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  1. Mudfly

    Browns Reveal New Uniforms

    Honestly, always thought those orange pants were terrible.....I swear everyone hated them when we wore them before, but now they all seem to love em .....
  2. Mudfly

    Who will be the next Browns H.O.F. inductee ?

    Right....I doubt there are anymore from the 60's or 70's. I agree that Thomas is the only ex Brown who looks likely, at this point.
  3. Mudfly

    Draft Simulator

    or maybe instead, I is for interior......and E is for end.....
  4. Mudfly

    Berry Bashers?..GO TO HELL!!

  5. Mudfly

    Berry Bashers?..GO TO HELL!!

    It's a great 1st day....but there is a LOT of work to do and a draft that still needs to happen..... Today we added depth to QB....upgraded one position we were"ok" at ......and filled one true hole at RG..... But we have gaping holes at safety and LB.....So, I will reserve judgement until I see how he fills the most recent holes he created with cuts, as well as seeing how we do in the upcoming draft.......LOTS of picks and deals yet to be completed.... Im optimistic he will be aggressive(as he said he would).....So day 1 gets an A.....
  6. Mudfly

    Josh Gordon..?

    https://hypebeast.com/2020/3/nfl-stop-player-suspensions-positive-marijuana-tests It's true......no more suspensions
  7. Mudfly

    Browns to let Schobert walk

    Indeed it has.....😉
  8. Mudfly

    untradeable Browns

    Anyone is tradable, but.....If we were picking teams, these are the first 5 Browns Id pick for mine......in order... Garrett - Chubb - Landry - Bito - Tretter......and I think Bito and Tretter are replaceable....Landry, Chubb & Garrett, not so much. We have some under performing - premium talent too, but they have not lived up to the hype: Ward has flashed over his 2 years(the talent is there), but his injuries and a lack of consistency have earned him a ticket to this group... OBJ does amazing stuff here and there, but his overall contribution to his team always seems to equal less..... Njoku has great physical talent, but simply isnt a football player....... And.....Hunt is an amazing player, but.......
  9. Mudfly

    Browns to let Schobert walk

    Right....we talk about the need to find gems in the lower rounds and develop them into players.....yet, seem to dump them as soon as or before they reach that goal of being difference makers..... Then you look at our depth at LB, right now, which is non existent.......and wonder where we land w/o Schob & Kirksey. They can sign 2 FA backers and still end up with less depth than a year ago. I know we cant pay too much to keep them, but feel more effort should have been made to retain these players that we drafted and then developed...... Schobert may not be a run stopping-hole plugging beast......but he is a solid tackler and great coverage guy......and it is a passing league....I look forward to us overpaying a pittbull to plug those holes, only to watch us get picked apart over the middle and in the short passing game......
  10. Mudfly

    Trying to move OBJ

    multiple(quality?) sources?.......such as?
  11. Mudfly

    Baker attacks Cleveland media, walks out

    Baker came off like a jerk who cant handle the heat.....nuthin wrong with some bravado and confidence, but his armor is cracking and he is not showing leadership when he acts this way.....plain and simple..... One of the things that really bugs me is his focus on people and things NOT related to playing good football....he is overly focused on Grossi or Ryan or some tweet or whatever.....needs to do a LOT of growing.......up
  12. Mudfly

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    I think youve forgotten that Duke was begging to leave.....a distraction to a team getting ready to improve.....he'd probably still be here if not for his whining..... Gotta disagree here too.....Chubb is carrying the load(not Hilliard)....that includes the short passing game.......Chubbs already exceeded his total catches from last season and the main reason is that he's handling the responsibilities that had been Dukes role.... Right now, Chubb has more catches for more yards than Duke does ...... would you rather sit Chubb to play Duke on passing downs? Cause thats a signal to the other team and, right now, keeping Chubb in makes it harder for them to know whats coming.... The Duke deal worked out great.....we got 4 good years from him and then traded to get ALLLLLL our money back.....and we do not have his mopey crying a$$ in our locker room anymore(major plus!!)......especially in 2 weeks when Hunt re-enters..... Personally, I haven't thought of Duke one time since he's been gone and that, to me, is enough to know that we truly didnt need him and the team is just fine w/o him........
  13. Mudfly

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Well, glad to see him gone.......finally. I was pushing for him to not make the final roster and was a bit miffed when he did. Hopefully, we didnt cut someone who could have helped(doubt it tho) I will say Id MUCH rather get a 5th rounder over cutting a guy.....so theres that.....
  14. Mudfly

    Does anybody know why Fells is gone?

    Fells was extremely average and the Browns were looking to improve depth. It was a sound move to move on and look for a better option...Fells had all of 100 yards last season and played in 16 games.....Seals Jones has already exceeded that in 3 games(150) and, so far, looks to be a much better player...... Bravo to JD for trying to improve on mediocrity.....
  15. Mudfly

    Browns interest in Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Also.....one who hasnt played since last year....including no camp, no preseason, etc......He's gotta come cheap to be worth it.....and we shouldnt expect too much too soon..... If we get him and he can play, then I wonder if Hubbard can move inside to shore up RG?