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  1. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    13 pages in this thread and nobody has brought up that I charted RB 1's in a Hue offense (going back to Oakland) average on 14cpg. My personal belief on Barkley aside - whomever would advocate for him being a top 5 pick... can you justify the Browns taking him knowing how criminally underused running backs are under our current HC?
  2. I fail to see at all where I've tip-toed around any issue. But to answer your question, it would echo the things DH said. Given the amount of red flags these shooters raise with their social media use I wonder if that could somehow be reviewed as well. Granted the phrase 'slippery slope' comes to mind. As for your follow up question - I asked that very same one to a co-worked. She's orginally from Nigeria, total sweetheart and can't wrap her head around civilians being able to own weapons. She uses the phrase "assault weapons" because, of course, she has no idea what that even means. Basically admitted she would feel a giant sense of relief if AR's were banned. To which, almost word for word I asked "so when this happens again, and it will, will you ban the shotguns and handguns next?". Because clearly she is content with the AR's somehow being the problem. Finally - simply because I recognize a device for what it was created for doesn't preclude me from owning one or believing In responsible use. In fact I feel that makes me respect the item even more. Guns aren't toys or a joking matter.... that satisfy your question?
  3. They're meant to main or kill - the target is irrelavent and then the 'innocence' pov is left to whom is holding the weapon. That's not to say vehicles can't and haven't caused serious harm... but generally that's why it's called an accident. By the way do I have to put the disclaimer I own 4 guns this way I don't hear the "lib, leftist, anti gun anti 2nd amendment" cowpoop because of just relating some things or should I be ok from being mis-quoted by the locals? (Not including you, Steve)
  4. Oh I'm not arguing in favor or against either way - simply playing devils advocate. I do also recognize the difference between the intention of a vehicle and the intention of a gun. That's not to say both can't be used for great evil, but only one wasn't designed with the purpose of harm.
  5. It's I'm not thinking... and I know you intentionally left them out. Which is why I got a nice little laugh of it.
  6. I see you've left one (big one) out...
  7. I'd say there is a possibility in school shooting reductions raising the age to 21, yes. Keep in mind I say possible, no guarantee.
  8. 18 was just something that didn't come to mind or....?
  9. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    Was talking about Chubb a couple months back. That would be even more of a reality should the Browns sign Cousins and we trade out of #1.
  10. Marcus Peters And Brian Cushing

    I think elite might be a bit much for Marcus at the moment.
  11. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    I don't believe it was a premium stat. Saw it combing through there lightly just a little while ago... I'll see if I can find it. And no, I don't subscribe to any football websites or the like.
  12. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    Interesting how high nassib ranks in run stop percentage of edge defenders. Though it should be expected at 6'7.
  13. Marcus Peters And Brian Cushing

    Haven't done my dilligence on Marcus. I know Oakland would probably be willing to offer something pretty high and I don't think I'd be ok matching that. Mainly because I know Peters would like to go back home and there's no way KC is willing to part with an upper tier CB unless he's giving them in-house issues or simply can't clear the cap room. But if youre putting a gun to my head and asking me to answer now? I'm not giving up a 1st.
  14. Marcus Peters And Brian Cushing

    Pretty sure Williams is on record as saying Danny was a player he wanted to draft. Also, by the numbers, our run defense is better when he's on the field - that much cannot be argued. Would I be interested in Peters? If this team had the top/down leadership and structure we crave, then yes I would. Only if he's used as an on-ball CB though. Kid doesn't have the hips or speed to play off. Go ahead and ask Amari Cooper...
  15. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    Which is different from any other time.... how?