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  1. Tour2ma

    Baker’s Birthday

  2. Tour2ma

    Survey Friday

    Here is This Week's Survey. Give your answers or opinions: 1. Give your best prediction on who the Browns will draft with their #49 pick (assuming they stay there).....or any moves you predict them to make. Really feeling the D-side here. Thornhill has been much bandied about 'round here, but I still feel LB has the greater need. Problem is that the projected LB prospects get pretty thin in Round 2 so I look for a move up to a late-1st/early-2nd to catch a faller squeezed out of his rightful spot. Devin Bush (ILB) or Brian Burns (OLB) are the two likely candidates I see. But if we stay put... Thornhill is as good a choice as any and there's good LB value in Rounds 3 and 4. 2. What major move do you think will take place either before or on Draft Day.....by any team...including the Browns. NYG... a trade with AZ for Rosen makes a lot of sense. For the price of a 3rd rounder they get a great understudy for Eli and a possible franchise future, and they get to spend their 1st round capital on Defense. 3. The schedule has been released, so: What if any AWAY game are you going to try to get to this year (whether you live here in NE Ohio or elsewhere)....or....if you are from out of town, which, if any home game do you hope to come to? If I go to CLE, then that BUF/PTG 2fer gumby latched onto looks really enticing. I don't see me making any road games this season. 4. While I may have asked this before....I will do so again: NBA playoffs have started. Which teams do you want to make the Finals(and win).... vs. which teams you expect to make the Finals (and win? Kinda pulling for Kyrie and the Celts to win it over the Rockets in the Finals, but... ... until dethroned I've gotta go with the Warriors... likely over Toronto. 5. Same for the NHL playoffs (and note: I don't give a shit whether you give a shit or not...so no snarky answers about not giving a shit). Which teams make the Finals (and win) vs. which teams do you want to make the Finals (and win) Love the Bluejackets KOing the #1 seeded TB Lightening in a round one sweep... so happy to wish for them to take it all. Out of the West I like Nashville to take it all... But it's a bit much to expect an 8-seed to skate the cup, but with the East now wide open they can make the final.
  3. Tour2ma

    Baker’s Birthday

    Whew... dodged a bullet... Waco and OKC? Let's see what 14 April has to offer... Worst dust bowl black blizzard... pass... Lincoln assassinated.... nope... Titanic strikes ice b.... !!!! ...... OH, HELL NO!!!! Ampex unveils first commercial VCR... I'll take it!
  4. Tour2ma

    The Schedule Game

    On behalf of the Forum... thank you for the respite.
  5. Tour2ma

    Regular Season Schedule

    Agree... enough water has flowed under the bridge... carrying GMs, HCs, QBs and others with it... to render any connection with 2007 illogical. ANd while other stops along the way have felt different-ish, this time is clearly different. It was before my time here or any sports forum for that matter, but after 2007, I told anyone who would listen that we needed to trade both Derek "one read" Anderson and Braylon Edwards while they were "hot"... that 2007 was a dual, high-water fluke that they'd never approach again. I think I pretty much nailed that one... I got no such feeling from this roster... and that was prior to all JD's off-season moves. So I understand the optimism of you and others. BION I'm optimistic, too... just being realistic at the same time. While there are others who have zipped right past "optimism" and are steaming towards "delirium". Just the take from the guy who was mocked for calling the 2018 Ravens the class of the AFCN... a mantle we have a legit shot at taking in 2019... it's just not going to be easy.
  6. Tour2ma

    Regular Season Schedule

    True... winnable... but despite the fact that I see week's 1 and 2 supplying the "Ws" in my 2-4 tally, they are not won. Ag's on his Henry horse early, but of more concern to me is facing a healthy Mariotta. Of the first two weeks TN is the better test, but I don't see their D being strong enough to prevent a "W"... even if it takes a shootout to post it. Week 2 has the look of an opposite... a defensive struggle. NYJ adding Moseley in the middle and Jonson at one corner helps them immensely. And while I don't fear Darnold, Bell lining up behind him adds a run dimension that has to be honored and a pass option that has to cool our pass rush. Even should we emerge an unscathed 2-0, the competition level rises hosting the Rams on a short week, visiting BLT, traveling to SF and then facing SEA. That's a schedule that could blunt a helluva lot of momentum. True, but Pete has 10 days to reset his team's bio-clocks.
  7. Less "humor"... more inbox emptying...
  8. PMs sent to the four, Round 7 groups. tia's and stillmotion's Inboxes are full.
  9. There are 40 picks in round 7... I'll expand the groups from 8 to 10 picks... That'll lop off a day...
  10. Round 7 Group 1 has been open since 0600 EDT... TB.......... darren KC.......... Commish NYJ........ darren OAK........ darren PTG........ comeon HOU....... Tour CLE........ tia CHI......... gumby CIN......... still DET......... Ag Note that Group has been expanded from 8 to 10 picks... =============================================== With their final pick the Houston Texans select: Alize Mack (TE - ND)
  11. Tour2ma

    2019 Board Mock: Players Taken by Position

    Not his brother, Marvin?
  12. 6.41 - KC.... looks like an elusive receiving back is about all they lack and there's a nice one out there... Darwin Thompson (RB - Utah State) Here's PFF's take... "Thompson averaged 0.32 forced missed tackles per attempt and 5.1 yards after contact per attempt in 2018, ranking inside the top five in both."
  13. 6.26 - IND... TBH the team looks well set... even loaded. Inside OL is a possibility here, but another DB never hurts either... a CB or FS in Indy's case. Here's one who is suited for either slot assuming he recovers from a knee injury he suffered... Blessaun Austin (CB - Rutgers)
  14. Thanks, guys... lists are up to date... ... and now more obscure OL from your Commish... or not... 6.24 - PHI... The one area of need as identified by NFL.com that has not been addressed so far in this mock and/or real world FA signings is LB. Looks right based on Ourlads projected depth charts... especially at ILB. Unfortunately the ILBs have been picked over pretty well... so let's convert an OLB... Sutton Smith (OLB/ilb - NIU)... good size at 6'0 and 233... runs in the 4.6's with a sub-1.70 10-yd split... also 3-coned in the 6.7's. DraftScout has a 4th round grade on him. Two picks to go...