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  1. CIMO.

    Things to know

    Yeah, that would be my guess - assuming Brantley stays up. And pretty cool, Peter Gammons picks us as one of 6 "teams to watch" this season. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...sp&c_id=mlb
  2. CIMO.

    Things to know

    I meant to post this one earlier. Nothing too mind blowing, but a look at Acta and Belcher's pitching philosophy that's been paying off for some of the guys so far. Couple of quick notes... Talbot seems all but locked up as the #4 starter. Carrasco entered the conversation for #5 with Laffey and Huff. Acta says it's a "tie for first". Fausto's allowed 5 hits and 2 walks in 13 innings. ---- And an update - Talbot officially in the rotation, Laffey to the bullpen (I like it), Huff and Carrasco competing for last rotation spot.
  3. CIMO.

    Sleeper fantasy picks

    Yeah, I actually saw that guy a couple times in Arlington. Didn't exactly get a good read on him, but the bigness was impressive. One of those games was actually one of the most boring games I've ever seen in any sport. Chad Gaudin (a quick google image search shows why this is interesting) 1-hit the Rangers. Only the hit was in the first inning, so there was no drama or excitement about the no-hitter possibility. Just a colossally boring game between two boring teams. A lot of What a horrible waste of inter-league play. Not that that has anything to do with sleepers. I don't want to give away my brilliant strategies that led my to 13th place last year, but I will say to check out Fangraphs.com. Free projections from CHONE and Bill James.
  4. CIMO.

    Things to know

    Looks like Chris Perez will take over as closer to start the season. Hurrah. Good for Perez, bad for trade value, depth, etc.
  5. CIMO.

    Things to know

    More things... Russell Branyan is still dealing with his bad back. (3/10) Fausto and Westbrook are trying to make the comeback (3/12) Masterson still looking good. His changeup has been the big story of the spring to help him against left handed hitters. (3/13) Injury news (3/15) Mixed feelings on Carlos Carrasco. Sowers is out of the opening rotation race, Mitch Talbot is not. Talbot pitched 3 perfect innings today with 3 Ks and 4 groundouts, only 2 fly balls. And the bullpen...(3/15)
  6. CIMO.


    I haven't been able to see as much baseball as I'd like so far, but just as I turned on today's game Lonnie Chisenhall belted a double to right field. Our infield could be really good for a good while, with LaPorta, Asdrubal, Chisenhall and whoever plays 2nd. I'm hoping Donald starts showing us what he did for his whole career in the Phillies organization. He only hit .238 over the '09 season, but before that he was a top prospect. Has a career .285 avg and a .804 OPS. And he came up as a shortstop, could be the white Asdrubal. I hope Hodges gets a look, better him than someone like Marte at this point, but it's hard to see a real future for him with the Tribe.
  7. CIMO.

    Things to know

    I'm still not sure what I think of Choo. Good hitter with power, speed and patience? Sure. Superstar? I don't know. I'd love to see him take that leap to stardom, but I'm more expecting (and happy with) the .300 avg, 20/20 type player. As for more things.... Lonnie Chisenhall is impressing. He hit a dinger off Fausto, who's working on his mechanics against lefties. We might've finally found our next Kenny. After not being able to play 3 days in a row most of last year, Hafner's expected to be back to full duty this year. Again, the "real" games start Tomorrow, against the Reds. With Masterson getting the start, let's hope he picks up where he left off. In case you forgot... http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=290930305
  8. CIMO.

    Pos brings it again

    Good stuff as always from JoePos. Kind of on topic, I always wonder why it seems like people always want to reach for excuses to bash baseball. "I'd watch if the Yankees didn't win every year," "I'd watch if everyone wasn't juicing," etc. As if there's not sleazy backroom dealings and problems in all of the major sports, hell, the Cavs added three all-stars in exchange for Damon Jones, Sasha Pavlovic, Ben Wallace, and 30 days of Ilgauskas. If you think steroids destroyed baseball.....look at a picture of Dick Butkus (in his playing days), then look at a picture of Ray Lewis. Every professional athlete playing at the highest level is on something. But I think the main thing I love about Posnanski is that he realizes it's just a fun sport. You can watch it on warm, sunny days. There's a game on every night when there's nothing else in the summer. Every season, every game has its own storyline. And he doesn't worry about the other stuff. It's gonna happen in pro sports. Hoorah for baseball.
  9. CIMO.

