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  1. Tour2ma

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Sounds like a place where Johnny would fit right in....
  2. Tour2ma


    Yup... the only thing you can say about good OTA reports is that they are better than bad OTA reports. We agree on Watson... Hell, I'm still not sold on Wentz. So I guess I started this thread? Good God, but you are warped...
  3. Tour2ma

    Browns Schedule Thread

    Well looks like my NOLA attendance just got a big boost. The Wife has a conference in NOLA that week.
  4. Tour2ma


    He who laughs last... Word is Rosen is killing it in AZ's OTAs.
  5. Tour2ma

    Chad Pennington mentoring Mayfield.

    I like this... Chad was one of those smart, tough QBs in the mold of Brian Sipe.
  6. Tour2ma

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    First.... Phoolie has "friends"? Safe assumption, h... and Come on... it's a Browns Backers gathering so will be 90+% Browns fans although I will have three Texans fans in tow...
  7. Tour2ma

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    Prices will fluctuate depending on how the home team is doing. If Houston gets their Sheet together and keeps their starters healthy, I would not count on the prices dropping... Ticketmaster fees are as low as I found. Sometimes I've gotten better prices by calling Vivid Seats as sales folk sometimes have "incentives" they can offer, but this time I jumped on the Row B tix. As for nosebleed... yup... they are up there, but what you give up in intimacy you gain in ability to see play development.
  8. Tour2ma

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I think Bacon was talking about Richard Pryor.
  9. Tour2ma

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Another league... another wreckin'...
  10. Tour2ma

    2018 NFL Offense rankings

    I was surprised when we let Fabs go...
  11. Tour2ma

    2018 Browns Board Mock Draft Summary

    Have to put you in second place... a distant second place...
  12. Tour2ma

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    Got that right! But Nov can be pretty rainy in H-town... Update from Jay FYI... IIRC this is where hoorta stayed last year.
  13. Tour2ma

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    Just snagged a pair of tix thru Texans Ticketmaster in Section 639 - Row B for ~$104 per... all in. Not the best, but near where the Houston BrownsBackers will be concentrated. Here's email from Jay Salzer, the local Space City honcho that i contacted after the schedule came out.
  14. Tour2ma

    Antonio Callaway

    ... what looks to be a flux capacitor logo on them.
  15. Gip likes his info spoonfed... don't forget to burp him. Appears the positional grades are on a 0.0 to 4.0 scale in one-tenth increments. Sometimes he awards teams the extremes; sometimes he doesn't. Scanned a few columns and it does not appear that he reuses a value within a given position, so he has 41 grades to assign 32 teams. Likely he's ordering the talent as he sees it and determines whether any team's talent approaches perfection or the utter lack of it. What's not so clear is how he arrives at his grades for the Off and Def. Not really seeing a sum of the parts thing going on. He does reuse grades although not the ranking. The "total" is the sum of the "O"+"D". But the positional grades seem to be the meat here...