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  1. Like a thief in the night. Went to Catholic School, homie. I'm well aware what the Bible has to say about it. The leap from being taken to the sky to the word rapture always eluded me though.
  2. Christians fascination with the "end times" has become a near several century running joke at this point. Pointing out how rotten the world has seemingly become only to usher in things at a near self fulfilling prophecy type level. Seriously, the end war on Israel is the best part... The Christian theology predictions down to the day (many have past) are true comedy. Humanity will destroy this world. You need not some ancient text to understand that. And good news, all of humanity will be here for it and no select few will be spared.
  3. Put me on ignore, man. You're legally fucking Retarded. As I am doing the same as I type. I asked for an example of my liberal judges and you throw mass words with little coherent point because you have nothing. You provide nothing original to this board but spam. And you'll NEVER have my football IQ either. I hope your strawberries came in strong. Good day, sir.
  4. OBF isn't wrong in this case. It should be called a "Civil Union Certificate"... for everybody. Then if people wish to use the term 'marriage' then that is on them. Everyone wins. Nothing and I mean literally nothing aside from some wording will change for those that can't seem to not oppose gay marriage.
  5. Can I get an example of " My liberal behalf "...? Because at this point I'm almost done engaging with you at any level. You generalize and puts words in my mouth that I've never said - even when I clearly make my stance that I believe in limiting government overreach, especially on social issues, as much as humanly possible. You're black and white is as false a premise as you can make. If we allow gay marriage then society will crumble and we'll have no society at all. Miss me with your nonsense. My argument is that the government should have zero input between the Union of two consenting adults besides honoring the legal binding they wish. This extends to things like gun ownership and the decriminalization of drug used per the 14thA as I've highlighted 3 times in the past 2 weeks for you. Meanwhile you're cool with bestiality provided it's just not called marriage. (While I think it's fucked up) At some point you would think you'd like to be taken seriously, I presume? At least OBF doesn't make such ridiculous parallels then says he's ok with people banging a horse.
  6. tiamat63

    Personal Conduct

    I'll never feel deserving of such fine company and football minds but I do appreciate the nod here, Symp.
  7. The ultimate point being (of the actual tried and true Conservative position) that the Government shouldn't be in the business of legislating marriage or the definition of such between two consenting parties of adult age. There is no "balance". You're an American? Then every American is afforded the exact same rights and privileges as yourself otherwise you are inherently 'Un-American' if you believe the opposite. You know, that phrase which is so casually thrown around on here.
  8. tiamat63

    Building The Browns

    It was pretty simple from the outset - he wasn't NFL talented. This is/was nothing new. Crouch, Tebow, Quinn, Weeden, etc etc. All had the ability to work their offensive systems effectively at the collegiate level (Until they either faced Miami, Bama or tOSU) but those short comings could not be masked at the pro level. Anyone still shouting that Johnny had NFL talent probably wanted the pick and can't reconcile with the fact he just wasn't that good to begin with before you add in the partying.
  9. tiamat63

    is TE our weakest

    I feel they are. Hell, if Peppers was still on roster the parallel to Harrison (my 2nd favorite safety in the NFL) would mean I would have to extend the comparison to the secondary as well. Now I mighteven go to say that Avery is a better Barr comparison (minus height) than your parallel in mind. Which I presume was Collins? To be clear, I'm being specific about the players up front and "some" of the potential new looks we could see. Sans personnel, you are right - watching what the Panthers defense did 2 years ago would be more revealing in terms schematic vision as a whole. However, save for Keuchly, this defense is better (and different) than Carolina at damn near every spot now so player to player I don't see the similarities from then or now between our teams. Honestly I can't see the similarities between this team and the Cardinals of a year ago... provided I read that correct? Jones is a hell of a player and he lines up all over that d front too. Closest thing we have physically at that spot to Allen would be Chad Thomas. Save for the fact Allen looks a bit more explosive in his first step and has better hand usage. I really don't see much in the way of the two respective secondaries matching up minus that they have Peterson and we have a good young Ward.
  10. tiamat63

    Building The Browns

    @ 9:20 Myles working with Chad Thomas on the finer points of how to hold his own playing his assingment. Under (front) Closed (End. Usually strong side is closed) Left (side of the 3pt "closed" end) This is veteran stuff from a young player and what you want from your locker room leaders. edit: This secondary can play. Double edit: If you want an early impression on Greedy - check out 20:38. His weight transfer from his dominant to non dominant side from the initial stance, while doing quite well at reading the release of Callaway. At 20:39 if you freeze frame you'll see the "chair". Weight distribution is even, shoulders ahead of himself, maybe just a hair too far back on his heels but he isn't overcommitting early and opening his hips in a way that would expose him back inside. Then you see the flip, quick feet and (attempt) at a jab. I like my DB's being more physical but the early returns on the technique look decent enough so far. He has to remember he's taller than the average corner and quite a few receivers as well. But he has to learn to not play so "high" on the receivers hip, if not completely out in front of him. That hopefully will come in time.
  11. Yeah but what about the words of the immortal Prince whom once said - "Don't have to be rich, to be my girl" So.... Checkmate
  12. No judgement here my guy. Whatever you're in to.
  13. tiamat63

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    This is nothing, it's drivel. Cleve attempting to draw a parallel between the words on here spoken of Obama (poor attempt on his part) And he's accused of being UnAmerican by mocking the attitude towards the former President in re: to the current one. I usually find his posts pretty easy to skip, but he's right. The whole "you're not american"... sorry, Hammer is posted so "Your" not american etc etc is just that, a catch phrase. This isn't a quality rebuttal from anyone. Especially you, which isn't great considering you're a mod. I've noticed your quoting of some of my posts the last few days and your responses are... off kilter. To the point where I see you attempting to make some type of counter to the things I say, but unable (possibly unwilling but I'm leaning towards the former) to formulate a strong response. Look, the amount of time Woody and Cleve spend on here actually talking with you guys astounds me. I don't see what they get from it so believe me when I say, I have zero dog in this fight either way. But this thread went from Cleve doing a spot of a parody into some pretty stereotypical "dont like it, leave. " real american" "socialist" so on and so forth.
  14. tiamat63

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    The part where somehow we went from potential conflict with Iran to somehow Cleve isn't a "true American" and wants the economy to tank and Bernie Sanders and free bullshit yada yada yada. Did I miss something in there somewhere?