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  1. Dorsey wanting Mayfield makes no sense to me at all. Regardless of who our starting QB is this year. I liked him in college, but the NFL is a different game.
  2. Rosen is too smart for Hue?

    Agree with all points, but you can't convince me that Rosen is too smart for Hue. Sorry, he's seen it all. And the insinuation that he needs to be in a large market is just insane. He and Mora can jump in Lake Erie if they believe that. The only concern I have about Rosen is his health and his desire to play in Cleveland. Way too many injuries in college.
  3. Building a Champion

    I'd take Darnold at #1 and Chubb at #4. But I still like Allen, so if we can take either him or Darnold. I'll still be smilin...
  4. Building a Champion

    I say get the QB at #1. Then take either Chubb or Barkley at #4. I have a feeling the Giants will take Chubb at #2, but taking Barkley will get our O going. Either way, I can't complain.
  5. Building a Champion

    Whoever we pick up at QB, Tyrod will be the starter. So I say either get Darnold or Allen. Let them learn and give Tyrod at least 2 years, by then (and with help from Stanton) they should be ready to start.
  6. Here's a guy who knows NFL success

    And I'd still argue that we're in a better position today with our FAs and draft picks. Not to mention a much younger team. Now, granted we had Winslow Jr, Jurevicious, Edwards, Cribbs, and Anderson, I'd still argue that this team is in better shape, unless we completely blow our draft picks.
  7. Here's a guy who knows NFL success

    I think Leaf is looking at how the Browns has done since '99, not just Hue. And we haven't drafted a QB and let him learn from a proven starter since '99. This is a huge change not to mention we have the #1, #4, and 3 #2. So tell me since '99, which team have we had that could compete with this FA and potential draft?
  8. Is this for real Detroit and Cleveland

    Certianly an April fools day prank. Not to mention this near the bottom: "Unfortunately, the Detroit Lions have not made this trade (but maybe they should). It’s April Fools fans!"
  9. Here's a guy who knows NFL success

    Even though I agree with to an extent with what Ryan's saying, this team is far more improved than we've been since '99. Do I think if Couch was here today he would have been great, absolutely (with the right coach). This goes to show how little Ryan knows about this team. I'll comment on Ryan's thoughts after the season.
  10. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    We'll see how Kizer works out in GB, sitll needs time. You're right on Leaf, but he was drafted #2 overall (Bust). And I still say college stats can be misleading.
  11. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    I think a QB with more potential in college, can certainly surprise. I can be wrong, but I do think Allen can be they guy. Go back to the USC QBs over the years, they have been superlative in college, but haven't panned out in the NFL. Look at Ryan Leaf's stats coming out of Washington State. He was drafted ahead of Peyton Manning. College stats can be very misleading.
  12. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    The top 4 quarterbacks being discussed are Mayfield, Allen, Rosen, and Darnold according the experts. I assume you knew this.
  13. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    Yeah, I suppose that works.
  14. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    Means nothing in the NFL. If Allen get's to sit behind Taylor (and he should), he can be one of the greats. When was the last time the Browns could say we drafted a QB and let him sit and learn? I mean really sit and learn.
  15. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    Agree with all points Cal. I think Jackson is a bit small, not as much girth as Russell Wilson. Just don't see him lasting in the NFL. He might get a shot at QB, but I see him serving better as a receiver.