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  1. Camp Mayfield

    Tebow won a championship and the Heisman. I'm Browns fan and a fan of the game first and foremost. I have no bias. I recognize Rosen has talents and traits that would both make and indicate his transition to being a successful NFL QB far more likely than Bakers. Plain and simple. I was accused of having an "OSU" bias against Peppers last year while praising another scUM DB in the draft. And that accuser looks more like an idiot every Sunday for saying that. So ease up on the B word.
  2. Camp Mayfield

    Clearly you're thinking of someone else as I've been critical of their moves based on analytics and the fact our 2016 picks were essentially at the top of their respective positions on PFF in a round by round basis. I.E. We passed on Michael Thomas for Corey Coleman and I could NOT have been more pissed off about that. And the moment we went away from that we took the antithetical approach and picked up some trash like Peppers. Yet another reason I could not have been more pissed off. Yet to an extent I understand the idea of taking productive college players and hoping they transcend. Doesn't mean I like it though. I appreciate their work when dealing within the confines of the NFL, but using the numbers game on the collegiate landscape then taking those grades in an attempt to project players at the next level simply doesn't work most of the time. Also, Rosen is arrogant. I'm sure he is - all great QB's have a touch of that, including your boy. Mayfield may have a better completion percentage but Rosen's ball placement on tough throws appears superior. Seeing as how I've watched one and am in the process of the second I feel I can say that. Can you do the same? Doubtful. Also the "emotion" Mayfield plays with just had him stripped of his captains title and benched for his last home game. edit: I'm STILL waiting for you, or anyone in this god damn thread to do what I did in mine. Give a video analysis of Mayfield with your own breakdown. At this point you have done nothing but rehash what I said was coming before this conversation ever began "LEADER, WINNER, HEISMAN, STATS, MOXIE, INTANGIBLES"!!!... that's it.
  3. Camp Mayfield

    You'll be alone with that feeling around April - May. But you hold onto those PFF scores bubs.
  4. Darnold vs rosen

    "Winner!! LEADER!! STATS!!"
  5. Took a trade down from 11 to 16 with Baltimore, picked up another second rounder. Missed out on Hubbard, but I think Tyquan would supplant Ogbah at our LE spot. Also went LB kind of early because I think Malik Jefferson could be next level when I was watching a couple Texas games. Only did two rounds but I might cry if this actually happened. Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 1: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA (A)Round 1 Pick 16 (BALT): Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama (A)Round 2 Pick 1: Marcus Allen, FS, Penn State (B)Round 2 Pick 11: Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas (B+)Round 2 Pick 16 (BALT): Jalyn Holmes, DE, Ohio State (B+)Round 2 Pick 32: Josh Adams, RB, Notre Dame (B)
  6. Camp Mayfield

    He must have stopped quite a while ago then. I remember him agreeing with Mel Kiper that Jimmy Clausen should have been the #1 overall and IIRC did a mock saying The Jags should take Manziel. I believe something about him "being a playmaker and good QB". It was around that time I realized the word "playmaker" was mainly horseshit and that there is a reason the FO turnover rate in the NFL is so high.
  7. Camp Mayfield

    Stats LOL. I guess Weeden was better than Luck. Is your accuracy comment based on completion percentage? If so I have a bunch of fun to have with your comments as Rosens ball placement, especially when he has to slide in the pocket, appears superior. Also as Rosen climbs draft boards you'll find im not the only one seeing this. Games won? Shmuck, Kellen Moore is on his way to being a hall of famer then. P.S. your crush on a QB with a questionable skill set and your inability to see that is the comedy. What did I say? "Winner, Leader, Heisman, stats, intangibles" ... to that affect at least.
  8. Camp Mayfield

    Unless you're basing this completely on stats, there is a large and clear argument that this isn't the case.
  9. Camp Mayfield

    Daniel Jeremiah? Thats good for a laugh.
  10. My first three picks would look strangely similar. I love Ridley and what he brings to the table. I guess the difference is value put into and where Derwin James or Marcus Allen will be available.
  11. Camp Mayfield

