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  1. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Why would Washington do that?
  2. Bradford??

    I think #1 David Carr backed up #1 Eli Manning for a couple of years.
  3. Thoughts On Today's Parade

    Fat boy Shelton should realize that maybe no free agents want to come because they don’t want bums like him for teammates.
  4. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    Who cares if trash like Kevin Hogan or Nate Orchard get offended? A team full of bums that can’t win a game has no right to be offended. Is Duke Johnson going to stop giving 100%? Haha.
  5. Please leave the NFL

    A franchise this inept shouldn't be allowed to exist. All those hogh picks and nothing to show for it. Draft 10 receivers a couple of years ago and get nothing useful from it. Fold the sorry franchise called the Browns.
  6. Bust Factor

    Alkid is a complete moron.
  7. Election Prediction

    Good call.
  8. Who takes the fall?

    That is really evident today. What an improvement!!
  9. Sashi's Real Plan (supposedly)

    Like the Browns have to tank to lose.
  10. 36 Years as a Browns fan

    The Seth DeValve pick will be remembered as the turning point for the Browns.
  11. Corey Coleman broke his hand

    He succumbed to his injuries this afternoon . RIP Corey Coleman 1994-2016
  12. A Lousy Stinking 10 Points!

    That was one of the worst displays of football I have ever seen put forth by a supposedly professional team. At one point, the Browns had 7 yards of offense compared to the Eagles' 122.
  13. A Lousy Stinking 10 Points!

    All that matters is that they landed Seth DeValve this draft.
  14. The Darkside

    Can you name 3 players from this roster that you are excited about? Coleman was a stupid pick and he will bust. What kind of dummy drafts Seth DeValve in the 4th round? Cody Kessler? RG3 as the starting QB? Cutting Raheem "The Dream" Mostert for some bum? The NFL should fold this disgrace of a franchise.