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  1. Tour2ma

    NFL Combine Invites

    I've been tabbing him in the 2nd in draft sims lately. RG for a couple seasons then can move to Center.
  2. Tour2ma

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    It was loud enough... It was my incredulity at your ability to divine degrees of likelihood spilling out.
  3. Pretty sure a county won't fit in a Uhaul... ... but nothing preventing the people from moving is there?
  4. Apples and oranges, OBF.... and you, too, Ag. Historically all administrations have selected areas of Federal Law in which to emphasize and deemphasize enforcement. These choices have been made at the policy level. The targeting of specific political opponents, or an "enemies list" is a whole 'nother matter... For most of the names listed in your OP this is at least the second "investigation" into them. The first turned up insufficient information to support charges. I did, however, enjoy the headline's use of the term "dramatic". A bit surprised Ag did not comment on its use.
  5. You know Kal is outta bullets when he plays his "-sies" card... Tourises.... tiaises.... And yet here you are... As is Kal... and Steve... and Vroombo... and DieHard... and etc... How y'all manage to hold out in the face of such an onslaught of MSM outlets is simply amazing. And you make it look so easy... As if all it took was pushing a couple buttons on a remote.
  6. I'm guessing OBF does not know Alinsky was Jewish....
  7. Tour2ma

    60 Minutes

    Trust us... after the impeachment "trial" we know that, Steve...
  8. Geezus, Kal... over the top even for you. Yup.... the legal kind... as opposed to the "do us a favor" kind.
  9. Tour2ma

    The corruption of General John Kelly

    Was this a smear job? Really hard to follow...especially since the OP article was critical of Kelly for subjugating his values to Trump's will. Not surprising tho, Kal.... you were never big on reading and understanding the articles you reference. John Kelly... just another conservative icon tossed onto the trash heap with those who dared to question/criticize der Trunpmeister before him...
  10. Tour2ma

    Corrupt Obama Appointed Judge

    Americanthinker.com? Not too liberal for you, Kal?
  11. Tour2ma

    Cal Calling TexasAg a Coward and a Liar

    April Fools 2019 ran all the way thru November?
  12. A crooked governor... a couple of tax cheats... a briber... drug offenders... and stolen car ring member. Article missed the Wall St. cheat. Simply amazing who qualifies as a "good guy" these days. He saw Blago's wife on Fox News. Compared to all the DOJ waves he's making, pardoning Blago is barely a ripple.
  13. Tour2ma

    60 Minutes

    Kal, Have you ever engaged on topic? Or do you simply defend your whataboutism crown at every encounter? So far noting concrete.... thus the words "potentially relate".
  14. Rolling up my sleeves... Opening my wallet.... Joining the Texas Democratic Party. Trump's performance in the East Room today was fucking embarrassing. It's no longer enough to simply vote against the man. It's time to get to work and end the Trumpican Party this November before it ends this country... hopefully it can last that long.
  15. Tour2ma

    NFL Combine Invites

    Tua will be interviewing as well. Would you rather shine in the LB group or be so-so in the DB group? Guys I want to see include: LBs - Troy Dye (Oregon); Willie Gay, Jr. (Miss St.) Edge - Epenesa (Iowa) DL - Blacklock (TCU), Benito Jones (Ole Miss), Lawrence (LSU), Murchison (NC St.), Strowbridge (UNC) OT - Bartch (St. Johns MN), Becton (UL), Peart (UConn) OG - Jonah Jackson (tOSU), Lemieux (Oregon), Muti (Fresno St.)
  16. Yup... if it were easy then every forum would be full of mocks... Wait...
  17. You did not have to go anywhere near that far back in history for a philandering Prezzzzzz... Just sayin'...
  18. Tour2ma

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Had just read the ESPN article prior to logging in here... Garrett's claim is plausible. From MG's account it would seem Rudolph would have said it while trying to pull off MG's helmet... while both were on the ground. No one else, i.e., another Steeler, would have been in position to hear the lil bitch. Add the crowd noise swelling as the play ended and the action on the ground became the focus and you can eliminate the on-field mics. I believe MG.
  19. Armstead is with SF... WSH would sign him as an FA and opposite Chase he'd make some sense. They could afford both for at least four years. If WSH drafted an OT at #2 (doubtful), then it could start an OT run. More likely if they decided to go OT that they would start a biding war for Chase, trade down a few spots and grab their OT. Not feeling QB for them... not two years in a row. On your mock... 1. Jones... agree can trade down for him unless a run starts early... in which case it'd be a mistake to take him at #10, IMO. If either Wills or Thomas is there, you take them as unlike Jones they are "plug n play" LTs. Jones has talent, but needs work... a lot of work. The OT that'd give me fits considering at 10 is Becton... I've seen boards with him higher than Thomas. 2. Dugger... I like the kid, too... but not this high. Very talented and deep Safety class. No need to reach. This feels to me like the spot to go LB or DT hunting... maybe even interior OL.
  20. Tour2ma

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Reinstated??? Another conspiracy theory opportunity down the drain...
  21. Tour2ma

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    TBD... but they are definitely the newest...
  22. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    My greatest fear... Heisman... #1 overall... burst on scene with rookie TD record... Not exactly the same kind of fuel as having to twice walk on and prove your self.