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  1. Id say Coleman, Britt, Louis, Higgins and Payton were mistakes too.
  2. He got a 1000 yards here, with Sheet qb's throwing him the ball. We let him, Gabriel and Hawkins go, drafted 4 losers and signed Britt for more. It was not a good trade off. Our Wr's were crap then and are much worse now. 2 yrs later.
  3. Id say he's still better than most of our receivers and more productive AND cheaper than Britt.
  4. Woulda been better if he was eating skittles.
  5. Manzier

    Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    We took the top prospect this year. Now invent some bullshit to explain this.
  6. Manzier

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    He was at Mike Evans wedding to
  7. Since you seem to be worried about how much respect the US gets now and thats what this thread is. Are you thinking some more war will get us that? Maybe a little carpet bombing to earn respect? Build a wall? Close our borders? Kiss some more corporate ass? Bend over for wall street? Act like a bunch of scared pussies? You think thats how we get respect?
  8. You are the king of saying stupid stuff. Thats pretty much the situation.
  9. Have fun attacking your fellow americans all day every day. People like you are destroying this country by spending all day talking about people who are destroying this country and pointing fingers but not doing shit about it. Why not stand up and go do something. Get involved instead of sitting here all day every day complaining about what you perceive to be the other side. What a loser. Nothing will ever get better if everyone acts like you.
  10. So lets spend trillions more and go get those fucks. And kill a few thousand more Americans to prevent any Americans from dying. And a thousand years of jihad will end tomorrow. Idiots.
  11. A liberal? You're clueless. You cant stick everyone in a neat little box Cal. I just dont buy everything Im told and I try to seek the truth. And not from the most slanted sources available. Try thinking for yourself instead of letting some bought out politicians do it for you.
  12. Take my money. Take my rights. Take my kids to war. Just dont let the bad muslims hurt me please.
  13. You aint done shit your whole life. Pathetic loser whose spend his years saying yessir!
  14. I dont a shit what those fuckers do. When they come here we can deal with it. But 2 idiots in california are not enough to scare me pantsless. Bunch of fucking pussies afraid of some towel heads half way around the world. Fuck them. Let them pillage the middle east. Theyve been doing it for a thousand years. Not my concern. And not a reason for my kids to die.