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  1. Mudfly

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Well, glad to see him gone.......finally. I was pushing for him to not make the final roster and was a bit miffed when he did. Hopefully, we didnt cut someone who could have helped(doubt it tho) I will say Id MUCH rather get a 5th rounder over cutting a guy.....so theres that.....
  2. Mudfly

    Does anybody know why Fells is gone?

    Fells was extremely average and the Browns were looking to improve depth. It was a sound move to move on and look for a better option...Fells had all of 100 yards last season and played in 16 games.....Seals Jones has already exceeded that in 3 games(150) and, so far, looks to be a much better player...... Bravo to JD for trying to improve on mediocrity.....
  3. Mudfly

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Also.....one who hasnt played since last year....including no camp, no preseason, etc......He's gotta come cheap to be worth it.....and we shouldnt expect too much too soon..... If we get him and he can play, then I wonder if Hubbard can move inside to shore up RG?
  4. In his explanation, he did say that if they had no confidence in the player and they didnt think he could do the job, then he wouldnt even have made the roster...... Of course, at that moment, I was praying someone would ask him about Austin Corbett......hahaha.....
  5. I had a racquet ball partner(and competitor) who always smashed his racquet when he screwed up(which was often)......we were always waiting for him to go up to the front desk and buy another one.....tick tick tick..... Ive told him to just buy in bulk and bring em all with you......at least we wouldnt be losing time waiting for the next purchase......
  6. Mudfly

    Browns going after Ramsey

    Heck...Id do a first & "something else" to get a good talent....ala a 5th or another lesser player.....especially if he's versatile enough to move around. Hadnt thought of safety as an option for him......adds to the intrigue....
  7. Mudfly

    Browns going after Ramsey

    Word is that the price is 2 firsts..... While Ramsey is a nice player, we presumably have 2 up and coming nice players........if were gonna spend big, lets go for a position of true need......Tackle or Guard anyone?
  8. Mudfly

    Cowherd takes more shots at Baker

    Nope....just dont see any evidence that is the case here..... Not like doing a few commercials hurt Manning or Montanas games.....lets talk about this in 3 years, when he's making movies or something....not after his first handful of gigs...
  9. Mudfly

    Cowherd takes more shots at Baker

    And you think his # of endorsements directly effects his play? Thats a reach.....
  10. Mudfly

    Hubbard in boot

    Browns better get creative on offense(fast), cuz the Rams D-line will have a field day if Baker is trying to sit back there like he has the 1st 2 games...we need quick hitting passes and lots o Nick Chubb......
  11. Mudfly

    Greedy Williams

    another newcomer, the scottish hammer, has started well too......was just named ST player of the week.... https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/jamie-gillan-named-afc-special-teams-player-of-the-week
  12. Mudfly

    ***Jets VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    Here's what I like about Myles right now.....and I know the penalties are bad(baaaad myles, baaaad).....but I love him creaming these guys.....relentless......and here are the reasons why... 1) I was concerned he could be a lil soft, w/o killer instincts.... 2) I didnt know, for sure, that he REALLY wanted to be great and put in the effort.... 3) With his intellect, I had concerns how much he wnated or needed football.... And now I see he aint soft....he's giving 110% effort....he wants it baaaad......and he is striking fear into opposing QB's and teams in general....and the fouls just add to the fear factor.....Im all in 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mudfly

    Rams' game reality check

    Definitely need to step up the running game and utilize Chubb better......the whole flow to the offense has been very disjointed... the limited running plays weve seen have not been properly set up either.....not so sure its an issue with the line, as much as the flow and predictability of the plays....Freddie and Baker both need to settle down and develop some chemistry(and patience)....
  14. Mudfly

    ***Jets VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    The following Browns will be inactive for tonight's game against the Jets. S Damarious Randall RB Dontrell Hilliard DE Genard Avery LB Adarius Taylor C Austin Corbett T Kendall Lamm WR Rashard Higgins Sorry to see Higgins out.....Corbett still inactive, even after last weeks OL debacle.......oh man, he must be worse than we even imagined(and I imagined pretty bad).....hope thats the right decision, knowing Lamm is out and how we could have used the extra OL last week....
  15. Mudfly

    Roethlisberger out for the year

    Well, Id never wish an injury on anyone.....stoolers included.....but, sure, Id rather not play Ben..... Ben.....See ya, wouldnt wanna be ya.....