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  1. gumby73

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    All the good news.... And in 1 yesterday..I've read about A.) a former Browns, Tuggie Soldier with toys.. B.) Hue's TwatWaffle lover Adam Silver, banging Baker's Bakery for hurting feelings C.) than more of twatwaffle Silver, shining up some, Todd Munchkin & Kitchens can't Crayola color up a playbook....D.) All followed up by reading MKC's response to each 😂... Decided we needed a cabin lake weekend away with the kids.. A no Wifi weekend away from these media meatheads..Happy Fathers Day gents 🍻.. Gone Fishin" (down to rock bottom again apparently) sign is out..Read ya, Come MonDay 👍 Cheers!
  2. Well.. at least he's being honest..1.) Young Gator dubage lungs, failed his drug test, to piss away his nfl combine.. 2.) Hue with Haley hacked the rest of his lungs up in a meaningless NYG preseason game for more dope in his truck.. 3.) Finally, Maybe the smartest guy helping Callaway was Todd Haley? In Hard knocks, Haley told Jarvis Landry.."That kids got a whole lotta guts & talent..Juice ya gotta take that kid under your wings & help the kid be a star"...4.) Honestly, the first guy Freddie noticed & spoke out about to the media being in camp shape this season was? Antonio Callaway ..Maybe Landry could not practice, having to chase a Cab Callaway pre-training? Changing his diet, should help his soft tissue injuries that were holding Cab out of Camp last season..am really pulling for the kid, cause so many fail..He's come a long way in 2 years.. Go 🚖!!
  3. Adding in the Underdawg..it's going to be crazy fun to watch https://www.brownszone.com/2019/06/14/getting-serious-antonio-callaway-buckles-down-expects-huge-second-season/ 🚕 🚖
  4. I get comparing players, is sometimes a bad idea.But oh well, at this time of year. Not only does Landry catch & lead his team. He's no wussie when it comes to Blocking..I look at Jarvis Landry, as a Hines Ward player type, that players hated to play..Landry is inch smaller, playing a wet at best 196 lbs. And Ward was playing at 205lbs. Both would rattle anybodies teeth, disregarding who's body parts gets train wrecked..I'd even say Landry is properly playing these days with less protective padding than Hines was? I believe Hines took his thigh pads off first as a WR? Landry just finished his 5th season & Hines played 14.. At some point your football body will hit the preverbial wall. and That's my only worry about Landry. In the new pass happy league..Landry has 481 catches/5014 yards in 5 seasons..at the same 5th year, Hines had 330 catches/3888 yards..Ward ends up with a career of 1000 catches/12,083 yards in 14 years..Landry may not catch Hines numbers as a Brown? But he may catch Hines Ward's numbers playing 2 full years less..production equals money.. Edit---The NFL market has gone crazy (with suckers like us) paying guys like Brock OsWeiler 16M..I can now live with guys like Landry & OBJ's costing 15M a piece..Now if Vernon comes in playing like Jamie Collins 15M, getting up in age? Those are the meal tickets to cut/trade
  5. Ha, This writer, can take his mama's Bow tied wearing A$$ & get in line behind Cowturds...#udon'tmatter(writer lives in Columbus..Go be a Bengals fan 👉 get out!)
  6. gumby73

    Jags trade theorhetical

    Zoinks! am reading chit from april 🤩..How does Poe have time to find this stuff?... Does It sound like? The NFL agents have hit "the sky is falling" button, due to a *possible* league stoppage?(does your contract end in a year or two?cha' ching).imho, Ramsey is in* camp because Yannick Ngakoue, (who had like over 30 QB hits last season) contract is up at end of this season.He's sitting & the Jags cap ain't good after paying Foles.Ya may not be able to pay'em all? But ya certainly, can't win it all by yourself either.Players to Players will talk. I think Ramsey may have slowed his roll with the Jags to jump ship till after 2019 season? And pay me more money than..Or Else?..Getting Nick Foles can't hurt their offense with Deflip around..but his new OL might get him killed ☠️..
  7. gumby73

