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  1. OBJ can't go anywhere we don't want to send him. And if he has ideas about acting up to get out, then he needs to ask Antonio Brown how that worked out for him.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out why we'd cut him in the case of "the former" which is he continues to play at a "2019 represents" elevated level...
  3. Tour2ma

    Looking back - Josh Allen vs Josh Rosen

    Kal keeps flyin' in to keep us from pulling the plug.
  4. Tour2ma

    Looking back - Josh Allen vs Josh Rosen

    Nice bio, Kal... When were you ever a leader?
  5. Tour2ma

    Steve Carlson

    I stand corrected... I trust that rewatching that painful scene was punishment enough.
  6. Tour2ma

    Ron Rivera

    Fun facts.... In 2019 eight teams made HC changes... that's 1/4 of the league, a pretty typical turnover level. Six hires were first-time HCs. Not sure, but I'd be surprised if the pendulum ever swung that far away from retreads before. In addition to Rivera, Jay Gruden is already out there. Prime candidates to join Ron and Jay include: Jason Garrett, Anthony Lynn, Dan Quinn Pat Shurmur Doug Marrone... that's 7... Doesn't seem like there are as many "Hot" coordinators out there this season, but a lot of that talk is generated during the playoffs. Feels like 2020 is setting up to be a retread year....
  7. Tour2ma

    Ron Rivera

    Dorsey would certainly have to set his ego aside to move on from Freddie after one season. Especially since IIRC he had to sell Haslam on Freddie as the choice. It's not just Corbett and Callaway, h... there are trades and FA signings that have not panned out. Firing Freddie after one season would be widely viewed as scapegoating, h... I don't see Dorsey embracing that moniker.
  8. Tour2ma

    Fire Freddy

    Good stuff, Flugs.... even I read the whole thing... ... just whittled it down for comment... I remember having the same reaction at the time. Dorsey and Reed didn't pair too well in KC and Dorsey had just worked hard to outmaneuver Hue, so from his perspective Freddie had to seem like a dream date compared to Williams. As I've written a couple times we were in love with our CBs playing trail tech in the PTG rematch... and I'm not sure why. I sure don't remember it being employed much in our first meeting. Further I don't remember either Ward or Greedy being particularly successful playing it this season... although with Greedy's length I could see it suiting him. But as you point out in comes Mitchell playing on top and he gets a gift. Even if Gregg keep the playcalling responsibilities on Sunday as he did during his interim stint, is experience should have helped him manage the dual role better than a rookie essentially making the jump from being a position coach. As the article that critiqued Dorsey stated... Good God... I forgot how much we spent on Hubbard.
  9. Tour2ma

    Fire Freddy

    I had Green in two leagues... finally cut him loose a couple weeks ago. Ross is due back so their deep threat is back, but what really worries me is that Dalton will be playing fast and loose.... he has nothing to lose. And if they het a lead they have DEs who can male life miserable for Baker. The quoted comment has nothing to do with identifying talent in the draft... it has to do with simultaneously taking two paths that are not compatible.
  10. Tour2ma

    CB problems

    Got a license number?
  11. Tour2ma

    Defense in Flux

    Joe is better in pass coverage, but vs. the run I can see the comparison.
  12. Good article... Somehow I missed that we... meaning "Jimmah"... passed over Sean McDermott for Hue Jackson. But this is the most damning observation of all...
  13. Tour2ma

    Steve Carlson

    Yup... it was Todd Haley pushing for players to play. On Carlson... I like him as well. Definitely a developmental prospect, but he's got really good speed and agility on a good size frame... stuff you can't teach. Still Njoku's position to lose, but with Carlson and Seals-Jones and Harris it is going to be a crowded position come Camp 2020.
  14. Tour2ma

    Defense in Flux

    No... not if his DC is a HC candidate... and Wilks is a HC candidate. We might be able to afford Hunt, but I honestly see Joe gone. Joe's a nice piece, but not the MLB I'd build a D around at any price. He's got stats, so someone may be willing to pay him top-five MLB money, ~$14mm/yr, but it wouldn't be me.