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  1. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    I watched some of the Penn St v Michigan game and monitored the Penn St v OSU game with an app, and saw the highlights later. The dude definitely has some moves. his first half numbers against OSU were really, really good. Something like 10 ypc, but by the end of the game they were much less dazzling. What happened there? He wear down? Did OSU adjust and game plan better for the second half? Wondering aloud if his first half numbers typically were much better than his second half numbers, and if so, is he a guy that maybe blows his load too early and runs out of steam? The great ones are supposed to get stronger as the game grinds on.
  2. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Is Orlando Brown one of them? I haven't seen many mocks with us taking him at 4, but there is one. Everyone probably knows his old man played for the Browns, and this kid is huuuuge. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/108868530 weighed 400 lbs in jr high?!? Vurt de furk? Seems to have slimmed down to a svelt 350ish.
  3. Should the Browns be looking at another TE?

    I think Telfer was supposed to be that guy. Not sure he had a great season though. Actually, none of the TEs received great PFF grades for the year, but they're all young and hopefully can improve. I for one think the ceiling is highest for Njoku, but that's not exactly an outside the box thought. Nonetheless l would put a mauling TE as something to address in the draft and l think those can be had in later rounds.
  4. Should the Browns be looking at another TE?

    I think they need a primarily blocking TE before they need another pass catching TE. One that does both well is ideal of course, but how many times do those come around?
  5. The Mingo effect?
  6. Ken Zampese New QB Coach

    I'm most surprised Tabor got the boot. He's had that job for how many years and how many head coaches? I don't recall the special teams' performance being notably better or worse that prior years.
  7. Why not Minkah at #1

    I bet all of the other kids loved razzing him when they were picking teams. Minkah Minkah bottle of ink, the cork fell out and you stink...
  8. What Browns offered NE for Garappolo

    2 recentish trades come to mind where the Pats dealt with the likes of Sashi Brown, and l'd say the Browns got the better end of the deal. Getting Collins and unloading Mingo for an actual draft pick. Hardly fleecings, but a tip of the scale in our direction l think. Clearly the Pats feared Sashi Brown's dealing mojo and wanted no more of it.
  9. Keep it up, brownies

    Hell, l have a hard time with some English accents. You ever watch an old Beatles movie? Slow it down Ringo!
  10. AJ McCarron

    Ha, everyone knows that bridge fell down...
  11. We have a dude named Chisolm in the FO? How exactly is that pronounced?
  12. AJ McCarron

    From what l gather the Browns FO did some hemming and hawing, and by the time they got around to pulling the trigger, it was too late.
  13. I'll try anything once. Twice if l like it.
  14. I'm down with sticking with the plan. I do see some positive things happening, and my expectations for the season are pretty much out the window, so l feel like any remaining value for the rest of the year rests on working towards something that helps create a foundation for a brighter future. Firing prople never seems to go well for us. Let's try something else.
  15. I thought this was a step forward game for Kizer. Sure, his red zone passing is still scarry, and l saw another short range fireball of a throw, but he looked better this game l thought than past games. Baby steps l guess.