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    Manziel happy to be done with football

    Fuck him.
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    Carl Reiner rest in peace

    Loved The Dick Van Dyke show... great cast.
  3. IIRC I used to read Zapp's Step Brothers in my college days.
  4. Could be to watch the whole thing or rest of it. Could be to catch a a favorite scene if you're not too late... (I hate it when that happens.) In my case it's more the latter than the former these days... but late, last nite Dr. Strangelove was on and... In the latter... Contact... the scene where Jodi is reclining on the hood of her Chevy, headphones on and the signal first reaches Earth... The Magnificent Seven... either the opening burial scene or the recruiting scenes Ben-Hur... the chariot race of course... Bunch more, but I'm not channel-surfing ATM...
  5. Another grabbed me late a few nites ago... That Thing You Do... Tom Hanks' first directing effort and a pretty good effort at that. The title song could have been a hit in the 60's. I thought Tom Everett Scott was going to have a bigger career than he's had so far.
  6. Reason a couple old concert threads have resurfaced (one here, one in The Barber Shop) is I was checking to see if this topic had been done before. Why Top Five? No reason... if you have more, fine. If you only have want to bother with one, fine as well... If it's a better fit for the Barber Shop, fine as well... Anyway... here's mine. 5. Chicago - Blues Image... August 15, 1970... Public Aud... My first concert. Blues Image was enjoying their hit's success, Ride Captain Ride, and posted a strong enough set that the attendee chatter between acts was whether Chicago could top them. They did. This was their Silver Album tour. A release that is a permanent resident in my road-trip box. As full of a stage of musicians as I've ever seen at a rock concert. I read that it got fuller when Blues Image joined them for an encore jam of I'm a Man that went on for over 20 minutes... Had to read about it because my frickin' date had a curfew and when she threatened to hitch home if she had to... well, I missed the end of the regular set as well... 4. Jean Michel Jarre... April 5, 1986... Houston, TX... Rendezvous Houston on the near northwest side of Houston starting just after dusk. The concert was a three-way celebration of Texas' and Houston's 150th birthdays plus NASA's 25th anniversary. It was memorable for a few reasons that put it on this list... I invited all my closest friends.... Not sure how many showed as I stopped counting at 1,000,000. Some estimates put attendance at 1.5mm. In either case I'll never attend a bigger concert. The sound system... My group of four sat about a 1/4 mile from the stage (couldn't get closer). I was concerned about being able to hear, but a sound check quickly erased that concern and by concert's end my ears were becoming fatigued. The fireworks and a laser show. Fireworks were launched off many of Houston's skyscrapers while lasers were projected onto them along with other video and still images. Slight downer in that there was a very low cloud ceiling that evening. Low enough that the tops of the taller buildings were in the clouds. However, exploding fireworks in clouds give them an iridescence that's appealing in a different way. The Port-o-Lets and gridlock trying to get out of Houston? Not highlights, but they reinforced the enormity of the event. TBH... the music was not all that memorable with one exception... Kurt Whalum, saxophonist, subbed for sax-playing astronaut, Ronald McNair, who was supposed to have recorded a solo from space. But his ride, two-months earlier was the Challenger space shuttle. As deeply as that tragedy was felt nationwide, nowhere was it felt more deeply than in Houston and Clear Lake City , a then Houston suburb and home of NASA's Johnson Space Center. I actually heard McNair play once at a Billy Joel concert in Houston's Summit Arena. Not sure how he and Billy got to know each other, but McNair requested Just the Way You Are, a song Billy had "retired" from his concert playlist. Billy agreed to do so, but only if Ronald would play in place of his regular sax player. Pretty cool moment that rated at least an Honorable Mention here. 3. Santana ... Cleveland Public Aud... 10-02-71... no opening act. Not sure how, but this concert had those of us with floor seats not only on our feet or simply standing on our chairs, but standing with one foot on the backs of our chairs and the other on the back of the folks' in the row in front of us boogieing our asses off. It was the most energy I've ever felt at a concert. How no one was hurt remains a mystery. 2. David Bowie... His Ziggy tour and US concert debut in the Music Hall... Sept. 22, 1972. Far and away my concert-going claim to fame. Lesser known fact is that he returned to Pub Aud in November of that year to play two more shows as part of the same tour. One later show was part of the original tour plan, but as Ziggy's US LP-sales grew to 200,000 it became obvious to Bowie's management that they had to start the tour in Cleveland since half the LP sales were there... so the Music Hall date was added. There are still some clips of his debut on youtube... one is a grainy 8mm film with appropriately bad, unsync'd audio of The Jean Genie and another, bad audio-only of the set-closing Suffragette City, but there was an encore or three... There's a film of the tour's complete set and finale at London's Hammersmith Odeon Theater... Ziggy Stadust The Motion Picture (CD Audio) , but film clips appear in the "next up" list. Unfortunately while better the audio is not great and the picture quality leaves a little to be desired to boot. 1. Even given the above this choice is still an easy one... August 11, 1971... Akron Rubber Bowl... Yes plus the TBDs from the poster below... John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Eagles. Festival seating... sat on-field, center-stage about 20 bodies back from it. Eagles just had Take It Easy charting. They played in sunlight and were largely ignored by a still-arriving crowd, but seemed like they could care less. Smiling ear-to-ear they just seemed to be enjoying playing. McLaughlin and Maha... They came on at dusk and TBH I hadn't heard them, and was alternately confused and engrossed. But there was something there that made me listen up. This was John's original lineup including Billy Cobham (drums), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Jerry Goodman (violin) and Rick Laird (bass). Both The Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire, the only two LPs this lineup recorded, have been playlist staples forever. Yes... Principally this was their The Yes Album tour, but earlier material, e.g., Time and a Word, plus some new material that would later appear on Fragile found its way into the set. I also saw Alice guillotined that summer, but don't know why I did not attend more shows... especially Humble Pie and Allman Bros... If i could turn back the hands of time...
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    Hue Jackson the Author

