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  1. No Penalties...

    Ogilvie never had a chance at loading anything..best we can do^^..Jags fumbled ball 5 times..we got on 1..one can't win without Offense nor ST's..
  2. Malcolm Young dead at 64 (AC/DC Founder)

    Sad,Sad loss for AC/DC 3 years ago just got more sad days ago..One of the best rhythm guitar men in the Music Business..Farewell & RIP Malcolm
  3. Stripper or Flounder we got Samuel with Adams..No Bortles nor James
  4. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Dilly Dilly!! We need more Whine
  5. Darnold vs rosen

    Rosen has the northern air zip on ball with stride location. Did not like the Rosen caught in middle of whine up on fumble..but Darnold in the damp north may fumble 40 times carrying ball downstairs with 1 hand,,sorry Gip, who knew Reggie Bush may still live in USC backfield?
  6. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Randy Johnson? The Big Unit DUUUUUKKKEE Johnson(unless of course Mayfield shows Mike Tomlin his unit from our sidelines)
  7. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Live eyeballs from bottom of stands,at rail 2 hours before kick off.(35 yards away? maybe),I posted somewhere that night,He's larger live than on TV,surprised me also).Lamar is thick above waist put after thigh pads he's scary thin below knee caps..EDIT --..My friends seats at NC State our mid level 41 yard line. The 2nd & 3rd Quarter I went straight to top of Carter Finley to see a all 22 live binoculars..Lamar would many times find single coverage receivers late, than relied on his feet or check down..My worry is, In a passing league next level? his only confidence was in his feet/RB's or 1 WR (Fitzpatrick?)..Still watching Lamar since NC State game.. He's a QB & we need 3 of them..
  8. Camp Benkert

    Well Tour We know Kurt Benkert very well in my hometown of Greenville,NC.. x-HC Ruffin McNeil at ECU should have never been Fired..Shane Carden might have been the one transferring? And HC Ruffin McNeil's OC at ECU?.. Was one Lincoln Riley..yea he knows Offense & now coaches a guy named Mayfield....https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/aac/2016/05/01/kurt-benkert-virginia-east-carolina-quarterback-transfer/83809154/ (right knee injury was a ACL) Benkert in his 3rd game at Virginia, broke school record for passing yards in 1 game at 455 yards..(could you image what Zay Jones numbers could have been at ECU?)
  9. There is no 'the process' with this team....

    Pythags this..In 2016 we clearly missed on getting WR Rishard Matthews from Miami now a Titian for 3 years at 15M..In 2017 LB AJ Klein goes from Panthers to Saints for 4 years 24M..Analytic Data is garbage when Berry & Grigson can't see pure on the field talent evaluations right in front of them.. at a steal for the $$ on a contract..The complete whiffs on field talent over numbers are killers
  10. Wide recievers

    Not a HOF'er..But a Foreigner "Dirty White Boy" drafted by Browns from Boston College in 4th Round...Time to do it again(the oldest jersey I still own)2018 draft canidates? Hunter Renfrow-Clemson or Austin Phoehl-UNC Enjoy the stiff arm at 3:57?
  11. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Great..Hoorta, you may have a new tag team partner not named Mitchell in this years draft..Gip, Matt Leinart was a lefty. Tossing dump offs to guys like Reggie Bush & Lendale White fattening up Leinart's stat line..Darnold is tossing it around, to as many as 8 players that are soon to be uber drivers trying to get thru school..
  12. Good on a Team Captain Christian Kirksey..(your other team captains..JT,Collins,J.Taylor,B.Colquitt)
  13. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    went back to look at what Goff/Wentz slotted at when Drafted? That QB dollar should be hard to pass on anywhere as a top 3 pick ..If were picking at #1 at a QB? Darnold looks to me, to be the safest bet with his mobility & keeping accuracy as a #1 pick..EDIT-Did watch Lamar Jackson live in Raleigh,NC..Just whisper No!! HueJax
  14. F-uck the steelers

    Hurry Hurry holds RB to block..1 Hurry RB releases..F Ben & Todd Hailey
  15. F-uck the steelers

    Heard it T..And it was a check out to a bell running play behind LG..Omaha Omaha got to be coming..Cheetah Cheetah is a AB push off