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  1. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    I mean, is this where I want to be when Jaysus comes back...?
  2. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    So my response is that normal people, an example of one even being in "that" group, thinks this outrage over the perception of hobby lobby being racist is nonsense is just no good. Essentially trying to highlight that common sense still exists meanwhile you're attempting to contrive a narrative based on such a small sample size these might as well be non existent. Well fuck me sideways. I had a seagull try to swoop in on some BBQ last weekend - those little bastards will purposely target white people, cha feel? Solid suggestion, fuck right off with your chicken little bullshit you miserable, whiny cunt. And don't get preachy on being self righteous when you're the one bitching at new board members that have done nothing but propose respectful and well laid out counter questions because you felt like going on the "well who are YOU" rant.
  3. I guess I don't see it any different as being a backer in a cover 2 carrying a vertical down the seam. Again, only issue is where the safety help may be. I think that will be a way to continuously attack that look. Some kind of smash/divide concept except replacing your traditional outside curls with shallow crossers. You see that Mike backer vacate and as a QB, you're replacing him fast. As with any look, it's only as effective as the pass rush infront of it. That was lacking Sunday. Even on our designed pressures, no rush lanes were created to free up the blitzers which is incredibly frustrating seeing as how Baltimore got Flacco on the move early and we couldn't attack his limited mobility.
  4. Wish I would have seen this thread sooner, this would have been my go to explanation. When you play press and challenge receivers at the line as much as Williams does that lone man is there to do essentially one thing - prevent TD's. I'm sure a bit of it has to do with Peppers taking some questionable angles but there is a TON of space to operate between the backers and that deep third.
  5. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Your affinity for the phrase butt hurt is just weird. I saw, which is why I refuted only other points you've still get to rebuttal. It's cool, as you were yelling about butts, vaginas, faggots and whatever.
  6. Kathy griffin is an awful shitstain....

    She still ain't funny.
  7. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    You're not worried about peoples feelings but you seem to freak out about some frat canceling their trip? Their business if they choose to cave to bullshit. Also I love how you post an article regarding one person being offended at something very stupid, yet claim that many must be because... well, fuckin' reasons of some kind. Then say I can't speak on behalf of friends I've known for the better part of 20 years. Fuck sake, you're pure comedy. Food isn't racist and normal people recognize the insanity in it. Confederate monuments being taken down? Tough titty. There needs to be statues erected to soliders on both sides or they simply need to be in a museum. Because if you believe in the "you lost get over it crowd" - then A) The South lost If you believe in the "The democrats were the ones that put them up back then" which means B ) I'd say they have every right to take them down and C) .... refer to A. We don't do participation medals around this bitch. New poster comes in and gives a completely respectful and well thought out response and your discourse is to try and be a fucking hardass?
  8. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Of course it's over the news. You're going to have one idiot claiming offense, people doing exactly what you're doing - claiming the whole of black people are in arms about this, then the fake outrage crowd, etc etc. It's a non issue receiving attention it doesn't deserve. Nobody in their right mind worth listening too agrees with the sentiment and you saying the days of somebody walking up to you while eating a piece of fruit and calling it racism is pure fear mongering. Even then I'll entertain you because as I said, nobody in their right mind, i.e. mentally stable - would say that shit. So if somebody does, then who fucking cares? Clearly they need some type of evaluation. Attempting to further some monolithic idea that this is the new norm and the future come calling with such nonsense is... disingenuous at best. I can't think of a single black person I know that agrees with this hobby lobby thing let alone what you've proposed. One of those people I'm sure I can speak for is a BLM organizer based out of Nashville that I went to school with. Anybody that extreme is mentally unstable. Period.
  9. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Only difference is the universal and binding belief structure of the Nazi's and that, last I checked, my neighbor Saman hasn't attacked anybody. Actually he's a pretty decent dude, aside from the fact he's a cowboys fan. I don't support attacking anyone on the street. However I'm also of the mindset - play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You want to talk about "macho boys", well you've got this wanna be hardass slapping a swaztika on his arm, parading around the street and calling out black people. I guess I don't mind seeing him catch the pimp hand. In fact, I found it kind of funny. Stupid games, stupid prizes.
  10. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    I'd say it's important to distinguish between "black people" and a black person. One idiot can be offended, sure. But just pouring through comments you have a large amount of black people on there calling that pure idiocy. You're painting the picture that black folk everywhere are running around CVS telling management to pull cotton swabs off the shelves. No bueno.
  11. 2018 QB Draft Class

    I wanted him to become good overnight as well. Unfortunately I stopped believing in Santa at a young age.
  12. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    Mhmm Mhmm ( I pray you're catching on) So would this lead you to believe he holds onto the ball perhaps a bit too long then?
  13. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Equating pants low and a grill to nazi-ism....?
  14. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    Now I hear tell Paxton has a bad windup. Any truth to this rumor?
  15. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    I'm told Paxton holds onto the ball too long. Can anyone else confirm that?