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  1. A few thoughts after watching the Steelers/Rams late afternoon tilt yesterday.... Bottom Line: We've got a shot, but PTG is a much better team than they were just three weeks ago... Offense: Rudolph.... the kid stands in there... have to give him that. But his play is very streaky... he runs hot and cold from series to series, so sometimes he stands in there to take a sack (or worse) and sometimes to deliver a strike to a young WR corps. If we pressure him, then he should not be the difference in this game. RB Committee.... injuries are limiting 2 of the top 3 RBs on this roster... those stepping in are energetic, but the skills gap is showing. WR Committee.... JuJu has yet to establish himself as a solid #1... meanwhile Washington has the look of a real #2. TEs... they've a couple good ones in McDonald and Vanett. They are going to give us some trouble. but the game should not turn on their play. OL... it's a good one and the strength of this Offense, but it is not unbeatable as LAR showed early and often... would that we had a Donald inside, but we can bring better edge pressure than the Rams did. A good mix of blitz is called for this game. Defense: No bullet points here... This D is now very good going on damn good since the addition of Fitzpatrick at FS. He was their missing piece. He has set them up to play zone effectively a high percentage of the time. Even Haden looks renewed. With Micah they are now solid up the middle.... and the edges don't look too bad either. This is not to say they won't yield points... they will... and the route is by imposing our will on them... on the ground. If we can run on their 3-man front when Mark Barron is "filling" an ILB role we can wear them down. They must pay a price for going undersized on top of being out-maned. Then, as MN did to DAL last night, we have to PAP our asses off.... Thar's what I see anyway for this must win, divisional game....
  2. Tour2ma

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    Njoku told ESPN that he expects to be ready to go when the calendar allows his return. I have to think we activate him. Hargreaves.... very tricky thing here... dealing with a player who was released for lack of effort... other complication is that he's in year 4 of contract and his 5th year option has already been activated. If he is picked up off of waivers that contract stands and if he then plays and is injured then the contract becomes fully guaranteed. It's likley that teams are going to let him clear waivers and then deal with him as a UFA.
  3. Tour2ma

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Chubb rarely has a true lead blocker in our scheme. In the ZBS often when there is a a lead blocker (or pulling OL) the D flows to them leaving a hole for the RB to find... if he leaves the lead.
  4. It appears Higgy was ready to play today...
  5. Tour2ma

    JC Tretter extension 3 years

    Well deserved....
  6. Tour2ma

    The last 3 drafts

    If you look at your "analysis" of each individual pick, there's not a single one you either don't pick at (if not apart) or say is "too early to tell." Hard to see how that adds up to "disagreeing" and "mostly solid".
  7. Tour2ma

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Agree, gumby... The Bills are a good,, if unspectacular team.... same as us. The difference is we think... and act... as if,we are spectacular. If Allen ever learns to hit a moving target, then they will be dangerous. Meanwhile, it may be escaping the notice of many that our QB had a quietly solid game... arguably his best of the season.... especially in light of the final drive.
  8. Tour2ma

    Browns 3rd and 4th Downs

    Had mentioned our "tendencies" in another thread... Maybe Freddie will read this.
  9. Tour2ma

    This too shall pass...

    Bear me to it...
  10. Tour2ma

    Freddie: "I don't look at stats."

    We don't need stats to know how bad Baker is playing... and neither does Freddie. That said... I hope Freddie is not saying that he doesn't use data to break down... where Baker is being relatively successful; the tendencies of the Defenses he faces... or his own playcalling, etc... How many 3rd and medium carries for Hilliyard this season? To not do so in this era is simply criminal.
  11. Tour2ma

    will Hunt make a difference?

    As is the one about Baker being first to work. Odd that google can find no support for his arrival time.
  12. Tour2ma

    will Hunt make a difference?

    No... Here's why...
  13. Tour2ma

    The Brown won't lose again

    Misstating what others claim is not a tactic you should have to resort to... ... and playing level is not necessarily reflective of talent level. This team has more talent that it has shown. So far its whole is far less than the sum of its parts.
  14. Tour2ma

    Why do I keep getting banned by Tour2ma?

    Was not a matter of posts. When OffNice first popped into the Tavern I checked and he was not registered here... therefore the boot. Now he is registered. See you next week...
  15. Tour2ma

    Baker attacks Cleveland media, walks out

    Where is the part where "Baker attacks Cleveland media"?
  16. Tour2ma

    Must Win Games

    Agree except for the "watch out" for this year's playoffs. Even with homefield, there's that experience factor to consider. Next year? Watch out....
  17. Tour2ma

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    Here's a little PFF video... For the most part it's pretty lightweight with the depth of a kiddie pool, e.g., "inaccurate", " holding the ball"".... and never getting to the whys behind these "insights"... but then at the 5:26 mark they talk about PFF's "Turnover Worthy Plays" measure. Bottom line... Baker has produced 9 Turnover Worthy Plays... and these have resulted in 12 INTs. In other words his turnover results have been far worse than his play. It's cause for hope.
  18. Why..... The Pats haven't played anyone as yet. Not that we have exactly shown ourselves to be "someone", but we are the most talented "nobody" they've had to face. The talent we have is exactly the positions we need it to be to beat them. (see "How") We get our starting CBs back. There's a hint of distraction in Camelot. Two weeks to prepare. How.... on Defense: Pressure up the middle to move TB off his spot... every passing down either go double-A gap blitz or with 3 DL head up on NE's LG-C-RG. Stunt their asses off... Put our speed rushers inside... Edge pressure is a waste of time as Brady simply steps up. Use MG, OV or both inside early and often. Play Cover 3/2/1 over man... no need to worry about DBs turning their backs to the QB. Double Edelman... he's TB's security blanket... take him away. Use Ward here... especially when numbers will not allow double. Match Greedy on Sanu everywhere. Match Joe to whatever RB is in the game... punish PA... How... on Offense: Bring back the Baker RPO... get him hit.... get him fired up... get him pissed... get him in space. Unleash our WR speed... yes, Gilmore may shutdown OBJ, but OBJ neutralizes him. And, of course, give them a heavy dose of Chubb...
  19. Tour2ma

    Fire Freddy

    Freddie ain't going anywhere soon.
  20. Tour2ma

    The Brown won't lose again

    I love Z's never-say-die enthusiasm... ... but would feel better if Salma had made the call...
  21. Terry? Dude... let me introduce you to my ignore list.
  22. Nah... we kicked our own ass.... again.
  23. Really good post that almost was lost in a bunch of CoachTodd crap...
  24. Tour2ma

    Genard Avery Traded

    It may be, but prior to the decision this board was in Williams' corner more to the tune of 70:30 IIRC.