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    Oscar 2021

    It was definitely a deep film that artfully portrayed certain juxtapositions about aging, the concept of a home and how memories are kept in an environment where people are forced to adapt to wholesale changes on what’s important. There were at least 2 scenes where the main character was around people explaining the significance of their tattoos which contrasts to a couple scenes of her looking at old photographs. Old way vs new way of keeping memories. And the roads she would travel. I know there were scenes of Rt 66, Hwy 1, and Wall Drug as well as modern freeways. Another contrast to old and new. And her cyclical way of life where she starts the year as a seasonal employee at Amazon and then basically drives in a big circle throughout the year based on work or social functions, which contrasts to the traditional linear birth-work-retire-die concept of life.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    Oscar 2021

    The only one l’d seen from the OP was Judas and the Black Messiah. I generally like historically based period films, but l had a tough time staying engaged with that one. It was just ok for me. I just finished watching Nomadland. Kind of a slow moving where’s this going feel throughout much of it for me, but l was glad l watched it by the end. Thanks for the rec.
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Hall of Fame debate rages on

    https://dangerousminds.net/comments/q_are_we_not_men_the_origins_of_devos_theory_of_de-evolution Good read on Devo’s early influences. There was a series of wild religious pamphlets written in the 1920s that touted the theory of de-evolution (in response to the theory of evolution of course) which is where the name stems from and some of their earlier work is based off.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    This has been making the rounds in the news lately. I found an article where Fox Business reporter Susan Li was interviewed about it. She seems to have good insight on the matter. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/media/544148-fox-business-reporter-offers-personal-view-on-anti-asian-attacks-someone-needs%3famp
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    Like anything that involves steering a population it’s going to be a process. I’d say what’s happening is a good start. By all accounts these are peaceful rallies that raise awareness on what’s been going on and the desire for it to stop. Spread the message that these folks are part of us, they’re not as a group responsible for any of the ills of society, and they’re just trying to grind through life like everyone else.
  6. Ibleedbrown

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    I know identifying what group is the worst offender of anything may seem like a solution, but it’s really not. All you’ve done is identify what group may need the message of solution more than others. The white supremacy angle wasn’t mentioned in the article l posted. It only identified the group who is seeking to lessen the hate in their direction, but didn’t go into details about which group or groups are primarily responsible for said hate. I did a quick google search on “stop asian hate rally” (without quotes) and then did a Control+F search for the word “white” and 5 of the top 8 didn’t even have the word. 2 used it to mention the Atlanta shooter was white, and only one used the term “white supremacy” or a variation of it. I’m not really getting that the “blame whitey” angle is the dominant message here. Sure, blaming whitey gets clicks. Who doesn’t like a little blame whitey talk? And l’m sure one could argue that it’s implied. But overtly stated? I’m not seeing a whole lot of that. And even if l did, like l said, it’s more of a deflection than a solution.
  7. Ibleedbrown

