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  1. Bright Spots

    Aside from the shitty, inept, turnover and penalty generating cesspool of a team known as the Cleveland Browns, there are some bright spots.. Myles Garrett- This guy @ 90%, already leads the team in sacks with 3 despite being out a quarter of the season.. He disrupts plays, gets pressure, and has that quickness and ability to get low on a T and disrupt the pocket. Jason McCourty- has been a nice pickup, 3 INTs already, and he brings much needed veteran presence (Hopefully the other guys can step up because he's been our lone bright spot in the secondary..) Duke Johnson- PLEASE GET HIM MORE TOUCHES KIZER OR WHOEVER THE Shmuck IS OUT THERE! This man is shifty and quick and can get us yards.. David Njoku- Been pretty solid in the redzone if the QBs can get him the ball in the Shmucking redzone.. Run defense- We are 6th in the league against the run, only 84.3 yards per game allowed. If we can cut down on penalties, turnovers, and Peppers getting pepper-sprayed on big plays downfield, me might Shmucking win a game..
  2. Start Kizer

    Honestly, I am surprised that Kessler hasn't started or at least played a series.. Dude was our starter last year and kept us in some close games.. I was on the let-Kizer-ride-the-bench bandwagon, but after the duds that Hogan threw up, might as well let the rook ride it out.. He's got a good arm, he's led some good drives. They just can't seem to punch it in down in the redzone.. And FFS, will Goodell resinstate Gordon already?
  3. Kizer vs. Watson

    Maybe we made the wrong pick taking Kizer, maybe we haven't.. He has led some impressive drives, only to FUBAR it up in the redzone.. Sitting and seeing how it gets done is probably a good thing for the kid, unless Hogan plays lights out and snatches the job away from him.. Am I surprised that Hue went back on his word? No Am I surprised it took Hue this long to realize, maybe this kid isn't ready? Absolutely! I don't see us beating the Texans with Kizer at the helm, I believe Hogan gives us a better chance.. Let's see if MG can get going and bring the heat on DeShaun... Should be an interesting game..
  4. Trust me on this one

    Give Hogan a chance. Maybe he can lead us to some wins this season.. Better than what Kizer has shown. (Although the WRs didn't help the rook out with like 20 drops in the first 4 1/2 games...)
  5. What a series! It's a shame it ended for the tribe like this. I thought once they were up 2-0. my Yanks were finished.. Bird, CC, and Gregorius saved our season this series. Coming up big when it mattered, Can't forget the bullpen too... Drob, Chapman, and Khanle were lights out. Idk if we can take Houston but many experts said we wouldn't win 80 games so.. Bring it on Houston! Go Yankees! Hats off to the Indians for a crazy series. I'm sure we will meet again next postseason.
  6. Hogan Named Starter

    Imagine Cousins to Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, and Njoku If CC can stay healthy, that is..
  7. Hogan Named Starter

    Im not surprised at Hue going against his word, but when you're 0-5 and turning the ball over in the most important part of the field, you make a change. When you're only completing 50% of passes, you make a change When you're backup comes into the game and can produce, you make a change and give that guy the ball.. I'm not giving up on Kizer either, but he's not ready.. If we leave him in all year, we may win 1-3 games. I think Hogan can lead us to more wins. As long as our run game gets going, and our WRs can catch a fukin ball
  8. Hogans Heroes

    I really enjoyed the way Hogan played vs the Jets. I thought Kizer would ride his preseason momentum into the regular season, but he has clearly regressed since week 1.. He can move the ball, but somehow turns it over almost every single time in the redzone.. Maybe Kizer will benefit from sitting a year, but with this upcoming draft, we might be looking at another QB(Which I think would be a bad mistake.. We need Barkley to complement Duke Johnson, and a solid WR if Gordon doesn't come back) Hogan has looked good aside from 2 errant throws. He throws the ball with accuracy, he can move. Might not have the strongest arm, but he can get it done.. I'd say stick with him for the long haul.. Dude is only 24, is 6'3", can pass, run, and make all his reads.. Imagine a healthy CC, Gordon, Saquon Barkley, Duke, Njoku, and DeValve all out there.. We would have a legitimate offense..
  9. Kizer vs. Watson

    I like Hogan, hell I liked Kessler.. But Hogan has more upside than Kess, but not quite the arm stength as Kizer. Arm strength don't mean Sheet if you cant put it on the receiver. Hogan has that ability. Now granted, lots of drops from Kizer's passes, no doubt, but ive seen him miss some pretty wide open WRs
  10. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    Sorry about your loss man.. Lets win one for the Ghoolsters mom this week!
  11. Kahnle, Robertson, Chapman, Greene, Betances, Warren, Garcia Haha I know that feeling bro.. Too many fair weather fans just rocking the hats and have no knowledge whatsoever about the team...
  12. Josh Gordon

    Which is dumb.. Dude should be let back in without a suspension..
  13. Coming from a Yankees fan, I can say that most of our fanbase is flaky.. But I wouldn't be too upset if we lose gm5. If that is the case I am going for Cleveland to win it all
  14. Wow what a game! I was surprised Urshela didn't go to third or tag Gardner instead of rushing the throw to first.. Todd Frazier was running. I am faster than Todd Frazier! I still don't think that CC can match up against Corey K, but I am surprised this series is going to 5 games.
  15. Kizer vs. Watson

    Still early to say, but the numbers don't lie Kizer thru 5 games - 50% completion pct. 851 yards, 3TDs 9INTs Watson thru 5 games- 62% completion pct. 1,072 yards, 12TDs, 4INTs Maybe passing on this guy was a bad idea after all.. Factory of Sadness continues..