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  1. snaxdelrio


    Bout time 😜
  2. snaxdelrio


    Damn good draft so far
  3. snaxdelrio

    Chinese New Year

    Never heard AL Stewart. Thanks dudes
  4. snaxdelrio

    How do you keep your toes warm when it's freezing?

    +1 for wool socks and waterproof boots
  5. snaxdelrio

    Why McCown for Kessler

    Unless Kessler had explosive diarrhea or some shit, this was one of the dumbest, limp dick things I've seen in a while
  6. snaxdelrio

    Why McCown for Kessler

    That was weak sauce.
  7. snaxdelrio

    Insert Boring Posts Here

    total grandpa status. That's awesome
  8. snaxdelrio

    Insert Boring Posts Here

    I bought some great banana bread but I hurt my fingers opening it.
  9. snaxdelrio

    Insert Boring Posts Here

    I forgot my wallet at home today but things turned out ok.
  10. snaxdelrio

    Any mold experts?

    Black "mold" is usually mildew. Spray X-14 on it and watch it disappear in seconds!
  11. snaxdelrio

    Wishful thinking, NFL's rushing leader

    David Johnson?
  12. snaxdelrio

    Game Day meal

    that sounds so good !!! I will have totinos and rockstar
  13. snaxdelrio

    Shane Ray arrested for DUI and Marijuana possession.

    I bet he had whole oz like a boss