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    Use of players on offense

    This thread's an interesting read in light of the Hyde trade. After the loss of Shanny Jr., Pet chose to focus on the offense and his new OC, Flipper. As for O'Neil in OAK... I think a guy named Mack might have made him look a little better.
  2. Tour2ma

    Hyde traded

    And for those talking about Chubb being the #1... here's the new depth chart. RB - Duke Johnson Jr. - Nick Chubb - Dontrell Hilliard https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/depth-chart
  3. Tour2ma

    Hyde traded

    Reminds me of the scene in Moneyball when Billy Bean has traded away all the guys Art Howe insisted on starting over the guys Bean wanted to play.
  4. Tour2ma

    Potential trades

    Did you mean...
  5. Tour2ma

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    $33mm and he can't even buy his woman new jeans...
  6. Depends upon when the decision on how much to use Duke occurs. If it's on Monday in the game plan meetings, then it's on Hue. If it's play calls within the flow of a given game that's primarily on Haley, although Hue can call at any time to "feature" Duke for a series.
  7. Tour2ma

    Navorro Bowman

    If everyone except his few fanboys (including alts) put him on ignore, you wouldn't have to work so hard. I guess I'll just have to "ignore" those that insist on quoting him regularly. Hate to do it, as that would eliminate seeing some good contributors, but it's that or leave.
  8. Tour2ma

    Active Roster WR's

    I've addressed Duke ad nauseam... TEs? Go to 2 TE sets with one as H-back. Also 1 TE with Hyde at FB for Duke... etc. Maximize whacha got...
  9. Tour2ma

    cowboys vs texans....who watched that?

    True... and on it's own Nick taking a pass on the rest of his college career might not be a big deal, but taken with Joey's injury issues it just might give teams pause. Plus there's not very limited tape on the improved 2018 edition of Nick... and what there is is largely against less than stellar opposition.
  10. Tour2ma

    Navorro Bowman

    And yet another unrelated thread turns into an ill-considered, MG bashfest. Please stop quoting this a$$hole... it negates my long-standing ignore... it hurts my eyes. If everyone were to put "him" on ignore... he'd dry up and blow away within a week.
  11. Tour2ma

    cowboys vs texans....who watched that?

    I wonder how this will be taken...
  12. Tour2ma

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    Here are the four's fumbles/ fumbles lost... T6 Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills - 4/1 T14 Jared Goff - Los Angeles Rams - 3/0 T14 Baker Mayfield - Cleveland Browns - 3/2 T56 Sam Darnold - New York Jets - 1/0 Couple reference points... Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are tied for the most with 7. Amazingly of Wilson's 7 only 1 was lost, while 2 of Watson's 7 have been lost. Cousins has lost the most with the D falling on 5 of his 6. Tyrod fumbled 3 times during his time, but none were lost. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/player-stat/fumbles-lost
  13. Tour2ma

    A Case For Hue

    You're a funny guy and no more than a little about football... ... makes it all the sadder that you don't stick to those things.
  14. Kirk was inside back in our 3-4 days...
  15. Tour2ma

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    Are you counting ones inside "the box"?
  16. Tour2ma

    Jarvis Landry

    Appreciate your efforts, guys...
  17. Tour2ma

    Let's assume Hue is fired after the season

    In that case... ... Nevermiind.
  18. I'm not talking full time here... just 3rd or 4th and short situations especially with goal-to-goal.
  19. We dissed the man when we signed him and now we are doomed without him? 😵 Jeezus... are y'all all menopausal??? Also a few misconnects... Josh only showed a hint of what he was in one play... a quick slant good for a first down.
  20. Tour2ma

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    Thanks... Now we need Njoku covered. Kid played a good game AND for the first time he was the tall, red-zone target we've been craving.
  21. Tour2ma

    What would have happened if...

    No... it would have been whatever the exact opposite of "OK" is. Plus it would have been "quitting". Bingo... Check out any Bengals' Forum today.
  22. Tour2ma

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    Ummmmm.... no. Agree... I really want to see is us pound the rock with Hyde and whoever the H-back du jour is, and thus set up the PAP. Hyde is the back to do that. There's a good day to NOT stop anybody? Had to be Grossi or MKC.
  23. Greater FB potential... Ogun or Ogbah?
  24. Tour2ma

    Let's assume Hue is fired after the season

    Are we this hard up for topics?