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    NFL Carousel

    I have seen coaching changes posted here and there... thought might want to collect them somewhere. Never know when one will end up on staff here as an upgrade or due to vacancy. Also who is interviewing whom... Can also post FO changes here... Today's changes... Marrone out at JAX Lynn out at LAC. Elway out as DNV GM... moving him to an "elevated" postion... but one with no personnel decision making.
  2. Tour2ma

    Quarterback Carousel

    Makes sense... what have they won with Ryan other than another cap strangling contract Meanwhile SF is sitting out there drooling at the growing, vet, QB buffet.
  3. Tour2ma

    Quarterback Carousel

    See my reply to your Watson post in another thread. EDIT: ... or Gunz' below...
  4. Tour2ma

    Super Bowl LV (55) Thread

    Or they've compared our 2020 and 2021 opponents...
  5. Tour2ma

    Dutch's 2020 Browns Questions

    Well... that explains A LOT...
  6. Tour2ma

    NFL Carousel

    When he ditched O'Brien the owner's, Janice McNair's, son, Cal McNair, told Watson that they would involve him in FO and HC decisions... ... and then he did not. Bob McNair, the original owner who brought football back to Houston, died a few years ago.
  7. Even if he did not develop in college? He's physically gifted to be sure, but lesser athletes out produced him at tOSU... and not by a little.
  8. Because they are there... Not watching a lot of NCAA this season so thought I'd start mocking a little earlier than normal. I always use mocks to make me get more familiar with the draft class. First up was PFN's slick mock sim complete with reasonable trade action. Focusing on top 100 or so I only did three rounds for now. Of course one of the things about mocking this early the sim guessing where teams will pick. PFN's has us picking 17th as of now. I had multiple offers for the 17th pick and moved down to 18 turning a 5th rnd pick into a 3rd in the process in a deal with TN. Then I called back the Iggles who had offered me their 19th (bad guess on their finish.... I hope) and dealt #18 and the 5th I'd picked up for their 19th and a 2021 2nd-rounder. PTG made me an offer in the 3rd round that I did netting their 2021 5th. Here are the results... The top two LBs were gone in the top 13 (3 QBs were taken in the top 4) so I went with VaTechs long, fast CB who has FS potential to boot. In round 2 I nabbed a potential bookend for MG. In the 3rd I got my fast thumper in the middle and the 2nd coming of the Mad Stork in Cal's 6'6", 250# Deng who played MLB for the Golden Bears, but I see moving outside. Deng is still raw, but he's fast and really agile for his height allowing him to cover TEs with ease.
  9. Do you think Browning has the goods to be a Mike at the next level?
  10. Tour2ma

    Senior Bowl Week

    A lot of 80+" wingspans in that list... including a couple DBs... the MN CB and the FSU Safety. But I think Leatherwood takes the cakes with his 85-3/8" span.
  11. Tour2ma

    Dutch's 2020 Browns Questions

    I'm wondering how that translates into English...
  12. It's a LB rich class and almost as if our FO looked ahead in 2019... DBs? There is quality at the top to be sure, but in the sims they go early and than you won't see one in the ranking for most of rounds 2 thru 4... It's really weird. Safeties trend opposite... only a couple early, but then a steady flow in rounds 2 thru 5.
  13. Here they come... every online publication will be raining them down on us before long. Sprinkling right now, but once the SB is in the books... frog-strangler. I figured we could collect and corral them here. Here's one going for shock value right out of the gate a 7-rounder by dawgpounddaily.com's Randy Gurzi. His logic is decent, even if his picks aren't.
  14. I thought you were a DraftTek disciple?
  15. Tour2ma

