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  1. And don't forget about his partner Jay Crawford, (long time Browns fan) formally of ESPN's Cold Pizza with Dana Jacobson.
  2. dawg2fan

    Best of Both Worlds "Browns and Star Wars"

    You're right, don't hear much about them. Especially with all the new Star Wars movies. Of course, all it takes is one Star Trek movie and it all starts again 😎. As long as its either the original Star Trek or the Next Generation. Not a fan of the others. But this is a Star Wars thread, so continue the talk.
  3. dawg2fan

    Best of Both Worlds "Browns and Star Wars"

    Very nice. Even though I'm more of a Trekie, this is very inspiring.
  4. dawg2fan

    Pluto on Hue

    Not to mention the much better talent we have on the team. I do blame Hue for the performance, but overall we team is completely different.
  5. Yes, he's a short Big 12 QB. But I'm putting money on Mayfield with the help we have, this team will be turned around.
  6. I'd be looking at Landry and Chubb at #33 and #35, but the others aren't too bad either. Except for Maurice Hurst, didn't he have a heart issue?
  7. And who knows, perhaps Mayfield may prove to be the best QB after all. And who's to say Ward won't be better than Lattimore. But the 3 2s will be important. Carlos Hyde is getting a little old, so we need an RB. Obviously an OT and a LB.
  8. We have to see how the season plays out. Let's give Dorsey a chance especially with the three 2s. Don't want to throw in the towel yet.
  9. We'd be giving up too much for the remaining players. Stick to where we're at and we can still get quality players.
  10. This draft is deep in RBs. Don't think we'll move up to pick one up.
  11. dawg2fan

    Shmuck you haslem

    Let's see how the other picks go. I'm not too enthused about the first two, but perhaps we'll get some high profile players with our #2s.
  12. dawg2fan

    Shmuck you haslem

    We'll see about that
  13. dawg2fan

    Shmuck you haslem

    That's what I said about Kizer last season. Of course, everyone just kept bashing me.
  14. dawg2fan

    Denzel Ward

    I'm sure Greg Williams had some say in this decision. Obviously he felt he needed some CB help
  15. dawg2fan

    Denzel Ward

    Why is Herbie on the panel? He is a college guy and even admitted it. I heard him say that he would never be calling an NFL game (about 10 years ago), now he is. Too funny. And the funny thing is he's giving reasons why Mayfield will be good for the Browns. He knows College, not the NFL.