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    how bad are things getting to be???

    Plot twist - it was the neighbors.
  2. This last pick for the Browns was one that I've had my eye on for some time. A player who sadly was hurt towards the end of this year, but I feel would make a quality practice squad stash to try and further his development. In reality he might be able to slide as an UDFA but some of the footwork and utility at times makes me think I don't mind dropping some type of pick on this. Though I feel he does need to work on his initial punch and anchor... there might just be something there in time. At pick 221 The Cleveland Browns select - Patrick Mekari, OL, Cal
  3. Ouch, that one isn't going away anytime soon. I'm actually on a cleanse from last weekend. It was rough and this body needs a reset after all the shenanigans.
  4. Wow. Mildly insulted with the quote marks but we'll let that go. Second, so many messages being thrown around here like eggs with a short order cook at a truck stop. I'll work on both right now.
  5. Sir.... today is the lord's day, thank you very much. Going to need you to slow the roll and let me ease into this third cup of coffee. Just fuckin with ya, I'm on the laptop doing bidness'.
  6. The Vikes are looking to catch similar lightning in a bottle with this pick. Hoping they can go the Steelers route, asking him to lose 10lbs maybe adding to the burst. At 209 the Vikings select - LJ Scott, RB, Michigan State
  7. tiamat63

    Mueller report

    WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!?!?!? Seriously, he's fucking gone man. I don't know what to tell you at this point. I also wanted Obama to stop bombing brown people in the middle east unnecessarily, but I sure as shit didn't get my wish on that, now did I? At some time frame the former President has to stop being "yeah, but well this guy"... I'm just curious when that will be for you. Especially if what you're offering is some type of retort to my comment (which it sure as shit comes across like one)
  8. BMI is a trash metric. I'm 5'11 190lb and considered fringe for being slightly over weight. And keep in mind im not 8% body fat like I used to be, but I'm no slouch either. It's just far to generalized a system to be effectively individually applied.
  9. Carter seemed to be a gentle soul. Not a good President... But seemed a decent man.
  10. tiamat63

    Mueller report

    Not a fan of redacted reports that are supposed to be transparent to the public. But it is what it is.
  11. tiamat63

    Regular Season Schedule

    Could very well start 2-0.
  12. JT has lost some serious weight.
  13. I shouldn't be laughing...
  14. God damn it, Flyin J. At pick 190 the Minnesota Vikings select - Jaylen Smith, WR, Louisville.
  15. tiamat63

    2019 Board Mock: Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Thanks for the kind words, man. Really didn't have much, if any time to devout to watching like I wanted to. I didn't finish my Yodney piece but don't see him as a day 1 or even a high day 2 pick. But Watson jumped off screen to me in what little I could watch. The eye discipline and ability to get depth to limit the underneath throws were the selling point. Edit: that site also had Savage as Browns 2nd round target. A player I took for the Vikes right after I nabbed Watson for the Brownies.
  16. Funny enough, this is exactly WTF an NSA word watch list looks like. How quickly we are to snowflake.
  17. With pick 189 the Cleveland Browns select - Oli Udoh, Guard, Elon.
  18. tiamat63

    I'm guessing fake?

  19. 3 years in Catholic School... Guess how many of those girls ended up single moms by 22?? Hint - a ton.
  20. tiamat63

    2019 Board Mock: Day 3 - Rounds 4 and 5

    Guest pick by a friendly of mine becase he thinks Duke is gone browns select - Alex Mattison RB, Boise