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  1. JAX @ HOU here... throwin' the native-Houstonian wife a bone.
  2. We have a WINNER!!! Bingo... It's how the Officials are "trained". Let the close turnover calls go and get corrected, if necessary, by replay... which is automatic after every turnover.
  3. Tour2ma

    2019 Browns Board Fantasy Football

    lol... Pats D put up 37 points today...
  4. I can't fault the decision... play for the win on the road/ tie at home... plus JAX had the Momo on their side... ... but the playcall??? It was Minshoe (?) that had it going. I have to put the ball in his hands on a boot right from the left hash. Also onto LAR-NO... now with commercial checks of the mix channel.
  5. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    3-0 Straight up 2-1 vs. the spread... so far...
  6. I don't see Rivers, but agree about Marino... ... and I accept your apology.
  7. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    Great celebrity choice, Z...
  8. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    Pretty much a "meh" start... Once again into the breach. San Francisco @ Cincinnati (-1.5) -- Sun 09/15 12:00 PM And we have our first Pro line-flipper of 2019... The line opened Monday with the Bagels as 2-point dogs at home. Suddenly Tuesday they were 1-point favs. Wha-happened??? Since there were no injury surprises overnite... neither negative ones for SF nor positive ones for Cinci... that leaves only one possibility: A TON of $$$ came in Monday on Cinci +2 so to entice $$$ to the SF side, they had to flip the line. I'm nervous about backing Jimmy G... cause he seems to be playing nervous. The only other thing is that it's going to be warm (mid-80's) in Cinci today. And if you've ever been on the banks of the Ohio on a warm day you know how miserable that can be. SF (the world's only air conditioned city) is less preared for that kinda heat, but it's the only heat they'll face all day. Vegas simply does not get opening lines that wrong. So... Prediction: SF 24 CIN 19 Arizona @ Baltimore (-13.5) -- Sun 09/15 12:00 PM There are two teams in the NFL that should be prepared to face either Jackson or Murray... and they play each other today. Theoretically that should neutralize the uniqueness of each QB inside their own Conference... and since it's my theory I just look at the Ravens superiority almost everywhere else (a healthy D. Johnson gives AZ the RB edge). Plus there's the home field. Plus plus Jackson has the experience edge... Prediction: BLT 34 AZ 17 Seattle @ Pittsburgh (-4.0) -- Sun 09/15 12:00 PM Odd that this pairing started the week as an "Off". Both teams are healthy... both lineups are set... While I expect the Steelers to improve as the season goes on and their young replacements gain experience, they won't this week. Right now they are "sneaky bad". Now meet the Seahawks, who are "sneaky good". While Russell won't sneak up on anyone, Chris Carson will. And that D may be diminished on paper, but they played very well as a unit last week once they woke up. Prediction: SEA 23 PTG 17 Cleveland @ New York (NYJ)(+2.5) -- Mon 09/16 07:15 PM Now or never... Our personnel bests there's across the board... excepting OL taken en masse. I think we are pissed off and the J-E-T-S Jets-Jets Jets pay the price-price-price. Prediction: CLE 45 NYJ 13
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    Browns Board Survival!

