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  1. Tour2ma


    Well done, but took me to nite 3 to learn anything new. If you are even slightly into the Civil War and have not read Shelby Foote's trilogy, then do your self a favor and read it. Shelby was the interesting grey beard commentator with the slow southern drawl in Ken Burns' PBS series. Shelby was a novelist by trade who spent 20 years of his life researching and writing this work. The result is a spectacular account of the conflict that is as engrossing as it is detailed.
  2. Tour2ma

    Joe Thomas on the Titan games

    Cool... except for... you know... The Titan Games...
  3. Tour2ma

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Someone's been hanging with cal way too much...
  4. Tour2ma

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Had a post, but Dutch needs no help here... Carry on... let the beating continue.
  5. Tour2ma

    Would You Trade 10 for Jamal Adams?

    And from the file of "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction"... https://dawgpounddaily.com/2020/05/24/cleveland-browns-should-pass-on-jamal-adams/ Bottom line reason is $$$ with big resignings just around the corner.
  6. Tour2ma

    Know How Things Seem to Come in Threes?

    This 3s thing is getting ridiculous... Cleveland Browns: 3 affordable free agents who could find a second life 3. Manti Te’o... really? 2. Domata Peko... more NT than DT and 35-1/2 to boot 1. Terrell Suggs... OK... at least I can see worth this one, but why? This one's an 0-fer in my book.
  7. Well... since I can't compete with the concert totals being posted unless I also add the roller coasters I've ridden... about 150... it feels like time to name some memorable, smaller venue shows... those with crowds of 1000 or less. In addition to the Party on the Plaza series I've mentioned with ~1000 attending here's a couple ... Buzzy Linhart at The Smiling Dog Saloon circa 1973 - Buzzy was a bit of a local legend. He was almost famous in two areas: greater Cleveland and NYC. Most remembered for writing The Love's Still Growing (Carly Simon) and You've Got to Have Friends (Bette Midler) Buzzy was a warm, troubled man and a great, playful, live act moving from guitar to xylophone and back often in the same song. Smiling Dog was a great place to see him and meet him between sets. Saw him one other time in a long, thin downtown club with the stage high above us on a 2nd floor... terrible venue in general that robbed Buzzy of his greatest asset, his personality. Sadly Buzzy left us a couple years ago. Hamilton Loomis at various Galveston and Houston area clubs over the past 20 years - Loomis, a blues-based guitar-slinger, came out of Galveston under the mentorship of Bo Diddley among other blues-rock legends. In all I've seen Ham around a half-dozen times and own about the same out of his 8 CDs and counting. His shows are always fun, and always include a table walk and at least one rock medley where he dups famous rock riffs from Page to Jimi to Eric to SRV to... all with ease. Ham tours almost constantly in normal times all over the states with the occasional Europe tour as well. If he comes your way, I encourage you to check him out. Dates can be found here: hamiltonloomis.com . Here's a taste of one of my fav's... Little Charlie and the Nightcats in Pat and Pete's Bon Ton Room, Houston, TX, circa 1996 - Fun evening in which I barely understood a single lyric... so I bought their Captured Live CD, and that did help. While not in a regular rotation, it's still playable... and fun... with their Dump That Chump leading the way. Kenny Wayne Shepard at a now defunct, formerly annual, East Texas Art and (later) Music Fest that ran from the early-90sthru the mid-2010s - A lot of great acts played this event thru the years including The Fabulous T-birds, The Black Crows, Leon Russell, Joe Ely and Eddie Money. I saw all them. KWS played one of the last, if not the last, shows in the series. The wife was a big fan while I was luke-warm on him at best, but this was a great evening, albeit a wet one due to a series of showers moving thru the area. Kenny had turned over much of the vocal duties to a frontman vocalist, who, if anything, had too good of a voice for the Blues, but it freed Kenny to pick and choose his vocals and do what he did bast... play guitar. IIRC Blue Oyster Cult was cancelled the prior nite by severe storm warnings... which did materialize in force. Two more... both vying for the best of all the smalls... "A Benefit Concert for Jimmy Don Smith" at (somebody's) Backstage Club, Missouri City, TX circa 1990... Jimmy Don was a DFW area musician and session player who died of cancer and left a mountain of bills. Various artists played dates in Texas' big metropolitan areas to raise funds. I attended this show southwest of Houston proper and thru a series of events ended up at the club owner's table (sorry for not remembering your name...). The lineup donating its time this nite included: Bonnie Raitt, Delbert McClinton, Fab T-birds' Kim Wilson and Jimmie Ray Vaughn, local Houston-legend Shake Russell and more. Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat(?)... yup... and the Feat... CWRU's Fall Weekends in Adelbert Gym ('71) and Strosacker Auditorium ('72). This was Lowell George-powered Feat on the rise from Sailin' Shoes to Dixie Chicken opening with a full set of their own and then staying on to back up a young Bonnie still deep in her Blues roots. The Auditorium's sound was better, but it's relatively sanitized look and feel made the Gym's show more memorable. Both were great, however, and really belong in my top five of any size.
  8. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Feels to me like the underlined is the most likely scenario... at least it does as long as Delpit, Joseph and Sandejo are all healthy.
  9. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Opening line and maybe the best thing Terry could say... " The Browns went into the off-season with a realistic view that they can’t fix everything on the roster." Plus Terry discovered his earlier Vernon salary mistake... " Earlier in the week, I wrote the Browns had to make a decision on Vernon’s $15 million contract by June 1. That’s wrong. They have until a week before the regular season opens to cut him without having to pay him." Not sure where the "week before" comes from, but feels "righter". I still think that if he were hurt prior to that then his contract may become fully guaranteed, but apparently that depends upon his individual contract's language. Only instance where an injury guarantee is automatic appears to be in the case of a team exercising a 1st-round draftee's 5th-year option... and that doesn't apply to Vernon, a 3rd-round pick entering his 9th season.
  10. Tour2ma

    Would You Trade 10 for Jamal Adams?

    Bit of an update...
  11. One thousand names... One of a nearly 100 such possible pages... This page includes: 1st responders, WWII vets, law enforcement officers, Holocaust saviors, single mothers...
  12. Tour2ma

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Thanks... having also read the very short article I was wondering how long the "new CBA" discussion would go on... Mildly surprised to see he's an FA. Some team will take a chance on him, albeit more likely after an injury need surfaces. I wonder how TB12 would feel about him in TB?
  13. lol... In 20 minutes I almost completed my first call... but in my defense I had 3 different audibles. At least I figure the 2nd series should get easier when the 1s sit.