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  1. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Of course in most of Paul's day with a non-expansion team there was only one "playoff game"... ... so there's that. Late in his career he had Dr. Frank (who won a championship under Collier) and then Ken Anderson in Cinci after the team got pretty good. Both QBs were better than good. Bottom line: While a great innovator in his days in H.S., college, the AAFC and early NFL, the NFL caught up with pretty quickly. Not even good QBs could help him enough to make, let alone go deep into the playoffs.
  2. Tour2ma

    Browns to (Reportedly) Sign Clowney on Monday

    Knees haven't been an issue the past two seasons. Recently missed times have been core injuries. This... Signing him so opponents' Offenses have more trouble doing so.
  3. Oops... should have known cal wasn't making a comment of any substance.
  4. Interesting mock V4.0 from si.com... R1: Ossai (Edge) Texas... gifted athlete, raw, very young... will be 21 at time of draft R2: Trade up for Melifonu (CB) 'Cuse ... trade our 2nd (#59), a 3rd (#91) and a 4th (#132) to move into the 40's... more than enough R3: Wallace (WR) OSU... meh R4: Tuipulotu (DT) USC... sleeper R5: Hall (CB) SDSU... R6: Forrest (S) UC... meh #2 R7: Johnson (LB) TAMU... S/T thumper with decent speed and great motor Except for the mehs I could live with this one. https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/browns-maven-features/browns-2021-mock-draft-vol-4
  5. Guess again... or at least find a relevant rebuttal. You know... like a ranking... And FYI... "TDN" stands for The Draft Network, a/k/a, your referenced source where Bashum is their 9th ranked Edge on both boards. You really do have comprehension issues.
  6. Well? Not sure Myles "Breathless" Garrett would agree with that. As for Billings finding his spot... pretty sure it's over Center give or take a gap.
  7. One name sure to be there for us is Wake's Bashum... ... if only his play lived up to his name. Based on some unexpectedly decent Pro Day times I watched three 2020 games and was left to wonder what others see that earns him Round 2 status, let alone bottom of the 1st. IIRC the games were Clemson, NC State and NC(?)... not sure about the last one. Major takeaways... no get-off... Seriously the man was consistently a beat slower out of his 3-point than every other lineman on both sides of the ball. low agility... He beat one OT on one play on a speed rush... and then could not turn the corner to get to the QB. inability to find the ball... In a later game he spent more time in a 2-point. I think it was so he could at least see where the ball started. edge insecurity... I saw wide ZBS plays to his side (usually LDE) where he turned his back to the OL on him and ran with them as if it was a race to the sideline. RBs regularly made cut back decisions... and yardage. Any positives? Maybe one... assignment discipline. Kid stayed at home when the play went away, broke down and looked ready for QB keeping any option. Problem was when the QB made a bad read and did keep it he was able to beat Bashum to the outside anyway. I wasn't expecting much... and got a lot less than I was expecting.
  8. Could not disagree with the above more... Holding the ball high is key to Mond's quick release and I see no price being paid "athletically". Agree with the Dak comp except that Mond is about at Dak's Jr.-year level. Dak benefitted from QBing the same system for all four years at MSU, while as a Frosh Mond suffered through the wreckage that was Sumlin's last season before Jimbo Fisher bought a house in College Station. Now that you mention it... yup. On Sermon... while I can see Murray, the comp I keep seeing is Corey Dillon.
  9. Holy Apples & Oranges, Batman! RBs rotate... DBs do not... In 3 years Chubb has missed 4 starts due to injury and 7 due to inHuey. In 3 years Ward has missed 12 starts due to injury. Q.E.D.
  10. Tour2ma

    Sam Darnold traded to the Panthers

    Pretty sure I can guess who he plays for... "Average" is a helluva improvement over the Jets. PFF's Team OL ranking is probably the worst analysis they do... as they do no analysis of the group. They simply sum the parts.
  11. I think I just did my last mock as can't see how I can improve upon it. Everything fell into place... 26. Kwity... we all know Kwity by now... fastest, hand-in-the-dirt, 3-down Edge in the class... and MG's new, best friend. 59. Mayfield... instant, quality, OL depth for every position except Center and our eventual starting RT. 89. Sermon... I think the kid will be a star... great Chubb insurance. 91. Mond... my 2021 Darkhorse QB... eventual Baker backup with trade value down the road. 110. McNeill... His ProDay was an eye opener... true, 3-down IDL potential. 132. Hufanga... hard-hitting, Safety depth our ST Coach will love. 169. Vincent, Jr... gotta keep @tia happy... 211. Philyor... my "waterbug" One note... DraftNet's sim has "lost" our 7th Round pick, #257, so I had one to go, but I'll take this 8 and be happy...
  12. Tour2ma

    Orange jersey of the past