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  1. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Ask me again in a week, Steve... and again in a year. Right now, based upon the dealing to date, I think it's a push. But I will say why I think Sashi & DePo & Co. could be better... because their consensus process was meant to be risk adverse.
  2. 2018 Mock Drafts

    And rightfully so... Why do I get the feeling someone got a new Android? And WTF is Jeff Legwold?
  3. The "Eyes" Have It...

    There are none so blind as those who will not see... I rest my case...
  4. Baker Mayfield Thread

    The ex-scout who doesn't like Darnold and loathes Allen, thinks Baker is the pick of the 2018 litter... “Anybody who doesn’t take Mayfield at the top is making a big mistake,’’ he said. “Mayfield is head and shoulders above any quarterback.’’ https://nypost.com/2018/04/17/one-draft-qb-spared-in-scouts-scathing-draft-take-cow-on-ice/
  5. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Well aware of Darnold's limited QB history. He came out of USC the same or worse than he went in. The comp to Watson rings hollow. Deshaun had good mechanics coming out of Clemson and clearly was the most pro ready between the ears. He dropped due to injury history... which apparently was warranted. Can't draft a kid #1 overall on a "maybe". You need an angel of your better nature...
  6. Browns Schedule Thread

    One other decision he will not be making in 2018? When our rookie QB starts his first game...
  7. From the "Darnold is like a cow on ice" guy... As for Allen, Wyoming’s strapping, strong-armed quarterback, ask Shonka about him and duck for cover. He does not buy into him, at all. “Zero,’’ Shonka said. “I saw Allen live this year at Iowa and he looks pretty. If you want a guy on the sidelines warming up, he looks pretty good. At the Senior Bowl, he did not have a good week in practice. He hit a few routes, but there’s nobody really covering. I think Josh Allen is like driving a covered wagon on the Autobahn. When he gets out there with all that speed and all the changing defenses, he can’t see it. He can’t process things fast enough. It doesn’t ever slow down for him. Everything’s so fast. He’s never thrown for a high percentage. If I hear one more time about Josh Allen’s strong arm — he can’t read defenses or make plays.” https://nypost.com/2018/04/17/one-draft-qb-spared-in-scouts-scathing-draft-take-cow-on-ice/
  8. Sam Darnold

    Big lol at this one... wish I'd thought of it. “Darnold, he’s like a cow on ice,’’ Shonka said. “His footwork is all over the place. His feet in the pocket are embarrassing. When you turn the ball over [35 times] in 26 games, you’re intellectually dishonest when you’re talking about bringing in Sam Darnold as your next savior. This guy opens his hands over the ball, it just drops out when he’s in the pocket. If you look at his film, they talk about his accuracy. Actually it’s his receivers making great catches for him, laying out for the ball or going high. I’m not saying he’s never going to be a quarterback, but right now he’s a long way away.’’ https://nypost.com/2018/04/17/one-draft-qb-spared-in-scouts-scathing-draft-take-cow-on-ice/
  9. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Sure if a deer in the headlights is relaxed. Rosen looks like his pulse-rate is about 30.
  10. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Window to the soul my man...
  11. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Personally... I want the guy with the lowest pulse-rate under pressure. The one with the eyes of a stone-cold killer.
  12. The "Eyes" Have It...

  13. The "Eyes" Have It...

  14. The "Eyes" Have It...