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  1. Cut kizer after the game

    Kizer is widly inconsistent.. You'd think after the season he has had, he would learn to not force the ball, and make safer throws or checkdown.. He looked great the first 3 quarters. Then imploded, as per usual.. It is the Browns way to implode when it matters most..
  2. Sashi fired

    Good. I do wish they would can Hue, or at the very least, get him an OC because he is awful. DePodesta needs to go to next... These analytic douches set us up with draft picks, no doubt about it. But we can't keep shooting ourselves in the foot with these stupid draft blunders. Hire a GM who can draft well, Get this fixed because it is a dumpster fire
  3. Jim Harbaugh to Browns?

    Carson Wentz to the Browns? Would have been nice if that happened...
  4. There's no way these guys have jobs if 0-16 happens..

    Fire them all Give a new FO a full stockade of picks to use. Fuk these analytic douches they haven't done dilly dilly. Hue is clueless. We might as well start looking for a coach because he is garbage... Kizer clearly doesn't have it..
  5. Positives from the 2017 season?

    What positives?? Kizer sucks, run game is inefficient, too many penalties, DBs can't cover, THIS TEAM IS A DUMPSTER FIRE!! SHOULDA HAD WENTZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!
  6. GM Reese...bring him in?

    Cant be worse than the douche turds we have running the show..
  7. There's no way these guys have jobs if 0-16 happens..

    If they win 2 games.. maybe.. One win wont save this dumpster fire..
  8. There's no way these guys have jobs if 0-16 happens..

    Exactly.. We might not even see Hue in Week 16.. Hope he gets canned sooner rather than later..
  9. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    After evaluating Kizer... We must draft a QB #1. Or take Saquon Barkley, and then trade up a few spots to nab a QB...
  10. I mean c'mon! If this happens, you know everyone needs to be fired.. If id keep anyone it would be Greg Williams.. Look at the 0-16 lions in '08. They cleaned house after losing every game... Us fans should not have to be subject to this mediocrity if Clueless Hue is retained.. This is ridiculous... Id give Sashi and Co another year or two. But the coaching needs a serious overhaul..
  11. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    I dont know what your watching but Kizer is clearly not ready and should have never played this season.. He sucks.. Bring in an established vet, or actually draft a good QB with the 1st pick for once
  12. Positives from the 2017 season?

    Positives from the 2017 season... Well the Eagles are 10-1, and Carson Wentz is proving to the NFL world that he is a franchise QB.
  13. This team is the culmination of years of camp trade down

    Carson Wentz 2,600 yards passing, 28 Tds, 5 Ints...
  14. ***Official Browns @ Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Shmuck we should have had Wentz Shmuckkkk!
  15. ***Official Browns @ Bengals Game Day Thread***

    This team Shmucking blows.. They don't know how to use the players they got! THROW LOBS TO NJOKU! HE'S Shmucking HUGE! STOP THE BS HUE AND GET A CLUE YA BUM!!!!