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  1. Browns1216

    La Canfora..hue to be HC in cincy

    so many pre-snap penalties on the Bengals today. Looks very familiar.... if the Bengals want Hue Jackson as a head coach, go for it. Maybe Haley can become HC of the Steelers too 😎
  2. Browns1216


    Bernie Kosar as head coach Promote Josh Cribbs from Special Teams assistant to Special Teams coordinator Lincoln Riley would be good too but he has already said he is not interested in jumping to the NFL yet
  3. goes against the "heads up" tackling technique the NFL is trying to enforce. Both players are lucky to walk away from that hit with no injuries. It's frustrating when the NFL is so inconsistent with their calls, getting ridiculous now.
  4. Browns1216

    Fire Hue now!

    Bernie Kosar for head coach! Can't be any worse than Clueless Hue and at least he knows how to read defenses
  5. Browns1216

    Hue's Presser

    so with hue calling the plays last year, the offense went: 1st down = run up the middle, 2nd down = run up the middle, 3rd down = pass, 4th down = punt and on and on, with the occasional head-scratching trick play in the red zone that was especially mind-boggling because an offense that has trouble running basic screen plays has no business trying tricky stuff. With Haley, it's much of the same but at least the players are better and can actually execute occasionally. Today just sucked. Defense let Jamies Winston walk up and down the field, offense didn't start playing until the 4th quarter, special teams wasn't as horrible as they usually were, but the fumble at the end killed it. At this point, I don't think it would make much difference if haley or hue were coaching. both are in over their heads. So many stupid penalties today, players are out there playing backyard football with their buddies. i am pretty impressed that hue is still the coach though, not many can hold on to a head coaching job in the NFL with the record Hue has had. Would love to see Bernie Kosar as OC or head coach, he'd have the offense whipped into shape at least 😉
  6. Browns1216

    league is starting to talk about Bake....

    so now everyone is done comparing baker mayfield to johnny manziel? 😉
  7. Browns1216

    Browns To Name Baker Mayfield Starter Monday

    i certainly hope it's baker's team now, but never underestimate Hue "the QB whisperer" Jackson. Mayfield has definitely shown why he was drafted #1 overall, offense looked completely different with him in the game.
  8. Browns1216

    well surprise surprise...we still suck

    surprised the defense was still on their feet after all the 3 and outs the offense managed. long way to go but at least they have already improved on last season's record
  9. Browns1216

    Tyrod Taylor and the Deep Ball

    give tyrod a chance before ruining Mayfield. I think Mayfield could be a decent QB now, but he could be a great QB if he has time to learn the NFL. Plus, the Browns were in several games until the last minutes of the 4th quarter/OT. Tyrod gives them a chance to turn those close losses into close victories.
  10. Browns1216

    Greg Little

    the Browns should have stuck with Colt McCoy. It's a shame the new regime wanted "their guy" and rushed Weeden out there. McCoy was the better QB. Hope he gets his chance someday, still following the Redskins because of him. I raged every time Weeden would attempt a short pass, zero touch and just rifled it everywhere.
  11. Browns1216

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    Browns came close to beating the Steelers the first game of last season, if it wasn't for some spectacularly Brownsy special teams play they should have had that win. With a better team and an OC, hopefully that will give the Browns enough edge to eke out a victory. The same goes for a lot of games last season, they were in it until the 4th quarter/OT and made some stupid mistake that cost them. Remove those mistakes and 4-5 wins seems definitely doable. Offense and defense have improved rosters on paper, and having Joshua Cribbs coaching special teams is very exciting. It's nice to have someone on the coaching staff who is passionate about the Cleveland Browns, hopefully his enthusiasm will spread to these young players.
  12. Browns1216

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    as a fellow Hokie, I hope Tyrod lights it up and brings the Browns to the playoffs. I think the only way we'll see Mayfield is if Taylor gets hurt. I just hope we don't hear "Mayfield" chants after the first interception, it really messed up Hoyer's winning streak the last time the Browns had a first-round QB on the bench and started calling for him at the first sign of trouble. As much as I like Mayfield as a QB, I also want to see what Tyrod Taylor can do with this team and am in no hurry to throw Mayfield out there for trial by fire until he decisively earns the starting role.
  13. Browns1216

    Post draft W/L predictions

    i think they finish 7-9. i don't know what it is with haslam and hue jackson, but if he didn't get fired for going 1-15 followed by 0-16, i think he's here to stay. i'm optimistic that having an offensive coordinator will eliminate some of the bone-headed play calling we've seen in the red zone, and the Browns play well enough to overcome Hue's clock management and stupid challenges. There were multiple times the Browns came close to winning despite Hue Jackson only to Browns it up in the 4th quarter/overtime, hopefully eliminating bubble screens/reversals/fake field goals without a kicker on the field when the Browns are in the red zone turns those close losses into close wins.
  14. Browns1216

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    can you imagine how bad the Browns would have been blasted by the media if they had selected a running back with the #1 overall pick given their desperate need for a QB? The Browns had to use the #1 on a QB, no way around it. For once, they got the top QB in the draft instead of trading down and waiting to see who fell to #22.
  15. Browns1216

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    right, me either. It's like people saw a 6'0 QB, latched on to the Manziel comparison and never let go. Mayfield is older, puts in work studying playbooks, demonstrated his knowledge of X's and O's, has brought his team up to higher levels of competition, did not have a single WR he heaved it to and relied on to bail him out time and time again... i don't think the JFF comparisons are valid. I read about once incident where he evaded arrest. One incident does not make a pattern. As long as he can drag the Browns to some wins, I don't care about one incident in college. I also do not care about the crotch grab. Right from the start, the other team refused to shake his hand and was jeering at him all game. Can't really blame him for that, plus he actually has the gaming ability to back up his Sockiness. It's not like he's grabbing his crotch after every TD pass every game like JFF with his money sign. I'm just not seeing Manziel 2.0. I'm willing to have someone enlighten me if they can provide something concrete, not link me to some article blindly comparing Mayfield to Manziel because someone said it once and now everyone is mindlessly parroting it. Don't let facts get in the way of your opinions. Like it or not, Mayfield is on the Browns and I think Dorsey made the right choice at #1 based on Mayfield's stats, his ability to fire his team up, and his willingness to work hard to get what he wants. Mayfield is the QB the Browns need, someone who isn't afraid of a challenge.