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  1. I'm thinking that he would get the higher amount only if he pans out as a rb/wr. We wouldn't keep Higgins in that scenario so that's a million dollars in salary that could conceivably transfer from Higgins to Hunt. Edit- I don't think they will play this year. Next year revenue will be back to normal, maybe even higher. 2nd Edit- Just read the article about 3rd receivers in Stefansky's system. They don't fare too well in numbers. Mostl likely he won't have the kind of year that will get him into the $8 million range.
  2. Don't get this wrong but I think the Browns want to use Hunt as a glorified Duke Johnson. I say don't get me wrong beause Duke is not close to being what Hunt is. But I see them using Hunt as a hybrid rb/3rd receiver. If that is the case then his value goes up. The next full season we play will be critical for Hunt. If he is just average then I don't see his salary going above $4-5 million. But Duke Johnson currently gets $5.2 million/year (per overthecap) so I can see Hunt getting $6-8 million if he has a good year. I also think the Browns would pay it.
  3. Barry

    Football and coronavirus

    I was talking about the anti-science people who were using it as one of many excuses to downplay the virus.
  4. Barry

    Football and coronavirus

    This thing about warm weather came out in Feb-March I believe. At the time I looked at data from Chile, Brazil and Argentina, which was having temperatures of 80+. Just like Australia, they were experiencing more and more cases of Covid-19. That temperature thing was thrown out to the public, like a lot of other crap, with little to no facts backing it up. I also remember Thailand saying in February that they found a cure based upon mixing some herbs together.
  5. Barry

    Football and coronavirus

    The hell with worrying about a football season. Look around with what the rest of the world is doing. We are doing the worse of all the major countries in dealing with this thing by far. We are so concerned with masks equating to individual liberties, opening up the economy ASAP, ignoring social distancing, in short, not having legal consequences when people disregard the public safety, that we will drag this thing out until a vaccine is produced and distributed. Note the numbers on the left. Our baseline is currently about 4x the number of cases of the average high of the other countries'.
  6. Barry

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    There is possibly a strategy here that Clowney and his agent are using. The Browns have to commit to Vernon the week before the season starts, assuming they don't have anyone else. If they really want Clowney (and given their offer they do), then Clowney and his agent could be better served waiting until 5 minutes to midnight to see if the Browns up their offer. It's not really a risk because no one else is offering Clowney anything close to what the Browns are, so why not wait and see if the Browns panic? He has nothing to lose until a team puts a competing offer on the table. Unless the Browns pull back their offer, which would be unlikely. But the Browns could also reduce their offer at that time, and put Clowney in a corner to either take it or wait the season out. That's the risk he is taking, if this is his strategy. But again, I don't know how likely it is that the Browns would do that.
  7. Barry

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    This is what Gordon tweeted after Brady announced he was leaving N.E. Granted, I'm sure Gordon wanted to leave the option open that Brady would want him wherever he went but at least Gordon felt comfortable enough to send this to him: β€œIt was an honor & privilege to even sit next to you big homie, Thank you for everything. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ†πŸ’πŸ,” Gordon commented. I don't know how much Gordon still has in his tank but I re-watched his 2013 highlights. Damn.....looks like he wasn't even trying that hard (and if he was high every game like he says he was, he wasn't), but he could have been one of the all-time great ones.
  8. Barry

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    "Gordon’s suspension falls under the rules of the old CBA, as opposed to the new agreement that has a more lenient drug policy." So he doesn't get a break there. He will look great as a workout warrior. Someone will say "What the hell" and take a shot on him. He will just be a JAG at this stage of his career, and a smart GM will think to himself that, being a JAG, Gordon doesn't bring any more potential than your typical 2nd-3rd team receiver but does bring additional risk, so will cut him for the average player with less risk. Gordon will then join up with Johnny Manziel and do their best Uncle Rico imitation with some minor football league, if one ever comes back.
  9. Barry

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Good article. Here is interesting video on what China is doing/planning on testing people for Covid-19. Seems unlikely the NFL would adopt these procedures but they are looking at billions of dollars of lost revenue so I imagine all options are open. I assume there are U.S. companies doing this but who knows? A weakness to this type of testing (high temperature) is that a person could be contagious without a temperature. Still, it's pretty cool stuff. https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=W97O3pbCqP4
  10. Barry

