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    Personal Conduct

    There you go, stalkers with panache, to use your analogy. A more interesting variety of stalker if you will. I’m not going to say you and l both find value in the same things. I’ve got my opinions on the matter, you have yours. If semantics wrangles your weenie then substitute the word “opponent” with “the guy making the counter argument to your argument”, which is where we are right now. And how could you sleep with Jessica?!?You knew she was engaged to Blake! Just wait until Stefano hears about this!
  2. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    Yeah, flamebaiters = villains, l think we see eye to eye that there is a difference between trolls and those guys. I dunno. I guess from a personal standpoint the exchanges between flamebaiters and those who spar with them have influenced how l watch football, as strange as that might sound. The Ghoul’s anti-Olineman stance was one of the things that made me wonder just how important the Oline play was, so l started studying it. Between that and Tour’s Oline breakdowns he used to do, as well as insight from Tiamat, Gumby, and other more knowledgable posters, l have learned a lot, and now it’s my favorite nuts and bolts thing to watch in a football game. And with Turnovers guy, l think his take on things was just echoing some concerns we all had. With the Hunt signing l must admit in the back of my head was “is this a good idea?” But reading exchanges between himself and others l get to sort out any minor anxiety and at least arrive at a stopping point. If you look hard you can find value in the strangest of places.
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    I believe villains are separate from trolls. The Ghoul is what he is, but somewhere deep down he clearly has a deep seated investment in the Browns in his own wierd way. Same with Shörts, who l recall incessantly went on and on about how some Browns player sucked in his Rainman like way, but quite frankly he wasn’t wrong. I guess l would differentiate trolls, who just like to ruffle feathers, with villains, who like to ruffle feathers while talking about something they’re truly passionate about in the process. I’m pretty sure a lot of us like a good football talk sparring match from time to time, and villains are often willing opponents.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    The SS Sashi has a nice ring to it. Or at least a lotta alliteration.
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    If l’m being honest the board has gotten tamer in the years since l’ve joined, and l’m not really a fan of that. At one point in time this was a pretty intimidating place and you had to be prepared to spar if you voiced a dissenting opinion. I’m personally a fan of the board villains, as l like to call them. The Ghoulies and Stöckton Shörts and Baking up Turnovers of the world. It seems there’s a recent trend of banning or time out-ing people like that, and again, l’m not a fan. I’m sure that anyone who watches traffic on the board sees a spike in activity when the villains are at it. I get that the debating can get circular in nature, 2 mofos standing their ground and all, but sometimes, real insight can be gleaned reading between the lines of a debate between folks on opposite ends of the spectrum. I rather like the “toughest fans in pro sports” as a motto for the board and would like to see us collectively show that thick skin on an everyday basis.
  6. Ibleedbrown

    Red Red Wine

    Stay close to him. Don’t let him get a first down. Tackle his ass or deflect the ball or some shit.
  7. Ibleedbrown

    Survey Wednesday MayDay

    1. Takix2 2. Josh Cribbs 3. Kelly Holcomb? 4. Red 5. I got laid 6. Khal Drogo
  8. Ibleedbrown

    Any Holes left to Fill?

    Really well put together post. We seemed to hear a lot about Chubb’s “yards after contact” last year like it was a feather in the cap, but of course it’s ideal to have that contact happen a little further out than where it tended to be last year. Real good thinking material. I did like the core of our Oline play last year. Big Bitonio fan. Really liked Zeitler, and really like Tretter, but he seems to eternally play with an ankle sprain. I feel like l’ve read the phrase “the Hubbard experiment” enough that it irks me. I think he went through his adjustment period early in the season like many a guy would on a new team, but panned out well enough imo that we can remove the “experiment” from his name. Still, room for improvement. l kinda feel like we’ve laid the groundwork for said improvement though. I’m not counting out Corbett yet, but l still think he needs to get rid of that baby face a grow some scruff. We also signed a few solid vets in the offseason and Forbes could develop into something special. I dunno. I think the groundwork was laid to improve the Oline in an organic fashion, but only time will tell.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Any Holes left to Fill?

