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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I do.. it was when Greensboro,NC aloud the NCAA Basketball tourney..For some reason, Hughesnet booked the same hotel for training..Picture this in a navy blue 1 piece swimming.. with your wife & kids poolside good god! what a body on this one..ok back to Bake-her
  2. u r welcome^^^them damn russian spies love some Cal..(enter hallo emoji here)
  3. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    for some reason this may not upload but sounds like a consensus to me in KC? https://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article147284164.html than the new KC GM Brett Veach took C.Erving off our hands & not much better choices from there imo..I also think the Bills are slipping..
  4. Positions we need to cover with the 9 picks

    https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2018/4/21/17266424/tracking-the-cleveland-browns-2018-nfl-draft-interests Team Visits have ended? EDIT- add Mo Hurst to this link as priviate visit..(clearly the link guy must be a buckeye homer)
  5. 2018 Mock Drafts

    that pot sets up right for some good position needs at our picks thru 64..poor Christian Kirk has got to get out of that #22 pit of misery hole
  6. Baker Mayfield Thread

    welcome to gumbyland only thing I'll add is we play in a frozen field division. As our schedule will normally show those last 5 games in division will mean the most if Rosen..(at some time) agree,watched many..And more teams will pass on attitude and he could go as far as Miami or Zona..But with this QB crop, it could be a 2nd, 3rd , maybe even a 6th rounder that fools every teams evaluations? Vania White could spin the wheel of fortune at this point..
  7. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    I sat 25 years as my father's guest to his season tickets. He's alive & if he was not Red Right age 88 right now, he'd drag parade guest to the bar for a drink first. Than parting, he would kick them in the nutz threw the Goal post..still Scoreing Don C-ockroff style
  8. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    the hand size quote in the presser is Dorsey tipping his hat to other teams were taking Allen (won't happen) your confusing only yourself not listening..plenty of good stuff here to fill in your own blanks when draft begins..even some beach bums are welcome..
  9. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    or a Browns Parade..F' them & the Combine HS killer that had this running thru his Ipod as he took young lives..
  10. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    Two more developing issues from Dorsey's presser: 1.)This, more eye popping than the other,maybe. Trading or not taking your QB choice at #1? Since 1970, 21 QB's have been picked 1st overall.8 have won a SB.Three (4 counting P.Manning) are in the HOF.4 are complete Busts. Basically we have a 3 in 1 chance of getting a really good QB staying & choosing QB at #1. I'd almost bet there weren't 4 hyped up QB's like in this class in any of those years..2.) Taking a QB that fits into your already "Offensive designed Packages", may not get us the best accual QB in this draft? Taking the best QB than playing up to his best offensive skill sets may not need the red hammers to put square blocks into round holes..
  11. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    the process starts at 3:24..I find it as a process that most teams follow..but, Does anybody find it "Dorsey guarded" as the Coaches were only given a list of players names that coaches could scout at combine?
  12. Baker Mayfield Thread

    you can't steal this but your Frosting your cake before Baker'ing it..(NY/NY sits at #2&#3) but I do have white removable Duct Tape over my Man hell jersey till Draft day...MA YFIELD (tia won't let me hire Lincoln Riley thanks to Chip Kelly) EDIt- Some compare Baker to Doug Flutie..naaa.He's not R.Wilson, small hands and much slower 40. Some do run faster being football chased. Not saying he's Brees but Brees took a couple seasons to see the light. Sure I've looked. Brees at combine would be hand timed. Brees played 45 games at Purdue(BM=48)//Both completed 1026 passes, Brees 1678 attempts, 61.1% for 11792 yards,90 tds.45 picks,132.5 QB rate (BM=1497 attempts,68.5% for 14607 yards,131 tds. 30 picks, 175.4 qb rate)//Bress in school was 72.30 inches high/BM=6'1"//weight brees 213//BM=215//40 times Brees 4.85,BM=4.84//Bress hands are a inch bigger at 10.25.// 20 shut Brees 4.21,BM=4.28//3 cone Brees 7.09,BM=7.0//all in all some similarities are possible. Brees scores 28 in wonderlic.BM=25..can Dorsey pass, on weighing off the field issues to the safer Darnold or the head of class of Rosen?
  13. Browns Schedule Thread

    maybe some soothing music was required at start of this topic ..maybe plug this in first than start page 1 A.) Only leave it up to the Browns luck to draw the NFC South with 3 playoff teams coming off last season..B.) This league is no longer worried about all teams being competitive. It only worries about TV Ratings with competitive teams playing in them. Next, TNF takes the average taxi squad teams finding their most appealing competitive game (as Jets) and bronzes that turd till gold. no major injuries,some luck & a better rostered team should dictate if we have a coach..back to baby step 1
  14. Browns Schedule Thread

    Looking at what our next week opponents are doing? 1.) We get Pittsburg coming off 2 Bye weeks. one a long off season bye. At Pitts. week 8. Pitts. Bye is week 7.(insert flip bird emoji here) 2.)Playing week 3 TNF we get 10 days prep to go to Oakland week 4.(hey Chuckie, can we leave Hue a QB coach?) 3.) The following week we get Ravens at home after Ravens play at Pitts. on SNF. 4.) during our bye week ,Cinn. will be at Ravens 5.)Going to Houston(again) we get Houston on a short week after a MNF game at Houston with Titans. 6.) Week 15 on a Saturday in Denver on NFL network..beware of Flex NFL scheduling?... once again, somehow our schedule appears to carry more weight than the Ratbirds & Ben'sGals.. Go Browns!!
  15. Browns Schedule Thread

    The NFL might agree.. after bye Hue week.. 6 games remain with only 2 at home...Hue who?