kicking from 50-55 in this league. Which for an nfl kicker is not acceptable in 2017
  10. Sashi fired

    There was nothing that analytics liked about Britt's career path. An 8th or whatever year wide reciever who finally managed to catch significant over 50% over his targets and had decentcounting stats the year before(but in his whole career before that been underwhelming given his targets and appearances) is not an analytical favorite. the exaa ct opposite actually. Analytics are NOT to blame for some of the bad picks and the britt signing. Sashi is to blame for those. But we need to use data driven methodology going forward with scouting....to abandon data driven approach(looking at the right data) would be a huge mistake. Some would say we need to actually start doing it rather than talking about it.
  11. Kenny Britt released

    the thing is....Britt was the OPPOSITE of an analytics move. He was a receiver who had ok raw numbers from the 2016 campaign.....diving deeper into things and the secondary numbers from his whole career through 2015 were trash. He was the classic example of a move where the data and projections were very much at odds with giving him that deal. bash Sashi all you want for the britt signing. It was a bad move, and just one reason he was shitcanned. but don't bash analytics for it.
  12. get rid of this sorry kicker..... there wasn't any excuse for him to be on the roster so long as our kicker.
  13. Kenny Britt released

    excellent move already. Kenny Britt was a *TERRIBLE* signing. How in the world an 'analytics' guy committed that much guaranteed money to someone with that track record sans 2016, especially when looking at secondary numbers, is a mystery. That's like a guy saying young hot thin feminine brunettes are his type then marrying amy schumer.
  14. Sashi fired

    will you stop with all this 'fan pressure' nonsense. There is no evidence of any kind anywhere that's a factor in jimmy's decisions.... our fans are *great*. Most of them still support the team, despite unprecedented losing. the fans are the least of our problems.
  15. should according to who? you? It's a *CONTINUAL* assessment....there is no definite time allotment of what a guy 'should' get. You were dead wrong about him going forward with this organization, so no surprise you don't see this as well. If he had actually been true to analytics on some of his moves and picks, maybe he isn't gone so soon. But as part of the continual assessment, Jimmy could see that he wanted someone else making all these picks in 2018. It's not unreasonable to think that you don't get to pick the Corey Colemans, Jabril peppers, and Deshone Kizers of the world and then get to make a bunch more picks your third draft. Some of it was bad drafting, some of it bad luck. Too bad, so sad. And yes, we are in a better position now going forward than 2 years ago. agree there. But barring some kind of complete train wreck management, we were bound to be. Just doing absolutely nothing at all would have guaranteed that. Be this bad for 2-3 years running and you're going to build up some picks and get in a better position due to the nature of the draft(ie picking at the top of the first and second round instead of the middle or bottom). Looking at our roster we have a decent offensive line, a really good young DE, and that's it...but we do have a lot of upcoming draft picks. We would be in a much better position than we are now heading into 2018 if we hadn't missed(or what looks like misses now, I haven't completely given up on some of them) with some key picks already. Jimmy wanted to ensure that with the picks we do have going forward we have more success with them. I'm excited about the 2018 draft though...either rosen or darnold look promising at #1, and then we'll see whats at 6-10 or hopefully even take that second high first pick and trade down for more assets once we take rosen/darnold at 1.