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    Possible changes to NFL schedule

    That’s the proposal l heard too. Not a fan, for some of the reasons you mentioned. Also, it would create a change in strategizing. Teams would have to make wierd decisions like starting your B Oline against a team with a perceived weak pass rush earlier in the year, or “hope” your starting Oline gets banged up enough throughout the season that it works itself out. And for the poor team that busted their tail to get into the playoffs all year, but then are forced to start their backup QB the last 2 games, which isn’t fair to the rest of the team. I’m quite content with a 16 game schedule. If the NFL is hellbent on making more money, start a minor league and play games on Wednesdays or something.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    Duke Dumps his Agent

    I suppose l’m just spitballing here, but with the agent change Duke really has an opportunity to change the narrative a bit. Sure, he likely still wants out, but he can take a different angle here. I’m sure Rosenhaus thinks he knows how to help players get what they want, and it’s reasonable to think the approach Duke was taking with his former agent wasn’t working, so safe bet that a different strategy is forthcoming. Instead of standing there talking about “trade me because l don’t feel wanted”, it could be more along the lines of “looking forward to the opportunity to show the NFL what l can do”, which imo is a more win-win approach.
  3. I guess it begs the question, what was the worst coaching he ever did?
  4. Ibleedbrown

    NFL in Sanfermines

    A lot of football players have clauses in their contracts about being forbidden to play basketball for fear of injuring themselves. Perhaps running with bulls is an exception.
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    I rub it on like an ointment too! Also a good substitute for hair gel if you’re out of hair gel.
  6. Ibleedbrown

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Baker Mayfield

  7. Ibleedbrown

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    Haha, very cool! Glad you enjoyed the Queen City. I do like GABP, good place to catch a ballgame. Definitely beats our old digs from several years back. Going there tomorrow as a matter of fact! Truth is definitely a hoppy IPA with some bite to it. Some people like the super hoppy beers, some don’t. As a beer nerd enthusiast l tend to like ‘em pretty well. I think Rheingeist came onto the scene at the right time when microbreweries were hitting their stride. Right time at the right place with the right marketing. Pumpkin pie? Haha. I suppose Skyline is to Cincy what haggis is to Scotland, sorta that wierd thing we crave from time to time and everyone else is all eww.
  8. Ibleedbrown

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    Rheingeist’s Truth seems to have become the premier IPA here in Cincy. You see it everywhere. It was a wtf moment when last year l stayed at a hotel in Strongsville and they had it on tap, but no Great Lakes products on tap. It’s aight, but Warped Wing in your area is my new go to for an IPA. Cincy’s beer scene has come a long way. I can’t even keep up. Listerman’s makes a peanut butter porter that is some of the most far out shit you’ll ever drink. I’m not gonna say it’s good, but man is it wierd. Woodburn makes an amazing oyster stout. Love me some Skyline though. Can’t help it. I even love their hot sauce.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    Eh, for me it depends on how wily l feel and how interesting the troll is l guess. I generally enjoy a good bout of back and forth though, even if l don’t participate. Seems like the last few we’ve had were boring passive aggressive types. The Justin Gilbert guy was pretty dull.
  10. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    No one really gets to make blanket statements about what does or does not inspire us to get to the bottom of things. What does it for me may not do it for you. Knowledge on an individual basis is a personal quest. We seem to agree on one thing though, and it’s the responses to villains is when it gets good. The more outlandish a villain’s assertion, the more good (ie fact and logic based) the response from our heroes to quash the villain. And banter is fun, when you’re in the mood. If not, scroll fast.
  11. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    Right, this is what l meant by “makes the rest of us research further.” It’s like, hey, this guy has an outta the box take on things. Perhaps l will dig a little deeper and form my own opinions on the matter. And off l go. Reading stuff other places, watching film breakdowns, learning terminology, debating with those of my choosing, etc. That’s the fun part. A dissenting opinion, for me anyway, just helps with direction on where to look. I’d say most of us are of the opinion that Joe Thomas was an excellent left tackle. But that dissenting opinion creates incentive to see WHY he was great. In the process, l learn WHAT a kick step is (l honestly didn’t know before joining here), and l watch Joe’s kick step on film, and l think “holy hell, he moves like a gazelle on rewind.” Not all of us are former players or coaches or back seat analysts. Just fans with a rabid interest and desire to have something to offer in future conversations on my favorite team.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    is TE our weakest

