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  1. There is no such thing in the nfl. What the browns have done the last couple of years(losing decent veterans for cheaper, younger guys) isn't in any way comparable to famed examples of a sports front office engaging in a supposedly different way of doing things(ie oakland in baseball 15-20 years ago or sam hienkie a few years ago with the 76ers). Trying to acquire some extra draft picks here and there for a crappy team is not revolutionary or different. The nfl is fundamentally different than the nba or mlb. I'm not saying Haslem should(or shouldn't) make major front office changes.
  2. 2018 Draft

    Are you freaking high? Kevin Hogan is terrible and no team can reasonably start his sorry butt at qb for any period of time and expect to be decent.
  3. The Harvard Think Tank

    this idea that the defense is good is laughable. Rush defense? Who gives a **** about that? This is the nfl in 2017. As another poster said, running the football with running backs is a side game. Our defensive stats are also misleading because in the last third of some games the other team isn't even trying to score really and is just killing clock. Look at more telling stats like first half total scoring and first half drive percentage success....we're at the very bottom of the league in one and near the bottom in another. Our defense, while not as bad as our offense, still blows.
  4. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    who the hell is #30? He needs to be cut
  5. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    stopping the run in the nfl today is almost worthless. It actually can be a bad thing if it encourages teams to throw more.
  6. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    nah we'll still win a couple
  7. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Hogan is terrible(his arm is a joke but we knew that already), but these recievers can't create any separation..at all. At least the hue nightmare will be over soon.
  8. We can win this....

    and we need to. I just played Browns +8, -106, 2500 dollars At some point hue has to win a game. Why not today? If he doesn't it's just one more data point(amongst 20 others) why he is headed towards a shitcaNNING
  9. Hogan Named Starter

    I can't believe we are giving an nfl start to kevin fauckin hogan. He has a 3 second windup and his release point looks like something out of a ukranian shotput competiton. I watched this guy look like hot garbage playing for stanford for most of his career. I'd watch those games and think "huh, if only stanford had a decent qb they would be pretty good". And we're giving him an nfl start? jesus christ. Kizer blows and has no business starting games in the nfl, but at least he has a few qualities that could pass for an nfl qb. Still terrible though, but at least him throwing the ball resembles an actual qb...even if we have no idea where its going. Kevin Hogan's mechanics makes Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady.
  10. Hogan Named Starter

    who really cares whether it is kessler, hogan, or kizer. They are well well below average.
  11. Hogan Named Starter

    ??? this is the nfl. Of course there is pressure on a guy who is 1-20. Jesus christ.
  12. Hue Jackson's Jet's Presser

    ??? it's not an either/or thing. The team isn't saying "hmmm...should I hire a new coach or try to get some better playerls?". Sheeesh It is entirely possible/likely that: -the browns have a very crappy roster -the browns would do better with a new hc after the year There isn't a reason in the world why both of those things can't be true. For some reason you guys act like it's one or the other and you have he to pick a side. But usually, to be historicallyavawful, you have tohave some combination of terrible roster and bad coaching
  13. there is no "rebuild begins x" or "rebuild began y".....it doesnt work that way. it's always a running clock, and performance is always measured as time moves along.... the results for sashi and co to this point have been piss poor. And I dont mean in terms of wins and losses(although thats part of it). I mean in terms of what they have developed so far in two years and the progress that has been made over that time. But hey, like I said, their tenure isn't up yet. Still time to turn it around and do better. We'll see.....what isn't up for debate though is that so far the results havent been good.
  14. ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    peppers has been one of the least valuable(as in most below replacement level) players in the nfl this year. Partly thats a function of very few players who have played as poorly as him being on the field as much as him.
  15. Hue Jackson's Jet's Presser

    last year it wasnt any worse than a few other teams in terms of talent. this year most of the experts dont/didnt think it was any worse than the other 3-4 worst teams. The point is that if you lose a historic rate of games for two straight years, we *know* you arent a positive difference maker. So no harm in firing him. Nobody is blaming hue for us sucking. We get that we dont have the players. But 1-20 is still 1-20. You don't lose games at that rate in the nfl for two seasons and get a third. Thats not a browns policy...thats just an every team in the nfl policy.