    I am now convinced Hue is a Trump supporter...
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    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Snappy comeback... As for root beer with cal... now on my bucket list... right under running with the bulls.
  9. Tour2ma

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    That early report was low ball stuff.... around $12mm in a "prove it" deal. Now reportedly we're offering $18... and multi-year.
  10. Makes me want to spin I'm in a Phone Booth, Baby.
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    You'll be glad you did... ... and equally glad if you don't have Foote's southern drawl stuck in your head as you read it. I swear it added days to my reading of the set.
  12. Check out the proposed onside kick replacement. It's got more potential impact than any of the others. Good article on it here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/among-nfl-rule-change-proposals-is-a-fourth-and-15-play-replacing-an-onside-kick/ar-BB14qExg?ocid=spartandhp Full list below from https://operations.nfl.com/updates/the-rules/2020-rules-proposals/
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    Well done, but took me to nite 3 to learn anything new. If you are even slightly into the Civil War and have not read Shelby Foote's trilogy, then do your self a favor and read it. Shelby was the interesting grey beard commentator with the slow southern drawl in Ken Burns' PBS series. Shelby was a novelist by trade who spent 20 years of his life researching and writing this work. The result is a spectacular account of the conflict that is as engrossing as it is detailed.
  14. One thousand names... One of a nearly 100 such possible pages... This page includes: 1st responders, WWII vets, law enforcement officers, Holocaust saviors, single mothers...
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    Joe Thomas on the Titan games

