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  1. Josh Gordon

    Gordo can't spell application Does he have a Agent yet? Last I read Drew Rousenhaus dropped him? Than TMZ reported, Josh with $$ issues needed a agent that trusted him enough to FRONTEND him Money$$?? Enjoy The Win Today(send the wife to fill up car 4th qtr.)
  2. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    CBS Beth Mowins--Shall we kneel in protest or find Jim Donovan on delay? https://nytimes.com/2017/09/18/sports/nfl-beth-mowins-julie-dicaro.html (fixed LOL) 1st female to ever call nfl game at Colts & CBS brings in a Nag..LMAO-somebody had to make this chit up
  3. Josh Gordon

    https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-nothing-josh-gordon-status-141111851.html decided on Crown Royal Game day & mailing Poe the purple bag for his magic beans
  4. Kizer

    It's his Homecoming Weekend back in Indiana....Go watch a good Movie
  5. NFL offensive lines

    Surely can't help.. watch Shon's back right leg or hand in dirt. It comes & goes & I'd assume JT has worked with him on it? Were scrambling around by design to pull the defense of what their doing & by Suggs 1 fist or 2 fist up we have told them what our intentions are..Kizer surely can't change the play call at 5 seconds on game clock..Hope to see it get better sooner than later..
  6. NFL offensive lines

    On tape, are you seeing any signs of tipping off run plays vs pass pro in pre-stance of Shon Coleman?
  7. Kizer

    If Hue does not Boner this up?...Leslie,Higgins,Duke & Dayes should have a nice day..Colts will more than likely throw most their keys at Crow imo..
  8. NFL offensive lines

    Jimmy the lucky 10th caller from Houston just had a brain steamer..Trade Proven T Duane Brown to Browns for JT & Jimmy from Houston will throw in a 3rd Rounder? Ya got any thoughts down there Tourma for these Texans-turds?
  9. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    Could be a slop-fest Sunday..Combined in 2 games Browns giving up 5 Picks,10 sacks,15 penalties,3 Fumbles..Colts=3 picks,8 sacks,12 penalties,6 fumbles..End of Sunday, Who's got the most feet left to shoot should come out as winner
  10. NFL offensive lines

    Time to kick some dead worms here..Literally this week I have turned off the NFL Radio Shows with the Bone Header callers that start with "Trade For Joe Thomas"..6 Times this week..Most idiot radio host start with "Trading to a playoff Contender for 1st Rounder". Lets take a look..Most would say this was a solid draft class in 2017,I Agree..6 of the 8 playoff teams Traded Out starting at 1.)#25 Texans to Browns for Peppers..2.)Atl. from Hawks #26 Tak McKinley..3.)Bills from KC #27 Tre White..4.)Cowboys stayed selected #28.Taco Charlton..5.)Browns from GB #29 Njoku 6.)Pittsburgh stays selected #30.TJ Watt (JT Wisconsin)7.49'ers from Hawks #31.R. Foster 7.)Saints from Pats #32.OT Ryan Ramczyk (JT Wisconsin)...Would you even consider Trading a HOF LT with NOT diminishing skills per PFF scores last 2 games with what 2 years? left on his contract.. Far to Early but Am like, "Not A Chance In Hell for any of them"!! #73
  11. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Your going against your It's "always about the QB theory". A. Dalton just got saved by Sampeese being Doltons scapegoat. You won't say it but i will, Dalton's lost confidence in his play/playbook since Hue checked Out. GB will have Dolton crying by halftime.Ben Mac & Noodles with Giants & Sean Payton's Saints Hot Seat is burning far more than HueJax..When you gotta QB & as a team you still suck..N.F.L-Not For Long..
  12. No, But I will tell Cal/Williams that Christian Kirksey got fined & a 15 yard penalty for a Shove that lead to a unsportsmanlike fine of $9115 after the play on Ronnie Stanley..Edit--Brissett longest pass last week was to a TE B. Williams (questionable) for 20yrds. Brissett took off 6 times for 22yrds,4 sacks,Throwing to a TE 9 times..Jack Doyle had 8 of them..TY had 4-49yrds with long of 16 yrds..(we got no Patrick Peterson playing on this team either though)
  13. Kizer

    "Huegottabelieve"/"Baby Steps"/"Trust me on this one"/"Hopefully will lead to success" https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/08/27/browns-rookie-quarterback-kizer-will-start-opener/105032476/ about paragraph 5..Hue"I think "It(Hue?)"will forward him the ability to run the offense as we move forward(?),which HOPEFULLY will lead to success" Edit--Does Hue reel in Kizer now after Ravens? HOPEFULLY>>>
  14. Am totally lost here now T Unless some team is jumping at our WR PS?..Sammy Coats, Kasen Williams,Reggie Davis all picked up at final cut-downs.(3-4 weeks now, all holding active roster spots).With at least some NFL Experience. Where are we with building any com-rod-ity with any QB?.. New additions must be lost in a confusing playbook including Saunders dance steps to line up properly on every down? Britt & Louis own the Playbook but imo neither can get open using it nor Catch a Cold catching a ball..Duke Johnson has been our best Receiver of anybody. With still no swing or screen action with Dayes either. C.Coleman goes down & we bring back Higgins & J.Leslie to prove we are over thinking the passing game? Am I close or can you Pin the tail on the Donkey///(JaxA$$)
  15. Josh Gordon

    All good up to here H^^the rest maybe some real Fantasy Football at best..All in the hands of the Harvard Hustlers..Really wish Josh luck seeing Week 17..no matter where this train may turn..don't see long term deals? but matching a few 1 year deals maybe? IF he even has the chance to open a Browns Locker-room Door again..Get ready for a 17 page'uurrrrrrr tread