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  1. Daa Bears fans are having a hoedown selecting a 5th round value Corner in the 7th. CB CORY BALLENTINE from.. Where The F**k is WASHBURN?
  2. gumby73

    Stay at #49 or trade down

    No debbie downer here, cus White sits on top my board too.1)from what i count, 9 of the top 20 picks have a LB need, starting with Oak/TB at #4/5. 2) It may take a Xmas miracle to get White past 10.Den. 11.Cinn. & 12.GB /yikes imo!.Some help would be if 3 QB's go in top 10 πŸŽ… 3) Miami would gladly take our 1st round pick next year, loading up at QB crop next season. Sadly Miami sits at #13 tough. 4) The only dirt path left that i see for White, is the Lions sitting at #8 ahead of White's top suitors. For the same QB, load up reasons next draft.Issue is, Matt Patricia may pack his bags, after Day 1 of draft...Come on Detroit---Hear Me Roar!! 🀭
  3. gumby73

    Stay at #49 or trade down

    That's what's great about having some of the best talent evaluators in our FO.. If we are targeting the right position & Simmons?..Does the trade up ammo used to get to Simmons out last passing on Tillery/Dre'Mont Jones/D.Lawrence or Trysten Hill that very well maybe sitting at #49 or #80? not giving up a thing..a falling LB would grab my attention passing Pitt or Bengals..
  4. gumby73

    Stay at #49 or trade down

    A) the last few drafts, The Harvard chart seems more likely to be in favor. B.) Agreed..Than i'd agree with dorsey on 1st rd talent left at pick #17..Them some big words till outcome. Bogus if JD goes back up in 1st? stay tuned.. C) Call this crazy..But I see Ryan Finley growing into best QB value this class. And the Patriots will be the team to know better in round 2 or 3.. D) Happens every draft & mostly to high picked Wide Outs..Color me in, as DK Metcalf being that pick. Got Gordo explosion off line, not much after..
  5. gumby73

    Stay at #49 or trade down

    No team in their right or left mind wants to trade out of the top 10 this draft. Missing Game changing talent is the reason they are picking in the top 10, in the first place. A Prime example of "pushing talent down boards" is taking a look at picks 30 (Sony) thru 37(Braden Smith) last season..How would a top NFL LB in Darius Leonard look in brown & orange right now, with still picking Nick Chubb? Sure, thats easy to say now, but yes Dorsey could miss on a few.. I got my eyes on Oakland πŸ‘€.Pick #24 or #27. They dumped their player scouts, to discuss trade out options imo..Mayock could call Dorsey's bluff at pick #24? Or working on putting a deal in place at pick #27, pending who's there? Sure the cost is going to suck, b'ut who is there, is what matters to JD.. Myself?, trading up in 2nd & 3rd, values higher, imo..but were not the guys, calling those teams needing talent ahead of us begging them either πŸ€” Edit- the wife can't wait to meet up with some phone working friends she's never met in Nashville Friday..Dude's, I might be the lucky guy waiting to rounds 4 or 5 to even see a Cleveland Browns pick 🀣 🍺 🍻 🍺.....
  6. The Redskins still have so many remaining roster holes, they have sent a letter to the Commish to extend this draft 7 more rounds.. The guys at PFF have my sleeper jumping up boards. NFL.com has him now ahead of McLaurin/Isabella. Gumby goes back to his alma mater to find a round 4 Emmanuel Sanders in the 7th.. Thee REDSKINS select--WR DIONTAE JOHNSON- Toledo πŸš€
  7. gumby73

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    I think your right..If were talking Chad Thomas/Smith/Avery getting more reps? Vernon has no issue lining up at linebacker either..Any of them.Giants did.The LB Dorse picked up from TB, ain't no joker either. Let's Move to Simmons..Only 2 teams with Pro Day & Private meeting equals Browns & Colts. Private only-TB(PICKS-#5 & 2.7)/KC(29)/Colts(26 &2.2)/Mia.(13 & 2.16)/Oak.(4-24-27 & 2.3)/Sea.(21)/Texans(23)/Vikings (18)..2 additional teams just showed at Pro Day/ Eagles(25) & Jags (7 & 2.6)..Combined teams keeping picks would have to pass on Simmons 17 times that had visits..before the Browns pick at #49..I just don't see that happening with Simmons on field talents..and Simmons may not even be the name on the card with Dorsey
  8. if i win anything? send me a working' military watch as my gift.. Just this week, Da Bears had to announce the Retirement of a really good guy, I really enjoyed watching..TE Zach Miller..I also enjoyed watching this testy little prick play TE at BC.. DAA-Chick-go Bears select--TE TOMMY SWEENEY--YAnk Chowder College
  9. gumby73