    Cool... except for... you know... The Titan Games...
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    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Someone's been hanging with cal way too much...
  17. A Pat Travers mention in the Top 5 (or so) Concerts thread brought this classic, and my top track, to mind...Pat's cover of Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights). For my money it has all the elements: raw energy, being right-sized (not too long, not too short), decent sound quality (but not too polished) and, maybe most importantly, audience participation. If you've not heard it, then I dare you to not tap a toe. If you have, then I dare you to not throw a couple well-timed head snaps to boot... There are others I love, but all lack at least one of Boom Boom's elements... Alvin Lee's (Ten Years After) Goin' Home... Woodstock... raw energy somehow summoned up thru end-of-set exhaustion kinda sums it up. However, its multiple guitar solos produce mixed results. At least one of the "misses" was kindly, and fairly skillfully, edited out of the movie/soundtrack. That said Alvin's growled vocals pretty well even the score. Love me some Comes Alive, which can place a couple tracks on my list, but Frampton generally falls short energy-wise compensating with playfulness and maybe a little "talk-box" charm. Do You Feel Like We Do has enough energy, adds the other elements and generates audience response, if not participation. Oddly that came on the next track, the acoustic, All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side, which turned into a singalong. Speaking of Frampton... Humble Pie / Performance: Rocking the Fillmore... 7 tracks with 1:12:32 of playtime? Can you say jammin'? And then there's a 2-hour version of youtube??? (Note to self to check that out!) The finale, I Don't Need No Doctor, makes my list as does Steve Marriott, albeit a different list... Great Bad Voices of Rock.... or maybe Distinctive/Unique voices would be kinder. Lastly (for now), and included here despite missing most of my criteria... There's a live track of Tom Petty starting Breakdown where he stops after "It's alright if you love me. It's alright..." because the audience had picked up the singing so loudly that it stunned him to silence. After finishing "... if you don't", then they stop, but Tom tells them, "No. No... keep going." So they do and finish the opening stanza. Can't remember hearing such a spontaneous takeover of a song by any other audience. It's a great moment. Tom does take the song back at the chorus and keeps it, but again... what a moment. Here's the thing tho with my Petty entry... I know I've heard it multiple times, but I can't find it. Lost count of how many ways I've googled looking for it, but some keyword has eluded me. So if anyone has any leads, please link me up. I have seen other versions where Tom encourages the audience to run with song, but not the spontaneous one. Gotta get ready for markets' opening... More later...
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    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Had a post, but Dutch needs no help here... Carry on... let the beating continue.
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    Would You Trade 10 for Jamal Adams?

    And from the file of "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction"... https://dawgpounddaily.com/2020/05/24/cleveland-browns-should-pass-on-jamal-adams/ Bottom line reason is $$$ with big resignings just around the corner.
  20. Been a theme in recent Browns articles... While there are 4 articles the first and fourth are similar.... so.... three-ish ... Except just remembered... and finally found... another threesome from last week that stands alone... so it's now a four-ish kinda of three-ish. Bridge too far? 3 Most likely Cleveland Browns breakout stars in 2020 - Mack Wilson, Andrew Billings and Karl Joseph Cleveland Browns: 3 players in danger of being cut - Terrence Mitchell, Damion Ratley and Dontrell Hilliyard 3 Sleepers To Watch For Cleveland Browns In 2020 - Adrian Clayborn, Rashard Higgins and Drew Forbes 3 Cleveland Browns who will explode in 2020 - Olivier Vernon, Kareem Hunt and Greedy Williams Cleveland Browns: 3 likeliest new additions who could struggle - Wills, Joseph (again?) and BJ Goodson I knew Joseph was on two, mutually exclusive lists, but in fairness to the idiot that wrote #5, he put Joseph on his list due to injury history/potential. Goodson I can see on the list, but Wills? If my man Callahan ain't worried about his move to LT, then neither am I. My first impression is that the other four trios look like at least decent candidates for their titled fates with a photo-finish for most "spot-on" between #1, the Breakouts, and #2, the Cuts... with a slight edge to #2. I have an issue with one name in each of #3 and 4. Feeling neither Clayborn as a sleeper of note nor Greedy exploding, but could be scheme things, I guess. Hit the links for full rationales.
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    Know How Things Seem to Come in Threes?

    This 3s thing is getting ridiculous... Cleveland Browns: 3 affordable free agents who could find a second life 3. Manti Te’o... really? 2. Domata Peko... more NT than DT and 35-1/2 to boot 1. Terrell Suggs... OK... at least I can see worth this one, but why? This one's an 0-fer in my book.