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  1. Tour2ma

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    However will we replace his 14 catches? Oh wait... Hooper...
  2. Tour2ma

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Plus you can always draft Netane Muti (what a great name) to put next to Peart... Word on him is he has more than enough "mean" to supply one side of the line.
  3. Came in on one of my days off... I'm not working weekends down here in case you haven't noticed... I call them "mental health days"... I'm sure that unlike Chloroquine their efficacy will be debatable. Anyway... Been searching for great, state data and finally google took me to... https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/2/21201832/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-best-graphs-tracking-data The site is great. It starts with the John Hopkins Dashboard site we all know by now and then goes to one called, The COVID Tracking Project , which is a fine site, but it is the 3rd one that gave me all I was seeking and more. That site is: http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/ The above is a series of four graphs Counts by Country, Counts by State/Region, Counts per capita by Country, and Counts per capita by State/Region. Each graph is customizable as to its: Focus... you may highlight a line on which you wish to focus and/or reduce the number of lines, Metric... choose from Active Cases, Confirmed Cases, New Cases per Day, Deaths, New Deaths per Day, or Recovered. Scale... linear or log Haven't even gotten to the rest of the links... See y'all tomorrow...
  4. Tour2ma


    Saw it... after I made my post.
  5. Tour2ma

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    He's still there... 😮
  6. Tour2ma


    Suzanne Somers... ... somewhere she is still molesting a Thigh Master...
  7. Certainly possible, but have to remember that Berry and company came from organizations that were evaluating talent and arrived at an org that was already doing the same. Scouting did not stop when Dorsey was bounced.... if anything it was likely reinvigorated. Ditto for the analytics department. So it can be argued that our FO has an even broader perspective going into this draft.
  8. Tour2ma

    Browns Were Close to Signing Clowney

    Never was according to what I've read. Never asked for Mack money ($23mm/yr) or even Lawrence money ($21 per), but no telling what he's asked in guarantees, length etc. Whatever it was, he... meaning his agent... has apparently come off it some due to the underwhelming interest in meeting his price. I'd guess something in the Trey Flowers area ($18mm per) area, but shorter duration with higher guarantees gets a deal done... but leaves the following question unanswered.. HTF did Flowers get that kind of money?
  9. Tour2ma

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    I think the answer to your concerns is capsulized in tia's really well considered, summary write-up... In short... Peart's not a physical mauler, but that's not a killer in a ZBS-centric Offense. It is certainly not a trait you seek, if you run a power/gap scheme... ... but ZBS? Well you can work with that. Goalline situations? Just run the other way... which you're likely to do anyway behind Bito.
  10. ... and in that vein... Videodrome... although it passes "kinda strange" early and never looks back. Honestly don't remember much of it besides the basic plot line, early James Whatshisname(?)... tall thin actor with acne scarring... and "Blondie" getting burned... Damn.... not Spader... not Caan... shit... I gotta look... and it's Woods. Never really a fan so no real reason to remember his name I guess.
  11. A roommate of mine and I used to argue which side of 12 Dreams... was the better one. I always took side 1 which included your fav which bled into mine, Animal Zoo... Oh no something went wrong well you're much too fat and a little too long... Oh no there's too much to do better get on home to the Animal Zoo...IIRC... lol My fav had the distinction of not being written by Randy, but one of the pool players, Jay Fergusen, who I followed thru a chunk of his solo career. Thunder Island is one of his LPs I remember... and still own.
  12. League of Their Own just came to mind... good also ran for me...
  13. Doctor "Moonlight" Graham... yeah... great moment. As for Bull D... how could you not love a movie starring Sarandon and Robbins?
  14. Meanwhile on a much shorter glide path... Strange movies =======> Strange Days... early Ralph Finnes work... Not a great movie, but kinda strange...
  15. lol... never made it thru that one, but it brought to mind Reno Williams... ... which had Joel Grey in it playing an old Chinese man... ... which brought to mind Tony Randal... ... who did the same thing in Seven Faces of Dr. Lao... ... which may have been the 1st "strange movie" I ever saw... ... which brings us to Kevin Bacon! Or not... However, also actually did bring to mind Mickey Rooney... but that portrayal is a bridge too far...