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  1. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Putting it in caps doesn't really make it true. Also, maybe I should go poll those PLAYERS on what makes a REAL AMERICAN. Since we're talking about topics that are subjective in nature. Think you'd like to see that one as well and would honor the resulting opinions of said NFL players? Or should we discount certain poll topics? Players are paid either way and, while not like any job on Earth, still have a job to do. Regardless of how intense they view the fanship. edit: Point being - if you can still find it in yourself to invest in this team, financially and/or emotionally - nobody can tarnish your fan card.
  2. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Either of you boys season ticket holders? Seeing as how it appears a good lot of the parade go-ers were - not sure it's entirely right to question "fanhood" here.
  3. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Herd mentality is what I got out of that.
  4. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Dropping one spot? Eh. Dropping 8 in the first? Better get me more than a 1st next year.
  5. Tour's 2018 All Sleeper Team: Offense

    More than just his physical mechanics, I like Kurt because he has flashed high level traits as well between the ears. More so than some of the other 'Top' QB names in this draft. I maintain that had he beat Miami or at minimum went to a more renowned P5 school then he would be talked about as a potential 1st round pick. If we opt for Mayfield I believe we should look at Kurt mid round. I think he would win a head to head QB battle as a rookie over any of those guys not name Rosen.
  6. Unless homeboys brain comes back like Billy Bob's from Varsity Blues then I'm not gonna buy any other reason.
  7. Taking anyone other than Rosen is just making life harder on yourself than it has to be.
  8. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    That's my fault for the confusio. I presume when talking about the 2007 draft and the Browns it would have been obvious.
  9. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    Quinn there, champ.
  10. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    Can't hate them for that. I wanted Troy. Granted not first round but I liked him more than Brady. A Cleveland boy that wanted to stay home and wasn't an off field distraction? Yes please.
  11. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    Shmuck the fans. 90% of them WANTED Johnny.
  12. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Waiting on Cal's input here...
  13. The rapture may be coming on April 23, 2018

    Before The Avengers comes out?!? Oh no you motherShmucking will NOT.
  14. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Another great example (or terrible depending on how you phrase it) is @ 4:20 in that same game about understanding what he see's post snap. Initial look you have what appears to be a 0- man pressure the whole way. It's a nice move by the Broncos but it isn't like it's disguised so well like you can't see what is happening after the ball is in play. In this instance, as a QB, should this be a 6 man pressure and that both backers are coming at me, the OLB is unblocked thus is the one you're responsible for reading and throwing hot. That has to be in the back of your mind. Oline is going to worry about bottling up the interior stuff first and making the guy farthest outside get to your QB. So you know have man across the board - a trend that Boise State had shown all game and you get a double move with your boundary #2 who gets matched on a safety. This is purely by design and great work done by the coaching staff to attack man coverage. The big responsibilities JA has here is 1 - identifying pressure... gotta make sure you have time to push the ball vertical; and 2 - identifying where the safety is should the backers not attack. You cannot float this ball up without the latter most especially, you simply cannot do it. The MIKE is sitting hard in the A gap so I'm really not too worried about him affecting where the vertical threat will go. I still see man the whole way. Just need to know if he's shooting a gap. At the snap the OLB fly's to the field side #2 and the FS covering him rotates hard to center field, the MIKE immediately backs out and plays a middle field read. Granted seeing Boise St. defenders is a bitch on that turf - their unis and the field color are a gimmick that the NCAA simply shouldn't allow, but I digress. To their credit it's a good design and a great bait drawn up by the Boise coaches. But Allen's eyes again, NEVER leave his man. They don't look for a defender, they don't even check the interior or possible edge pressure. Cherry on top, you pump fake at your intended target and you STILL haven't checked the safety. Even then without the safety it's a ball that never would have been completed because it sailed on him but there is that issue rearing it's head again - when JA misses, he misses high.
  15. The Essence of Trumpism

    The whole thing is cowpoop and getting involved should not be what we do.