    Did you ignore the bold I posted? I'm well aware the Eagles, Chiefs and a couple other teams sprinkle in the option. Hell, I would too. But it is absolutely not the foundation, the very bread and butter of their offense. Even a good portion of those 'option' looks the Seahawks give aren't true reads. They simply unblock an end or in some cases a tackle, Wilson freezes them with his eyes and it's a straight give the whole way because a bulk of the time the defender is either flat footed or playing the QB. That is the only way to protect your QB in this league because running the option too much will get you cases like Mariota, Watson (though not in game) Kaep when he was banged up during the 2013 season, RGKnee, Newton and even Wilson himself. Though the latter is mainly from his trash butt Oline in pass pro. But the designed runs that are randomly added in certainly don't help. In the article you link it says the Eagles even use 'borrowed concepts' for some 'clever playcalling'. Not RPO's on every damn down. This ain't WVU and Wentz isn't Pat White. Wentz is a legitimate pocket passer and was at the collegiate level. What Philly uses is something to take advantage of his athletic ability to further stress a defense. Something to enhance their playbook and throw yet another wrinkle at you. That is completely antithetical to what Baker is. He is not a pocket passer so you would be once again structuring an offense based around something that quite simply hasn't worked with ANY type of longevity in the NFL, while praying Mayfield discovers his ability to be consistently accurate (not gonna happen), process reads and make smart decisions from said pocket at the NFL level. Sounds oddly familiar, doesn't it? Stop when you've heard this before. You're also going to find out the kid isn't athletic enough to consistently escape DE's and linebackers. Sorry, but I remember the very first true read we ran with John boy pre-season against the Lions and he was completely snuffed out. I'm willing to bet you time on this board that Mayfield's 10/20 splits and 40 yard dash are similar to Manziels. In conclusion, I'm aware Baker is a leader for his team. I'm not arguing against that yet somehow you think I am? You said Johnny wasn't a leader with A&M? There are multiple instances showing the complete opposite, that is what I'm arguing. I'm also saying that the 'leader' part is damn near irrelevant. It has become a watered down and over-used cliche' to justify liking a player with a spotty skill set.
  12. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Re: Drafting Rudolph, Mayfield, Jackson or Darnold at #1. Just so I can keep laughing and this franchise can fold eventually.
  13. Camp Mayfield

    What I just showed contradicts your post. His team saw him as a leader at that level and it's clear he had the fiery emotion to go with one . But here's another clip. As for using PFF to backup your assessment, that's completely fine but PFF scores from the collegiate level simply do not have a scale for translation to the NFL. I'm sure Tebow would have graded very well on their system. Unfortunately football can only be quantified by numbers so much before actual evaluation beyond that takes precedent. Also I'd love to see these elite offenses you speak of that utilize the RPO as the staple of their offensive foundation. Notice the bold there. There's nothing nonsense about what I saw, B12 QB's in similar offensive systems with similar builds, strengths & weaknesses. The draft and the process including all the games played before that are a resume' you build to showcase what you may be able to do in the NFL. It helps performing or at least attempting and showing flashes of executing high level concepts at the collegiate level. Or simply put, I'm not going to hire you over some other guy that has shown an ability and has some history and experience doing the things we require. Mayfield has had almost no exposure to those concepts and requirements. None. Scouting for QB's has become increasingly difficult so I understand it's hard to see through bullsh*t at times. Also with your calling the comparison to Johnny lazy, you've offered nothing in the way that refutes my points. You just say "lazy" and move on.
  14. Camp Mayfield

    Clearly given his actions on the sideline this past week, he hasn't. But you keep on keeping on. Btw for the Mayfield fans, I posted a full 1st half breakdown on the Bedlam game in my 'who have you watched lately' thread. Would LOVE some football rebuttals that don't include "leader, winner' HEISMAN, playmaker". Been waiting almost 2 weeks for someone.... anyone to do that. Your move.
  15. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    The A&M comeback made me not like Rosen. Not once but twice he made bad decisions on passes that should have been easily picked off. When you coupled that with the hype he had coming into the season I was turned off on what I saw. Though I admit it was a limited sample size. When I tuned in to see the USC game it was like watching a different QB. Loved what I saw and still do. The ability both Rosen and Benkert have shown is, to date, far more complete than Mayfield, Rudolph, Darnold and Jackson. So much that it's not even really close. edit: @Tour. Looks like we're agreeing on not just one but two QB's. In the same draft no less. Screen shot the Sheet out of this and make it the background on your phone. Might never happen again.