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  1. domcucch1994

    Greg Little

    Greg Littlehands
  2. domcucch1994

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    The browns will be watching the playoffs on top of their beer kegs this winter.. Prepare your livers men.. This is going to be a 4-12 season... And im good with that!
  3. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    Your right. I'm Italian and people will joke with me and call me Guido, wop, etc. Now granted these people are my friends and we joke. Some people just don't have thick skin.. It would be nice if people could just move on from stuff like that. I wish people werent always so damn offended, but it is what it is..
  4. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    Their not, but people still find that word offensive.. You can buy offensive tshirts that poke fun of anyone and anything.. I guess if we start banning offensive shirts it will make the world a better place? Maybe she does to you, but African-Americans being associated with apes has been used harshly against them for a long time. Most will tell you that comparison is racist.. Again, if Roseanne would of shut up and not tweeted anything, she would still have a show.. Like it or not. It's just how it is..
  5. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    I never said it was fair. It's just the way it is.. Private businesses have the right to fire whomever they so desire, based on what they say. Hell, where I live, it is right-to-work so they could fire me for having dark colored hair, and a beard.. Doesn't mean they should, or will, but it's their prerogative... I for one think that Roseanne should still be on-the-air, but they should replace Roseanne with Danny DeVito. I agree with you on one thing, the left is hypocritical, just like the right.. Two sides to the same corrupt coin my man..
  6. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    You can also buy t-shirts that say Shmuck You You Shmucking Shmuck.. What is your point?
  7. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    I hope you realize that picture of Whoopi wearing that shirt was photo-shopped.. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/may/30/viral-image/whoopi-goldberg-shirt-donald-trump-doctored/
  8. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    If this was the case, then how come Kathy Griffin's career has spiraled downward for her offensive picture of holding a severed head doll that looks like Trump? Maybe you are right, maybe the execs at these stations do lean left, or maybe what Colbert said wasn't deemed as controversial as what Roseanne tweeted? Regardless, it's the network's choice to fire someone or shut their show down if they feel that their brand is compromised because of their employees behavior.. NFL banned on-the-field protests, but I am sure your okay with that right? I mean it is within their right to do so.. But when ABC takes action against an employee for off-colored, racist remarks, you don't agree with them?
  9. domcucch1994

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    See here folks.. Free speech has consequences. Yes you can say whatever you want in this country, but there is consequences if warranted. The NFL is exercising it's right to stop the anthem protests, just like ABC has the right to cancel a show because it's star made some insensitive comments. I don't know why you are spewing your "yadda yadda liberal left" nonsense.. If Roseanne's dumb a$$ didn't tweet this, she would still have a show and her co-stars wouldn't be pissed off at her for taking away their paychecks..
  10. domcucch1994

    Cleveland in the Finals

    We're not beating GSW. No chance in hell..
  11. domcucch1994

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    Think about it.. Darnold-20 Rosen-21 Jackson-21 Mayfield-23 Not saying that he is old by any means, but for a prospect who is gonna sit and learn, you would think they would of taken someone a year or two younger.. My prediction is he is starting by week 8 if we are out of it. Gotta see what you have if Tyrod and Stanton can't produce. Your thoughts?
  12. They can add a T with their 3rd 2nd rounder. I think we go RB, WR, OL. 3rd round and on is when we will add LBers, DBs, and Dline
  13. domcucch1994

    Shmuck you haslem

    Mayfield is a good fit Him and Tyrod have a smililar playing style. Ward is an excellent CB who fills a need that we desperately needed to fill. I'm surprised we didn't go with Chubb, but I think our pass rush is good enough and now that we have some DB depth, hopefully we will give up less chunk plays.. I still think Mayfield needs to sit for at least half the year, depending on where were at. Maybe even a full year. I want to see them take Guice and Courtland Sutton or a T
  14. We still need a big bodied WR I say we go Derrius Guice and Courtland Sutton in the second.
  15. domcucch1994

    Shmuck you haslem

    Ward is a good DB Mayfield can sit a year You guys Shmucking kill me..