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  1. gumby73

    Sports Injury Predictor-interesting site

    OBJ surprises me still as a low risk. Back in 2015, I always thought Josh Doctson was a better pick than Cory Coleman. Both fall in Medium Risk of injuries already. Both broke their hands twice..(i suck) but i knew Michael Thomas would be good in the next draft..Lots of this sports hernia surgery going around the league. Hope Chad Thomas is back by july 27th? https://caneswarning.com/2018/06/12/miami-football-alum-chad-thomas-miss-mini-camp-surgery/
  2. gumby73

    Shamus Winston

    sometime ya just gotta check them uber drivers for crabs too!🙀
  3. gumby73

    Pluto on left tackle

    Lmao! Ok ya got me clearing laughter tears here 😂.Come to find out, Desmond Harrison sat behind Donald Hawkins at Texas in 2013, who went undrafted in 2014. Small world.. Philly took Hawkins as a UDFA in 14, cut him to become a Brown next..Homo-town of Don Hawkins? from Memphis, Tennessee..my day is complete! 😄
  4. gumby73

    Pluto on left tackle

    good read WSS..maybe it's the coffee ☕ ? but I think am just old school? If ya want a LT? draft one & keep his arss there..Cam Turding never learned a single position but turnstyle as a draftable multipal position guy. Corbett my hope is, if ya draft him at #33 he's going in as your LT? right? Shon Coleman? the swing to RT was not great in stat book so lets go back & try him at his normal position at LT? Stop the carousel ride and drop me off at the saloon..I've watched Desmond Harrison ragdoll dudes in the minor leagues of West Georgia. I think if Harrison ever lines up across from Will Hernandez now with the Giants the gloves would drop at 1st whistle..Am off to check out why Harrison only made it to back-up status at LT at Texas? this better be good..
  5. gumby73

    Antonio Callaway

    Same concern I have here.Calloway played 26 games with his last real padded contact 1-2-17 in a bowl game Iowa. Started with a foot tweak in OTA's that compensated into a hammy pull later. Getting Cab on the field week 1 *un-tweaked* could make the ST play needed.
  6. gumby73

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    good post jig. NFL radio had Dan Labbe on this week. Labbe was the writer from CPDealer that wrote a article on Baker that makes Baker "no match for Tyrod as starter"(in shorts at OTA's). Labbe's real concerns is what he saw from Baker on 7on7's & 11on11's. Tyrod see's the narrow windows as he should over Baker. What bothered most, is that Baker would turn his back from his receivers trying to escape pocket & when he did Tyrod was far more athletic doing it. Labbe at end of interview than claimed Baker never saw reps with the 1's..While Gregg Williams threw the book of blitz packages at the #2's. QB's turning away vs. pocket presents comes with calmness. Baker at camp, might want to sit & watch tape of some of Kosar hits with Bernie..Baker has to win the job playing in the pocket. As planned, it does not have to happen this season with Baker. Honestly I think Dorsey watching Baker at OTA's turned into getting Baker some help rolling the dice on Greg Robinson..
  7. gumby73

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    Good call on Tretter https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-offensive-lines-by-pass-blocking-efficiency Tyrod at Bills had #2 help from his OL last season. Tyrod alone should improve these numbers just by getting the ball out QB's hands. With some actual weapons!
  8. gumby73

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    Great chart that tells the story. Thanks for posting it.That left side was strong.Now disappeared, with the plan of moving the right side numbers now to the Left. Just sounds plum crazy till live bullets start to fly. Hubbard from its'berg, should better those right side numbers. But it would not shock me if Hubbard gets a shot at LT spot? Ourlads put Greg Robinson moving to RT? Corbett also spent time at RT in OTA's.
  9. https://athlonsports.com/nfl/nfl-offensive-linemen-rankings By far a concern going into 2018 Training Camp. Browns maybe own one of the best starting Guard duo in the NFL? After that, it's all about "not being that guy" that lets the next play break down. Browns OL was pre-ranked last season at #2 by Athlon. Finished #14. That OL ranking fell apart, self inflicted and when Kizer held the ball to long. To the tone of 191 QB pressures ranking only better than Texans,Seahawks,Zona,Lions and Denver. Pass Block Efficiency of 77.9%..Run Blocking seemed Not* to be the issue if only Hue believed in that part of the game.The RB's were not touched before contact on average till 1.81 yards down the field.8th best in the NFL. Seen early OL rankings for 2018, projecting Browns anywhere from #12 to #20. Protecting Tyrod Taylor this season, puts this team in the best winning game situations. Your just never sure this time of year of the coming injuries & the next man up to do the job on the OL? But we have a large scrap pile of OLmen to sort through..
  10. gumby73

    Antonio Callaway

    did you see the routes Cory ran at Baylor? Calloway not slowing at cuts blows Cory away..sorry Fred but, them's NFL routes!
  11. gumby73

    David Johnson

    Why would Dorsey even consider that trade? A)why take on Johnson(pick 86) on 4 years of nfl wheels,looking $? B.)when Dorsey believes Nick Chubb(pick 35) is all of David Johnson on new wheels.. revengeofthebirds is really digging for a story this time of year ⛏️
  12. Kids got a blue collar work ethic that fits the land Tyrod talk at 8m 45s
  13. gumby73

    David Johnson

    Post,Zona is not starting Bradford or Rosen taking away David Johnson the only dependable RB they have.Check Zona's RB depth chart.(it's laughable) David Johnson will get paid. HC Steve Wilks came from Panthers? He a good coach that should do Zona right..
  14. gumby73

    Antonio Callaway

    https://waitingfornextyear.com/2018/06/cleveland-browns-film-room-antonio-callaway-strengths/ just can't see how C.Coleman is keeping a starting WR position over Cab..think joe haden has got any taller or faster Todd Haley?
  15. Baker faces off with Cow-Patsie https://thebiglead.com/2018/06/21/baker-mayfield-colin-cowherd/