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  1. BrownBoB

    Could Hue be one and done?

    Jimmy will have no choice. What can Hue say to Jimmy to save his job? Maybe if he wins 2 of the last 4 games....maybe. If he goes 0 for 16,its over. Most of the fans won't want him here anymore either.
  2. BrownBoB

    Steeler Week

    That's right I said it. Getting this win Sunday could mean everything! They really could "shock the world". It would show the world that this Team still has some fight left in it. It's this game, not the last game of the year against the Steelers that we need. In that last game , they won't be playing all their players. With this win they could hold their heads up again. I hope the players realize how big this win could be! And don't forget....it's a HOME GAME!
  3. You GOP people really believe a man with no experience can beat the Clinton machine. You can't be serious. He never stood a chance.
  4. That first win will come. We will catch somebody on a bad day for them. They will think they can just throw their helmets out on the field and get a win. We will be fed up with losing and will take it all out on them. That day is coming. And it will happen as long as the players don't give up. Keep fighting guys cause every Sunday is a chance to get that win.
  5. Hey coach Pettine, What do u think , is this a must win game? Well for u it is! What do u see after a possible loss? You really don't have any clear answers to the teams woes. You have not offered any sage advice about the team as a whole. You were lucky to get the job in the first place. But here we are in week 5 of 2015 and you my friend have run out of tricks. You are in over your head. This game aginst the DirtyBirds will show if we have any hope at all. Your job is riding on this game. The teams we have to play after this ..........Denver, St.Louis and Arizona............nuff said!
  6. BrownBoB

    John Fox out in Denver!

    Yeah, Elway knows that the time to move on without Payton has arrived. Clearly ,he was hurt most of the season. He looked terrible last year in the Super Bowl. Fox did'nt show Elway the blueprint he wanted to see on what direction he would take the team without Payton. There is alot going on in Denver!
  7. BrownBoB

    Rumor: Browns to fire Pettine if Kubiak agrees?

    Nope W.W., ain't gonna happen after being put on full blast by the national media for getting rid of the last HC after just 1 year. They don't have the balls to do it again . But they will fire him at end of next season, watch and see!
  8. BrownBoB

    John Fox out in Denver!

    Getting rid of Fox is not gonna fix the fact that Payton Manning is an old broken down QB!
  9. A sucker and his money are lucky to get together in the first place! Poor fella!
  10. I'm still waiting for the Repub's plan for healthcare..............still waiting........still waiting
  11. BrownBoB

    Dick LeBeau resigns

    Let's go get him. Why not?
  12. BrownBoB

    Kevin Love OUT of Cleveland

    Man, there is no LOVE for the Cav's on this board that's 4 sure!