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  1. gumby73

    Price Increase

    Heard a Bills fan rant about his increase today via radio.. Does this sound that bad, compared to Browns tickets price hike? The Buffalo Bills are announcing their 2021 season ticket prices and they are coming with a cost hike. On average, ticket prices will increase by roughly $8 per game across the board, according to the figure released by the team, and for the first time ever the average price will top $100 per game. Here is the breakdown of the price increases: • 25 percent of seats will increase $13 to $19; • 46 percent of seats will increase $6 to $12; • 29 percent of seats will increase $5 or less. “The average cost of a general admission seat will be $82.14 in 2021, an increase of $7.68 per game. A club seat will average $253.96 per game, an increase of $10.48,” reports The Buffalo News. That’s still pretty darn low compared to the rest of the NFL. According to a team spokesman, that’s 20 percent less than the league average. According to the reports, 20 percent of the stadium’s seats are still $55 and under for a single game ticket.
  2. gumby73

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    Hallelujah ! For 2 years now, I've been turning the station on Dak's 'old & stale' new contract news..I never thought this would happen in Big D.. Good for Dak..Out played his draft slot to some serious bucks 💲
  3. gumby73

    Free Agent Tracker

    Million dollar suits running the place and they did not see this coming...
  4. gumby73

    Free Agent Tracker

    Starting to heat up... https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/08/browns-free-agency-terrance-mitchell-performance-market-value-future-in-cleveland/ Need to start seeing a few CB signings, to see where this new market value moves to slot Money Mitchell.. Hope he stays 🤞
  5. Here's a few results from EXOS & B.Marshall's fitness center tune-up combines... https://www.rotoviz.com/2021/03/2021-nfl-pro-day-season-schedule-results/ This just in.. DB's Eric Stokes & Kary Vincent Jr. are fast 👀... Denzel Ward ran a 4.32 Pro days continue Tuesday..Northwestern=== Browns scouts will attend
  6. I'm hoping for a Carlos Basham, Jr. breakdown.... Ian Cummings is a fair ACC writer.. imo. this is not far off from late January.. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/carlos-basham-jr-nfl-draft-player-profile-wake-forest-edge-rusher/ I'm interested to read, if he trims down or up? from Senior Bowl to his Pro day?
  7. gumby73

    Browns Draft Needs

    Everybody has a opinion... Vernon would be lucky if his knee is ready by next October/Nov. .. Some team may grab him in a playoff run in November of 2021.. I don't see a team making him a new deal offer just yet I'd hate the idea of losing both vets of our defense Richardson & Vernon.. Richardson is the trash talkin, prick defenses need.. When Myles & Vernon were both out? Richardson was the defensive leader grabbing the media presser mic... OBJ? ^^ You don't mean that (yet)..Until teams can see him back on the turf 👀...No* teams taking on that contract number in a trade giving up a 2nd on a dude walking around with a limp... Edit--Most restructures coming out? are adding more fluff years to a contract that Big Ben won't see..It's a GM tactic Berry could certainly use...
  8. gumby73

    Browns Draft Needs

    CLEVELAND BROWNS Change Team >> Salary Cap: 185,000,000 Player Salaries: 202,096,142 Dead Money: 508,602 Carryover: 30,400,000 Reserved for Draft Picks: 5,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: 7,795,256 ROSTER SIGNED PLAYERS Name Position Cap Hit B.J. Goodson LB 1,000,000 Terrance Mitchell CB 4,500,000 Karl Joseph S 1,500,000 Carl Lawson EDGE 5,625,000 Haason Reddick LB 5,600,000 REST OF ROSTER Name Position Cap Hit Odell Beckham WR 15,750,000 Jarvis Landry WR 14,753,125 Sheldon Richardson DL 13,166,668 Austin Hooper TE 8,250,000 Jack Conklin OT 13,000,000 Case Keenum QB 7,333,333 J.C. Tretter C 11,075,000 Myles Garrett EDGE 9,352,120 Baker Mayfield QB 10,569,130 Chris Hubbard OT 4,971,825 Joel Bitonio G 10,000,000 Denzel Ward CB 9,449,886 Kareem Hunt RB 5,000,000 Jedrick Willis OT 4,477,935 Nick Chubb RB 4,246,381 Greedy Williams CB 1,761,457 Adrian Clayborn EDGE 3,500,000 Andrew Billings DL 3,500,000 Charley Hughlett LS 1,145,000 Grant Delpit S 1,696,605 Andy Janovich FB 1,450,000 Sione Takitaki LB 1,090,219 Jordan Elliott DL 1,042,824 Sheldrick Redwine S 1,030,102 Mack Wilson LB 927,201 Jacob Phillips LB 1,022,591 Harrison Bryant TE 972,258 Ronnie Harrison S 2,183,000 Wyatt Teller G 2,183,000 Ryan Switzer WR 920,000 Drew Forbes G 892,334 Nick Harris C 858,662 Jamie Gillan P 853,334 KhaDarel Hodge WR 2,500,000 Stephen Carlson TE 780,000 Porter Gustin EDGE 780,000 Brian Allen CB 780,000 Montrel Meander S 850,000 Cameron Malveaux EDGE 850,000 Joe Jackson EDGE 850,000 Alexander Hollins WR 850,000 D'ernest Johnson RB 850,000 Robert Jackson CB 850,000 Colby Gossett G 850,000 Donovan Peoples-Jones WR 826,652 Drake Dorbeck OT 780,500 Blake Hance OT 780,000 Michael Dunn G 780,000 Jovante Moffatt S 780,000 Curtis Weaver EDGE 780,000 ACTIONS CUT Name Position David Njoku TE M.J. Stewart CB Tavierre Thomas CB Trevon Young EDGE Malcolm Pridgeon G Mitchell would only take a 3 yr. deal at 6M per I needed to slim more fat & went to sign TE Kyle Rudolph... but he was not there.. 🤔 their sims roster is missing CB-AJ Green/FB-Stanton & several PS players...🙃.. and I need a KICK'er
  9. gumby73

    Michael Stanley dead at 72

    Sad to hear the news.. Rip Michael Stanley 🙏 you done Cleveland well..
  10. gumby73

    Browns Draft Needs

    Yes sir! Ya can count on me 🤓.. Go Bucks! now back to defensive moat digging https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/29/browns-base-4-2-5-defense-no-more-4-3-joe-woods-lb-snap-counts/ Once Micah Parsons & or JOK comes off the board? I don't have a favorite LB to beat out the Bucks Baron Browning or Justin Hilliard... calling me a Buckeye homer sounds more legit...
  11. gumby73

    Browns Draft Needs

    did someone call for a homo? there's not a defensive position we can't take on.. But a starting DE would be a good start...
  12. gumby73

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    Party at @jiggins7919 House ! 🏡 ... Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero With the salary cap set to drop, the #Browns don't plan to tender CB and special teams ace Tavierre Thomas, source said. Thomas would've been a restricted free agent. Instead, he'll hit the market. Look for similar moves elsewhere. 11:00 AM · Mar 5, 2021
  13. gumby73

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    Elon Musk has quite a space inventory 🧐.... If in fact?, SpaceX confirms shooting off & landing a Starship SN10 rocket? It looks rocket'ish? not UFO'ish, looking up at it, in the dark.. 👽 (yikes! I've been spotted!) I don't think Baker would be reporting a meteor falling to earth?... but hey, it was a slow news week 🤓