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  1. Tour2ma

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    Interesting article, h... nice OP... but I still think the article is significantly over-complicating things. Look at it's play one and you see from the endzone cam that Baker's sight line gets cut off... he bales looking for lanes he can see thru and then throw thru. And once he finds one then he throws a strike to RSJ. This is happening a lot between the OTs and the difference there? No Zeitler... Where last year there were clear site/throw lanes big enough to see multiple WR strides... now there are slits producing flashes... and inaccurate throws. Sunday's last throw behind Hilliard is Exhibit A.
  2. Tour2ma

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Hah! And that's with a broken leg!
  3. Tour2ma

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    This has the feel of a solution looking for a problem. I was thinking RG would be Robinson's landing spot... ... but I sure don't think the price has fallen much. Of Seniors like maybe one can't miss and a few very promising. Underclass will add to both totals.
  4. Tour2ma

    Browns Board Survival!

    Three more departed Week 5: Baker a Beer, Berean and Woody thanks to KC, CLE and KC again... While five joined the One-strike Club: Barry, DieHard, Kamac, London and Yours Truly as 3 took the KC lock over Indy and the other one plus me hitched our dream to CHI.
  5. Tour2ma

    Pro Pick'em!

    It's supposed to get easier as the season moves along and the current season data accumulates, but not the case on The Browns Board... Double digit winners have gone from 5 to 4 to 1 to 1 to 3, and pavo joe's 12-spot in Week 1 remains the high-water mark for the league. jrb's 11-spot wins Week 5 as ralemon overtakes mjp for the overall lead.
  6. 11 by my count... but not here to quibble. What's interesting is the eras that those counts occurred. In our case it was pre-FA; in the 9ers it was post.
  7. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    We're more delusional than Vag and Co.???
  8. Tour2ma

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Asleep at the switch? Another week Nero does not start the "Official" game thread... ... another loss.
  9. Tour2ma

    A few observations from Monday Night

    Plus we traded the guy, an H-back, who replaced him... and that guy was doing a decent job lead blocking... and would be an asset at TE to boot. Cha-ching! Plus an underrated D... including a couple of Browns castoffs.
  10. Tour2ma

    Electing to receive?

    Same reason the worst, and the other 38% do... The decision you make should put your best unit on the field first. All the nonsense about setting up two possessions in a row at end of the 1st half and start of the 2nd, is wishful thinking.
  11. Tour2ma

    Fixing The OL: A Long-Term Approach

    I was referring to the OP... which I did not read beyond. Had I read on, I'm sure I would have found your solution to be good and included some good set plays for corner kicks...
  12. Tour2ma

    Why 49ers games is Browns to WIN OR LOSE

    dobie??? Made an entrance more worthy of Maynard G. Krebs...
  13. Not to mention that at least 6... and as many as 8... of these "Browns' HOFers" made their case predominantly with other teams.
  14. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    Arizona @ Cincinnati (-3.5) --- Sun 10/06 12:00 PM Prediction: AZ 27 CIN 17 Final: AZ 26 CIN 23 --- W/W Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (+3.5) --- Sun 10/06 12:00 PM Prediction: PTG 23 BLT 13 Final: BLT 26 PTG 23 --- LL/WW Cleveland @ San Francisco (-3.5) --- Mon 10/07 07:15 PM Prediction: CLE: 20 SF 16 Final: SF 31 CLE 3 --- L/L Well... that's enough leveling...