    Things to know

    From the early days of Spring Training Russell Branyan looks to be the full-time first baseman for the time being. That would move LaPorta back to left field, and Brantley to Columbus. It's a shame LaPorta is still getting kicked around, but I'll take anything that gets his every-day ABs. Brantley getting demoted would just be a service clock issue, and most people expect him to get called up sooner than later. Choo is signed on with Scott Boras. Like I said earlier, Cabrera and Sizemore are now 1-2 in the order. The two pitchers out of minor league options, Sowers and Mitch Talbot, seem to be going in separate directions. Sowers is behind schedule with a sore shoulder, and Talbot is looking for a spot in the rotation. No real word on Hector Ambriz yet. Hector Rondon might be closer than we think. "Real" games kick off Friday. Of course, all quotes from Castrovince in some form. Hopefully everyone knows where to find him by now.
  10. CIMO.

    Weekend Notes

    I'm sure this will make some people happy... From Castro's twitter "Grady Sizemore told Matt Underwood of STO that he's moving to No. 2 spot of the #Indians lineup. Asdrubal Cabrera will lead off" ---------- I suppose the full lineup should be something like... Cabrera Sizemore Choo Hafner Branyan LaPorta Peralta Valbuena Marson Love the top 3, at least. I've always thought Choo would be a better hitter at the 3-hole than Grady. He might never reach 30 HR, but I love his blend of power, contact and patience hitting 3rd.
  11. CIMO.

