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  1. tiamat63

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    Meanwhile I've already hinted at what JF and a few posters are doing on this very board and what more serious consequences it could be linked with. I presume you missed that part?
  2. tiamat63

    Jay-Z and NFL team up to woke us

    How the hell did you make it through the 80's hair glam then?
  3. tiamat63

    Leaving the Democrats

    To quote Stealers Wheel. " Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with(out) you".
  4. tiamat63

    Jay-Z and NFL team up to woke us

    Regulators is top 10 for me - all time. Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, Beastie Boys, Mos Def, Outkast, Rakim (personal favorite) Common, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill... all good acts.
  5. tiamat63

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    Just remember, even with lessons, it's going to take quite a few hours and several thousand swings to get to a play you'll begin finding acceptable. Everything else after that is a mind fuck of trying to perfect the simple things.
  6. tiamat63

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    Is it a push or slice? Righty? Try pronating your hands over a bit and playing the ball just a little more forward in your stance. Helps to slow down your backswing too. I used to have that problem. Wouldn't get good rotation on my swing and the club face would come through too open.
  7. tiamat63

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    Here's the real question - have you hit the "i hate this game" after missing a short birdie put yet? Haven't lived until you do.
  8. tiamat63

    If you're blaming video games...

    Most anybody won't find fault with a rock solid person whose highest commandment was to love your neighbor as yourself. Fault is found in Christians and other believers that have taken a beautiful concept, overly structured it, then damn others in Jesus' name. Like they have any grasp on the extent of God's judgement. Many simply wield the word of God as an extension of power over others. This is where the fault is found.
  9. tiamat63

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    Speaking of golf, looking at a higher end set of the PXG's that are the same length cut...? Anybody rocking a similar set of irons?
  10. tiamat63

    Sleeping on Ravens

    It's pre-season. And the last time we saw the Ravens offense on the field in meaningful action they were....anemic at best.
  11. tiamat63

    Israel bans Muslim congresswomen from entering

    Sluts? Sounds like the dude in high school that never got laid so he was just nasty mean to basically any and every girl.
  12. tiamat63

    I'm not sure this was a good idea

    Is Israel in America or does this ban cost US taxpayers? File this under 'who gives a shit...?'
  13. tiamat63

    Recession concerns

    Much like a QB, President received too much credit and will get too much blame.
  14. tiamat63

    Dems Threaten the Supremes

    Does Motown know about this?