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    I’m sure you’re on to something. Whether or not it leads back to claiming the virus didn’t come from Wuhan, l’m not sure if that’s it or not. I know it was mildly difficult trying to find an article on this that mentioned Trump as little as possible. Even all the Fox news articles were all “Pelosi claims this is all Trump’s fault...” This article was the best l could find in 20 minutes of perusing. The timing is curious though. I’m sure our Asian American citizens have had a tougher time for about a year now. I’m sure it’s a valid thing, and disappointing that anyone would have to bear any brunt of anything not of their doing. But the timing is curious. My theory was to draw attention away from the shit show at the border.
  8. It’s a great site right? Worth noting that those statistics go back to 1982, so almost 40 years worth of data. The case you listed in the op about the former republican senator paying Alex Rodriguez $40k to be on the ballot is not listed on the heritage site because it hasn’t gone to trial yet, but both he and ARod were arrested for it. The irony is you see more republicans pulling these stunts than democrats. In fact 2 of the latest 3 convictions on the heritage site were republicans who falsified their addresses to run for office. The silver lining in it all for me is seeing instance after instance on how seriously it’s being taken, and how small fries many of these infractions are, yet they still got caught. It makes you wonder what it would take and how many people would have to be involved to manufacture 7 million votes over a half dozen or more states to flip a presidential election, and it’s just not feasible.
  9. I just read up on this. Genius move from the republicans. They pay a guy named Alex Rodriguez (no, not that Alex Rodriguez, but Rodriguez was the same last name as the democratic candidate) to run as a 3rd party. Alex never actually bothered to campaign, but how many looks of shock do you think there were in ballot boxes that day in Florida? ARod’s running for senate? Hell yeah! Haha. But apparently that’s illegal. I thought it was crafty.
  10. If you’re truly interested in documented election fraud (or anyone here on the board is) here’s an excellent one stop shop. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud-print/search To my knowledge that documents every, and l do mean every, election fraud conviction for the whole country going back to 1982. I’m looking to test that theory, so if you know of a conviction that isn’t documented there let me know. I spent an hour poking through a week or so ago. It’s interesting and informative.
  11. Bummed to see ‘Jobi go. Even more bummed to see him go to the Bengals. Poor guy. Pretty good payday for him though. Get it while you can.
  12. Ah, it appears that has something to do with profile information l didn’t bother filling out 7 years or so ago when l joined. I use a cell phone for brownsboarding and those things don’t show up on my end. Well now that that’s settled, just keep it to yourself why you wanted to know that.
  13. I’m a guy Cal. Born that way, happy to stay that way. Why did this even come up?
  14. This social distancing thing has been a real drag for kids. I’m sympathetic to a point for people having their varying degrees of concern over covid and everything, but getting kids back into structured environments like school and organized sports as soon as humanly possible is important imo.
  15. So you don’t like our talks? Even after that wonderful narrative about 3rd grade Sherlock Holmes books and planning your vacation? Aww... Ok, so you just willy nilly decide people are other people, even though it’s not important. That’s even more bizarre than if it was important, but you are consistent in that regard. And how did my gender come in to all this? I don’t even wanna know why you want to know that, and l’m not sending you dick pix. Not sure l follow the “own the narrative” bit. So the guy who deletes posts 11 times because someone else responds and then reposts the same thing, would’t you think that’s the guy trying to “own the narrative?” After all, that’s the guy who is literally deleting the other guy’s opinion. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do here? Share opinions and learn from each other? And l’m glad your rolling toolbox is at a better angle now.
  16. I enjoy our talks Cal. I know you do too. You still haven’t answered why it was so important to go through all the trouble to figure out if l was some other dude and why it matters. Is this something you do often? Just decide that people are different people and devise tests to determine that?
  17. “You’re some other dude!” More bizarre as fuck behavior. And now you’re explaining your litmus test on determining if l’m some other dude. That’s really fucking bizarre. That’s premeditated bizarre as fuck behavior. And l already told you, l have one screen name. This one right here. But really, who cares? It’s a message board where people can be as open or anonymous as they want to be. Who gives a shit who l am? You think l joined here 7 years ago and laid low with my alter ego so l could do what exactly? What am l trying to accomplish here? And why does it matter?
  18. After looking through the actual legislation of the Dream and Promise Act, it’s actually not bad. These are the kinds of immigrants you actually want to get. The bright ones with work ethics who contribute to society and pay taxes. Here’s a link. https://roybal-allard.house.gov/uploadedfiles/dream_and_promise_act_of_2021_fact_sheet_03032021.pdf It’s like a probationary period, where in order to stay they have to keep their nose clean, pass a background check, go to college or the military, or keep steady employment, pay taxes, etc. It’s basically a set of incentives where America invests in people who invest in America.
  19. Dude, l complimented you. Not everyone can delete and repost the same damn thing 11 times without becoming self conscious their behavior is bizarre as fuck. That opens up all kinds of possibilities for you.
  20. Ah, so that’s where he picked up the technique. He scored 11 deleting and reposting the same thing yesterday. It’s impressive really. Oblivious to embarrassment. Good for him. Conspiracy of all kinds is interesting. It’s fun to look at it from different angles and dissect it, and in the process l learn a lot.
  21. Certainly not a crime, just like believing that aliens abduct you and give you anal probes on a nightly basis isn’t a crime, but we’re pretty much to the point where anyone who continues to rail on about either will be seen the same way. This Michigan ruling is still a good thing though. As l said, it’s a process of standardizing how absentee votes are handled. Consistency is needed when it comes to these sorts of things. FWIW, another interesting read on the subject that sheds some light on how it unfolded can be found here. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlive.com/public-interest/2021/03/court-invalidates-michigan-rule-on-how-to-verify-absentee-ballot-application-signatures.html%3foutputType=amp I’ll quote a passage here. “The current law states any signatures on applications or return envelopes that don’t “agree sufficiently” with the voter signature on file should be rejected. The Court of Claims judge noted Michigan law doesn’t clearly define what it means for a signature to “agree” or “agree sufficiently.”” Basically, without guidance on what it means to “agree sufficiently” it leaves it up to individual mail clerks to decide for themselves what it means and make it up as they go. So if there are 20 mail clerks working at it, that means 20 different sets of rules on whether a ballot counts or not. Clearly a more definitive set of standards is needed there, and this court ruling will effect that change.
  22. Ibleedbrown

    The filibuster is racist

    The filibuster is also a nazi.
  23. Is it shocking to you that news about Michigan would come out of Michigan? Lol, ok. And l only have one screen name here, this one right here. You’re insistence that l’m some other dude is deep end weird man.
  24. Very dignified Cal, haha. I already threw my on topic comment out there. You just never know what party any immigrant group will favor over time. It could be that in 10 to 20 years they become a block of solid republican voters. It all depends on how their lives are shaped and the experiences they have with the political parties and how they play into their ideologies. No one can say for sure how that will evolve.