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  1. Barry

    Sheldon Richardson released

    There is an argument for moving S.R. based upon his contract, although they could have waited a year. Plus we don't know if he refused to restructure or not. The other interesting question is the timing. If the Browns are going after a DT in the draft, why couldn't they wait until after the draft to do this, instead of telegraphing their need now? That's the head-scratching part for me.
  2. Barry

    Go Sign Mo Hurst

    My understanding is that Hurst was put on waivers, so there are many teams that could claim him before our turn comes.
  3. Barry

    Sheldon Richardson released

    I hope this is it. The Browns didn't want to restructure and offered him the same deal as Higgins. They told him a figure they were comfortable with and said see what other teams offer and then come back. The only problem with this is that they could have done this when free agency started. Clowney's contract didn't put us in cap hell but cutting S.R. now sure makes it seem that way.
  4. Barry

    Free Agent Tracker

    Clowney is visiting the Browns today. On a separate issue, TY Hilton, like JuJu, turned down more money from the Ravens to play for another team. We are seeing one of the consequences of setting up the kind of offense which the Ravens have, with a Qb whose throwing accuracy is questioned, by receivers avoiding them like the plague. This is Lamar's 3rd year and they still don't have a #1 receiver.
  5. Barry

    Revenge against Opt-Outs?

    Did you see these guys' bio in the article? One was a 5th round pick in 2017, never spent more than one season with a team, and the Raiders were his 4th team in 3 years. Another was undrafted in 2017 and was on the Lions, Dolphins and 49ers before the Raiders. He has played 13 games in his career. And the 3rd never appeared in an NFL game. He had spent time with the Colts and Packers before signing with the Raiders. Not your gold standard players. Hell, not even a copper standard. Sounds to me that a media guy is trying to work an angle to get himself noticed.
  6. Barry

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    That's what I was implying. Maybe my posting is off still from looking at Hilton all night. And no, I don't mean Mike. 😁
  7. Barry

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Glad to see he is chasing the ring. With the 49ers, Rams and Seahawks in their division the Cardinals won't smell playoffs.
  8. Barry

    Browns Draft Needs

    Well...for starters Paris' highlights video is far more impressive than Mike's.
  9. Barry

    Browns Draft Needs

    Think Mike Hilton.
  10. Barry

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Although the Browns do make the most sense in many ways I don't consider that there is any more knowledge about the situation than a week ago. "Browns are seriously being considered"? Of course they are. They are putting more than $10 million on the table. Any team that makes a serious offer will be seriously considered. That's different from being a favorite, however. And she most likely got her info from either the Browns, who have no idea what other teams are offering at this point, or from Watt's agent, who has an interest in having her spread the story. And wow has this story grown. Based purely on speculation.
  11. Barry

    Super Bowl Chat Room

    I saw speed on defense. A lot of speed.
  12. Barry

    Saturday Games

    Hoping for the best obviously but it's possible that Baltimore and Cleveland, arguably the 2 best teams in the division, might both miss out on the playoffs, and the weakest team outside of Cincy gets in.
  13. Barry

    Saturday Games

    Not to mention that the Raiders risked a game-winning FG with a kicker who had just missed an extra point. Get the TD while you can. What a dumb-ass Gruden is.
  14. Barry

    Not a Fan of Njoku

    You're right. It's only because there seems to be a hell of a lot of team support for one another that his attitude stood out to me. It should definitely be far down on the list of worries.
  15. Barry

    Not a Fan of Njoku

    I noticed that Njoku had a good PFF rating for the Giants game so props to him for that. But even up here in the nosebleed section you could tell that he's been pissed off this year at the lack of balls thrown his way. This video confirms it. Just look at how he's looking at Baker at the end of the video. I can't help but contrast that with Chubb running out of bounds and how he gets along with Hunt. From a talent viewpoint, and financial, he wouldn't be difficult to replace. And we don't know how he is in the locker room but he comes off like an a-hole here, imo. He could have joked with Baker and said "Hey...take a look where I was when you see the film."