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  1. tiamat63


    The reason why you got a couple of the routes from Schwartz that you saw is because he's going to draw single. That was what he got when they turned him over to the safety on that vertical post-corner shot. He's an unproven 3rd rounder with a high-ish collegiate drop rate. No DC is going to throw a bracket, shade a safety his way. Yet... Be patient. DPJ and AS may be the future of this receiving corps.
  2. tiamat63

    Forgive me but....

    "No alcohol" means no open containers. Everybody drinks and smokes. You just have to keep the drink in an unmarked cup and you're good. The cops are cool there, they honestly don't care much about what you do as long as the beer is in a solo cup and you're not actively killing anyone. It's just marked no alcohol for liability reasons, I believe? And yes, it is the spot.
  3. tiamat63

    Bidens biggest threat to America

    Biggest threat to America? Packs of stray dogs, controlling major cities. Heard it hear first folks. Watch yourselves when out and about this fine weekend.
  4. tiamat63

    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    Starting off our drive the right way.
  5. Not sure how I feel about covering a +12.5 line. Had it been +9.5 then I might be more inclined to lay $. The OT situation is a bit of a mess and I'm hoping this team didn't get so high that they lose the excitement for game 1 at home. Plus Tyrod looked serviceable in that offense. I could see a 10 point win. Maybe 14 if the defense generates a turnover or two and Tretter is healthy.
  6. tiamat63

    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    I give you something badass like Rage, and you respond with.... Moby. Sometimes Tex, I just don't know about you buddy.
  7. Admittedly, petite dark haired girls have always been my thing. Bonus points if she wears glasses here and there.
  8. Turnovers are an issue. I can think of a couple questionable throws in the 4th myself. I can also think of a couple more that weren't really Bakers fault. Example- the game against Seattle 2 years ago with Wagner getting the pick at the end. Context is needed. But the turnover worthy throws need to be cut down and I'm certain under Stefs further coaching they will be. Everyone wanted Farve but sadly that's what you get. There are reasons I said I saw (wanted) more of a prime Jeff Garcia. He knew when to be controlled chaos.
  9. tiamat63

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    McDowell played like an absolute creature. If he keeps this up it may very well he Berry's best move personnel wise.
  10. When Carr missed it missed high. And during the early going forced quite a bit at Waller to the point that when he was open, Carr had seen ghosts and didn't find him. Raiders were very lucky to not be down 21-0 at one point.
  11. Alright so clearly you've never played DB. Good, when people tell me they know nothing it makes the ignore list easier to sort out. I don't have time for you fucking morons.
  12. Maxx Crosby might have some of the best hand usage in the NFL.
  13. tiamat63

    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    The Matrix introduced me to RATM.
  14. The half miracle half skill bomb to Tyreek. Browns in their dime look 2 high shift. ------------------------------------- The "shift" boundary safety inverts in a cover 6 to take away Kelce. I'm sure, without having read the posts, there are several well known whiny bitches about Woods on this board who complained. Well this is an adjustment that worked. The invert takes away Mahomes primary. Which is kelce on the out from the #2. KC LOVES running out breaking patterns with him to the boundary and they scored on one earlier. This was Wood's adjustment/answer to that. You'll notice coverage being "married" (as Romo says) to the pass rush. Instead of Mahomes being able to stand and deliver or at worst find his #2, he is now forced to escape and buy whatever time he can with his legs. ---------------------------------- This is Mahomes, running for dear life and using every bit of his god-given arm strength to Brett Farve this ball downfield and inside. Keep in mind, the offensive holding call on Tyreek earlier. It was almost the exact same play design except Mahomes flushed back further behind the line. It's almost like he hasn't met a threw he doesn't like. But I guess when you're that talented you can get away with it on occasion. The first one was almost picked, so please don't forget that. --------------------- The bomb Mahomes has ZERO choice but to put this back towards interior of the field. Why? Because Johnny J beat Tyreek to the outside and with the "flow" of the escaping QB. Football 101, NEVER Throw back across to the interior of the field. Where there are execptions to every rule and Mahomes just so happens to be that exception. If this is Big Ben it's a throw away, if it's Lamar it's a throw away, if it's Joey Buckets it's a throw away. Mahomes might be the only QB in the NFL capable enough of making this throw but having a couple receivers who can actually adjust. When you're facing any "normal" QB, Johnny J played it right 99.9% of the time. And if it's put outside as most QB's would attempt, then he gets a pick in his first career game in CLE. But it wasn't, because he had the misfortune of going against probably the most lethal QB/WR combo in the NFL. It's a fluky, lucky, incredibly stupid yet amazingly talented play. So as I said earlier, you really just have to shake your head. Because you SHOULDN'T see this sort of thing and outside of these two, you really don't at any level. JJ3 didn't get "toasted", "torched", "burned" or whatever stupid fucking adjective you'd like to toss out there. He put himself in great position and Tyreek just made an all-pro play. You win some, like we did earlier forcing the near INT - and you lose some.... like this. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, has anyone besides myself put in the work to further understand the nuances to what we saw with the coverage, pass rush and alignments we saw on defense? Or are you still firing from the hip and pretending to know what you're talking about?
  15. In order of bold - No, it's really not. Harrison saw red and likely just pushed back immediately against a coach. Fact is, the KC coach had ZERO business putting his hands on a player. If you put hands on me, you're getting it back. His ejection was over the line. - What bothers me most is your failure to delve into things further. I've already gone over what's available on youtube and when I have the all-22 notify my account on wednesday, I'll have even more answers. But I mentioned 3 plays Mahomes was forced to pull it down and run. Those 3 plays alone were because of coverage. There was a gameplan, sometimes talent and execution wins the down. - No, PM doesn't routinely step up in the pocket. Its has actually be his Achilles heel the past couple seasons. He's notorious for retreating back further and getting himself into trouble. - YOU haven't watched any further film. You're making that incredibly clear. torched? Do you want me to unpack this for you or do you want to trust me that you're wrong? edit: Fuck it, i'll just get ahead of it for you