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  1. Yo... Semite! LMAO... So many enablers... so little brains...
  2. Tour2ma

    Why is Balt. good every year?

    Thus my " built an FO that might only be 2nd to the Pats'," comment.
  3. Tour2ma

    Fantasy Football 2020

    Not I sure I know how to even begin a draft board this year...
  4. LMAO... Hey, Browns Board Trumpettes.... What does it feel like getting thrown under a bus?
  5. Tour2ma

    Why is Balt. good every year?

    Next to maybe, but not at... Welcome back... BINGO! Can't believe it took until the 10th or so post. GM in Oz's case stood for "Great Manager". The guy built an FO that might only be 2nd to the Pats'. That said BLT's is deeper and therefore more sustainable.
  6. Tour2ma

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    Thus the term "contract extension"...
  7. Tour2ma

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    Finally.... something worth a post! Well done, Andrew.... well done. MG sewn up opposite a restructured and "final-year" motivated Vernon? I think we have our 2020 bookends. Now if we can just manage a 2020 season...
  8. Tour2ma

    Manziel happy to be done with football

    Fuck him.
  9. Tour2ma

    Carl Reiner rest in peace

    Loved The Dick Van Dyke show... great cast.
  10. IIRC I used to read Zapp's Step Brothers in my college days.
  11. Another grabbed me late a few nites ago... That Thing You Do... Tom Hanks' first directing effort and a pretty good effort at that. The title song could have been a hit in the 60's. I thought Tom Everett Scott was going to have a bigger career than he's had so far.
  12. Tour2ma

    Hue Jackson the Author

    I am now convinced Hue is a Trump supporter...