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  1. Mudfly

    Love it, or Shove It

    I dont think anyone cares what I think(though, I MUST add that I was right Mr. Self Pronounced)....... Id also wager a LOT of folks care that you regularly blow up quality threads that just end up in the waste can.....too many to even remember.....due to your inability to manage emotions over what some anonymous dumba$$ steeler fan said..... just....can't.....help.....yourself.....(go ahead....get the last word.....Im a big enough boy to handle it.....).....
  2. Mudfly

    Personal Conduct

    While I wasnt crazy about the pick and really couldnt stand the little snot, I do think he could have had an NFL career if he wasnt such a f#*k up.....probably not a good QB, but one that stuck around as a back up / pt starter for a number of years..... The one thing people here ALWAYS forget is that trolls thrive on attention....and the debate....the anger.....that they create. It's their life blood. What kills a troll is lack of interest in what they say....being ignored..... But as long as we debate, argue, name call, report and reply to them.....they are getting exactly what they came for..... Someday.....maybe......people will learn this. What would be better than Ghoulie starting a thread and NO ONE opening, reading or replying to it.....he would lose his mind. For real. You're giving them trolls WAY too much credit and attention. Outta the box or outta their mind??? I usually just ignore the Ghoulies of the world, but IF they cause me to research....it is not to learn. It's only to secure the facts needed to put them in their place. Of course, Ive also learned that people in todays world(trolls included) hate facts. They dont care about facts. Occassionally....see above There it is. The poly board is a place to stay away from. Another group that seems to abhor facts and prefers just to spew venom, fake news and extremely biased opinions.
  3. Mudfly

    Love it, or Shove It

    Since the mods always seem to close the threads your little debates regularly ruin, I would find it hard to believe they actual asked you to lead trolls on for days on end.....just dont see it.... But, just like those debates, I dont really care if your self pronounced or not. Mods....if he's your hench man, here is your chance to say it......
  4. Mudfly

    Player v. Player

    Well, no one is talking about his "money" or moves.....in fact, Duke has a HUGE contract for what he has done to this point.....8th highest RB salary in the entire league.....and even with that, he is causing waves on a team that is all positive vibes right now. For the umth time, Baker simply said get on the train or get off. Which is perfect!!! This sitting on fence whining is for pussies. The team leader(Baker) has every right....and responsibility....to maintain and build team chemistry. If a player is openly unhappy and wants out and is not a positive influence on his team and teammates, then the leader can(and should) speak up(if asked). No one gives 2 craps about Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers or what anyone else does or doesn't do. Each leader leads his own way and there is no one way that is best. Whatever works. Duke has his contract. Duke has his team. Its his job(and his agents) to shut up and perform or to leave. Of course, he wont leave because the Browns have made him a richer man than he deserves to be..... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/running-back/veteran/
  5. Mudfly

    Love it, or Shove It

    Yes......it's what is needed for them to go away......well fed trolls tend to got a LOT more opportunities and LOVE a good fight..... So your "self pronounced assignment" is actually what keeps them around......( at least from my perspective).....no worries tho, I read none of it, so keep up the good work!
  6. Mudfly

    is TE our weakest

    Well, I definitely agree that their job should be easier this season, mainly due to the improved d-line. It also sounds like we will be playing only 2 LB's a large amount of the time(though Im certain our depth has helped make that the best way to get the best players on the field, more often than not) IE - if we had 3 great backers, they'd be playing 3 man more.... And dont get me wrong, I like our 2 guys and this years picks.....but, in RE to the OP's question, I think this group is the weakest and am glad they will be getting help....they are the only group that I dont see obvious all pro potential anywhere.....(OL a very close 2nd).... every other group has obvious stand out(all-pro ish)type players, as well as good developmental players....
  7. Mudfly

    is TE our weakest

    Dont think TE is a bad group at all.... Id put LB's right up there tho .....we only have 2 "known" LB's and neither one is a killer......we need a star and depth....But, until someone emerges(Wilson, TakiTaki, Taylor?), Id say our LB's are a very weak group..... And OL......well before TE.... Njoku has endless potential and has shown good growth in his short time here....I expect bigger and better things for him throughout his career.... Devalve was reliable when we used him.....not much flash, but a good technical player that has some skills.
  8. Mudfly

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Did he mention Chad Thomas?........was wondering about him the other day......will he get a tackle this year?.....really curious to see him play.......
  9. Mudfly

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Right.....the difference would be a few million, at most.... Based upon what they paid Richardson, Id think McCoy would be worth a similar investment for a year. I believe he's the better player, but his age is a factor(of course).... Definitely think we had low value assets we could have given to obtain him. I would have if I could have.
  10. Mudfly

    Player v. Player

    Personally dont think Baker said anything out of line or anything that would upset team mates. He simply said you're with us or you're not. There is no middle ground. And Duke needs to resolve that. He could have backed off the question and offered a weak kneed canned answer(like most players do), but thats not what strong leaders do. Leaders are not afraid........ I will say that Duke hasn't really done or said anything publicly that was out of line or whiny. He has always been a hard working, team player. Presumably, he has shown up(when mandated to) and is performing and working just like the other guys.....including our new girlfriend OBJ.....so, Im not gonna go after him, because the media is pushing a trade agenda that has yet to happen(and is now months? into the discussion)..... Ultimately, I think Duke will be gone. But, if he performs well and keeps his lip buttoned, I can see him sticking until Hunt has performed and is signed beyond this season.....
  11. Mudfly

    Love it, or Shove It

  12. Mudfly

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    They are indicating he is now going to Carolina too. Can you spell distraction? Let me know when he's a Brown......otherwise, meh.... We coulda/shoulda just dropped a 6th or 7th and it woulda been a done deal weeks ago.....
  13. Mudfly

    Donovan McNabb said...

    I have thoroughly contemplated McNabbs comments and processed the whole picture he is painting..... Conclusion: Donovan can go F himself ....
  14. Mudfly

    Myles Garrett Agree or Disagree with DPOY?

    Or....it's possible Williams was the reason for Garretts improvement to 13+ sacks last year.....maybe Garrett was wasting plays trying to get fancy and Williams coached him up cause he knew just what Garrett had to do to succeed. Know what you do well and master it.....I think that might have been Williams point.....
  15. Mudfly

    Red Red Wine

    I just did the "ice wine" tour and sampled some pretty tasty wines.....never had ice wine before and gotta say it was quite good(and very expensive - for me)......