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  1. Ibleedbrown

    Browns Off Season Moves

    I would actually posit that getting rid of Shelton for a third was a questionable move. Also, he got rid of Austin Reiter in the last round of cuts so he could pillage the waiver wire. Reiter latched on with KC and played well enough in their high powered offense that he got a 2 year extension as a super sub/spot starter with them. In the meantime, we signed 4 O linemen with the hopes of shoring up our O line.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    The Pick At 49

    Deionte Thompson
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Kindred to be waived

    There has been a pretty overt attempt to neuter the big hits in the NFL with rule changes and such, and then you compound that with the element of human error with referees trying to micromanage where players’ body parts are in relation to other players’ body parts during fast paced play and high speed collisions, and it really gets to be a bit of a clusterfuck. l mean, you’ll see a defender lunge at a ball carrier, and at the time of lunging the defender’s helmet wasn’t on a path to hit the other player’s helmet, but the ball carrier trips or something so by the time contact happens, boom, helmets graze and flags are thrown. And you see shit like that all the time. And it’s noble trying to look out for the players’ health and all, but how do you realistically officiate stuff like that? So despite a player’s best intentions, shit like that happens. And now they’re the big asshole who gave the other team a first down and kept their drive alive. And they don’t wanna be that asshole. They start thinking about “playing aggressive, but not TOO aggressive”. I mean l get that the rules ate the rules, and it’s a contact sport and all. But it’s also the rules as interpreted by fallable people, and in the great scheme of winning football games the players can’t help but be aware of that to manipulate the situation as best as possible.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Browns Resign Orson Charles

    Yeah, he was the one dude to make the final 53 last year that no one saw coming. Perhaps the greatest gift Hue gave us.
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Browns Resign Orson Charles

    YESSIR! Me too!!
  6. Ibleedbrown

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    Nope, no one said that. I said “FB/H-back hybrid type”. If it eases your mind to call it an H-back then go for it. I’m just acknowledging that Duke is an above average blocker for a halfback, and probably better at it than our tight ends. I get that asking him to lead block at the rate of a typical FB is gonna get him killed, but maybe 5 times a game? 1) Kitchens doesn’t really utilize a FB that much anyway, but he does use one. Towards the end of the season we all saw DeValve awkwardly fill in for the role previously occupied by Orson Charles, plowing into a defender and then falling down. Duke could do a better job than that. 2) Kitchens has also shown that he can do some fun creative things with multiple backs. The guy has a knack for manipulating misdirection. Duke is an ideal candidate to do such things with due to his varied skill set. 3) I read something last year where Duke said he took a degree of pride in his blocking. He works at it, he’s good at it, and it shows. 4) It nets more playing time for Duke. Right now he feels like the underappreciated odd man out, but he could be a lynchpin in a lot of cool formations and plays. Kitchens has shown he can go out of the box to utilize his players’ skill sets (Landry throwing bombs, wishbone formations, etc) so it’s not that far out of left field.
  7. Ibleedbrown

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    I think it’s a bad bad idea to let Duke go. Why not give the guy an expanded role? Make him a FB/H back hybrid type? With Orson Charles gone, Duke is the only back we have left that l trust to lay a block on a free blitzer. Why couldn’t he do that in a lead blocker role where HE’S the one with a head instead of fending off a guy with a head of steam? Oh, and he runs with and catches the ball well. He’s that quintessential “football player” that everyone claims they want on their team.
  8. Ibleedbrown

    Current DB's on the roster

    From what l’ve heard he’s been a regular around the facility for most of the offseason, rehabbing and such.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Ricardo Louis Waived

    Nooooo, not Ricardooooo!!!
  10. Ibleedbrown

    Browns Sign Witzmann

    I believe he’s the second veteran FA guard brought in. Have to wonder how confident Dorsey is in Corbett. Or perhaps a motivational tool to get Corbett to kick it up a notch, and maybe grow some facial hair.
  11. Ibleedbrown

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    Ha, you’re a guy l thought of when l read this. We both arrived to the board around the same time with the Manziel draft, and man, the hazing you took, haha. But years later, here you still are.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    Pretty good article. Bandwagon fans don’t bother me. Not that that will stop me from giving them shit for being bandwagon fans, but l would expect the same if our roles were reversed. Genuine fandom starts tepidly enough as some form of interest, and somewhere along the way morphs into genuine fandom when the good times roll and the mojo moves you.
  13. Ibleedbrown

    So if Duke plays well for 8 games, why bother with hunt?

    That’s good. A force to wreckin’ with.
  14. Ibleedbrown


    It’s the word Bitchen! With an S! Come on!
  15. Ibleedbrown


    It’s the Baker/Kitchens power couple name. Like Brangelina, except cooler. Think it’ll catch on?