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  1. dawg2fan

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Not me, but it sure sounds like how I reacted.
  2. dawg2fan

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    This is a completely different era. We have to deal with the fact that time's changed and the majority of decent players are OBJ "like". Do I like it, no. But in order to be a decent team today, that's what we have to live with.
  3. dawg2fan

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Apparently a lot. Perhaps he can root for another losing team this year.
  4. dawg2fan

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    When I heard the news last night, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We literally should be favored in the div this season. I got on the site just to see what everyone was posting, didn't respond though. Been a huge browns fan and now it's paying off. Good DC and OC. We'll have to see what Kitchens will be like as HC, but I expect much from this team. Not to mention our FA moves: Sheldon Richardson and Olivea Vernon. So excited, Go Browns!!!!
  5. dawg2fan

    Analhole Brown Goes to Oakland

    True, but still a great weapon and much for a little too much for us to contend with. I seriously want the Steelers to be dessimated, giving us the better chance to win the division.
  6. dawg2fan

    Analhole Brown Goes to Oakland

    Lets hope he doesn't work it out with the Steelers. I hear he's back to talking with the Rooney's. As long as he's traded and not in our div, then i'm fine.
  7. I am not a Soccer fan at all, but I did notice this today. I know most of you don't like the guy, but he needs a chance to show what he can do. I do believe the Browns will be a contender in the division sooner than later, thanks to John Dorsey and Jimmy Haslem.
  8. dawg2fan

    Kitchens And Williams

    I don't have big problem with GW being out. He did an excellent job going 5-3 after Hue left. But we should look at what we really have here. Kitchens did wonders with the offence. Our D was pretty much dead last in most categories. When Williams came in, I really liked his passion and commitment to our D and thought it would be the staple of our team. As time went on, other teams figured out the D and his schemes. Dorsey should keep Kitchens as our OC and hire a new (respectable) HC that will draw the kind of players we need (in FA), especially on D. This team isn't far off and the HC will prove to be the key to our success.
  9. dawg2fan

    Top Offseason Need - Poll

    I couldn't agree more. But I'd say why not LB first, then DL and we need an experienced WR with size (they're all short other than Perriman).
  10. dawg2fan

    We Need To Keep Lamar Jackson In The Pocket

    Best case Scenario Gip, that would be my first choice. However if the Bengals lose the Steelers, I'd almost want to lose to the Ravens (but make the score close). Like I've said many times, my wife is a Steelers' fan and I've been living with this for many years. Any to keep the Steelers out of the playoffs and I'm in.
  11. If the 49er game is the only one you saw, you might not know the real Broncos' team. This team has a habit of turning it on and off. I can promise you they will be ready for us. Baker will need some magic to win this one.
  12. dawg2fan

    Uncharted Territory

    I understand how you feel about Jimmy. But I'm grateful that he finally got it right. Unlike most fans, I don't feel we should automatically give the head coaching job to GW. Let's see how he finished the season first. And give Dorsey some credit, he might have someone in mind that could blow us all away.
  13. dawg2fan

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I couldn't agree more. Just take the extra point and kick the ball off. Makes no sense
  14. dawg2fan

    Browns at Texans gameday thread

    We need a game like this. Prepares us for like games in the future.
  15. dawg2fan

    Browns at Texans gameday thread

    Baker didn't see the defender coming and thus the INT and he was under pressure. Like I said, he'll learn from this.