    Where’s the love for Ray squared? I’m counting on that guy making the 53, and possibly becoming the MLB of the future. It’s a fact that he’s twice the Ray that Ray Lewis ever was.
  10. Ibleedbrown

    Bakers Draft Party :)

    Among the pick up lines l will never be able to pull off. ”Hey baby. Wanna hold my Heisman?”
  11. Ibleedbrown

    Unfinished Business!!

    Good post. I keep going back to the move to trade for and extend Landry as a pivotal move for the Browns. I thought l heard Miami traded him here as some sort of “F you” move, and he could have gone the route of Bowe and Britt and cash his checks and go through the motions, but he didn’t. He really seemed to put the team on his back and attack the challenge head on of making the Browns viable. And his lobbying likely played some part in pulling the trigger for OBJ, so the return on investment continues.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    If the Browns had kept their #17 overall pick...

    Hearing that increases the quality of my life.
  13. Ibleedbrown

    If the Browns had kept their #17 overall pick...

    You may be right. There was word Dorsey was high on him.
  14. Ibleedbrown


    I like this guy. The frontrunner for my new favorite player.
  15. Ibleedbrown

    Round 4

    I liked Thompson too, but l’m just a guy with a little internet research under my belt and a half crocked opinion. No worries man. Welcoming committee time. We got fresh blood for our team. Open arms and shit.
  16. Ibleedbrown


    That clip was a very limited sample size designed to make Forbes look as good as possible, but it looked to me like he has the quicks to stay at Tackle. I mean, they basically used him as a pulling Tackle. You don’t really see much of that in the NFL. So l doubt there will be many designed plays where he’s sweeping behind the line to pick up a block on the other side of Center, but it’s a good asset to have.
  17. Ibleedbrown


    Putting your head down is a mechanism to focus power. I would liken it to a baseball or fastpitch player putting their head down to focus on hitting a pitch, and l’m sure every Olineman does it when needed to fend off a bull rush or other power play. Are you saying he does it too early? And perhaps that mitigates his ability to disengage and reengage on stunts or delayed blitzes?
  18. Ibleedbrown

    If the Browns had kept their #17 overall pick...

    Good question. Probably Dillard. But really, looking back it looks like the draft panned out kind of like Dorsey expected with their not being a player left at 17 that really gets your motor going. PED Clemson guy was left. ACL tear guy was left.
  19. Ibleedbrown


    Classy? Or savvy? Am l the only one who noticed the real estate pitch at the end? Haha.
  20. Ibleedbrown


    I’m guessing at his size and at his school he was a man among boys, but watching this you can see the appeal. Looks like a good candidate for misdirection plays, which l tend to think Kitchens is pretty good at drawing up, and you can definitely see the “finisher” compliment he was given in the interview clip. Gonna be fun to watch this guy develop. He seems to have the feets to stick at tackle.
  21. Ibleedbrown

    Round 4

    I like Hakeem Butler WR and Deionte Thompson S.
  22. Ibleedbrown

    Sione Takitaki

    Clearly Dorsey has a theme with his linebackers: 2 name guys. First he signed Ray Ray, and now Takitaki. I will henceforth refer to him as Taki squared.
  23. Ibleedbrown

    This is strange move

    It’s a brilliant move. All the DBs will focus on popping Hyman while the other wideouts will be free to catch pass after pass.
  24. Ibleedbrown

    Building The Browns

    Thanks for posting these. I liked the bit about D. Howard. I didn’t realize Dorsey “discovered” him. And on a side note, are the 80s back in fashion? Both Howard and Becham seem to be sporting outfits that are unabashedly from that time period. Perhaps we could start a godundme page to get those mofos some jelly bracelets.
  25. Ibleedbrown

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    That’s all l got. Just thought it was interesting.