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  1. gumby73

    Does anybody know why Fells is gone?

    the texans TE's don't have to protect both Tackles anymore..Once they traded for Tunsil to play LT. look how the both TE receiving numbers have gone up..Former Browns draftee Rodrick Johnson plays RT for texans.(he still gets help).. Both Hue & Fells are from the So Cal area..Hue coached at Cal, Fells played basketball there..Maybe a conflict of leaks were a worry? FA TE D.Harris was brought in a week before Fells was released..when Fells was being shopped.. agents talk..Fells did the right thing for himself to get more playing time
  2. gumby73

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Shelton Richardson as a Jet had 4 carries, 4 yards & 2 TD's... (how did we get here anyhow? we need a tackle if not 2)
  3. gumby73

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    WAit!! what...You broke your Leg? 🤕 or Trent playing on a broken leg? Wrong Club? or bad uphill Tee lie? Golf Cart gone Wild?
  4. gumby73

    Rambo Last blood review

    good review WSS.. Huge Stallone fan myself & your correct on the 'too many guys' theme in the Expendables..saw this Columbus Day Monday.. a real enjoy, on a rainy day..
  5. gumby73

    Does anybody know why Fells is gone?

    I motion, we hang Darren Fells name right next to Tank Carder's name in the Browns Board ring of Honor...only falling slightly behind from getting the jersey Mannequin back from Schoolie & start hanging TE names after Ozzie Newsome back in the downtown shop window 😇
  6. gumby73

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    agree on Robbie to RG for now..but why d hell would the skins not demand Robbie as part of the deal to fill either of their tackle positions? Donald Penn is like 35 going on age 40
  7. gumby73

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    2018 5th round draft... 1.) pick 5.1, Kizer was traded to GB. Browns flip from 5.1 to 5.13. 2.) at 5.13 Browns select Genard Avery (at 5.1 GB took OL Cole Mason,now a 3rd team Center) 3.) pick 5.22 Browns received from KC for Cam Erving.. Browns traded pick to Pats. Pats traded pick to Oak. Oak. traded pick to Colts for WR Daurice Fountain... Browns 2 highest OL picks have now both been traded for 5th round picks...
  8. Always enjoy reading new post in here...this one ^^ gave me a college flashback of some fun food stuff we use to listen to... Really still miss the guy's food comedy 🙏.. Died far to soon, at age 50.. John was born in Boston, a year after myself in 64..Died outside of Pittsburgh (could have been the food) in Springfield, Pa.. after 44 pages of gameday food & recipes? Thought John Pinette may deserve a plate & a food laugh spot on here..
  9. agree 👌..and am not saying Greg Williams did not have some faults during his time here.he did. but before GW got here, we were the worse team to watch to even try to tackle anybody..That changed by changing one technique ..Take the axle (knee) or wheels(ankle) off the ball carrier..It's totally missing from this Wilks defense, imo. Week 1..Tenn. Back-up LT Kelly/No Luwan.. Week 2..Jets. No Darnold/CJ Mosley/Q.Williams, and a back-up Center played 20 snaps Week 3.. Full Rams roster Week 4..Ravens. No starting CB Jimmy Smith/No starting DE Brandon Williams- all starters on OL played for Ravens Week 5..49'ers. No LT Joe Staley/RT Mike McClinchey goes down & sits out 4th quarter. and did not play week 6 Week 6..Seahawks. No starting G nor LT..Fluker & Duane Brown were both out My point being, 1.) along with our tackling now taking another hit? 2.) Where the heck is big dollar FA's Richardson & Vernon on this vaunted starting front 4? To be fair to the refs? a 15 yard piling on penalty was accepted
  10. gumby73


    train? H, this dude'ette has been missing his MeN'strual cycle hand safety rails for 3 years on here now..Won't post of win, than tosses out his open Pamprin bottles when we lose..so please quit attaching his post...I'd suggest 52 becoming a Chargers fan.. he'd sell his tickets too... Seriously folks, we've been through more Sundays worse than this one... and were not alone, from what these nfl tv ratings say https://sportsmediawatch.com/nfl-tv-ratings-viewership-nbc-cbs-fox-espn-nfln-regular-season-playoffs/ thirty six players are new to this roster..And if were looking for a blame? Haslam's countless nonsense of blundering ideas season after season would be topping it... personally, i can't make any sense of blaming a squad that have been teammates for less than a year in this business..And can certainly play like it. And Coach like it. on Gamedays... Feels like a good time for Us against the World to get to a Bye week..and for myself, to get some camping fresh cool air away from football.. GuMbY OuT 🎤
  11. I'll get Madden, if you get us Shanny on his bye week
  12. i get it... but players are human..due to his angle of play, even a Cowboy player has no other choice..the book & refs need to let that play go, unless hands grab yoke of back of jersey..."we just can't let them play" is where this has gone
  13. gumby73

    Odell = Braylon

    the buddy coaching room..with his 2 buddies in his room... needs a serious look over 👀.. it's the same tape, of same patterns, every week..sometimes it's as simple as "catch the damn ball"..(with 2* hands, hotdawgs)
  14. Baker has a simple problem of.. a half yard leading receiver ahead to ball, is far better than a half yard behind...coaches don't make throws
  15. NFL...Save the Fed-X envelopes..Just send the "Were Sorry asses" letters by the box.. than simply f'k your replay system