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  1. domcucch1994

    Flacco is going to Denver

    This tells me that Denver is going QB in this draft.. Maybe Haskins or Murray?
  2. domcucch1994

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    This is a bit of a questionable signing.. We have depth at RB with Duke and Dayes. Yeah I know Hunt is a good RB, a great one even, but Chubb was exceptional in his rookie season.. IF Kareem can keep his name out of the news and his foot out of women's faces, then this might work out.. But until then, I remain skeptical of this.. I hope I am wrong though and he comes back and lights it up out there.
  3. Just screenshot your ticket...
  4. domcucch1994

    March 11th @ noon through March 13 @ 4:00pm

    Grady Jarrett, DeMarcus Lawerence, Ronald Darby, should be considered..
  5. Maybe if sex ed was taught more girls wouldn't be getting pregnant more often perhaps? But all of the religious cucks come out of the woodwork to punish people for having sex, telling them to abstain their "sinful" impulses, instead of educating them on safe sex..
  6. Is it murder if the woman's LIFE is in jeopardy is it still murder? This article puts this law change into perspective.. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46994583
  7. Whether or not they talk it out, if he wants it, and she doesn't, ultimately it is her choice to terminate or go through! Im not sure what you're asking. If she had the child and he wanted her to abort, should he have to pay child support? I mean if that was the case, dude should get a good lawyer if he doesn't want to fork up dough.
  8. Who gives a fuck? Why is it any of your business? Too many people in this world as it is.. 7 billion! All of you swinging dicks want to get all up in the business that is between a woman and her doctor. If a woman's health is in jeopardy, or god forbid she is raped, is she supposed to have that child? IT"S HER MOTHERFUCKING CHOICE!
  9. domcucch1994


    I watch it just to pass the time at my boring desk job. And I like to hear their opinions cause they are right on certain issues, but they put little to no faith in Cleveland's new HC which I don't agree with..
  10. domcucch1994


    Skip and Bayless giving Kitchens shit.. Fucking ignorant.. The guy has coaching experience, he can lead, he has passion for the game and has learned from the best. I think he will do great,
  11. domcucch1994


    Im not surprised to see Wylie go... He might not have made it through another training camp unless he went on Jenny Craig..
  12. domcucch1994


    Im not even mad though.. I just hate this pathetic turd who thinks he knows it all..
  13. domcucch1994


    This guy is such a fucking faggot asswipe douchenozzle..
  14. domcucch1994


    This is only a good move if Freddie keeps his playcalling duties.. Should be interesting finding a DC and I would assume a AHC/Offensive Assistant? Al Saunders?