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    What grabs my attention is, "how many LB'ers will they dress on gameday"? the Wilks plan is to play 2 LB & a combination of 5 DB's..Feels like we should at least dress 4 LB'ers..Taki or Wilson could be sharing the inactive list?..Doubt Dorsey would want to waive either to hit PS? He who wins on Phiefer's special teams will be key..
  8. gumby73

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    That final play still hurts to watch...13:02 needs no commentary..1)tad earlier, Robinson can't miss that block..2) give it up to CJ Mosley for making a heck of a play..That some say he can't cover..Joel B. has Mosley's hands tied down..Then the cat strikes his hand loose in the only window Baker could take..I'd almost bet,Baker see's Joel but never saw who he was blocking?..Baker, clean in open space looks easy..He will need to make his money, finding passing windows with OL clutter..Commentary Romo?.. absolute defined Contradict,is his speciality no matter who's at QB..He does have his good moments also,imo EDIT--the play off u-tube feed is at my 11sec..Again Robinson blows his assignment, not knowing who to block, so he blocks nobody.It's gotta stop,he's 330 & not conditioned for the 4th quarter.Baker makes the young mistake of "it's 2nd down, live to see another down and throw it away" instead Panic a force.. here's the good but bad stuff, Baker kicked himself all off season..Makes the good into great, on what he does next time..Brady changes L's into W's on death drive like those
  9. gumby73

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    True..but would not change a thing from the top QB's we had to choose from.. Am not sure my Stretch Armstrong has recovered from our only reach in that draft..Sione Takitaki could be the reach of Austin Corbett/Chad Thomas? Or could be the stretch of Denzel Ward over Bradley Chubb? stay tuned..
  10. gumby73

    Colin Coward

    this homo won't matter either..just waiting on that plate of crow
  11. gumby73

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    not anything to go crazy about..but something Shelton Richardson also gives us from the inside is some 'playing angry' moments.Wilks/Freddie will have to keep him grounded at times, cause he will show his toughness on the field.. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/sheldon-richardson-12293/fines/ do they make Richardson's to play LB?
  12. gumby73

    Colin Coward

    Dutch, i'd like to believe this..but go find the one local media presser with Kareem Hunt in Cleveland. I wanted to truly poke MKC square in both eyeballs👀.. just to save Hunt from doing it.I get he needed to face the music...But not "1" single positive question about playing football again?.From noOne?.Just the same 25 questions, asked differently, on the same video seen. And the guy's trying his hardest to get past it..I truly hope the media can move on from this ANd I bet Hunt can't wait to play in a meaningless pre-season game..(Than re-called back to cell #8, to hear it all over again) Call it deserved..but at some point, our media needs to take the lead on letting this Go!!
  13. gumby73

    Player v. Player

    going there? Did you ever stand in football locker room? I think some here are missing a key value..There is a lot of blood,sweat,tears & friendships in that locker-room. The Browns took all the bumps in the road,developing Duke into what he is today..There's either something inside that 53 man room(mostly new) or above it, or both? Duke sounded like it was above the locker room..And your damn skippy the Media was going to question any player to that microphone that day..Baker handled it like a leader of that 90 man unit imo..Duke needs to air this thing out with the people that ill him..And I would not advise him to pick & choose from the other 89..
  14. gumby73

    Player v. Player

    I was excited when we took young buck Duke, coming out of the ACC from The U..I was a little concerned about a knee injury, that Duke has shown no issues with..What I didn't remember, was Duke was a physical runner that came into the big league banging his Head into everything causing concussions..If i also remember again? I think it was Ernest Byner that showed up to training Camp, showing Duke how to protect himself as a running back, running into the Big Boyz..So far, so good 👍
  15. gumby73

    Player v. Player

    What i don't get, is a lot of media reports have Hilliard now pushing ahead of Duke.That's not proven in pads..This is going to get tricky,but Dorse can control trade landing spot.. https://dawgpounddaily.com/2019/06/08/salary-cap-limits-browns-dukes-options/ Teams that have not started manditory camp,that i have read are Jags & Vikings need RB depth. Jets (were on list) but just signed B. Powell back, but new GM is now in place.If Gurley is still a knee concern? Rams, but i think they got no cap space..(6.7M)