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  1. Tour2ma

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    Here... includes a fresh, good one... . I wore out most of the old ones on Gip....
  2. Tour2ma

    Kicking woes all ready ?

  3. ELP / Brain Salad Surgery - 1973 - YouTube kinda forced track one, but it gets better.... IMO.... skip to around 13 min mark if you need to. Turns out playing in chlorinated hydrocarbons thru the late 1900s may not have been the best career choice. ANyway ir'smy first playlost atte,pmt.... Unfortunately no joke, guys, but if you feel sorry for me for even one second Your nuts will get stomped at a tailgate.... or two. That is not to say I am goin' down without a fight, but I am up against the toughest mother of all the C''s. All Thoughts and prayers welcome, but must be paired with the same fervor (or more0OR MORE0 fervor to our beloved team's success. A SB is the ONE thing I want before I CASH IN MY TIX... It's been q long time since '64.57 years in the wilderness is more than enough. STUPID GAMEin the grand scheme, but..... THE THOUGHT OF MISSING WHAT WE ALL BELIEVE IS FINALLY aronud the NEXT corner OR TWO is thEe only thing that has come close to sending me into a crying jag. Pretty sire about having one gone cornerr left, but two??? We shall see//// right Orion?
  4. Tour2ma

    The Off-season, Players in Trouble Thread

    So we did pretty OK?
  5. Tour2ma

    Dutch's 2021 Browns Questions

    Amazing how far this goes to making DO worth putting up with the other 364.25.... ... even Sashi agrees with me on that
  6. Tour2ma

    College Pick'em is Back!

    Fuck ND..... :) SOn of a Bitch!
  7. Tour2ma

    Browns Board Fantasy Football 2021!

    Sorrym jc.... been a lil busy tryin' to not die.... You kmow I love me h IDP eague. I'll play catch up..... same as in most other leagues....
  8. Tour2ma

    Pro Pick'em!

    I am not new and not finiding a way in either. I can sign into YAHoo just fine, but that route never leads to aGROUP ID question. following either public or private league publiclink in OP lands me unsigned into YAHoo.... A/K/A heading to the same dead end
  9. Tour2ma

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    SHocker here is that it did not take a backhoe to set it.
  10. Tour2ma

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    GO, DePo, GO!
  11. Tour2ma

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    not yet..... The start line. is still a couple months away.... and then there are a few months of data colllection.
  12. Tour2ma

    Anthony Walker knee injury

    I hear ya, but it would be nice if our D at least knew each other's names first...
  13. Tour2ma

    Kicking woes all ready ?

    Messi? He could be looking for a new challenge. Or maybe you had Nero in mind?
  14. Tour2ma

    Anthony Schwartz Hamstring Injury

    Also stretching is a good idea... Or so I've been told... I never pulled a hammie... a quad once, but never a hammie.
  15. Tour2ma

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    Oh well... maybe next QB... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2021/08/josh-allens-43-million-a-year-contract-extension-is-exactly-why-browns-baker-mayfield-had-to-wait-and-per-sources-still-hasnt-had-any-substantive-talks-yet.html