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  1. Neat little strategy - won't work though. I'll check back in a week. Don't burn the turkey.
  2. tiamat63

    Bid adieu to America first

    Me, posting more? Not so much. Also - it's called a PS5.
  3. Well...that will be your little secret.
  4. Good God... Please not that.
  5. tiamat63

    Bid adieu to America first

    Oh, no... you're not immune to this. The fact you entertain some of these Retards as much as you do will be forever beyond me. I checked some of the time stamps from yesterdays posts, do you even WATCH the Browns games without your phone in your hand? Christ man, I'll pay for the hooker - I'm not even kidding. Honestly though, without you these guys wouldn't have friends to talk to. Leave Cal and the bots to their hundreds of empty threads with no responses and find something else, for Christ sake. And Steve-O, should you read this, I double checked on my ignore list and yes - Tex is on there.
  6. @Tour2ma what's the situation like with Cooks in Hou? Wondering if the Browns break with ODB in the off-season, might we chase a vertical threat as a role player for this offense?
  7. tiamat63

    Bid adieu to America first

    Your threads are treading into a direction much like bitching and hyperbole as the rest of the geeks here.
  8. Oh and... please pay Denzel Ward.
  9. Lebron effect. Everyone lets Myles do their job when he's in. When he's out they play to a personal higher standard. Need to make sure that standard is maintained even when the superstar is lining up next to you.
  10. I guess QB sneak isn't in the call sheet...
  11. tiamat63

    Trump won in a landslide, and we have the proof!!

    An affidavit is simply a written statement under oath. Not too hard to find people to lie about those. Just ask any man wrongfully accused of rape.
  12. tiamat63

    Trump won in a landslide, and we have the proof!!

    You know what Fleetwood Mac said The Landslide brought me down.
  13. tiamat63

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Dear God - take me not my All Pro DE!!
  14. .... Clayton Bigsby reference in there somewhere.