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    Got the man holding the clipboard on the sideline. Don't even give him a chance and it's a preseason game. That's right some people can't see the forest for the trees and that's our coach. But that's ok patience gets the worm either with the Browns or someone else. Shawshank the Man.....
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    Oh yea there is a chance he starts. Like I said earlier he is relentless and never gives up. Keeps his mouth shut and a student of the game. A winner.....
  3. They should tell them be off the street at dark or lock em up. They have made there point it is time to stop. Enough is enough. Nothing but thugs taking advantage. If the cops guilty put him in jail. Just an excuse to steal that's what it is now. You think it's bad now one of those cops are gonna bust loose on that crowd. Some of those people they interview say it's people from other areas causing the trouble. The people not causing trouble should go home at night and let the cops do their job and take care of these idiots...
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    Shaw never got the real respect he should have got in college and the Browns have to play Johnny. Too much money invested. No bullshit with Shaw. He is just like he was at USC quite and studying the play book . Waiting his turn. He has proved he is quicker and more accurate than Manziel. I know it was a short preview but he is a determined winner and that is what the Browns need. If he is cut I can promise he will be picked right up and it will come back to haunt the Browns. What everybody saw last night well what else can I say.... He's Relentless............