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  1. WinstonLegthigh

    ***Official Browns @ Rams Game Day Thread***

    No reason not to at this point, time to figure out what well be using this top 5 pick on. Who are the good qbs coming out? Not hackenberg please.
  2. WinstonLegthigh

    You can't defend this circus anymore.

    Can i ask something? What was your opinion on stockton? You have as much of a boner for pettine as he did for hoyer, and you guys seem to have similar understanding of football. My point is, if you had a problem with him, you're not only a little slow regarding football knowledge, but a hipocrit as well. That's all.
  3. WinstonLegthigh

    ***Official Browns @ Rams Game Day Thread***

    Dude, we are playing poorly, and we aren't very good, but let's not exaggerate too much. We definitely aren't the worst team. We aren't very good though, its gonna be another long half year.
  4. WinstonLegthigh

    Nate Orchard is a bust.

    So what is he? The fact is the guy is giving up millions of dollars because for some reason he can't follow the rules and stay away from drugs and alcohol when he has to. I don't care if its prescribed, he needs to know the rules, that's on him. I don't care how small the amount is in his system, he knows that if he gets caught he is done, yet sure enough he does it anyway or hangs around it anyway and gets busted, that's on him. This has happened to him 3 fucking times (not counting college). He knows the rules, he knows what's at stake, yet he can't stay away from drugs/alcohol/parties/whatever. Stop making excuses for the guy. Ok fine, if he's not a pot head, and not an alcoholic, he's just a dumb ass mother fucker. Although I say he's a dumb as mother fucking pot head. Dude did choose pot over all that money to play a game! Sounds like a pot head to me. Afro man would be proud.
  5. WinstonLegthigh


    Let's turn another thread into a manziel one, yay! On the real subject, no I'm not happy with mediocrity, but it shows some improvement. Problem is I see little improvement from last year. I don't think we are worse, but we aren't much better. We have no players! But we seem to be building. Yes pettine made mistakes, yes he is showing his inexperience, but we have no choice but to give him a chance. Farmer, I dunno, I'd say give him another draft and see what he does. We can't keep firing everyone after two years, that is how you stay MEDIOCRE, or worse. Just look at the last 15 years.
  6. WinstonLegthigh

    Today Was a Gut Check - that Passed with an A+

    Love this win, and I feel like this is the reason pettine needs time(to those still crying to fire him). He really has respect from the team, they buy in to the "play like a brown" philosophy, and they usually come off a loss and play hard. They adjusted during this game, and the adjustments worked. However, I see two major problems. 1. It's very hard to pass to set up the run, as it seems like is our new gameplan, seems to be working for now tho, so I guess don't mess with something that ain't broke. But, 9 rushing yds in the first half doesn't cut it. A good team would have been crushing us, 14-9 was very fortunate. 2.Our D pretty much sucks. Pettine needs to take some more control there. I believe in him as far as building a strong D, O'Neil, not so much. I dunno if you fire him, but pettine needs to do more there.
  7. Funny I was at the game, saw lots of this but didn't complain much as I was literally the only browns fan in my entire section. However, all game I heard from their fans "refs giving the game away" "refs must be from Cleveland or Toledo". This was pretty ridiculous, and the refs have been bad this whole year all around.
  8. WinstonLegthigh

    Did anyone else notice this yesterday?

    Honestly, a coach just can't win with some people. Over the years we have seen qb controversy after qb controversy, and almost every time, our coaches have handled it horribly. Constantly changing their mind, not making a decision, flip flopping, and all our fans complained about it, rightly so. So now we finally get a coach who sticks to his guns, and does what he says and believes, and everyone complains. "He must have something against Johnny", "why isn't he playing Johnny." Qb play isn't the problem! We have no running game and we can't stop the run. Our Defense sucks, and our supposedly good o line can't block for shit. But people still have a hard on for pettine and his supposed hatred for JF. Man y'all are obnoxious. Yes pettine has made mistakes elsewhere, but he looks to have made the right choice here. (even though I think we should start JF) Mccown seems to give us the best chance to win.
  9. WinstonLegthigh

    McCown X-ray tonight

    Why though? I wasn't able to watch the game yet, I'll watch it soon, but from everything I have heard mccown was not the problem at all. Also, putting Johnathan pigskin in with this shitty team would probably only hurt his progress.
  10. WinstonLegthigh

    Its time to Fire Pettine

    The one thing every failure of a franchise has in common? They switch regimes every couple years. Literally every franchise that has sucked for years does this. If you think that we should continue to fire a coach after two years, you know less about football than I even thought you did. Any continued discussion about football involving you would be a total waste of my time.
  11. WinstonLegthigh

    McCown Starts

    Still think Jonathan pigskin should be starting, but I do think mccown probably gives us the "best" chance to win.
  12. WinstonLegthigh

    In case you wanted to do some planning

    I love Reddit, it can get annoying though. It is super liberal, can get really political, and is filled with tons of obnoxious people but for the most part its great. As far as the inside joke, isn't that "Reddit is gay" question from one of y'alls recent threads?
  13. WinstonLegthigh

    In case you wanted to do some planning

    Been hanging out on the browns subreddit a lot, its much better here. Stockton is over there, its rough.
  14. WinstonLegthigh

    In case you wanted to do some planning

    Yup, we'll have to see how my finances are next year, doubt I'll be able to afford 3 games unfortunately. I would like to go to a game in philly though.
  15. WinstonLegthigh

    In case you wanted to do some planning

    YES! Away at Washington means I can go to two games next year, and I won't have to deal with those damn ravens fans for one of em. Skins fans are awesome.