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  1. ColumbusKing

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    Clear path is Browns win out going 9-7, Steelers lose 2 of 3 to Bills, Jets and Ravens, Titans lose to Saints and Texans twice. We could still make it in if Titans are 9-7 but that requires the Colts to also finish 9-7. FYI. Colts play Saints, Panthers and Jags.
  2. ColumbusKing

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    We would need the Steelers, TItans, Colts, Raiders, and of course our Browns to finish 9-7 to make the playoffs. If the Titans finish higher then the Colts (i.e. TItans finish 9-7 Colts finish 8-8) then the Titans will get in.
  3. ColumbusKing

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    "Very much" is a bit of stretch don't you think?
  4. ColumbusKing

    Steeler Scouting Report for TNF....

    TJ Watt has been wreaking havoc this year. Has sacks in 6 straight games and already this year has a career high in QB Hits. I would expect him to keep that streak alive.
  5. ColumbusKing

    Rankem Browns HCs since 1999

    Best: Butch Mangini Crenell Worst: Hue and Freddie, are on a whole different level of ineptitude.
  6. ColumbusKing

    Freddie fired

    Well a glaring difference is Noll, Rooney and everyone in Pittsburgh knew that the ‘68 team had absolutely no talent. Only 5 players on the ‘68 team were still in Pittsburgh on the 74 championship team. In Cleveland, we think we have a damn good roster, certainly talented enough to win the AFC North, and still put on a pathetic display of ineptitude every Sunday. Not really apples to apples.
  7. ColumbusKing

    Survey Monday Oct 21

  8. Agree, up 28-25 in the fourth, NEED a stop and the defense can’t get one. A good running game slices through our “vaunted” Dline like a hot knife through butter.
  9. ColumbusKing

    Free Agents after this Season

    Who do we keep? Who are we not interested in? Who might want out of Cleveland?
  10. ColumbusKing

    Do you realize we now have 4 potential super stars?

    Definitely see the AB comparison, but AJ is 6’4 and that definitely plays into his success. Give Calloway this year to get used to NFL speed (even though he is almost always the fastest man on the field) and with Baker under center next year, they could definitely be the next BigBen/AB in the AFC North
  11. ColumbusKing

    So after Thursday night football...

    I’m more then okay with Baker and Denzel, Denzel is a playmaker!
  12. ColumbusKing

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    Remember Josh McCown was a Pro Bowl alternate last year. Worth mentioning for the odd-ball trivia.
  13. ColumbusKing

    Baker time

    A little surprised you are already calling for Baker, Tour. For me I don’t know if I’m ready, the offense has looked pitiful so far but I think it’s more scheme then Tyrods play.
  14. ColumbusKing

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    For what it’s worth, Cameron retired after 2016 citing his concussions as why, and Barnidge hasn’t played since 2016.