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  1. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    At this point I'm not sure who you're responding to, because I sure as shit never said that.
  2. tiamat63

    Amazing grace, amazing timing, close call

    Well some good news. Godspeed for an easy recovery.
  3. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    So you're saying no kid that's a plus sized receiver should play out wide despite show proficiency there...? Right then.
  4. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Megatron would like a word with you.
  5. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    That's great and and all...while I get where you're going, I'm also not going to invest a rather high 1st round pick in a 1 trick pony. The kid need some serious polish and at this point I would think somebody would realize, being an athletic freak doesn't guarantee NFL success. Look at how many receivers have come and gone in the last 10 years that were athletic marvels yet Antonio Browns small ass is top 5 at this position.
  6. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Worked well for Corey Coleman.
  7. tiamat63

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Route tree is ....not diverse.
  8. tiamat63

    This might be baldwins funniest snl open yet....

    Eh, that wasn't bad. Wasn't hilarious, but wasn't bad.
  9. I can't imagine anyone releasing a statement like that when news broke that this might be staged. Which was about a week ago?
  10. Perhaps I'm not seeing the issue here...? It's really not every day a celebrity hires a couple guys to stage a potential hate crime. Naturally one likes to assume somebody wouldn't stoop to that level in an attempt to prove some type of (abstract) point. But here we are. And those that blindly took this guy at his word he has made fools of by his own accord. These were words of support a man not worthy of said support received. Like I said, he made fools of a lot of people.
  11. Not without precedent. Just ask Clayton Bigbsy.
  12. tiamat63


    I missed this little part. Let's not ask how - I'm fairly confident I won't be able to run this group so..... going to withdraw from the Browns/Vikes list. I'll look at something else. Apologies.
  13. Eh. She makes a good point in this regard - why does Amazon need a 3 Billion tax break? One of the wealthiest corporations in the world. I mean, we're about fighting socialism at every turn. What exactly would we call that little .... 'break' then? That having been said, AoC is the alt left version of Trump. Solid pass.
  14. tiamat63

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    Im just curious about the "open borders" Part. Is anyone who thinks not funding a massive wall automatically someone who believes the US should not maintain sovereignty and just allow whomever to come and go as they please? (Which is not what we currently have) I. E they would dismantle any homeland Security, border patrol, ICE, etc etc... Or is it just another bad label that is quietly tossed on when someone might have a fundamental disagreement?