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Your problem (yes it is your problem), is that you consistently and willingly go far down a wrong path. You do it by throwing out meaningless 'objections' or 'challenges' to assumptions with which a person with half a brain understands the context in which it is asked. In other words your 'clarifications' add no value to the conversation whatsoever and it's only purpose, as far as I can tell, is that it gives you some feel of exceptionalism over others. This is shown by your constant referencing that people should 'thank you', or by your challenging people by telling them they are 'afraid of the 'truth', etc. for which I can only understand you to mean that you believe that you are the only one on the side of 'truth' and if only we agree with you will we 'understand'. And then you are so weak that you get into pissing contests with anyone who disagrees with you, but it's not the usual kind of pissing contests you see in forums like these. It's your goal to personally insult the person more and more until they just get exhausted and quit responding. Then you are 'satisfied' that you won. What a bunch of shit. I'm new here and when I first started reading this forum really liked the people and the comments (I still do). There are people in here that know football a lot better than I do and I am excited to learn more. But you are constantly turning this forum into your own playpen, acting out all your unhappiness and bitterness with people in here, and it gets old, at least for me (perhaps others might not feel the same). The thing is, you sometimes raise excellent points, and your referencing Browns things from yesteryear are great. But, imo, those times are just completely drowned out by your obnoxious behaviour. So, for the record, I am not pissed. That would take too much energy and, to be frank, you're not worth it. There is just so much negativity in your writing that I choose to pass over them, and not to respond to your comments, except one time to explain it here as a reply to your several references to me. Part of my deciding not to engage you is also because I think it's too bad that so much of this forum's time and energy is spent focused around you and your insulting people or 'correcting' them. But hey, that's what social media is all about. We can't all be satisfied with the directions it takes. Other people on here may disagree with me, and I have no doubt that you will feel compelled to answer in your usual way, but I thought I owed you an explanation.
  11. Barry

    NFL / Covid Updates

    It doesn't even have to be money-focused. Just look at the same story and how it is presented in various countries. You realize how much things are framed differently because of different cultural values.
  12. Barry

    NFL / Covid Updates

    One of the 'problems' is that science is not like math. In math we know that 2+2=4 (throw out the esoteric stuff that 'proves' it isn't). In science it is evidenced-based and, while some of it, e.g. chemical reactions, approach certainty like math, science is mainly reached thru empirical means. A good example is that of cigarette smoking. Most people think cigarette smoking is linked to lung cancer. (Believe it or not this was actually argued about extensively in the media 60 years ago). So can anyone say how many cigarettes you need to smoke before you get cancer? Or how many months, years, decades you need to smoke before you get cancer? What about the people who smoke their entire lives and don't get it? That's the problem with science and why some people deny it or distort it. Sometimes it can't give exact answers, and even if 95% of the scientists believe a connection, there will be some people who will look at the 5% of people, or the fact that the 95% can't answer exactly when, how, how much, etc. and say "See?! I told you they were a bunch of quacks!" To give it a Browns' analogy, it's like the Browns dominate in a game over the Ravens and win 30-10 but some Ravens fans point to the 3 plays which the Ravens looked good and say "See? You didn't dominate us. Look at how we broke your tackles or got to Baker!" When covid-19 first broke and China began shutting down there was skepticism in the U.S. about the disease. But if you think about it, China was voluntarily shutting down their economy, at a time when they were having sensitive trade discussions with the U.S. Why the fuck would they do that at that time unless they felt that the situation was unbelievably serious? They didn't say "Well, this is like the flu and no big deal and we will treat it such". They shut down transportation and festivities during their biggest holiday season, the Chinese New Year, when billions of trips are made by Chinese to visit relatives. Or, why are most doctors and health officials, both Rep and Dem, going to such great lengths in telling us to be careful and promote a shelter-in-place? Are all of them on the same page? No, of course not. But are they in some kind of conspiracy, or are questioning, en masse, the stats which they are privy to and knowledgeable about? It's just something to think about.
  13. Barry

    NFL / Covid Updates

    You have touched on an excellent point which a good friend of mine, who is a psychologist, has written about. The topic is how science deniers fail to appreciate detail, or complexities, in argument. They think in broad concepts, black and white. Exactly what you refer to. This is far from talking about football, but then again this topic is also. For those interested here is the article: https://newsregister.com/article?articleTitle=jeremy-shapiro-science-deniers-fail-to-appreciate-complexities--1526674871--29659--commentary
  14. Barry

    Saints release Warford

    He is scheduled to make approximately $8.5 million in salary and extras this year, and is an UFA next year. While he would be a great addition I don't think the $ and contract would be attractive for the Browns.
  15. Barry

    Schedule Released!

    Would rather have played the Ravens in a couple of weeks, after we have a few games under our belt. The flip side of that, of course, is that they won't have any game tape to watch of us, and we will be a larger unknown than they will be to us.