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  1. Bigger (and even better) news was NO SEARCH FIRM!
  2. Tour2ma

    Terrelle Pryor

    Still early yet, but have to like how Perriman has looked so far. That said... I think Higgins is the key to our air attack at present.
  3. Tour2ma

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Connor's better than Bell? Remains TBD... Better value right now... no argument there. So he's not an RFA. Makes sense since he was already a UFA and thus the refused tag this season.
  4. Tour2ma


    To those who got Phillie Phillied... Dilly Dilly!
  5. Tour2ma

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Which theoretically will cost him even more money... If the Steelers slap a 1st round tender on him it'll only cost them about $4.5mm. I'm not seeing his endgame here...
  6. Tour2ma

    Wishbone formation

    The Aggie Forum is thataway --------------------=======================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You got it... Hoyer plus Crow was the combo. Hoyer's PAP skills were wasted when he wasn't under Center and we all know what Crow's vision was like. I can't recall a single jump-cut he made for us in 4 years. Just a very different combo with Baker/Chubb... different skill sets with Baker's RPO (and less than stellar work under Center) and Chubb's eyes and feet. I think he had at least two jump-cuts Sunday. Woulda shoulda coulda... The trick play had no chance. None... nada... zippo... What I think you overlook is that in a direct snap from the snap there is no doubt in the D what the play is. In the "I" there's always a PAP option to honor.
  7. Tour2ma

    Hueless to join Bungles

    Could be as simple as one voice in his ear...
  8. Tour2ma

    Hueless to join Bungles

    Exactly... Hue would be cheap and a known quantity from his earlier Cinci stint. IIRC Marvin is working on a one-year extension he signed after the 2017 season, so he'd have to be re-resigned.
  9. Tour2ma

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Maybe I've missed it, but I thought we'd get a little more love from the national media for this win than we have. Not looking for gushing or anything close to it, but about the only one I've heard give us any love is Tim Hasselbeck. Most have focused on the Falcons' "disappointing performance" and I get that to some extent, but jeez we played a good game beating them solidly in all three phases
  10. Tour2ma

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Bad??? What's bad about sleeping with a win for two weeks?
  11. Tour2ma

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    1. Sorry 'bout your sudden illness... 2. Hue said so many self-aggrandizing, self-serving things about his role/power as our HC that his credibility is nil in my book.
  12. Tour2ma

    Hueless to join Bungles

    Can't say I'm surprised... I may have even mentioned this destination in the Hue Fired thread. Now the question is: Does Hue replace Marvin at season's end?
  13. Tour2ma

    Bruce Arians

    Got it... and it's what I thought, but I did not want to assume. Couple more games like Sunday's and Arians might be in line for an Asst. HC slot...
  14. Tour2ma

    Wishbone formation

    Flexbone is the one O eventually thought of (after referring to it as a "full house" in the gameday thread)... except we're running it out of the 'gun. The HS in the city where I lived most of my working days in Texas ran a version of of the Flex... all the way to regionals in the old Astrodome one year. Speaking of guns... I have never been a fan of the Pistol, but with Baker and Chubb, I think it's perfect for us.
  15. Tour2ma

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    OBJ TD! Just won a FFL match up! But I digress.... NO is the best of those you listed and they are getting better with each week. But really good Ds this season??? In no particular order... MN CHI... that's 2 from the black n blue... Ravens Titans Honorable mention to the 'Skins and Texans.