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  1. 2017's Final Roster Moves: The March to 53...

    I am a little to curious to see if this "second" round will be the better talent. Should be the "almost" made it kids.
  2. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    Pretty sure it's just to be a back-up. He had a year in McCoy's system and Lynch is out for a few weeks. Not sure what the long term plan is with him; most fans are ready to cut ties with Lynch at this point, but are OK rolling with Simien.
  3. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    Yes and yes. They have first picks up until the day after the third regular season game. Then it goes by w/l record of current season I think.
  4. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    Players have to go to 53 if picked up off waivers. So no you can't cut them and pick them up to PS. To go to PS they have to completely clear waivers.
  5. Haden ....RELEASED

    Yeah, most fans didn't either. But reports out today say its at about 95%.
  6. Browns looking at WR trade ?

    Yeah, most fans have been a little bummed that we haven't gotten to see Kelly yet, and a lot think he will beat out TS next year. It has been discussed, but not to be our starter, but our backup. Most prefer Sloter in that discussion. With a coin flip on who we could care less about between BO and Lynch. BO just reminds me of a less accurate Kyle Orton. Boring to watch, no intangibles, and has a hard time consistently moving the chains. So that would be a big NO on beating on TS. I am not sure who BO could beat out around the league at this point. And whoever you mention, I couldn't see his odds being better than a coin flip. That would be a depressing qb battle. No offense to you guys as at least you had a rookie in the wings.
  7. Haden ....RELEASED

  8. Haden ....RELEASED

    Ward is still good, a bit of a liability in coverage but great in the box. Word is that he will be cut shortly if we can't find a trade. Matter of salary vs the confidence in his cheaper backup, Simmons.
  9. Browns looking at WR trade ?

    I just find it odd that you hope that Kizer doesn't turn out like Favre, a first ballot hall of famer. Favre definitely had his bad moments, but he usually had his teams competing at a very high level. There was a lot of weight on his shoulders. He would try to force things too much, but he also scored a lot of points when other qb's wouldn't have been able to. I don't think I have seen any of the rookie qb's make any additional reads post snap with the exception of tossing it to the rb in the flat. I think a lot of fans get irritated with the backup qb not getting bumped up, but it is obvious how much of a simplified system they are running. We (broncos fans) are irritated because Lynch still isn't doing that either, and the results aren't quite the same when you are playing the against the ones and a game plan. Interested to see how this year turns out for you. Your defense looks light-years improved from last year. Would like to see you get a little more push up the middle but other than that your d looks legit. Landry, that would be a shocker. Kind of hard guy to trade for right now with the domestic violence hanging overhead unless you get him on the cheap. Patriots gave up a first for Brandon Cooks. I would think his price would be similar.
  10. ***Official Browns @ Bears Preseason Game Night Thread***

    I just think it is a matter of not wanting the qb you have tabbed as a starter playing behind guys that won't even be on the team next week. With the qb it is a little bit of a domino effect. You would want the starting line protecting him, and might as well have the starting receivers too, don't want to mess with the rhythm. I think most coaches feel they get better work in practice anyways.
  11. And then there is this

    Yeah I noticed that too. I think the announcers made a comment about him having no trouble throwing it that far (flick of the wrist or something along those lines) and thinking that it looked to me about as far as he could throw to me. Maybe he put it at a high angle?
  12. Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    lol, yeah I realize that. We are also talking about the second half of the first preseason game, so I figured it was fair game.
  13. Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    I actually saw a video of it on this board. Every play condensed down. Actually pretty impressive at how obviously scared bama was of him. Ran about 80% of the plays directly away from him. But I guess that leaves you with plenty of ammunition for your continuously sadistic narrative. He didn't make enough plays when the play was ran in the opposite direction of him. Yes your third string qb looks awesome completing all his passes on a one read rollout. I saw that you aren't ready to induct him into the hall of fame yet, but maybe after doing again this week you will be ready to give him a jacket. Seriously can't tell if you are serious with this crap or not. Horrible take. Did you see the video of MG steamrolling one of your OL this week. Let me guess, that doesn't count because it was against a third stringer? Unlike what mr biscuit did? Rant over, back to my board to anoint our 3rd string qb the next coming. He didn't look to shabby either versus the future insurance salesman of America. Btw very curious to see kizer this week against the 1/2s. He definitely looked ahead of where I expected.
  14. Game 1...Good, Bad & Ugly 2017

    I wouldn't mind if my broncos took a flyer on him. Because of all the complaining I saw, I focused on him when I watched your game and I must say compared to our line, he didn't look too bad. Yes our line is that bad.
  15. ***Official Browns Vs. Saints Preseason Game Night Thread***

    Doubt you guys let Garrett play much, but if you take away Trubs first read he might be in trouble and you guys should be able to hold him in check. We didn't do anything to take away that first read (part of the whole no game-planning for the other team aspect of the preseason) and so he had it pretty easy. He has good arm talent (which was never a question with him) so just make him make a couple reads and I don't think he will look nearly as good. He threw into tight coverage and even triple coverage when he had guys open. It was against future insurance salesman so it worked, except at the end of the game.