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  1. If I rolled out of a tunnel hearing NWA, I'd probably be a bit hyped.
  2. tiamat63

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    Never going to happen. In this life or the next. To date, the sources he has linked have been better than yours. Correction, at least the sources he has linked are real accounts and not whatever is in your head.
  3. It's a very pretty song, especially when done by the wonderful Aretha.
  4. tiamat63

    Not anything to get worked up about.....

    Oh well then that's just the prettiest girl at the bar right there, sir.
  5. tiamat63

    Not anything to get worked up about.....

    Well I've never Top Gun serenaded a girl at a bar just to get her to have a drink with me. But sometimes you gotta change up the playbook.
  6. tiamat63

    Not anything to get worked up about.....

    Consistently insult someone enough and it ends up becoming a game of who can out petty who. Turns out that the NYT just won this round. A collective *shrug* and a "oof" usually fits these situations.
  7. tiamat63

    Manziel happy to be done with football

    At some point in the next 12 months, I'll be lacing and buckling up the pads one last time. Stepping onto the field as a player... one last time. And I'm sure within every little moment, while I'm having multiple thoughts rushing through my head, the one consistent will be how I'd love to turn back the hands of time 20 years and do it all over again. You can ask anyone who loves the game of football, a true passion that is so very evident to all (and the microcosm of life you find within it...) will they ever be "happy" to be done with football? The answer will always, 10 out of 10 times, be a resounding 'NO'. No, I'll never be happy to be done with football. Which is why so many players go on to roles in coaching or developing future players. You take that small hole in your heart that now exists, the restlessness within your soul, and you translate that energy into conveying your love for this game to the kids coming up behind us. And in a way, you live your best days all over again vicariously through watching them develop their own love of this game and those they play with and against. I've always believed football to be the perfect vehicle to deliver a message to humanity, and LT said it quite well in his HOF induction speech, but to phrase my own words - It's a game of beautiful duality where you can find men with different backgrounds, futures, faiths, creeds, ideologies & skin colors, who set aside all those differences in pursuit of a common goal to find fleeting moments of glory achieved only through shared sacrifice of blood, sweat and even occasionally some tears. Football should be grateful someone like Johnny Manziel is done with it, IMHO. Frauds never last.
  8. Yeeaaaaaaah. I'll admit, that's not a good look.
  9. tiamat63

    Cam to The Pats

    He's a different kind of beast who, when a defense is prepared to commit to patience - can be limited and frustrated rather easily. Ever since that MVP season, his passing has regressed to pre-MVP form. Honestly, closer to the median of what he was tossing at. Think like... v Seattle in the playoffs. If the Pats are unwilling to put him in harms why by using his legs by design, then his effectiveness as a passer, while not anywhere near as limited as someone like Lamar Jackson or Tebow, tends to take a pretty big hit.
  10. tiamat63

    Cam to The Pats

    I really don't think it's that easy. Especially taking a typically sub 60% passer and placing him in an offense that was as complex and varied as NE's. You lose a great deal of potency exiling Brady and cutting down the playbook.
  11. tiamat63

    QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

    I'm glad people more towards our age (I think you're a few years younger than me?) are slooooooowly catching onto this, especially with Facebook. Our use of social media, at least the volume we consume/contribute... has got to go.
  12. tiamat63

    QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

    I barely have my facebook at this point and am incredibly limited with it (by choice) Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat... never cared for any of it. I honestly think there are compelling arguments to make that, as a society/culture, we are too* interconnected now. I think it's a bad thing to be far too accessible. I remember having AIM and leaving an away message before I would go to work when I was 16-17. Then I got my phone and texting was still pretty expensive, and even then the conversations were limited. People didn't randomly start conversations out of pure boredom. There was much more in-person interaction and far less social fatigue IMHO. (2004-2007ish would be the ideal time frame in my mind) I think it's contributing to stress, mental health issues.... a myriad of things to be exact. I don't think Humans are "hard-wired" for that type of daily, rather overwhelming stimulation. How many people do you know that take breaks from social media? Tons. Just about every person will at some point. I think this lends a certain validity to my theory that social media is inherently damaging to the human psyche' and that, much like physical or mental work, requires a vigilance in one managing their time with it.
  13. tiamat63

    QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

    These cases of interactivity rely not so much on intellect, but rather being adept and immersed in the subject. Or maybe it really is a generational thing...? Make no mistake, if I could trade all this bullshit social media and smart phones just to have Myspace and my Razr back... I absolutely would.
  14. tiamat63

    QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

    The issue with Q, is that, as Sherlock Holmes would say. "Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts" The largest of their problems being that when confronted with level headed conclusions if not outright denouncements clear as day, incredibly loose connections are then dog whistled to certain events either monolithic or nearly complete abstract in order to preserve the "aura" of the movement. JF and his posting style is about the most home grown example. It is an idea born not of truth seeking, but of seeking validation through attention to matters that can be rationalized when you remove the layer of negative standard in which the "evidence" is based upon.
  15. I'd say the biggest danger in this picture, avoid from possibly CoViD, would be heart disease.