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  1. domcucch1994

    WRs to watch for Browns and the upcoming draft

    A little on the small side, but reminds me alot of Tyreek Hill.
  2. We had Higgins during the Oakland game... Look how anemic we were without him.. 12 points against the Ravens and only 14 against the Chargers..
  3. domcucch1994

    WRs to watch for Browns and the upcoming draft

    I like that Marquise Brown.. Dude is fast and shifty af
  4. Did I say that you fukin mamoe? I'm just saying it's going to be hard to get Sheet going without a competent receiving corps, which right now, is not looking so hot.. Fukin a dude..
  5. Look its whatever at this point.. But we dont have anyone on the outside who strikes fear into the defense! Teams will shut us down without having these guys available.. We're fuked on offense until we add a big name WR...
  6. Im sure some dumbasses will try to.. I visited Colorado back in July. Flew out for a few days.. Definitely glad I knew what the laws were because there was no way in hell I was taking a chance on flying back to South Carolina, with a joint in my bag or something..
  7. Yeah they thought he was stoned.. If that was the case, he'd be suspended again... And look he isn't the most reliable guy because he hasn't been on the field. But has a HELL of a lot more experience than these other guys on the depth chart..
  8. I did... And I still wish we took him.. I think he is a better QB than Mayfield, but time will tell how the two stack up eventually.. He would of had to play at some point, to incur playing time so he can gain FA eligibility.. Now we don't have anyone really reliable outside of one or two guys... The injury bug bites hard during the season.
  9. It would be nice if they could fkn catch the fkn ball!!!!!
  10. Whose gonna play WR then?? Getting rid of a guy WHO COSTS NEXT TO NOTHING! Is stupid.. Now we have ZERO depth! Teams are going to shut down the run game, force Baker to make tighter throws to PS guys, and the offense will continue to look more anemic.. Unless the start splitting Duke and DeValve out wide, we won't be very scary on offense.. Hopefully Higgins gets back soon..
  11. domcucch1994

    Active Roster WR's

    This is why you keep Josh Gordon! Idiotic move to trade him!!!!
  13. domcucch1994

    Who is your Top 10 all time QB list?

    Interesting list Z Just curious, you have Montana ahead of Manning, and Brees behind them both. Personally, I feel like Brees is a top 3 all time QB. He plays with the stature of a 6'5" QB, and is the most accurate passer of all time.
  14. Here's mine. 10. A. Rogers 9. J. Elway 8. J. Unitas 7. Otto Graham 6. Dan Marino 5. B. Favre 4. P. Manning 3. D. Brees 2. J. Montana 1. T. Brady