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  1. longhorn

    Joe Haden Is The Man

    Every Cincy receiver was open, the whole defense fell asleep.
  2. longhorn

    Manning Out For The Year?

    I'm not too sure. The Colts are getting destroyed by Houston in every manner possible. It's 34-0 with 54 secs left in the second half right now. I'm sitting here listening to the Browns/Bengals via streaming radio but having to watch the Texans/Colts. The Colts look H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. When they show the Colts on the sideline they look like the season is over already.
  3. longhorn

    Ugly Early

    Correct. Also there is no whining with me.
  4. longhorn

    Ugly Early

    What I say matters. We scored a touchdown.
  5. longhorn

    Ugly Early

    Touchdown, despite your whining!!!
  6. longhorn

    Ugly Early

    What a bunch of whiney, puzzy so-called Browns fans! Try being more negative, I'm sure it will help.
  7. longhorn

    Third String Qb?

    Chris Simms?????????? Time for me to go get another beer. I still need to drink every time I think of that name.
  8. longhorn

    Sunday Ticket To Ps3 (Direct Tv Not Required)

    If you live out of state like I do, this is a pretty good deal. It sucks trying to watch online via Russia or wherever. So far as I know, the ability to stream is tied to your PS3 account so any PS3 anywhere can be used for access. I believe they have eliminated simultaneous, multiple sign-on's with the same PS3 account to help prevent people sharing their PS3 account info.
  9. longhorn

    Mccoy - Favre, Tressel - Browns

    Fools! McCoy got a new smartphone and needed help with its photo and texting capabilities.
  10. longhorn

    You might be a Steelers fan if.........

    ....if your mom sets you up on a blind date and the girl turns out to be your sister.....
  11. longhorn

    The NFL Today???

    Want some financials? Click on the links on the left or the individual team names on the right. http://www.forbes.com/2009/09/02/nfl-pro-f...9-nfl_land.html
  12. longhorn

    Everybody Stop Crying

  13. longhorn

    Jeff Fisher out as Titans coach

    Fisher is overrated. Good move by Bud Adams. Fisher is a power monger.
  14. longhorn

    The NFL Today???

    You're wrong, but entitiled to your opinion.
  15. longhorn

    You might be a Steelers fan if.........

    "Buswaa dumbhorn"? Is that German?