    https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/most-important-questions-ahead-of-training-camp-no-6-how-does-tight-end-shake-ou Article highlighting the TE situation. Decent quick read that gives some nuggets of info on the the unheralded guys too. Travis Kelce, former teammate of Harris, interviewed for it. Pharoah Brown is apparently a big dude with local ties. Stephen Carlson is, like DeValve, a Princeton guy that did some good things in mini camp. Not sure why Orson Charles keeps getting lumped in as a TE. Definitely more of a FB imo. If memory serves Kitchen’s used his fair share of 2 or 3 TE sets, so wouldn’t surprise me if 3 or 4 of these guys make the team and Kitchens puts them to good use.
  13. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    Many words on the matter, and l get where you’re coming from and appreciate it. All l can say is l disagree on some points. We all know how to scroll fast, and it’s fairly easy to identify bullshit you don’t want to deal with. The internet’s been around a good while now. Everyone knows (or should know) the best way to thwart a troll is to ignore him. But sometimes we get a wild hair up our ass and feel the inclination. Call it a full moon, call it a drinking problem, but there are times we all want to lash out from time to time. Therapy l suppose. One less bar fight in the world. And we’re well equipped to handle that. Toughest fans in pro sports. Thin skinnedness reveals itself pretty quickly. If you’re not in the mood, then scroll fast. And to your point that villains don’t advance knowledge, l very much disagree. Folks with a dissenting polar opposite opinion are exactly what advances knowledge, because it makes the rest of us research further. The world would still be considered flat if someone didn’t have the balls to research further.
  14. Ibleedbrown

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    1. The coaches have been impressed with defensive lineman Daniel Ekuale. The spring organized team activities and minicamps are a time for marginal players such as Ekuale to put themselves in position to play a bigger role when training camp opens. I’m glad to see Ekuale getting some notoriety, because it begs the question, how do you pronounce his name? In my mind it rhymes with ukulele, with one less L.
  15. And why do you want to marry a kicking net?
  16. Ibleedbrown

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    How can you criticize a guy who is always pulling for his team? l can’t claim credit for that but thought it was pretty good. Seriously though, that’s like Twilight Zone shit. I can’t imagine what it was like to be poor Romeo trying to counsel a guy that public pud pulling is not ok.
  17. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Sure, and not a bad suggestion. And that’s basically my point is that Duke’s skill set is so good at so many things that surely he can find a role on this team. He’s practiced with WRs the last 2 camps, we all know he can catch the ball and we all know he’s got some moves with the ball in his hands. And he blocks so so well. It’s not like the competition ever ends. Every year a good FO is going to bring in guys to compete for your job. It just so happens we brought in a ringer to compete with Duke, but if he embraces the challenge it will only make him better.
  18. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Baker’s opinion on things isn’t really something he’s in a position to keep under wraps. Not unless he wants to appear unleaderly, but it seems he’s embraced that role, and that’s largely a good thing. The media is going to ask him shit, and good leaders answer the hard questions with a degree of conviction. And really, his response was fairly diplomatic. It’s no secret a football team works better when everyone has each others’ backs. What irks me the most with this whole situation is wondering what kind of disconnect happened that caused it the first place? Duke is so good at a number of things, so what happened to make him think he had no chance to compete here?
  19. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Sadly l agree too. I like Duke and kinda hoped he would embrace the circumstances and show us all why he belongs with a little grit and determination. But there he was the first day reiterating his desire to be traded, and if memory serves it’s the first time we heard it from his own mouth. I guess he feels the writing is on the wall and l have a hard time faulting anyone here, but at the end of the day you gotta have 53 dudes on the same page striving for the same goal, and he pretty much made it clear he wants to be elsewhere.
  20. Somehow the Corbett/right guard conversation has permeated through various threads. Someone (not me) suggested that it should be it’s own thread, and that’s a fine idea. I will do the 5 minutes of dirty work if no one else will. To catch everyone up to speed... Holy hell we wasted a hugely high draft pick on a baby faced O lineman who doesn’t seem to be turning into the building block we all expected! And in the meantime we also signed a few guys who gutted their way through a less rosy path in the NFL and have earned their way to free agent contracts like Kush and Witzmann and Kalis, all of whom sport actual facial hair. I’m pulling for Kush. Forbes is out of the equation since he’ll be a starting Tackle sometime this year.
  21. Ibleedbrown

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    The Kush and Witzmann’s of the world are pretty much staring you into submission with what a few years of drive and determination can net. Sure, they could cut him. Blip on the radar and move on. Maybe he’s a late bloomer? Mitchell Schwartz was a reasonably high draft pick too but it seemed like it was year 3 before folks stopped calling for his head.
  22. Ibleedbrown

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    I’m sure this is all Googleable if all you want to know is who made what argument. The internet is quite full of people and their opinions.
  23. Ibleedbrown

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    I seem to recall Jobi got off to a really hot start last year, like in the conversation for best performing DTs in the game the first few weeks, but then cooled off a bit. Still a solid season all told, but l wonder if he and the team would have benefitted from a little more rotational help in the middle?
  24. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    There you go, stalkers with panache, to use your analogy. A more interesting variety of stalker if you will. I’m not going to say you and l both find value in the same things. I’ve got my opinions on the matter, you have yours. If semantics wrangles your weenie then substitute the word “opponent” with “the guy making the counter argument to your argument”, which is where we are right now. And how could you sleep with Jessica?!?You knew she was engaged to Blake! Just wait until Stefano hears about this!