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  1. domcucch1994


    I give this team til next year to get to the playoffs.. After that, no more rooting for them. The mediocrity has gone on long enough.
  2. I saw a team that didn't have an identity in week 1.. Undisciplined, lacked explosiveness, they looked silly on a freaking screen pass... This season could get out of hand quickly if they can't win tonight.. Nevermind the SNF game.
  3. domcucch1994

    Lance Kendricks

    Got released today by NE Could make a good addition to a weak TE corps
  4. domcucch1994

    What did we think of Hilliard in game 1

    the other Johnson looking pretty solid today
  5. domcucch1994

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    Gilbert looking solid
  6. domcucch1994

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    I dont care what anyone says on here im pulling for him Hope he rebounds his career and does good, except when he plays us.
  7. domcucch1994

    Mini- Camp

    Could very well be.. Some people have said he has lost a step. Maybe that's why he was not utilized as much last season.
  8. domcucch1994

    Love it, or Shove It

  9. domcucch1994

    Mini- Camp

    Duke doesn't want to be here because he doesn't want to be the 3rd option... I get it, he's a good playmaker. He will have a good season until Hunt comes back, but he doesn't want to be a stop gap.. Trade him after week 8 and he'll be happy..
  10. domcucch1994

    Handling two offers

    Great advice from all of you, I really appreciate the knowledge.
  11. domcucch1994

    Handling two offers

    I just read through my benefits handbook and they just have a standard 401k, so they match up to 5%. I can roll over my SCRS 401(a) into my new employer's 401(k). I did accept the position at the hospital. Just seems like a better opportunity, more room for advancement, and more skills and systems I can learn. My first day will be on the 17th. Very excited about it.
  12. domcucch1994

    Handling two offers

    That's good to hear Cal. I still got another 40 years to think about it but it is important to start planning now. The one good thing about the college I work at is the State Retirement Plan. I put in 9% each month, they put in 20%
  13. domcucch1994

    Handling two offers

    Oh man I would of been fuming too.. Drive an hour for that bullshit? I would of left too. I got an inside contact at the hospital who said that its a good place to work. They are a growing hospital and from what ive read in their handbook, the benefits are awesome. Employee pharmacy with small co-pays, dental, vision, and medical insurance, 5.23 hours of PTO earned every pay period. The perks are there, lets just see how it goes once I get in. I wont lie when I tell you that I prayed before my interview, not something I would normally do, but he answered my prayer so that's promising lol.