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  1. gumby73

    Browns sign DE Adrian Clayborn

    have you checked out the motor on Notre Dame.. DE Khalid Kareem? .. Kareem has the NFL DE body type & long arms.. Once recruited by Bama & Michigan, ND played him at every tech on the DL. His stat-line improved all 3 seasons ..lots of utube film out there on Kareem along with a Andrew Thomas stalemate in 2019...
  2. gumby73

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    00P's!...she did it again. She played with my heart ๐Ÿงก. "got lost in the game"๐ŸŸ๏ธ... Oh Baby, Baby! (she's not that innocent ๐Ÿ˜‡) April Fool on me..
  3. gumby73

    Browns Board Draft Round Four

    Hi Brownies!! Kimberly the black Kitty here.The real Panther fan of the Gumby Family. Hope everyone's Family is doing well ..Gumby's working the late shift, so he gave me the keys to make the Panthers & Zona pick.. The Panthers need sheet say's now to grab a lard-ass Guard...Kimberly the Kitty is overriding that plan. Panthers select-- QB-Jalen Hurts--Oklahoma In Bridgewater, some don't trust his knee behind this OL nor whats behind him pushing the position.. finding round 2 goods, In round 4, gives us a positional Cat fight.. Keep Pounding !! Arizona Cardinals--select--- TE--Brycen Hopkins--Purdue.... cause whens the last time the Cardinals ever had a good TE? Go Browns!
  4. gumby73

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    1 year Vet Mini...300k... age 30 .. The Colts once carried the most cap space of all teams not long ago... they added Rivers & Buckner..and paid Castonzo & C Ryan Kelly.zip down to under 20M in cap left.. in the last week they have cut Pierre Desir, signed by Jets.. Colts also cut former browns BBC & Kai Nacua... Berry & Grigson may want to see if the Colts are willing to trade DT Denico Autry.. Autry is a run stuffer with 25 career sacks.. has a cost of 5M this season... than could go free agent from Colts in 2021..
  5. during some down time.. i sometimes still go back just to listen to Pat Summerall & John Madden..choice of game, most times did not really matter...they were so great at working off one another's thoughts, instant reactions.. For the life of me, I have no clue how espn thought Booger McFarland or Jason Witten were better hires than hiring ...oh let's just say..Joe Thomas !!... If I could make a announcer trade? I would trade Troy Aikman for Tony Romo...Put Tony Romo with Joe Buck.. thoughts? as it stands CBS-Jim Nance..Romo Fox- Joe Buck..Aikman NBC-Al Michaels..Collinsworth ESPN-Joe Tessitore..Booger NFL Network--Joe Buck..Aikman (but London games) If a announcer trade was doable? who would you team up? even trading Romo for Collinsworth may be a good change?
  6. gumby73

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    pick another..Blacklock became a Panther in 2nd round
  7. gumby73

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    that's a bad as$ dawg, i don't want to see anywhere in the AFCN..strong pad level hands, with good reach, that will break your hands off.. does watching Timmy Jernigan come to mind?
  8. gumby73

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    The White unie looks sweet...keep the traditional helmet but god please go back to putting the white bars on the helmet cage when wearing the whites... it can't be that hard to find approved white bars.. Visors pop!
  9. gumby73

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    FINALLY! i get a actual need to fall to Zona... Zona has 2 rostered RB's after Johnson trade.. K.Drake only took a 1 year 8M deal & C.Edmonds will be coming off his rookie deal after this season.. In honor of throwing tOSU & Yickie-gon corn hole bags...a few Bucks nutz friends will toast this one.. ๐Ÿป The Zona CARDINALS select-- The O-H-I-O STATE BUCKEYE's RB--JK DOBBINS Gipper..Your Up!
  10. gumby73

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    see post in cooking thread...I got church at Noon.๐Ÿบ.may need to send proxy to you...
  11. Sunday March 8th 2020...The last social gathering event of over 33,000 Monster Jam fans packed the PNC Arena in Raleigh,NC.. Have not Grilled a piece of Chicken since ๐Ÿ—.. It's been a LONG crazy 20 days since.. Noon Sunday March 28th... the Gumby Corn hole & Chicken Cookout will attempt to reverse the Chinese Curse ...
  12. gumby73

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    I pm'd 149 after panthers pick...but it was going on midnight...๐Ÿ›Œ.. and No! Woody you may not get pm's.I asked after working,, got nothing, so i deleted from wrong comment topic...so check the draft board during Cal poly board-wars... ..
  13. gumby73

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    Motown with Buzz Lightyear (and beyond ) seemed like the better pick .... but hey, at least Eason is draftable... and Gipper almost fired former Browns QB David Blough I would really need to r e a c h on 3 other players to make the Panthers wife happy...but Gum's rolling the dice on 1 of the 3 falling to Round 4.... This Division, now adding Brady, is going to score lots of points..Panthers could score, but stopped nobody..so i'll elect to sticking with BPA of need on trying to fix this Panthers defense up the middle.. drafted DT-Blacklock & LB-Simmons.. projected starters FS-Tre Boston SS--Juston Burris? ? The PANTHERS select-- S Jeremy Chinn--N. Illinois suiting Chinn up with a Tre Boston could be fun
  14. gumby73

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    was Calvin Hill ever on a HOF ballot?
  15. gumby73

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    I was at a Tarheel game & if this Owl hits the 4th round am interested..He stoned Stowbridge & Chazz Surratt most the day https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/matt-hennessy/e0XxpGLZ2F read Crabbs & Reid that nail this guy imo..any thoughts? Berry..Philly...Temple...