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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I’m down with Baker. Pat-a-ball, pat-a-ball Baker man Torch a DB as fast as you can Hand it, sling it, for a TD Bring home a win for Cleveland and me
  2. What is the future of football?

    I get this line of thinking too. Be a man, pound chest and carry on. This way of thinking l suspect has reduced the burden on the healthcare industry since before it could be considered an industry. It’s not war though, it’s a sport for our entertainment. What cost should that carry?
  3. What is the future of football?

    Good post and something that eats at me a little bit with this sport. I have no solutions and concede that the violent nature and physicality of the sport is part of the appeal. However, l spend time rooting for the guys on my favorite team, and l can’t help but want them to be able to retire from the game with their faculties intact, able to walk and think and such. Especially the Joe Thomases, Josh Cribbs, and Bernie Kosars of the world.
  4. Baker Mayfield

    I came to those conclusions watching the video you posted, complete with side notes and a timeline. And l referred to 12 plays. He made 35 attempts that game, so roughly a third. You can’t really fault a guy for looking one way, and if his man is open that way chucking him the ball. That said, when the first read wasn’t open, he seemed to actively look another way. I agree there were a few designed plays for the RB, but l thought he sold it well.
  5. Baker Mayfield

    I’ll admit, l’m leaning towards Mayfield. If you are looking for ammo to to back people off the Mayfield ledge, you did a piss poor job by posting this video. I watched it. I took notes, and l was impressed by his performance. :50 l saw 3 reads. 1:30 he has 3 receivers in one area of the field. A camera doesn’t pick up the pupils dialating. next play: buying time with his feet, got a PI call. Would you prefer a sack? 2:20 I saw 2 reads. 3:18 got sacked, but l saw him scanning the field like a mofo. 4:05 more scanning the field while scrambling. 4:35 designed toss to the RB, but he looks upfield before he swings it to the RB. 5:00 more field scanning but he ultimately runs for it. 6:10 from his own endzone found an open guy on the second read. next play can see him look for a couple options. 7:00 looks for a couple options and ultimately buys a PI call. 7:20 looks for a second option. I also was generally impressed with his fake handoffs. He also does this shimmy shimmy thing with his shoulders, especially with designed tosses to the RBs that l think helps create space and time for the receiver to gain YAC. I like the guy.
  6. Baker Mayfield

    I didn’t, but l think we’ve narrowed it down a bit. Either by design or circumstances the Browns seem to have landed a QB in Taylor who can pass a bit and run a bit. It’s now the second such instance we’ve seen since Kizer was in a similar mold, but he just didn’t seem to pass well. Third if you count the Manziel experiment. So l’m just trying to identify a trend. I think it rules out a guy like Rosen, known more as a pocket guy. So far l’ve heard Mayfield and Darnold.
  7. I personally think Chubb mania is a result of Sportscenter and biology. You fall asleep watching draft coverage on ESPN. You hear the same 5 names, Chubb being among them. Then you wake up with a chubb and see it as a cosmic sign. Nobody wakes up with a Fitzpatrick. Or if you do, you see it as a much less positive omen.
  8. Baker Mayfield

    For the sake of continuity. So that you can keep the playbook the same with expectations that the next guy will execute the plays with a similar degree of acumen as his predecessor. It just occurred to me to ask what top tier QB in this draft has a similar playing style to Taylor, who seems to have a sort of hustle and flow about his playing style from the clips l’ve seen.
  9. Browns Let go of McCourty

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/01/jason_mccourty_bugged_by_those.amp Sounds like Jackson made some comments that irked McCourty, and others. Duke Johnson, he of the potential contract extension, seems to agree per this article. I dunno. I’d be pissed too if my bosses were throwing me under the bus to save their own asses, especially when they contributed to the suck fest too.
  10. Pink slips

    I’m hearing McCourtey traded to Pats instead of just cut. Swapping low picks too. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.patspulpit.com/platform/amp/2018/3/15/17126526/instant-analysis-trade-cleveland-browns-cornerback-jason-mccourty-new-england-patriots-devin-gilmore
  11. Joe Thomas has retired

    Might have been strategy and the Browns asked him to hold off on the announcement. If they seem desperate for an OT might raise the asking price of other OTs.
  12. Throwing away money and picks

    I must admit l have my doubts about how all this offseason action is going to translate into wins. It’s throwing a bunch of guys who have had some success in whatever systems they played in on whatever teams they played for, and banking on it all just working out under the watchful eye of Hue Jackson. Is it that far fetched to think there might be an adjustment period where the wins aren’t as plentiful as we’d like? And that that adjustment period might get Hue shītcanned, which leads to a new coach, and new schemes, and new bullshît?
  13. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Does anyone ever recall this much activity at this time of the year? Not just the Browns, but NFL in general. I liked Shelton. What was it he wore? A mumu?
  14. Landry is Ours

    You got a link for that bit of info about the compensatory pick? I poked around and couldn’t find it.
  15. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    Curious move from the Bills’ perspective. They just ditched their starting QB for the last 3 years. I’m guessing they have something up their sleeve...