    And.... we have our first no-pick casualty... ... in addition to those who were on the Panthers Thurs nite. And for some reason there's a whole lotta folk on the Pats this week...
  10. Here's the list of "Modern Era" Nominees by position. Copy it... Boldface your top 25 ... and additionally italicize those your top 15. *Finalist in 2019; Underline indicates first year of eligibility. Quarterbacks (7) – Randall Cunningham, Jake Delhomme, Boomer Esiason, Jeff Garcia, Jeff Hostetler, Dave Krieg, Donovan McNabb Running Backs (19) – Shaun Alexander, Mike Alstott (FB), Tiki Barber, Earnest Byner, Larry Centers, Corey Dillon, Eddie George, Priest Holmes, *Edgerrin James, Daryl Johnston (FB), Thomas Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, Eric Metcalf (also WR/KR/PR), Lorenzo Neal (FB), Clinton Portis, Fred Taylor, Herschel Walker (also KR), Chris Warren, Ricky Watters Wide Receivers (12) – *Isaac Bruce, Gary Clark, Donald Driver, Henry Ellard (also PR), Torry Holt, Chad Johnson, Derrick Mason, Muhsin Muhammad, Jimmy Smith, Rod Smith, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne Tight Ends (6) – Dallas Clark, Ben Coates, Keith Jackson, Brent Jones, Jeremy Shockey, Wesley Walls Offensive Linemen (19) – Willie Anderson (T), Matt Birk (C), *Tony Boselli (T), Lomas Brown (T), Ray Donaldson (C), *Alan Faneca (G), Kevin Gogan (G/T), Jordan Gross (T), Chris Hinton (G/T), Kent Hull (C), *Steve Hutchinson (G), Lincoln Kennedy (T/G), Olin Kreutz (C), Chris Samuels (T), Jeff Saturday (C), Brian Waters (G), Richmond Webb (T), Erik Williams (T), Steve Wisniewski (G) Defensive Linemen (11) – John Abraham (DE also LB), La’Roi Glover (DT/NT), Casey Hampton (DT/NT), Chester McGlockton (DT), Leslie O’Neal (DE), Simeon Rice (DE), *Richard Seymour (DT), Justin Smith (DE), Neil Smith (DE), Greg Townsend (DT/NT), Bryant Young (DT) Linebackers (17) – Carl Banks, Cornelius Bennett, Lance Briggs, Tedy Bruschi, James Farrior, London Fletcher, Seth Joyner, Wilber Marshall, Clay Matthews, Willie McGinest (also DE), Sam Mills, Chris Spielman, Takeo Spikes, Darryl Talley, Zach Thomas, Jessie Tuggle, Patrick Willis Defensive Backs (15) – Eric Allen (CB), *Steve Atwater (S), Ronde Barber (CB/S), LeRoy Butler (S), Nick Collins (S), Merton Hanks (S), Rodney Harrison (S), Albert Lewis (CB), *John Lynch (S), Terry McDaniel (CB), Tim McDonald (S), Troy Polamalu (SS), Bob Sanders (S), Troy Vincent (CB), Darren Woodson (S) Punters/Kickers (11) – David Akers (K), Gary Anderson (K), Jason Elam (K), Jeff Feagles (P), Jason Hanson (K), Sean Landeta (P), Ryan Longwell (K), Nick Lowery (K), Reggie Roby (P), Rohn Stark (P), Matt Turk (P) Special Teams (5) – Johnny Bailey (PR/KR also RB), Josh Cribbs (KR/PR also WR), Mel Gray (PR/KR also WR), Brian Mitchell (KR/PR also RB), Steve Tasker (ST also WR)
  11. My first take was I'd agree... except have you looked at this year's nominees? Time for a new thread...
  12. Check out the two throws cued up and get back to me... Ball goes from breast plate to back shoulder to gone... effortlessly. Same whether set (play #1) or on the move under pressure (play #2) which means it's innate/baked-in.
  13. True in most, but not all, cases... Just did a post on the WSU, Senior QB over in the college section. He impressed the shit outta me last nite and he's starting for the first time this season. Good size.... good mobility... strong enough arm... goes thru progressions... and has the quickest release I've seen since Marino. Passing Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate Career Washington State 99 127 78.0 1341 10.6 11.4 12 3 193.1 *2017 Washington State Pac-12 SO QB *2018 Washington State Pac-12 JR QB 2 3 5 60.0 17 3.4 -5.6 0 1 48.6 2019 Washington State Pac-12 SR QB 3 96 122 78.7 1324 10.9 12.1 12 2 199.0
  14. Biggest "Questionable" is Mosely (groin)... and not looking promising for him as he did not practice yesterday.
  15. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    27-13 is decisive???
  16. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Well.... at least Terry ain't skurred this week.
  17. Anthony Gordon (QB) WSU... Saw him carve up UH last nite. Kid has the quickest release I've seen since Marino. Good size at 6'3... plenty of arm... mobility... and he goes thru progressions. Get on this kid early, cause it's gonna get really crowded fast...
  18. ... and people say Hue Jackson couldn't motivate players...
  19. Tour2ma

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    Frickin' kid... The list of backups that have beaten us is long, if not distinguished... I remember: an ancient George Blanda leading a Raider comeback in OAK. Cardinal QB Jim Hart coming off the bench for an injured Charlie Johnson to lead a comeback at Muni.
  20. Ummmmm... the Yahoo line froze on Thursday, h... Thus my use f the past tense, "stayed"...
  21. Big year for Mitch... has to prove himself this year and so far he hasn't. The physical tools are there. The Head? Not so much...
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    The Tavern

    Don't mind at all... Maybe you'll post more post-retirement...
  23. Tour2ma

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    And it ain't just Darnold they might be missing...
  24. Plus the Yahoo line stayed at -2.5... Really the only line I care about.
  25. Tour2ma

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    Rob Ninkovich had the line of the day on NFL Live... "Mono? What is this High School?"