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  1. Pro Pick'em

    A couple Yahoo lines moved a fair amount thru the week: PHI from -3.5 to -6 vs. NYG DNV -1 to -3 @ BUF Only the PHI/NYG move has been mirrored by Vegas.
  2. I won't be surprised... personally I'll be shocked. And I'd definitely lose any bet I'd make...
  3. Rams 49ers

    Beginning to see what many of us saw at the collegiate level resurface at the next. All you noted plus a pocket presence. Looking forward to seeing if it continues. Aside #1: I'm trying to imagine Cleveland fans having the patience an admittedly apathetic LAR fan base has displayed. I'm having trouble getting there. Aside #2: I loved the shots of LAR's rookie HC, McVay, working in his OC role on the sidelines when SF had the ball. I can only hope Hue took note. I was pleased to see old Brian bounce back from that horrible start. But he still makes a couple predetermined, WTF-was-that throws among some otherwise nice QB-ing... at least nice when young Shannie is his OC...
  4. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    Hey... last nite was supposed to be a shit fest as well... turned out... not so much.
  5. Garrett Hurt Already

    Please show me where I even came close to implying the above let alone state it... as again I have no idea what is prompting your responses... unless it's a determination to not respond to my points. But at least I learned that Phil Simms was a "stud QB". Which Super Bowl year do you think was his more studly season? '86 when he threw 22 INTs or 1990 when he threw for almost 2300 yd? Also learned that apparently Cassel was responsible for dialing down the Pats Offense... I guess Bill just said, "Good idea, Matt. Let's try that."
  6. Give that man a Cupie doll! Here ya go ya bunch of Leslie lezzies... yeah... it's Rappoport, but take what you can get. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet #Browns are expected to promote practice squad WR Jordan Leslie before Sunday’s game, source said. given Corey Coleman’s injury. Should play
  7. Seattle always seems to play us tough and Twins will be likely be playing for their playoff lives. ChiSox are mailing it in... checking out kids. But still have to set that Post-season rotation...
  8. Garrett Hurt Already

    And nothing I said takes anything away the execution from Tom, whereas you seem determined to minimize Bill... the head of a team that has won more ways than any other I can recall... D and the run game... dinks and dunks... deep vertical. Tom really was key to 2 of those 3. Then there's the year without Tom... suffered all the way to 11-5. It's a symbiotic relationship to be sure, but it starts somewhere. I don't see how you can make the arguments you've made for Garropolo and believe it starts with Tom.
  9. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    Collins downgraded to OUT now being reported. Also word is Garrett is likley OUT as is Coates... who was never listed in the reports.
  10. Josh Gordon

    From reddit...
  11. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Phoolie oughta get rich on Hue's +1400... EDIT: Odds on him telling everyone he's "already rich"? About -2000...
  12. Survey Wednesday

    And in that rookie campaign he had some good games... or at least good game, i.e.,, his rookie Week 2 vs. Cinci... his high-water mark.
  13. Assuming all are completed... sure. But I'm betting the operative factor is that the odds of 4 short, consecutive plays being successful are less than one long one... Holy Analytics! Now the next question is around the impact on field position, but my brain is now tired, so maybe later...
  14. Rams 49ers

    Pretty sure I knew that...
  15. Thing is Tito (when did Terry become Tito, Jr.?) has to set his rotation for the playoffs yet hold off the Astros and try to catch the Dodgers. Seattle: Bauer, Carrasco, Kluber <--- these are the current projection... I did not find more. http://cleveland.indians.mlb.com/news/probable_pitchers/index.jsp?c_id=cle Twins: Clevinger, Tomlin, Bauer <--- would be the next in the rotation White Sox: Carasco, Kluber, Clevinger <--- would be the next in the rotation That doesn't set up Kluber for the first round where you'd want him to start Game 1 and be ready for Game 5, if needed. And I'd think you'd want a rotation of Kluber - Carrasco - Bauer - Tomlin for the playoffs and none of that is set either. Clevinger is a non-issue as word is he goes to the pen for the playoffs. Might have to spot in Salazar for Carasco and manufacture a game out of the pen vs. CHI limiting Kluber to 3 innings or so as if it was his throwing day between starts... maybe same for Carasco with Salazar in long relief. Try to strike a balance without giving too much rest. Might even give Kluber the Bauer start ending the Twins series... again in a limited, "throwing day" type start. It'll be interesting... Go Tribe! Go Browns!