    Weekend Notes

    Great stuff, Bean. Could use more Bryce Harper, though. And what is becoming a spring tradition almost as good as the Major League DVD, Castro's Excruciating Minutiae is back. http://castrovince.mlblogs.com/ From Sunday... Russell Branyan will be here Tuesday to take the physical examination that would complete his one-year, $2 million deal with the Indians. It's no slam dunk, of course, as the Indians are rigorous in their demands for such an exam and Branyan dealt with a back problem that sidelined him the last month of the '09 season in Seattle. But all reports indicate that Branyan has made significant progress with the back. How are the Indians planning to use Branyan? That's a bit of a mystery, and Manny Acta wasn't coughing up any clues. "Let's wait until everything becomes official," Acta said. "Then we'll answer all those questions." It could be that the left-handed Branyan and the right-handed Matt LaPorta share first base. Or LaPorta could go back to left field and bump Michael Brantley, who might be due for a little more seasoning at Triple-A Columbus. Or maybe Branyan bounces around between first base, third base and left field (though he hasn't played third since 2008 and the outfield since 2007, so that seems a bit doubtful). Acta has indicated all winter that LaPorta will see the bulk of his time this season at first base, because that's where his big league future lies. However, every time I asked Mark Shapiro about LaPorta, Shapiro said left field remains a possibility for him, depending on what the Indians do this winter. Keep in mind that LaPorta hadn't played first in his professional career prior to last season, and he was still a work in progress at the position at season's end. In a perfect world, who would be Acta's first baseman? "In a perfect world," he said, "Albert Pujols." Regarding second base, Acta said Luis Valbuena enters camp as the everyday starter at the spot, and he's interested in seeing how Valbuena fares against left-handed pitching in Cactus League play. "We're not in the business of developing platoon players at 24 years old," Acta said. "We're going to give him opportunities [against lefties]." Acta said Jake Westbrook, nearly two years removed from Tommy John surgery, should have no restrictions this spring. Nearly every member of the 59-player spring roster (Branyan would make 60) is already here, even though position players aren't due to report until Wednesday and the first full-squad workout won't take place until Friday. "I'm excited," Acta said. "For me to show up a week before pitchers and catchers report and to see [Travis] Hafner, [Grady] Sizemore, [shin-Soo] Choo and [Asdrubal] Cabrera on the field one week before they're supposed to be on the field excites me." By the time I arrived at the complex around noon local time today, virtually all of the players had shuffled out. I'm told it was a light workout day, with much more activity on Saturday. The big league coaching staff went into a meeting at 2 p.m. that was expected to last several hours. The Indians are wearing new batting practice caps this year. No Chief Wahoo. No script "I." These blue caps feature the old-school, block "C" in red lettering, with a red brim. Speaking of uniforms, if you're looking to run out and buy an Acta jersey, he's wearing No. 11. The No. 14 he wore in Washington is spoken for in these parts. It's Larry Doby's retired number. And today... As you may have seen on the Indians.com site, Jeremy Sowers' rotation hopes will probably take a hit because of the left shoulder inflammation he's dealing with. He said the shoulder gave him some trouble off an on throughout the '09 season, and he came here a month early to get treatment for it. Sowers estimated that he'll be "a couple weeks" behind his teammates in camp, which has to hurt his chances of a starting job. Acta estimated that Sowers will be "a week to 10 days" behind. Even if he doesn't make the rotation, Sowers, who is out of Minor League options, might have a chance of landing in the bullpen, though his stuff is hardly suited for the role. Still, given the expected problems in the rotation this season, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of the Indians carrying a guy like Sowers as a long man. Shin-Soo Choo says he hopes to participate in the 2010 Asian Games in November. If the South Korean baseball team wins the gold medal in that event, its members would likely receive an exemption from their two-year obligation to the Korean military. Obviously, that's something that appeals to Choo. He's spoken about this situation with the Indians, and it will likely be revisted at season's end. He'd like to get their permission to participate. Here's the full story on Choo. Top prospect Carlos Santana, who had surgery to remove a broken hamate bone in his right hand in December, said he has no restrictions and should be ready to play when the Cactus League season opens next week. It will be interesting to see if Santana's power is affected by that surgery this season. Jhonny Peralta's been around here long enough to know that players often get moved in the final guaranteed year of their contracts. And given Peralta, who is due to make $4.6 million this year, is in the final guaranteed year of his contract, he's curious to see what happens. "I don't know what they're going to do," he said, "but I want to be here. I don't know what's on their mind. There's nothing I can do about it. I'll just try to play how I play." Peralta became a father over the winter. His wife Molly gave birth to a daughter, Analise, in October. "It's a great experience," he said of fatherhood. Peralta still sounds a bit mystified over how the third base situation played out last year. "In Spring Training, they didn't say to me that I'd be playing third base [during the season]," he said. "Then one day in the middle of the season, they say I'm playing third base." Anthony Reyes, who had Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery and an ulnar nerve transposition surgery last June, said his arm feels stable and strong. He's throwing long toss right now. He's not sure when he'll start throwing off a mound. Reyes probably won't be a big league option until July, at the absolute earliest. Chris Gimenez raved about his Venezuelan winter ball experience. He left for Venezuela in November, just eight days after he and his wife, Kelly, were married. "I told my wife [going to winter ball] was our honeymoon," he said. "She probably loved that. ... I was a little worried about here down there, a tall, skinny white girl walking around. But everything went great." Gimenez admitted he needed the winter ball grooming time because he found his offensive performance in the second half last year to be "embarrassing." Gimenez is still being groomed as a super utility type. He's probably one of the guys on the bubble when/if the Indians have to clear a spot on the 40-man for Russell Branyan. Speaking of Branyan, I'd expect that deal to be made official on Wednesday, if he passes Tuesday's physical exam. It usually takes a day to process the results of those tests. Jamey Wright is roughly 9 feet tall, give or take a few feet. The pre-camp meetings the began today serve to let a player know where he stands coming into the season. Acta said he didn't have these meetings in Washington, but he loves the idea. "It's tremendous," he said. "It's a step toward building communication and making things clear to every one of the guys." The pitchers and catchers will hold their first official workout Tuesday morning. Position players officially report Wednesday, even though they all seem to be here already.
  12. CIMO.

    Branyan Signed

    An oft-injured left handed power hitting DH. I can't think of any bigger hole on the Tribe, eh? Maybe Shapiro can "Broussard" him into another good prospect. Or maybe they're still just adding LaPorta insurance at 1B. Not too exciting either way.
  13. CIMO.

    Shapiro Gets a Promotion

  14. CIMO.

    Shapiro Gets a Promotion

    Anthony Castrovince http://cleveland.indians.mlb.com/news/arti...sp&c_id=cle
  15. CIMO.

    Cavs pull the trigger.

    If LeBron leaves, it doesn't matter. Amare wouldn't re-sign, and Hickson would be in Phoenix. Jamison is a better fit for this team. By the time Jamison starts showing his age, Hickson should be ready to be the feature PF. The team right now is a legit contender for the title this year, and the next two years if Shaq and LeBron re-sign. In three years we'll look at the next step. No point worrying about it now. In the summer of 2012, when Jamison's deal runs out and this "contention window" is closed.....Dwight Howard will be a free agent. Just sayin. Be happy with where we are.