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  1. Opal312

    Baker Recruiting Von Miller and OBJ

    They say this upcoming draft is loaded with defensive talent. Von Miller is getting old & Beckham is a girl in disguise. Stick to the draft: LT, WR, DL, CB I believe in Dorsey. He’s respected & coveted around the league & he’s building it for the long haul.
  2. Opal312

    AP Rookie of the Year

    It’s all politics like the Oscars😡📽 Baker deserves it but there are many who don’t like this kid. He’s a leader, outspoken & has taken the losing culture out of the locker room. His snubbing of Hue Jackson literally took the team to a new level! It was as if he was saying; “it’s my locker room now” Whats even more impressive is he backs up his words by playing lights out with no true number one receiver. I’m on board with Mayfield. Think what he can do with Chubb, Njoku & a big time receiver next year.
  3. Opal312

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    I just finished the article and must compliment the many members of this board who’ve been saying this for years. I joined the Browns Board after the Justin Gilbert-Manziel draft fiasco & have learned many things from you guys. Ive lived in Florida the last 19 years & found this Board to be very enlightening for a diehard (63yr old female) Browns fan. Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you! Opal
  4. Opal312

    Coach Interviews

    Keeping Greg Williams & hopefully Kitchens is is far better than that loser Gase, backstabber & Tebow draft McDaniels, and an old washed up Mike McCarthy who wasted the last nine years of Rodgers career! The fans need a voice when it comes to the dysfunctional Haslam and that voice should be Dorsey loud and clear Agsinst the Ravens we were robbed of a fumble and easy TD when the ref blew the whistle. Williams has the team finally believing they can win! You can’t say that about Gase and the rest of the recycled has beens!!!
  5. Opal312

    Baker speaking some truth

    Here’s what Jason La Canfora had to say & I agree Since he has been removed from the stench of the Hue Jackson regime, with Jackson finally fired after Week 8, the Browns are 2-1 and with Freddie Kitchens taking over the offense in that span Mayfield is an eye-popping 65-for-88 (74 percent) for 771 yards (8.8 yards per attempt), with 9 touchdowns, 1 interception and a rating of 129.5. Part of the reason he doesn't have to throw it quite as much is the emergence of Chubb, who took over as starter in Week 7 after Carlos Hyde was dealt to hapless Jacksonville. In his five starts Chubb has rushed 106 times for 490 yards (4.6 per carry) with four TDs (he's scored in three-straight games), while also catching two touchdowns passes, including a ridiculous grab through a defender Sunday.
  6. Opal312

    Haslam is the Problem

    I’ve been thinking that since Lue got the axe⛏
  7. Opal312

    wtf do we do at WR?

    Mayfield needs an OFFENSIVE LINE not another receiver. Guys get open when the QB isn’t running for his life.
  8. Opal312


    I’d rather hire a former player ala the Eagles Doug Pederson. Haslam is probably on the phone right now with his buddy Peyton Manning😎 “Omaha”🏈
  9. Opal312


    Someone on NFLN mentioned Mike McCarthy from Greenbay? This guy is resting on Super Bowl laurels from long ago while Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting any younger. The Browns must get younger at the HC position.
  10. Opal312

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Hi, it’s too funny I couldn’t resist! After Tom Brady said how much he trusted Gordon😂
  11. Opal312

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    According to ESPN He was late for the team bus and late for a team meeting😂 You can delete this but we were all waiting.....
  12. Opal312

    Interim OC is Freddie Kitchens

    Does this mean we finally run the ball? Patrick Mahomes has Kareem Hunt, Goff has Gurley etc etc lord knows we need something🤮
  13. Opal312


  14. Opal312


    Bring back Mike Holmgren😂