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    MNF Musings...

    PTG at NYG... My God, but the Steeler D looks good. DL rotation is solid and then some with Alualu looking like a rock. Adding Bush to their LB corps should have been outlawed... kid flies to the ball. 2ndary doesn't measure up to the front 7, but it doesn't suck... even Haden showed he still has wheels. Still playing a lot of zone. That said... NYG's OL is still a hot mess. They never came close to forcing PTG to have to honor the run first. When it still somehow managed to give Jones time, then he found receivers in holes in the zone. Offensively... Ben looked rusty... just as you'd expect him to, but doesn't look like it'll be long before he's back to his old form... the spark is there. Ground game wise Connor looks kinda done... tweeked an ankle last nite, but was not effective prior to that... plus he showed stone hands. That's the "good news"... the bad was that Bennie Snell, Jr. looked like the effin' Energizer Bunny. Receiver corps looks adeqaute and improved, but not great. Ebron looked damn good. And above said NYG's D isn't bad at all... and their DC called a good game. TN at DNV Went to bed "early" and missed TN's winning drive, but overall my SB pick underwhelmed on O and barely "whelmed" on D.... but I have a feeling they are going to get much better and quickly. Their D looks solid. DNV on the other hand surprised. Lock looked very good at times anyway... some potential there. Jeudy looks scary as hell... Running-wise Gordon looked good, but how long will he hold together? Their Von Millerless D still looked respectable, but TN's O did help them look that way.
  2. Tour2ma

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    ...plus how many DCs in how many years? It ain't rocket science... except to Gipper.
  3. Tour2ma

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Huge unsung hero... I can't recall hearing his name once last nite... and for an OL that's the minimum standard. True... but the deep sideline should never be the hole when playing 2-deep... I learned that from Madden...
  4. Tour2ma

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Our "Defense" or our defensive personnel?
  5. Tour2ma

    Chubb / Hunt vs Byner / Mack

    Total yards is the new measuring stick... and by that measure they've got a shot. The hurdle is Mack and Byner both saw the field at the same time... a lot. Something I am sure we will see from our new duo this year, but those sightings will be few and far between.
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    I slept well last nite.
  7. Tour2ma

    Pro Pick'em!

    ... but there used to be...
  8. Tour2ma

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Ward did look good last nite... returned to his rookie form. D overall??? Not good, to be sure, but DL rotation looks better than decent. We need Olivier to bookend MG... he was dbl-teamed a ton last nite. Back 7? Really not elite, but look at who we are missing on the field in our 2ndary. LBs... well... again missing a piece due to injury, but even with Mack the talent level just is not there. This area has to top Berry's "do List" in 2021... draft and FA. All the above said I do have to add that the effort I saw last nite impressed me. All the backups forced to play... all the vets we did sign... they were all flying to the ball all nite long. Now sometimes they started their flight too late... and sometimes they forgot to "brake it down" on final approach and missed their target... but the energy was there. And that's a good thing... Remember the D-side, too, has a new system. So give it some time. While this D as it is is not going to become great let alone dominant, it looks to me like it can become competitive under Joe Woods. And with a run game like we saw last nite that's a recipe I can get behind.
  9. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    ... and Cinci covered... but a win is a win. Now for the rest of the AFCN... @Pittsburgh vs Denver (+7.5) Near laffer near the confluence... Prediction: PTG 23 DNV 10 Baltimore vs @Houston (+ 7.0) Houston has a lot of pieces, but still can not figure out the puzzle... Prediction: BLT 31 HOU 20
  10. Tour2ma

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    May have only been the Bengals, but a win is a win... Kudos to both the OL and the DL... especially the OL for doing the unsung work for Baker and both our RBs. Also hats off to Stef for his game-calling..
  11. Tour2ma

    Fantasy Football 2020

    Well... I guess out doesn't mean "out"... At least the Yahoo computer did a decent job autodrafting for me.. and setting a winning Week 1 lineup.
  12. Tour2ma

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    From rotowire... EDIT: Nevermind.... gum's on the inactives
  13. Tour2ma

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Yeah.... Joe was good, but he wasn't great and you cannot pay everyone. The problem is not that Joe is gone... It's that we have not replaced him.
  14. Tour2ma

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Just posted this in this week... It's my Rx for a win tonite..
  15. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    If not now.... when? Time to suck it up boys... @Cleveland vs Cincinnati (+6.0) Prediction: CLE 26 (yup... miss another PAT) CIN 16 I'm all-in this week. You can see in the posted spread I took us in Pick'em... and I took us in Survivor as well. Posted a couple days ago about Stef needing to make the game fun for Baker... and here's how. Run some RPO... especially early. Get him hit a little on his terms... get the competitive juices flowing. Move the freakin' pocket... don't make Bake a statue anchored between the OTs allowing the DL to play passing lanes and knock down throws... or pin their ears bak and meet in his chest cavity. Call some 1/4-rolls, some boots, some slides... when he moves he sees better and when he sees better he cuts it loose. Establish Chubb early and go to him the entire game... He gets better with work. Or as the poet in me says: Make Cinci's D honor the run and some PAP will increase Baker's fun. Otherwise on D there only one approach to take... disguise and dictate, i.e., fool the Bengal's rookie QB and do not sit back...
  16. Tour2ma

    MNF Musings...

    So basically we agree... although I think you're a tad homer-ish about your 2ndary. And yours won't be the only D to game plan NYG like that... On Connors... even before the ankle tweak he wasn't running "quick" like he did two years ago. While he was never quite at the level Snell, Jr. flashed Monday, he did look quick once-upon-a-time. Agree on the cap casualty... if y'all did not pay Bell, etc... Who was the last OC you were fond of?
  17. Tour2ma

    Bungle Week

    Q1: So far Burrows has looked like a rookie... errant passes... eyeing the rush... locking onto to well-covered receivers. But last drive hit AJ on a slant... nice... and ran for a TD on a called QB draw so curious to see how he settles in. Mixon looks pretty good early, but being held in check by a still very good LAC D. Cinci D? Hard to tell as the Tyrod-led, LAC O looks bad... very bad, but he did just hit a nice out route... and followed it up with a failed 4th and 2 read-option that he kept. Bosa owns Cinci's RT... bodes well for MG having a big game End of 1st... CIN 7 - LAC 0
  18. New snippet from an April interview recording with Woodward. https://www.vox.com/2020/9/15/21437802/trump-woodward-audio-coronavirus-killer Oh, Trumpettes... You poor, poor SOBs... I almost feel sorry for y'all... ... except Krelim Kal of course...
  19. So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o... Penicillin?
  20. Is Obama still President in your world?
  21. Week 1: BillB --- W1 TB12 - L1 And Bill is off to the early lead.
  22. Tour2ma

    BillB vs. TB12 Debate Tracker

    Admittedly the current sample size is a tad on the small side... ... but ya gots to start somewhere. To be continued...
  23. Tour2ma

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Ditto on the analysis, but... I just can't help but think Baker's issue is a simple one... namely that he's no longer playing football. Now he's a professional QB with a job. Think back 2 years when he was younger and dumber and fuller of... think back another year to OU... even in big games like in Columbus he was playing... he was an ass and a poor winer, but he was playing a game. He was was cocksure... he was unflappable... he believed in himself. Now with a job in a bigger faster league he just playing scared to screw up... and so naturally that's what he does. He's playing "tight". By my recollection he cut loose only three throws on Sunday. Two were on the run (not by design) when he couldn't think he just reacted... and played a little ball. Somehow he's got to find the fun again... and Stef needs to help him find it.
  24. Tour2ma

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Just a Poli-board bottom-feeder who wandered up into the sunlight...