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  1. I know the linebacker play sucks, but I'm in zero hurry to get Wilson back. Pretty easy to aggravate his particular injury.
  2. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Maybe not be so damn opened ended with your posts while leading off with how the praise on Burrow isn't warranted and you wouldn't be so misunderstood.
  3. tiamat63

    No Browns Today, so.... who ya watchin'?

    Hou - Balt Texans having a little pride before half and narrowing it to 20-10. But damn, Watson has not looked good to start the season.
  4. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Only, that's isn't what you said in your post. You said "they're scheming to protect Burrow". Which would probably make his night a bit more impressive given the lack of vertical options he had to deal with.
  5. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Getting Mixon going might be difficult with that Oline. You can scheme up whatever, but if you don't have the talent to execute those designs then it becomes a moot point. Agreed on the next meeting. They have some boys up front though - Reader especially. But without Geno and now a little older Dunlap, they don't have as much bite up front.
  6. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    He's 0-2, the first loss being a heartbreak missed FG and the other watching his defense unable to stop a 2 back rotation all while seeing Myles align across from him. Aside from being blasted into a concussion, pretty sure the kid has already had his "welcome" moment.
  7. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Brilliant analysis. So an offense that has issues struggling to pass block is highlighting their rookie QB's strength, his short and intermediate accuracy, by trying to get the ball out quick. Plus side, saving the wear and tear on his body so he doesn't end up like Couch. That's called good coaching.
  8. 87? Tough old bird hung in there. God speed to that next place.
  9. tiamat63

    The Offensive Line

    It's not so much that Teller has been mauling people, he's been rather technical in using his leverage, balance AND strength to beat bigger dline. His work on Pierce in the Baltimore game was evidence of that. Kid looks right at home in this offense so far.
  10. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Don't let the PFF grade from week 1 on Sendejo fool you. Those nerds have no idea how their grading should go sometimes. For example the deep shot to Brown by Lamar, that isn't on Andrew. You can't ask any safety to square up on a 4.3 receiver who was given a free release and expect good results. You're putting that DB in a no-win situation. The fact he made a TD saving tackle was impressive. I'll dive into his tape when i get the time.
  11. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Apappreciate the nod. I take pride in giving analysis that i want to hold up over time. Always humbling to get compliments though.
  12. tiamat63

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Burrow is the real deal.
  13. tiamat63

    Bungle Week

    Can you elaborate further on this. Because it can either be taken as you saying the Browns should be pass heavy on 1st and 2nd, or far more balanced. Which is the antithesis to what your previous claims have been. Oh, and I'm still waiting on your response to my last line of questioning.
  14. tiamat63

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Injuries, departures of key secondary players.