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  1. Tacosman

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    lmao.....there is ZERO chance of this happening if baker is healthy. Baker might completely suck, but he;s the # overall pick. He is the starter next year regardless of what TT does, probably sooner
  2. Tacosman

    Dez on his way ?

    No, teams dont have to cover landry real good. Landry is an underneath possession and bubble screen reciever. They are more than happy to let him catch all the dink and dunk passes he wants in many situations.
  3. Tacosman

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    lmao....they promoted him over corey coleman....as if that means anything. And what game? the games starts in 4 weeks..... maybe Calloway will be good for a fourth rounder. Maybe he wont. But we sure as hell won't know until he actually starts playing. to make a call on his performance 4 weeks before the action starts is Retarded
  4. Tacosman

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    lmao.....corey coleman was expendable because he has proven he sucks. I think Im the only one paying attention, because to me 'on the field' actually means a 4th round pick(!) showing something against actual nfl competition in a game. But if your definition of that is good reports from the team about how well he runs wind sprints in the meaningless pre-preseason, well......
  5. Tacosman

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    wtf has he done to 'excel on the field at this point'? Jesus christ......
  6. Tacosman

    Cory Coleman Traded

    the lasting legacy of sashi brown's tenure here won't be the extra couple of picks he got for trading down but what he did with the picks he used.... peppers and coleman as first round picks is a bad nightmare. as for what we ended up getting at qb, there isnt a single gm that would consider trading the guy who finished 3rd in last years mvp vote for a 6' big 12 qb with a so so arm and so so athleticism.
  7. Tacosman

    Cory Coleman Traded

    lmao....a #15 overall pick produces absolutely nothing.....jesus. That has to go down as the biggest screw up of the sashi era yet. Meanwhile, our wide reciever group looks pretty weak- we have the king of the bubble screen, a 4th round pick rookie, and a guy who has been in the nfl 7 years but has been good in one of them like 5 years ago.... thats not a strong group
  8. Tacosman

    Quarterback Tiers

    the most recent reports have indicated wentz will be healthy enough to start then...regardless, who cares whether he isn't deemed healthy enough to go until week 2 or even week 3. for the purpose of your post(assigning tiers in qb), it only makes sense to list the player who will start the great majority of the year.
  9. Tacosman

    Quarterback Tiers

    ummm....there is no foles/wentz combination.
  10. Tacosman

    ESPN gripes and praise

    ultimately the off season will be judged on whether baker becomes a solid nfl starter or not at qb. Taking an undersized qb who doesn't possess a great deal of athleticism at #1 is certainly.....different? We'll see if it pays off.... basically you are counting on him to be drew brees. So counting on him to be a huge anomaly.....eh....
  11. Tacosman

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    'run OL' is unfortunately for the browns a much less important part of the offensive line in 2018.
  12. Tacosman

    nfl top 100 list

    not sold on either of those as top 100 players in the nfl.....we'll see if Landry can become a much more explosive player than the one who made a living catching 4 yard bubble screens that the defense would happily give him in Miami though.
  13. Tacosman

    nfl top 100 list

    a few thoughts... Aaron Rodgers at 10 feels low. There is no qb I would rather have to start a game assuming healthy. Likewise Brady at 1 feels high. Would anyone really take brady at 41 or whatever right now over Rodgers? Likewise Wentz at 3 seems high. Is carson wentz really the 3rd best player in the entire nfl right now? He's a stud no doubt and I wouldn't have a problem with him in the top 15 or so overall and top 5-6 qb, but #3 overall? Gronk at 15 seems a little low...are there really 14 better players in the nfl? And of course, as expected, there was a...ummm...paucity of browns players.
  14. Tacosman

    #1 Overall Picks usually work out

    the difference is most of those guys were clear cut #1s and had been for awhile.....mayfield wasnt, and wouldnt have gone #1 from most teams. In fact many had him as he 4th best qb in the class.
  15. Tacosman

    Sneaking up out of nowhere

    and he has played 10 games since then....his yards/target(hes been targeting a ton in those 10 games) is quite poor. So for almost 2/3rds of the season he has played since 2013, hes actually been quite mediocre. This idea that he is definately a super elite wideout based off of one great season in 2013 is absurd. Even if he stays off drugs/etoh its not at all clear what we are getting. The rest of jcams response was just trolling.