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  1. gumby73

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    good news on Budda.. that looked bad... and we don't need ambulance cams out of stadiums Happy most for Matthew Stafford... He's really played well all night
  2. gumby73

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    Hate to disappoint.. but Since November, I've learned to pump the brakes on this drafts quality... https://thespun.com/nfl/nfl-insider-has-telling-comment-about-2022-draft-class most prospect boards start to take shape at the close of business at the senior bowl... Heck! Some at this point? Think the highest ranked Tackle in Evan Neal will play Guard in the NFL.. At Ease...
  3. gumby73

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    That fits AB's Round 1 & 2 good value picks ^^ In a browns perfect world πŸ€— Landry would need a 1.) trade-able dollar figure to be traded... https://heavy.com/sports/cleveland-browns/jarvis-landry-trade-chip/ (if not a obtainable dollar met) The article has the Browns fetching a third-round pick in return for Landry, who just turned 29. also if getting the 3rd? 3rd Round 65 Jacksonville 66 Detroit 67 NY Giants 68 Houston 69 NY Jets 70 Jacksonville 71 Chicago 72 Seattle 73 Washington 74 Atlanta 75 Denver 76 Baltimore 77 Minnesota 78 Cleveland------ How bout a extra draft dart before here for Landry ? ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WR/Edge/DT/_____ ? in top 78.... and still hold 2 picks in 4th... stress Perfect World
  4. gumby73

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    slimming on nickelodeon during 9'ers/Boys just got exciting 🀀 How on earth did Philly get to 15 points? 32f909a0d8a2d34d0418684714c9e563_w200.webp
  5. gumby73

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    I remember your posting as this exactly ^ ^ I also was 1a/1b on both.. Mayfield became my 1st round choice during his Senior Bowl. Bake's Combine presser just cemented him as my choice. Darnold saw ghosts...predraft.. I watched his same ghost, that refused to protect a football when in pocket panic mode... Guess what I missed? Baker has become just as bad ! πŸ˜• My largest Mayfield fail to see? He's cocky .. β€œI already know what exactly I need to work on and improve going forward,” Mayfield said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. β€œThat is the exciting thing about it, it is always a continual process of getting better and improving.” Mayfield added, however, that he will not hire a private quarterback tutor, as some passers do during the offseason.(Josh Allen has not been the same QB since working with Palmer's brother) β€œI do not need somebody to teach me how to do a three-step drop,” Mayfield said. β€œI can look at film and be critical of myself. Throughout this process, I have had people help me out along the way and try and take things from different people. Any time I am around somebody, I ask questions. Do not act like I have it all figured out. There is always room to improve and take things from there and there, but I would not say that I will go on the beach and swim through the ocean and try and learn how to play quarterback by doing that.” I'm I taking this, in the right way? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/27/baker-mayfield-says-hell-be-working-hard-this-offseason-but-not-with-a-qb-tutor/ What's his plan this off-season coming off surgery? To date... Alex Van Pelt is still listed as a OC.... imho...he's Baker's QB coach if he likes it or not
  6. gumby73

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Get your head out of your bung-holes Raiders... run to the dead zone.....than....than.... We'll pass πŸ™ˆ πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  7. gumby73

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    Found this interesting on ABs last 2 drafts, last week.. https://brownswire.usatoday.com/lists/analyzing-andrew-berrys-two-browns-nfl-draft-classes-going-into-2021/ his mid round draft picks? I'd agreed.. meh.. Harrison Bryant & Jacob Phillips might be his best? once again he's in position this draft with a extra 4th.. He's traded down once in 2nd to land Delpit..He's traded up once in 2nd to land JOK
  8. gumby73

    Free Agents

    PFF top 100 FA's.. Clowney just as our 1st round pick is lucky #13.. includes projected deals. that most take a 1 year deal.. (but, gm's will have extra cap πŸ™„) https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2022-free-agent-rankings-free-agency
  9. gumby73

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    Williams committed yesterday... can't say i don't blame him.. name a playoff team that could not get richer picking Jameson even after pick #18? not many teams are as desperate as us at the position.. I think we all learned a lot on how Berry handled the Shelton Richardson reconstruction... and I don't see Berry re-landing Jarvis Landry's either... I'm not against WR's in 1st & 2nd round at this point πŸ€“... (I'd be shocked if Metchie gets out of RD'2..but yes, I see what your seeing) I'm with you on Clowney & Tak... We've seen worse...don't go backwards at key positions Berry better know the cards he's dealing with...
  10. gumby73

    You're the GM...

    forever known as Twatwater.. from his draft days https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/10926184/teddy-bridgewater-says-want-play-cleveland-browns
  11. gumby73

    Kevin Stefanski

    This offensive play calling rankings was from October of 2021.. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/ranking_the_offensive_play_caller_for_each_nfl_team/s1__35857394#slide_2 Would Kevin Stefanski's, season ending play calling ranking fall above Pat Shurmur's ?
  12. also not a stupid 5th round pick? ? we have a new entry.. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/lsu-football/cade-york-lsu-kicker-announces-plans-for-2022-season/ York will finish his career as the LSU record holder for 50-yard field goals, as he was 15-for-19. York went 15-of-18 in field goals, broke a Tiger Stadium record with 56-yarder and went 39-of-39 on extra points. He was named to the All-SEC second team.
  13. gumby73

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    This ^^ with most mocks I've run or seen.. IDL in the 2nd rd. over the DE position? has a better look/feel in results...but... This class of 3rd rounders? starters? feels like a whole lot of back-ups 🀫 edit--Wide Receiver, Edge and iDL. Wide Receiver, Edge and iDL. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/LongFormArticle/Cleveland-Browns-The-Weekly-Mock-Draft-As-The-Offseason-Ramps-Up-180386822/#180386822_6 all was going so well, up until RD.3/4 πŸ™„
  14. gumby73

    One hit wonders?

    Taxi was a 1972 release^^ agree WSS released in 1979... Billy Thorpe