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  1. domcucch1994

    Regular Season Schedule

    We aren't shit until we can win consistently.. Remember expectations after 2007? Whose to say we don't flame out and go 6-10? Not saying I want that, but all this talk about winning the division, sweeping the AFCN, I mean it sounds great and all, but we haven't put together back-to-back seasons of AT LEAST 7 wins in well over a decade! 9-7 is where they will finish... Maybe. Still a young team, first year HC. Injuries are always a concern... I just hope these "expectations" don't have the opposite effect on this team like we've seen in the past..
  2. domcucch1994

    Regular Season Schedule

    Let's not jump ahead of ourselves... We are still a few defensive pieces away from being playoff contenders.. 8-8 is where I expect this team to finish... Maybe 9-7 if were lucky
  3. domcucch1994

    Kindred to be waived

    I did edit my comment and put in "hit on defenseless receivers... but you must of missed that.. You are wrong though.. Hitting is not how it used to be.. Seen PLENTY of hits get flagged that looked clean..
  4. domcucch1994

    Kindred to be waived

    Have you not watched football the past 5 years and seen how many PI, unsportsmanlike, hit on defenseless receiver, and illegal contact calls go against DBs?
  5. domcucch1994

    Kindred to be waived

    Sadly you're right... Eric Berry would be my Day 1 starter on a 1 yr deal if he hasn't signed with a team yet..
  6. domcucch1994

    Kindred to be waived

    Meh... Kindred was decent. This Murray kid is decent.. Need to get someone back there who can take out some MFers
  7. domcucch1994

    Ricardo Louis Waived

    Dont pay for a streaming service. Get you a firestick, jailbreak it, and stream anything you want for free!
  8. Details of the trade are.... APRIL FOOLS!!!!
  9. domcucch1994

    Season Opener

    If we open up against NE... going to be tough... id say we win or lose a close one.. May come down to Greg Joseph..
  10. domcucch1994

    Season Opener

    Screw expectations, can the Browns... Win the season opener? A FEAT THAT HASNT BEEN ACCOMPLISHED SINCE I WAS IN THE 4th GRADE!!! LET"S GOOOOO!!!!!!!
  11. domcucch1994

    Trading Up Predictions

    I didn't think this one through all the way..
  12. domcucch1994

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Manziel could be Baker's backup, or third string, or training camp Gatorade fetcher.
  13. domcucch1994

    Trading Up Predictions

    here's a scenario.. We trade Baker Mayfield to the Cardinals for the #1 overall pick, and Josh Rosen We take Kyler Murray. Murray then, gets traded to the Giants for Saquon Barkley, leaving us with Josh Rosen. We then trade Saquon Barkley to the cardinals, for Baker Mayfield.. Leaving US with Baker, the #1 overall pick, and the chosen rosen who we then trade to the NYG for our #17 pick back. BOOM!
  14. domcucch1994

    Bye gronk!!

    Bye bye Gronk No more passes from Brady Time to retire and party like slim shady Don't pull a hammy on the dance floor don't catch the herps from the village whore your back be sore from getting hit by those backers balling like Shannon Sharpe white as a saltine cracker Gronk gettin' paid Gronk gettin' laid Robert Kraft is callin' so is Arnold with his maid better hurry up and leave big Tom behind he likes his tight ends but you're one of a kind. MIC DROP!
  15. domcucch1994

    Browns Sign Kush

    Cleveland has that OG Kush!! STRAIGHT FIRE BABY!!!!!!!