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  1. Tacosman

    Team of the Decade 2010s

    would have never guessed the pats would come out as being team of the decade without this calculation. Would have guessed maybe ravens, texans or vikings intead. But your calculations really allowed me to see the light. Thanks!
  2. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    ummm....it's a stupid comparison. Edelman catches a higher percentages of balls(at least last year), so his yp target(the more meaningful stat) is higher..... also, while you're at it- look up edelman's contract. Then look up landry's....now thats the gavel slam.
  3. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    probably the fact that everything about him(YAC, yp target, first down %) is low for any type of reciever. His catches result in a first down less than most starters in the league. Thats not good.
  4. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    dorsey is looking at it as a sunk cost vs future cost thing too...and looking at what we already paid him vs cap hit if traded(based on that bonus)....so it's not that simple. Dorsey could very well be saying "yeah, I missed that one and wish we could get rid of him" but when looking at what we gave him in terms of up front signing bonus and how that is spread out over cap it may make sense to cut bait after next year and not now. Doesnt mean he would do it again
  5. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    this forum, practically everyone here, is mostly divorced from actual data. Or actual data that is shown to be related to success winning(ie citing how many total catches landry is). there is a lot of ass backwards thinking in here that doesn't go along with the nfl in 2019
  6. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    how do we prove that? What is the evidence for this? Couldn't you just as easily say this about any player anyone wanted?
  7. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    well makes sense as Baker doesnt seem like a guy who expects to get 6 yards per target or one td evey 40 targets
  8. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    well this is hard to quantify....but I would suggest we find someone who is paid a couple of mill per year to bring 'good attitude and work ethic' to us? But it's not my money....as long as our cap situation is what it is, they can pay him what they want. As a browns fan hopefully the passes will be distributed more to guys who are more efficient though.....
  9. Tacosman

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    and this is what I've said when we signed him....he's at 6.5 yards per target. Thats terrible in the nfl in 2018/19. We've had some bright spots this year....he was not one of them. We need to divert some of those targets to more productive guys. Bad signing so far(as I predicted)...how much money do we still owe him where it is feasible to get out?
  10. Tacosman

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    lmao.....yeah just like the nfl is blacklisting me from a HC job too....thats why I dont have one!
  11. Tacosman


    bounty hunter will probably latch on somewhere as a DC(i say probably, it's not a sure thing) but this idea that he's going to be able to go wherever he wants as DC is ludicrous. There is a large % of the nfl that simply doesnt want to be associated with him at all. be it DC, linebackers coach, or even concession stand worker. Im thinking he gets another job, but its not a lock.
  12. Tacosman


    Bounty Hunter has nothing to worry about...the question is what current head coach will get fired(could be one of 11) so that he will step into one of those hc jobs that was begging for him.... https://deadspin.com/gregg-williams-is-now-free-to-talk-to-all-of-those-nfl-1831612222
  13. Tacosman


    well here is the thing about CC's comments(and Im no Cowherd fan)- we did hire a guy who other teams werent going to be hiring as HC. Guy was an unknown rb coach a few months ago. He may have been able to parlay a 7 game or whatever nice stretch into an OC position, but a lot of people are going to view this as a reach....may work out and may not, but we certainly didn't get the prettiest belle at the ball or anything close....
  14. Tacosman

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    lmao....these are the same HC positions he 'didn't even have to show up for an interview' right? Just 'pick up the phone'? I'd say the chance of bounty hunter lying about that was about the same as Donald Trump lying....take that as you want.
  15. nonsense...there is a whole thread where several posters pontificate on how we may just be interviewing all these others to 'make it look right' and dorsey and williams are going to have a sit down where they hash it all out and get it done. Pure fantasy. The farther bounty hunter gets from this organization the better. Im not at all convinced though that there isnt still a small chance he won't be retained as DC. He exhibits such delusional and grandiose thought content("I could have 6 HC jobs without even showing up for the interview") that he may actually feel another organization would want him as a head coach(they don't) and it's not a sure thing that with his history he could even latch on as a DC.....so coming back here as DC, if offered, would probably be better for him than being unemployed or a position coach...but who knows. I'm all for a complete overhaul though