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  1. Your Top 5 QB Salaries formulate the positions Franchise Tag...1)Jimmy G-27.5M/// 2)M.Stafford 27M///3)D.Carr 25M///4)A.Luck 24.5M///5)A.Rogers 22M.....Drew Brees & K.Cousins deals are to get done shortly. Matt Ryan looks for his deal in 2019 & Ben,Rogers,Wilson,Eli,Rivers in 2020..FA QB, Case Keenum played for a cool 2 million bucks last season N.Foles 1.6M (waffle house 2am..yes you too can have breakfast with Cyndi Lauper look-a-likes...just don't wake up with them)
  2. Tag, You're It

    WR Jarvis Landry..Franchise Tagged in Miami ..$16 Million Bones
  3. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    Honestly, most the Giants fans I know like back-up Davis Webb..Mr Magoo screwed himself again playing Geno Smith..seen reports where players like Webb also. Guessing Dave Getleman will leave that under his hat till draft day
  4. Were missing a steal in here..Tavon Coley is a beast..So yea, I may be the only guy that goes back & watches 0-16 game tape but that's not what am Watching..Gregg Williams needs a good swiff kick in the arrss..Not only did Peppers kill us from playing in a different area code. But Williams got caught with more sub package guessing he made it easy on QB's except Bortles. most opponents offensive plays were called at LOS with 15-12 seconds on play clock. QB was reading sub packages..It was rare but Shelton,Coley & Ogun need to stay on field. Expect Brantley to have a good camp..His last 2 games got him some playing time
  5. Options

    A)Chubb B)Fitzpatrick
  6. Doug Martin

    Doug "the muscle Hamster" Martin..AHhh No..Crow will swoop into TB eating Hamster. Than his 7M dollar contract..Crowell will sign in TB for 5-7M dollars in the blinding heat & clarring Sunshine..Here's a thought..How bout getting a 27 year old kid born in Cincinnati,Oh making about 900k..UFA RB Carlos Hyde back from the 49er bay. back to Buckeye Country? ka'pish
  7. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    All the Money won't matter when your 1-31..We stood at the QB plate 3 times & swung & missed 3 times & here comes 4. Why? Dorsey won't make the Financial Commitment seeing something in this QB draft class...1) Alex Smith--Chiefs recv'd a 3rd & CB Kendall Fuller..Dorsey offered a 2nd, either #33 or #35.Believe me you don't want none of our CB's but NT D. Shelton or WR J.Gordon could help your team. Smith signed a 4 year 94M with 71M up front. Dorsey did not want to make finance commitment nor length of deal. <<Here lies the reason we swing & miss 4 times in just over 3 months with Cousins..2) Jimmy G..FO internal turmoil..3) McCarron..Muffed Paperwork.. 4) Cousins..it would shock most now if Dorsey values Kirk over his guy A.Smith even in same length 4 year deal now..even if we paid 4 years up front.. Dorsey's plan of bridge QB's better expand further than Mc-Karen? Cause these draftable QB's are not ready..None of Them..imo
  8. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    https://nypost.com/2018/02/19/60m-in-1st-year-jets-set-to-creatively-pounce-on-kirk-cousins/ any team giving up 60M.. up front..is WINNING Kirk..
  9. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    More cowbells & this guy Nobodies leaving!!
  10. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    Moving it to Canton day 3 may not be a bad idea?. 1)it's never been done 2) Roger has seen the attendance in day 3. Adding maybe a new surrounding area,Football HOF with fairgrounds attractions.Hell, It just may work!!
  11. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    quit posting anything to do with CBS attaching Jason Fa-La-La Canfora name to anything..The guys a nobody wanting clicks..Were paying Kizer,465K,690K,915K & 1.1M if we get to 2020. Kizer was shown the turf due to Brock,Kessler & Hogan..Cut Them other 2 too...Gordon? Did ya see what we paid Britt just to leave? Gordon basic'ly cost us nothing to keep him this season..Can't a ford'a..Your A Joke!!
  12. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    Tony Grossi adds another ring to the ring of fire with his opinion on JT. trading down slightly on pick #4? or up from #33? becoming a real conversation ... https://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland/post/_/id/4713
  13. Why no meetings?

    each players game tape speaks for it self this time of year.(Rostered, Draftables & All Pending FA's) add in.. 1st the new FO has to know his own teams talent from tape. Next enter T. Haley, What's his game plan with roster pieces? The Draft Board is a scrabble board at this point.Targeting FA's that may fill in lesser talented (4 letter bonus score starting with F ending in K's) from board..FA's come before draft. Looks like the non talented F**K's in FA's may fall at CB's that have made some visits..The 3 Dawg K(n)ight's will be at the Combine with Players Agents of these "hey brute, Carrier my Pads" carriers. Have your #2 Pencil ready but don't expect The Black Knight Dorsey to show any of his true cards..
  14. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Am thinking most teams would have that same thought on Gordon at this time Flug. Not even sure if Chiefs would have considered Gordon in A.Smith trade to combo with T.Hill? Am thinking if Josh is still >WR< Josh going into the trade deadline this upcoming season. may prove to all teams he's a clean football Josh. honestly, i hope he stays a brown
  15. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    I decided to go under code name Gizmoe & got this.. & more interesting topics discussed https://www.brownszone.com/2018/02/18/mailbag-joe-thomas-future-qb-worthy-of-no-1-best-receivers-and-safeties-in-free-agency/