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  1. Rosen

    While I agree that Rosen is the best QB mechanics-wise and I think he is ready for the pros, the reason why I would not draft him #1 overall is the injury history. We have all seen how Kessler played before vs. after his concussion. The best passer in the draft will not help the Browns much if he's stuck on the bench, and we all know whoever the Browns QB is will be getting hit a lot. Would hate to give him the "Tim Couch" treatment and ruin his career. Whoever the Browns choose, it's nice that they can sit behind Tyrod without getting thrown in right away like Kizer was. Maybe, just maybe, this is the year the Browns turn it all around.
  2. Baker Mayfield is in play?

    Baker Mayfield is from the Big 12, but he was the QB that beat Ohio State's top tier defense. In the loss against Georgia, he still threw for 287 yards and 2 TD to 1 interception. He has done very well against the competition he was given in college https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/baker-mayfield-1/gamelog/ while you can say that for all of the top-ranked QBs, a big reason why I like Baker Mayfield the best is he doesn't have any one "obvious" red flag besides his height. With Darnold (who I think the Browns will pick) the major issue I have with him is the amount of fumbles he has lost/long windup, and with Rosen it's the injury history/the fact he does not want to be here. Cleveland QBs get hit a lot and I don't know if Rosen will survive if he is drafted here. Of course, my opinion doesn't mean anything and the Browns will do what the Browns do. Can't' wait until actual football season starts again.
  3. Kizer to the Packers

    why screw him? it's not like he left the team by choice. he was a rookie thrown into a bad situation here, not all of the losses were on him.
  4. Josh Cribbs hired as ST Intern

    great news for the Browns, finally someone who is passionate about this team who can whip these young guys into shape. I am beginning to get that springtime "things are looking up this season" feeling, hope the Browns don't ruin it by October
  5. Damarious Randall A Brown

    i had high hopes for kizer this year, i bet working with aaron rodgers will do wonders for him.
  6. Kizer to the Packers

    interesting move, hope kizer finds success there
  7. Let use our heads not our emotions.

    just draft talk while we wait for football season to start. It's always fun to speculate and try to predict what those zany Browns will do next. Anyway, my heart says Mayfield at 1 and Fitzpatrick at 4, but my head (knowing the Browns) thinks they will go Darnold/Rosen at 1 and who knows what at 4. I doubt Barkley would be available, I think the Giants will nab him and then use a 2nd rounder on Mason Rudolph (or whichever QB is left) to sit and develop behind Eli. Both Darnold (inconsistency, fumbling, slow throwing motion) and Rosen (i think he's the better QB, but the injury history is concerning + not sure if he can handle Cleveland) have high bust potential. Mayfield has his flaws, but I think he's the guy that can drag the Browns to victory if he had to. Ideally, Mayfield would sit behind Kizer for a season but we all know that at the first interception the pressure to start the shiny new rookie would be overwhelming.
  8. Sam Darnold's Interview at the Combine

    i base my QB decision purely on looks, and Mayfield is the most handsome of the bunch. Second would be Jackson, and Darnold and Rosen....yuck seriously though, go with Mayfield. He has the skillset and the attitude to drag the Browns to victory. Let him sit behind Kizer for a year though. Use AJ McCarron only in emergencies, Kizer has nowhere to go but up and I think he surprises a lot of people this season.
  9. Chiefs may be looking at kizer

    Would be good for Kizer but bad for the Browns. Not all the losses were on Kizer last season and he played well enough to remain the starter this coming season. His main issue is trying to do too much, which led to him making dumb decisions. I can't fault him for that since the Browns usually abandon the run game in the second half. He is very young and has shown good work ethic so far, I think he will be drastically improved this coming season and would like to see him start over throwing another rookie QB in before the rookie is ready and repeating the cycle of futility. I would love to see what Haley can do with Kizer and I'm not willing to waste Kizer's potential for a 5th round pick.
  10. (POLL) If You Could Only Pick One

    Mayfield at 1 and Fitzpatrick at 2 would be my top choices. Darnold would be my guess at who the Browns will pick at #1 and I'd be happy with either of the 3 names you posted at #4. Secondary needs the most help right now and the talent drop-off from first round to second round talent is steeper for CBs/safeties than it is for RB this year, and with Orchard coming back (hopefully) healthy the Browns are stronger at DE than at other positions.
  11. Cousins goes to.........

    wouldn't feel bad at all about starting Kizer. He did make strides this season and I think he'll do fine, a big reason he struggled was Hue trying to put too much on him but towards the end of the season there was definite improvement as Kizer stepped up to the challenge. I'll repeat myself here, not all of the losses were on Kizer. Some games he played well enough to win but Browns kept shooting themselves in the foot with piss poor special teams and defense. We already know Kizer can make passes in the NFL and can serve as the "bridge" until the rookie QB catches up, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Kizer evolves into competent starter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOLveks5nHI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LfQhLqD6XU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_rK6WLm9X0
  12. It's just the boring lull in between the end of the season and the draft. People will be singing the praises of who the Browns should draft/sign in FA until April. Once draft day rolls around, we can then move on to such exciting topics as "this FO blows", "we could have had..." or "this FO is great, check out our high draft grade" Stay tuned, this will be an exciting draft with the new GM and new offensive coordinator giving their inputs
  13. 2018 QB Class

    After seeing Haslam and Hue with McCarron after the Bengals game, my money's on them going with McCarron as the "veteran QB presence". QB room will be McCarron, Darnold and Kizer. I think Mayfield will be the best QB out of this draft but the Browns will be too scared of the Johnny comparisons to pull the trigger. The only way I see the Browns drafting Mayfield is if they trade away their #1 pick and draft Mayfield after Darnold and Rosen get picked at #1 and #2. The next question is, who's the starter? I liked Kizer last draft season and thought the Browns drafted him appropriately in the second round, since he was seen as a project QB and not an immediate starter. I honestly thought Hue Jackson's "just trust me" Kessler would be the starter last season but the Browns decided against that. The whole "project QB" thing went out the window with Hue putting him in and forcing him to abandon the run in the second half of games, a recipe for disaster for any rookie QB. I'm very curious to see if Kizer shows any improvement this coming season after having an entire off season to get it through his head that he doesn't always have to be the hero, just play it safe. He's already proved to be a hard worker and has nowhere to go but up. Kizer has also shown he's tough enough to play in the AFC north, he's taken quite a beating but managed to stay in games. Not all the losses were on him, either. He did well enough to keep games close even with the costly turnovers, and defense not being able to get stops/special teams doing special things ruined some of Kizer's best games. I'd rather see Kizer start over McCarron, I think Kizer has the higher ceiling and has the greater chance to become a franchise QB, not ready to give up on him just yet. Who knows? Working with Haley might just give Kizer the environment he needs to succeed.
  14. Radio Buzz

    or....it's all a clever ploy by the Colts. they'll convince the Browns they'll use the #1 on a running back and then BAM! once they have the #1 pick they swipe the Browns' top QB choice out from under them. It's all a plot for revenge for the Trent Richardson trade.
  15. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    I hope the Browns go Mayfield at #1 and Fitzpatrick at #4, but i wouldn't mind them going with Saquon with the #4 pick. I'd be shocked if he wasn't there at #4, but if not there are still plenty of good RBs to go around in this draft class. Haslam has made it very clear that this FO is on a mission to find a QB, if they don't use the #1 on a QB I don't even know what this team is doing.