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    Many good questions thrown at the Dorsey.Duke? LB? CB? Simmons? Trade UP? .Enjoy some Media card shuffling..
  10. While the commish grabs O-lineman i've never heard of πŸ€”..The Skins will gladly take the best corner left on the board. Because somehow, the Skins GM kept his job after bringing back a 33 year old CB Rodgers-Cromartie with 19 kids to play corner at FA pricing πŸ€ͺ..Thee REDSKINS select-- SAVION SMITH CB Alabama
  11. gumby73

    Regular Season Schedule

    most said to just get in the wildcard..far too many bananas to peel & hope not to slip on.screw hope.Go win the division πŸ‘ !!
  12. gumby73

    Regular Season Schedule

    really going to be odd, playing at pitt 2 weeks later..looks like The Road to winning the Division starts Thursday night with Ben in our house first..can we stay healthy, to the end of road 2 years in a row 🀞
  13. gumby73

    Regular Season Schedule

    got a football week in the land..Bills at Browns Sunday week 10..Pitt at Browns Thursday starts week 11...see ya there πŸ‘
  14. am no doctor, but that should reduce knee & back pain...if Bob Wylie taught JT how to fly? Top Gun may have a return
  15. gumby73

    Regular Season Schedule

    via ticket stubs..it's been since 2013, since a Sunday Home Cincy Win, to a TNF Home Buffalo Win.we sat 1st in division.Give me Pitt/Balt at home Sunday & Rams or Seattle Home on TNF & this Train will have rails 🀞..
  16. As the Browns future HOF LT, I would not want JT breaking down MG's film..That's up to the other critics & coaches to figure out MG on tape..I've hardly, missed anything JT has done since he has left as a player. And he certainly has done nothing wrong towards his former team nor players thru the media..that's #73..the segment named 'JT's film room', may get more clicks? but they all consist of JT mainly talking ball of past former match-ups..Now past opponents, such as Dwight Freeney/Harrison you will see more actual film..Joe's a class act & i hope he & his family decides to stay in the Land.. just saw a tweet earlier, that Phil Taylor still lives in cleveland..
  17. gumby73

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    Dorsey's pre draft presser is on the books for Thursday the 18th..Grossi is preparing for a big bag of rocks.. https://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland/post/_/id/6452/fact-checking-john-dorseys-final-pre-draft-comments-a-year-ago have not seen time of presser..
  18. gumby73

    2 Round 2019 NFL Draft

    At 1st look, I could see JD hitting up Gettleman again ahead of his buds at GB.. A) Simmons B)Love C)Little..I can also see the giants passing on G with Will Hernandez & Big Z at NYG's?..Maybe a giant right Tackle Darren?(or screw Shanny of Risner)
  19. gumby73

    Game of Browns - King of the North

    Every road gamestop except 1...Denver!!..Even the thrones hate the Denver Donkeys & Elway..great editing
  20. Greg Olsen can make this tiger a star at pick #187.. PANTHERS select--TE FOSTER MOREAU-LSU
  21. gumby73

    Building The Browns

    two no neck mo'fos..Eric Kush played college ball at a Division II school in PA. JD drafted Kush in 6th at KC..JD also let Kush go to TB a year later.. We ended up getting both Kush & Witzmann.. https://beargoggleson.com/2019/02/06/chicago-bears-3-reasons-to-sign-eric-kush-over-bryan-witzmann/ remember, we also have the OL coach now from GB. He's played against both in division. The more eyes, hoping on the better..1)Bears fan forums, were not fans of losing Kush 2) Bears player tweets, hated losing a great standup locker room guy.. edit--your guy DE Karter Schultz was signed at Vikes the other day..he looked good in aaf
  22. gumby73

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    A) trading up just to Rams #30 should cost #49 & #80,to the exact penny. to Oak another 80 points= our 4th #119 & 5th #170..B) getting to top of 2nd round with Zona taking #49 would cost pick #80 with Zona returning their top 6th round pick...Overall your losing next years 1st to Mia.& same 2nd & 3rd, with gaining the rights to the possible crop of...OT=Jonah Williams/Dillard..DT=Oliver or Simmons/LB-Devin Bush or White/CB=Greedy Williams or Byron Murphy/and a shoe-in TE in Hockenson..or stand as is? bottom line imo,Does Dorsey trust his magic words of "at pick #17 the 1st round talent value, comes into questions"..11 days away, a puzzle piece will either fit or maybe it won't..
  23. gumby73

    2019 Board Mock: Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Chocolate Laurinaitis is gaining Steam.. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/cleveland-browns-7-round-mock-draft or Tia has his application put in at The Draft Network
  24. gumby73

    2019 Board Mock: Day 3 - Rounds 4 and 5

    I myself PM'd woodrow yesterday to pick while he was logged in..Ignored..Move on without him