    I Guess That Settles That

    62-73? Really going to count his Browns time? Plus someone need to show their math... Fun fact... Brady with Bill... 219-64 for a 77.4 win percentage... Brady no Bill... 11-5 for a 68.8 win percentage.
  16. Different selection from a different draft-head...
  17. Saw that... here's a round one roundup... Mel Kiper at ESPN (paywall): Aaron Robinson, DB, Central Florida: The Browns had major issues in their secondary last season, which started in training camp when rookie safety Grant Delpit tore his Achilles tendon and second-year corner Greedy Williams hurt his shoulder. Both second-rounders ended up missing the entire season. With Robinson, Cleveland could add a big, aggressive defensive back who can play multiple positions. The 6-1 Alabama transfer played corner and nickelback for the Knights, and I could see him playing some safety in the NFL. I moved him up my rankings after watching more tape of his last two seasons. Daniel Jeremiah at NFL.com: Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa: Collins is very similar to Leighton Vander Esch when he was coming out of Boise State. Collins has the same size, length and athleticism. Cleveland needs to upgrade at the linebacker position. Vinnie Iyer at The Sporting News: Azeez Ojulari, OLB, Georgia: The Browns have Myles Garrett anchoring their defensive line and Denzel Ward leading their secondary. They could use some complementary pieces there, but they also were short on playmaking on the second level Ojulari has jumped into first-round consideration because he’s a unique pass-rusher who can fit a variety of schemes and alignments and has potential both in stopping the run and in coverage. Joe Woods is used to that type of linebacker from his 49ers days. Jordan Reid at The Draft Network: Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa: The Browns’ lack of talent on the second level is evident. The team hardly ever places early-round emphasis on addressing it, but Collins is a piece that should make them contemplate that philosophy. A versatile piece, he can be used as an edge rusher as well as a second-level threat. Ryan Wilson at CBS Sports: Azeez Ojulari, OLB, Georgia: The Browns were middle of the road in getting after the quarterback and there is little depth behind Myles Garrett. Ojulari had a standout season for the Bulldogs and while he hasn’t drawn the national attention of Kwity Paye or Jaelan Phillips, he’s a legit terror off the edge. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2021/1/26/22250770/cleveland-browns-mock-draft-roundup-1-26-21
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    No one cares about last year. You need to quit living in the past.
  19. Speed kills.. Meanwhile... took FanSpeak's mock out for a spin using DraftTek's rankings (you chose from about a half dozen) and rankings still vary widely... to say the least. First surprise was my first pick: Barmore still there at #26. An even bigger surprise with Collins falling to Pick 59... I took him as my Will and situational MG bookend. Hufanga at #89 is a name from my DraftNetwork mocks; he had a higher ranking here. He can play both Safety spots, but seems headed for FS. Next came a LB pair... tsun's McGrone and tOSU's Werner... I think I'll assign them to be roommates... McGrone will be my MIKE while Werner works mostly as my SAM, but backs up both other LB roles. Another Safety at #129, and one I think I scouted last year... at any rate he's a 6'0, 200#, SS candidate with some FS potential and a ton of ST potential. A pair of WRs next, a true Mutt & Jeff (look it up kids) pair... Eskridge is a 5'9, 190# ankle-breaker while Grimes is 6'4, 215# with sub-4-4 speed (estimated). Wells is a big TE, 6'4, 250# I know nothing about other than he went to TCU and they pass a lot... I was just ready for the mock to be over and there wasn't a QB/RB/IOL/OT I was remotely interested in... Both tia's CB, Vincent, and my QB, Mond were taken a couple slots before I was poised to take them. Both were dipped out of the pile well above their ranking. Just made me look at more players I'd not read about. So my file and list of players to scout is growing nicely.
  20. Tour2ma

    JJ watt

    Only rationale that fits this approach... being willing to trade for a one-year, player rental... is if you think JJ is the last piece needed for a SB run. He might be that for some team, maybe even a couple teams, but IMO not us...
  21. Tour2ma

    I Guess That Settles That

    ... and Bill...
  22. Tour2ma

    Dwayne Haskins signs with the stoolers

    It's the curse of the incredibly gifted athlete. So much success comes so easily that working at their play isn't required. So they never learn how to... happens to many players... at many positions, but none more spectacularly than QBs. From JaMarcus to Leaf in the extreme to Jeff George and Leinart in the less extreme to a group who succeeded, but still left plenty of achievement on the table. Namath strikes me as being in the latter group. So many who are less gifted surpass them... Sipe, Kosar, Brees, even Baker and arguably Brady, Montana. When gifts are paired with work ethic, then you have the very special... Manning, Elway, Luck, Mahomes, Rodgers, Big Ben... However, I don't think players are fated to stay in one group. Some develop good or better study-habits that elevate their games. We may be seeing this with Allen in BUF.
  23. TB's D tried to go man coverage almost the entire game. I'm guessing a lot of "Tampa 2" this go 'round. But gimme KC -3.5 - EV all day long, please. KC's 2ndary played their asses off last nite.
  24. Tour2ma

    I Guess That Settles That

    2008... Pats go 10-5 with Cassel as their QB...... but they did have zero ties... 2009... Cassel becomes KC's starter and promptly goes 4-11.