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  1. Senior Bowl Week Notes...

    Thoughts through the first two days of practice. Seems weird that the organizers loaded up the Denver coached North Team with QBs so the Bronco Staff could get a close look at them. Outside of the QB group this year's roster feels less talented than last year's. Outside of QBs the strength of the the rosters seems to be in the interior OL and DL. Should see some real battles here. Edge rushers seem to have a significant edge over their OT opposites. Ditto for WR over DBs Little feel as yet for the RBs and LBs in attendance. Players who look to be making money this week: RB WR: Michael Gallop (Col St.); Justin Watson (Penn) TE OT OG: Will Hernandez (UTEP); OC: Isaiah Wynn (UGA); DT: Justin Jones (NC St.); BJ Hill (NC St.) Edge: Marcus Davenport (UTSA); Uchenna Nwosu (USC) ILB: Tre' Williams (AUB); CB: Kameron Kelly (SDSU); S
  2. Blowing up the QB rankings

    It's hard to evaluate one prospect per day... even an OL let alone a QB. Slugger, if you want input, then you have to describe your approach and show your work. Transcribe your game notes... post links to the videos you watched...
  3. Pro Pick'em

    145-114... 259 games picked. At $100 per game that's $25,900 wagered. Of that: $11,400 were losers... 145 * $190 = $27,550 were winners. Lotta work for a $1650 profit... before taxes... gambling winnings are still taxable, right?
  4. Cris came around... somehow by the time it was over the steps counted stood at 4. The other TD "reception" wasn't one... As for penalties... refs ate their whistles... and not just for NE. Early hold on Kelce was let go when he extended his arm to his side across the chest of rushing Pat... Harrison IIRC. That's an automatic call 17 weeks a year.
  5. Dutch's '17 Browns Questions

    Nero offered some good ideas for late and overall. I'd focus on Round 1. First player selected at each position. Total number taken at a given generic position in Round one, i.e., DB, LB, DL, OL, TE, WR, RB & QB. Positions other than K, P & LS not taken in Rnd 1.
  6. Courtland Sutton

    All of a sudden it's raining freaks...
  7. No Foles talk

    Certainly have to put my original Darkhorse in the mix of options. The major concern I have would have to be his fit within the TBD "Jackson/Haley" Offense. Nick has flourished in two seasons in his career and both seasons his offense was RPO based. Hue ran some of this in Cinci with Dalton, but I'm hard-pressed to recall much the past two seasons. And I can't recall any with Haley... not involving a QB-RB mesh point at any rate.
  8. Camp Edmunds at #4

    So of these #1 is sarcastic?
  9. Kalen Ballage - RB

    lol... Well speed being the first derivative of acceleration I guess I could have just said it was the area under the curve that counts...
  10. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Don't do it, h. It wouldn't stop Po from preaching his gospel and it would spread to other threads. My $0.02...
  11. Monday Morning QB...

    Fell under the exception to the rule... as apparently does every contact to and by a runner. Has it ever been called?
  12. No Foles talk

    Sorry gum, given the contract they signed Foles to it makes all the sense in the world. As the Bradford deal to MN showed last season, the Eagles sell when the market is at its highest... and Foles' will never be higher.
  13. No Foles talk

    Seems crazy, but it is the case... Foles signed a five-year contract with the Eagles, but it had one major caveat. If he is on the Eagles' roster come February 2019, the final three years of the deal will automatically be voided and he'll become a free agent. Voiding contracts aren't entirely uncommon; this one almost guarantees that Foles will be traded by February 2019. Ironically, Wentz's injury is enormously beneficial for the Eagles in this respect. Foles has dramatically increased his stock in the past five games, and after shredding the Vikings' defense the way he did it's only going up. He's now a much more valued trade prospect, and a team getting 3-4 years out of Foles at this level would be well worth a deal. Of course, Foles would need to stay at this level. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nick-foles-contract-would-make-him-a-free-agent-if-hes-on-the-eagles-in-february-2019/
  14. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Shades of Belichick and the Jets! Colts are now officially a mess. They'd even began to hire Assistant Coaches McDaniels wanted. What do they do with them now? Josh better have a promise to replace Bill cause he's not going to be in demand after this screwjob...
  15. Kalen Ballage - RB

