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  1. Any D that has Arizona at the top couldn't possibly we #1. Got pummeled in both games by a large margin. But I do agree that our D is somewhere near the top overall.
  2. dawg2fan

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    Haven't I been saying we should sit our rookie QB's all along? Hmmm!
  3. dawg2fan

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    Tell that to the Chief and Jags.
  4. dawg2fan

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    Why is the smallest RB (Duke Johnson) on the team in on 4th and 1? It just doesn't make sense
  5. dawg2fan

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Dez has more options now. I'm sure he's looking at Seattle and another team now.
  6. dawg2fan

    What is the Reality?

    I think it depends on how badly we lose. You have to think the Saints will be reeling after losing to Tampa Bay. And we also have a lot to prove. But it is a road game and they can be tough, especially with a team that is predicted to make it to the playoffs. If we lose by a FG or less, then I would say it's ok. Anything more, I might have concerns. Now if our Oline doesn't block better, then it could really get ugly.
  7. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    I couldn't agree with you more Hoorta, but we know our Oline needs help. Let's hope the they learn to play together soon and who knows how good this team can be. It doesn't matter who our QB is, without time they will all suffer the same fate, which includes Baker. All either QB need is another second or two. Now did TT make some throws that could've been better, absolutely. But if you get your bell rung after a few hits by the Steelers D, I don't see too many QBs that can recover. Other than an elite QB (and I don't think Baker is there yet, but he will be), which there is only about 3 or 4 in the entire league, no one can handle that. Our D could end up top 10 this year before its said and done. I predicted 5 to 7 wins for us this year, but not if the Oline can't protect.
  8. Like I said in another quote, this was Josh's first preseason game. He was a bit rusty and still caught a TD pass. His game will improve.
  9. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    After 1 game this is really what you think? Especially with the Steelers constantly bringing pressure? Do really think Baker could've avoided the blitz as well as Taylor and made better throws under constant pressure? I admit there were some throws that I thought Baker could've made better than Tyrod, but putting him the game so early spells disaster. If he fails, then we're right back to where we started. I might be the only one on this board who wants Tyrod to start all games and let Baker learn. Of course, if we lose the next 5 games, then of course we need to start Baker. I don't see that happening especially with this D. And considering we won't see the Pittsburg D through most of the remaing games, we should be able to get the ball to our receivers. And don't forget that Gordon wasn't even with the team through preseason. This was basically his first preseason game. His game will improve.
  10. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    Yes, Bill Cowher succeeded Chuck Noll. But lets think about this. How many head coaches did the steelers have since Noll? Two. Noll had a system that he ran with success. Cowher and Tomlin came in and followed that pattern. Both won Superbowls. Neither could come into Cleveland and win one here without time to build the team (at least 5 years). Hue might not be the coach to do this in Cleveland, but until you give him time, you will never find out. Romeo Crennel had 5 year I believe, but we know he was not the guy. So, how many head coaches have we had in Cleveland since '99 other than Romeo? Coaches need time to build and organization. Until we give them time, I'll be on this board saying the same thing.
  11. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    Of course who would have said that before the season started 😄
  12. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    Year after year tells you something. Us getting a different coach after 2 years is a big problem. We'll never have any consistency until we keep a coach around at least 5 years.
  13. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    I"m so sick of hearing the "Brownsed it up" talk. You sound a lot like the media. We should be looking at this as a growing team. You have to creep before you crawl and we still have the youngest team in the NFL. First time in 13 years we didn't lose the first game and you guys are still whining. I'll take the tie and move on to the Saints.
  14. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    You should be thankful that peppers got the turnover off Conners and took it to the 1yd line for our TD.
  15. dawg2fan

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    Like I've said over and over, it's not the RB. It's the Steelers Oline. Doesn't matter if Leveon or Conner is in the game. Or their 3rd string RB.