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  1. gumby73


    Adding to the PhotoπŸ’₯ Collection... Goes well with the Browns Como Elf cap. And Keeps ya warm on the windy Lakes... Bonus:: More Steeler fans will just simply ignore you πŸ‘
  2. No joy getting the Madden excitement from Troy Aikman.... But if I can get some simple Pat Summerall wit from Joe Buck... I've enjoyed both Buck's work & Congrats Joe...(i missed the whole tv thing..post praying to the bathroom gods...) Enjoy guys! I'm out with the fam, to a no net weekend on Lake Gaston, to closeout a 10 🏈 vacation ... read ya at Sundays kickoffs..
  3. gumby73

    Bungle Week

    Why you'd give Joe Borrow a solid chance in this league? do ya See Train car Engine #97 πŸ‘€ and he just keeps coming back for more πŸ₯Š Much respect young Joe Burrow..
  4. gumby73

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    we've seen excited newbie posters making new topics... Please, Save Us* & the Mods... and do them a favor? not having to merge them into one. KEEP THEM ALL IN THE SAME PRE MADE TOPIC... Lord, *it helps when your trying to find one topic for same Subject matter ... Keep them coming thou & Thanks!
  5. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    I get your frustrations πŸ€“..I seriously do..I find myself continually bitching at Sendejo/T.Thomas/M.Smith/Goodson & T.Mitch sometimes....But! Sendejo lead us in tackles last night.. Well..and, I keep telling 'self.. I'd rather see Malcolm Smith than TikiTaki"... Joseph is really peeking a nerve also.. am headed over to our ST issues?, but heck, at least Phefer is trying EVERY-body in the pool!
  6. gumby73

    The Offensive Line

    Sign me up for the washington d-front in 10 days.. let's see what we learned from week 1...stay tuned
  7. gumby73

    The Offensive Line

    Covered it Well ^^ Good post.. a dominate "I'm going to run this ball & you can't stop us" OL can win you games.. The pulling blocking schemes looked great.. even the pulling backsides got blocked.. Kudos Bill Callahan..
  8. gumby73

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Posted in tavern.. Mack Wilson/ Jacob Phillips/ Delpit/ Greedy/Kevin Johnson/ and sadly Billings opted out .... 10 days off 🀞.. let's get some back (toss in Njoku) we need to consider looking into faster closing speed at the Safety position... Moffett had a good Camp.. get him up off PS or get to lπŸ‘€king..
  9. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Christ.. was this ever a good pre-game post ^^... Your box of nails is in the mail Tia... Shout out to Chris Hubbard... Stick to the Callahan coaching path πŸ‘
  10. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    I was fairly well juiced by than .. did we end up scoring points on that tuggie drive?
  11. gumby73

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    bagels were 8 of 18 on 3rd..and 5 out of 5 on 4ths...glad to help...our back 7 is astoundingly bad..
  12. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    I was 8 of 12 eating hot Chicken Wings..8 of 12 to empty Landshark beer bottles.. and Enjoyed the heck out of that game... πŸ‘ Congrats Coach Stefanski on win #1.. still more work to do Ice/Ice Cube Baby !! OBJ's wheels with no deals is back! Good! Night! Merica! and WOOOOOFFFF !!
  13. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Classy choice #80...😎
  14. gumby73

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN #Browns INACTIVES: WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, CB Greedy Williams, CB Kevin Johnson, LB Jacob Phillips, LB Mack Wilson, DE Olivier Vernon EXPECTED LINEUP CHANGES: Malcolm Smith starts at WILL Terrance Mitchell starts at CB Adrian Clayborn starts at DE Chris Hubbard starts at RT anybody heard, on to why Jack Conklin won't be starting? Vernon out shock anybody?
  15. gumby73

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    This news just in πŸ‘€ were back to old school... Happy 100th Bengals Basic home white jersey is on schedule.. but I'd like to see them in their new 3rd jersey, all whites scheduled for weeks 8 & 12