    There is more than one route to a 4.4. Simplified they are: fast acceleration (burst) with lower top end, and slower, but more sustained acceleration to a higher top end speed. The fast accelerating, early speed RBs are the ones who "breakaway."
  16. Blowing up the QB rankings

    Perfect spot for the "most polished QB"...
  17. Kenny Britt

    Richer? Tom's inability to run has never been on better display. One key to any receiver's success is the ability to run with a steady head... if the head is jarred, then the eyes are jarred... if the eyes are being jarred then the tracking suffers. No where does this show up greater than in the over-the-shoulder catch.
  18. So he's "great" and overrated? What does that tell you about Wentz?
  19. Monday Morning QB...

    I think this is the most underreported storyline... I think we have a new HC-Sheriff in town and his name is Pederson. The Eagles were very well prepared... at least the equal of the Pats in this regard. Not something we've said about many Pat opponents in recent years. One key seemed to be matching up Jenkins on the Pat RBs to minimize their impact in the Pat passing attack. One other, the extensive use of the RPO, was not news, but was key. Other misc. musings... Nice to see my original Darkhorse QB come in from the cold... and... It doesn't hurt that Foles also gave my "Don't anoint Wentz just yet" stance a significant boost. I don't know if the low number of penalties was due to the quality of the teams or a league decision to have the Refs swallow their whistles, but overall it was a welcome change. There were a couple egregious holds let go (one on Kelce early in particular), but still overall... welcome. They let the players play. Great no call on the Eagles KO of Cooks. Clearly a runner... also... As much as I agree on the review decision on Ertz's go-ahead TD, I can't help but believe that were he blasted by a Safety as he launched for the GL a "Defenseless Receiver flag" would have been thrown. On the other hand not overturning Clements TD non-catch was one of the worst reviews of the season.
  20. Superbowl Traditions?

    The '57 game was a massacre...
  21. Kenny Britt

    FIFY... and he's yet to lose another game.
  22. Wish it made me feel better. Tony Dungy: Browns dynasty better than the Patriots Who has the right to claim best NFL dynasty? Professional football has not seen many, if any, dynasties that rival the New England Patriots. Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy was on press row Tuesday when he was asked if the Patriots are the greatest dynasty ever. He named a few before settling on the Cleveland Browns. "Well, you'd have to look at the longevity...In the 50s it was Otto Graham and the Browns and they did it for a decade, and then Packers did it for a decade, and then Dallas, and the 49ers were close in terms of doing it with two different groups -- coach (Bill) Walsh passed it along to George Seifert. But to stay from 2001 to 2017, to maintain the excellence for 17 years, it's pretty amazing. Would you say it's better than the Browns in the 50s? Probably not, but to do it for that long period of time, it's pretty incredible," Dungy said via MassLive.com. Since 2001, the Patriots have made eight Super Bowl appearances. They have won five of those appearances with Sunday's decision still pending. The Browns won four AAFC Championships from 1946-1949 before joining the NFL. They appeared in seven NFL Championships over eight seasons winning three of them. Then, they appeared in four NFL Championships in six years from 1964-1969. In 24 seasons, they made an appearance in the championship 19 times. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Bolt/Tony-Dungy-Browns-dynasty-better-than-Patriots-114502391
  23. Better to wish for its return than to wish away 55 years of life...
  24. This Week in the Super Bowl

    Holy Toledo... In the end it comes down to experience... NE has 30+ players with SB ring(s)... PHI has 6 players who have appeared in a SB. Tiebreaker 1 Away Team Away Team Score Versus Home Team Score Home Team Philadelphia 17 @ New England 34 (-4)
  25. I think this was posted earlier in this thread, but it carries more meaning now.... Scot McCloughan on Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins: ‘I don’t see special’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2018/01/19/scot-mccloughan-on-redskins-quarterback-kirk-cousins-i-dont-see-special/?utm_term=.131704d49c8c