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  1. Browns trade for WR Sammie Coates

    I was thinking same thing? I haven't seen enough of Coates due to his lack of playing time last year (Brown, Bell, Wheaton) but having two Auburn receivers might work. I think Ricardo Louis was Auburn and haven't seen him either. We need a big receiver for Rookie Kizer who has an arm! Someone who's going to fight for the 50/50 balls. Kenny Britt fits the description and should provide veteran leadership we're going to need with this very young team. Kizer is going to need Coleman Britt, Crowell, Duke Johnson and a good offensive line! I wonder which tight end will be the starter? DeValve, Telfer or Njoku But say what you will the Browns are better than we think. Preseason matters for so many reason and I'm glad they went 4-0. Momentum, building confidence is a positive thing and will carry over into the regular season
  2. TJ Ward

    Could be, I got him confused with Gipson against Green Bay but I think it was TJ that hurt Gronk and if you can hurt a guy whose Mammoth compared to DB's and Safety's that's something.
  3. TJ Ward

    I hope he doesn't sign with the Steelers! He'd be playing with Haden! Two guys that should still be Browns
  4. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    Speaking of QB's I predicted Brock Lobster would return to Denver and he is...although they get him at a league minimum and the Browns are left paying over 15 million for a second round pick.
  5. I remember Charles White, what a bust. He left school for the draft while Marcus Allen took his job.
  6. Pryor disappointing in DC

    St BrownπŸ˜‡ Just the name Equan%#^} St. Brown is worth the pick! And we could RENAME the team ( if he's any good) The St. Browns πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜‚
  7. "One Man's Gabage is another Man's Treasure" The Bucaneers will take him and reunite him with Jameis. I doubt this but would be nice if we had drafted Ali Marpet in the second round
  8. Haden ....RELEASED

    They should have traded him last year but yes this is true. They are shopping Haden, Osweiler and Erving as reported by CBS Sports and the NFL NETWORK CBS SPORTS QUOTE; "The Browns are comfortable moving forward with Jamar Taylor, Jason McCourty and Briean Boddy-Calhoun"
  9. TJ Ward

    I must be losing my mind
  10. Joe Thomas, Garrett, Gruden, Hue

    Bravo! He just didn't "lose" the games but when the playoffs came; out he went for Manning. Kubiak wasn't taking any chances? Broncos had and still have a very good defense. But they don't have a QB with Lynch or Simian. I bet Osweiler wishes he would have taken their offer!
  11. TJ Ward

    That is true! Ward said they never offered him a contract and he was a devastating tackler. He took out the tight end in Green Bay who never played again. I think it was Jeramiah Finley that TJ Ward hit and he never recovered. I remember because I play Fantasy Football and Finley was on my team.
  12. I second it! Hue has to be a leader. Name a starter and stick to your guns! Develop Kizer and build around this guy! We have to start winning with good leadership!
  13. Hogan won this game backed up on the ten yard line in the driving rain. KUDOS to Kevin he deserves to be the backup QB