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  1. Ibleedbrown

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    While l respect your opinion, l been keying in on the OL play and l don’t like Robinson. I would much rather keep Hubbard over him. I feel like Robinson is a reactionary tentative type of guy. At least Hubbard shows tenacity and effort. While the results are comparable betwixt the two, l feel like l’ve seen enough of Robinson, and moving him clear across the line is just going to create an excuse for him to not be the player we all want to will him to be.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    So long Austin, we barely knew ya
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Who would get replaced? Hubbard or Robinson? I vote Robinson.
  4. Ibleedbrown


    Because we’re not ninnies? Are you a ninny Cysco? Do you need an environment suitable for your thin skin? He’s just a guy trying to get his troll on. No shame in that. Other than the desire to troll in the first place, which is a wierd bastardization of attention seeking in and of itself, but no judgement here. Trolls need love too.
  5. Ibleedbrown


    Look at you getting after it to pick a fight. Get it my man! Get it! Raar! Psst: throw in a “if it’s Brown flush it down”. Ooh, and maybe refer to us as the “clowns”. That’ll really get us going. Get it man! Go go go!!
  6. Ibleedbrown


    I’m not too bent outta shape about this loss. At the beginning of the game l thought l saw Baker getting some touch back with a few passes. I think l’ve noticed when he’s in a good place his passes have a little touch on them instead of straight fastballs. The game plan was good enough to win. The players didn’t execute. Those were some of the jivest officiating calls l’ve seen. The block Jarvis laid was a perfectly good block.
  7. Ibleedbrown

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    A man should take care of his own lawn.
  8. Ibleedbrown

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    I’m actually kinda intrigued for the release of the Disney streaming service. It’s supposed to be quite affordable and all the Star Wars/Marvel/Disney content you can handle and Simpsons episodes too.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Quarter Pole - RB

    Yeah, definitely gets limited action, but has done ok with the opportunities he’s been given. I guess l just see him as low on the priority list of fish to fry to make the team better.
  10. Ibleedbrown

    1 theory on why Baker is struggling

    Good observation. Maybe Baker just needs to heed the words of Beyonce. To the left, to the left... Re: TEs blocking Bosa, l’m not sure they did any worse than Robinson honestly. I did notice the reliance on the TEs for blocking assignments.
  11. Ibleedbrown

    Quarter Pole - RB

    I think Hilliard has been a nice surprise. I’ll agree blocking is not his strong suit, but l’m not sure Hunt is great at it either. Johnson looks better than both of them at it so far from what l’ve seen (which was only preseason for Hunt). Hilliard has good hands though and a few shifty run moves. We could do a lot worse for a 3rd down back. I’m still dying to see the reemergence of the inverted wishbone.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    OLine analysis: 49ers game

    I’m attempting something Tour used to do, a comprehensive analysis of the OL in the 49ers game. I only got through the first 5 series, which is the first quarter and then some. I made notes. Many notes. There is a key and a half assed grading system. I worked right to left on all plays. The key is the key: H = Hubbard, K = Kush, T = Tretter, B = Bitonio, R = Robinson. Other players show up with numbers. 86 = Brown, 88 = Harris, 25 = Hilliard, 24 = Chubb, 67 = McCray (yes, he makes a cameo), 80 - Landry, OBJ = himself. Grading system - means l felt the player did ok that play. They did what they were asked to do on the play and were effective + means l felt the player did above and beyond just good on the play. Maybe blocked a couple dudes, maybe laid an exceptional block. Maybe made an athletic move to pick up a delayed blitzer. Things like that. £ means the player did a poor job at doing what was expected during the play and they were a weight on the team. Get it? Plays will be noted much like Tour used to. S = series, P = plays. So S1P3 is series one play 3. Notes and side bars are included. S1P1: OBJ to 80. All Olmen get a -, it was basically 3 rushers against 6 blockers. Baker picked up the 4th rusher the line chose to ignore. That was fun for a moment. Well designed play. S1P2: OBJ drop. H -, K + for a respectable crash chip and then being in position for a next level block, T -, B + for a nifty motion, kind of pausing and then doing a half pull, R -, 86 -, 88 - S1P3: False start 86. He puts his butt up and looks right. Is that really a false start? S1P4: Chubb run. H -, K -, T + started blocking one guy then transitioned to another, walled off his area, B -, R -, 88 -, 86 £ Pharoah fucked up. His man got past him for the tackle. S1P5: Incomplete to Seals kiss from a Rose. H + for a good sustained block in the vicinity of where Baker was, K - barely, gave up ground, T -, B + for the bail out block assist for..., R £ got pushed back like a bitch into Baker’s grill. Punt... S2P1: Int. H £ tough assignment to hold a block that long, but he got holdy, K -, T -, B -, R -, 88 £ got beat and pushed back into Baker. Note: I’m realizing the Browns ask a lot of their TEs in blocking schemes. S3P1: Chubb run. 86 + for handling a firecracker of a pass rusher, H - I wavered on a lower grade because l thought he shoulda been the guy best suited to pick up a delayed blitzer instead of Landry, 80 - did his best with a terrible angle, K + for basically corralling 2 rushers at one point, heads up arm bar, T -, B -, R -. S3P2: Incomplete to OBJ. H - good fight Hubbard-, K -, T + for awareness. Starts off tag teaming with Kush, checks left, blocks right, B -, R + for a nice chip and power shove that caused dominoes, 88 - roadblocked a couple rushers, 86 -. S3P3: Baker sack. H - barely, K - l woulda liked to have seen him pick up a delayed blitzer, but he probably thought the ball was already passed, T -, B -, R -, 25 £ blew it. Punt... S4P1: Chubb run. 86 - nicely done, H £ did a chip and next level move, but looked really shitty on the next level block attempt, K - his dude did make the tackle, but l thought Kush stood tall here, T + did a chip and respectable next level block, B -, R -, OBJ and Landry are the funnest part about this play, both sweeping outta the backfield to clear the right side like mighty twin fullbacks, but Chubb doesn’t follow them? Shame. S4P2: Chubb run. H £ he whiffed on 2 dudes, K £ got away with holding, + was a man among men this play, sealed off 2 dudes, key block to 1st down run, B + he manhandled some men here too, R -, 88 -, 86 -. S4P3: Chubb run. TE (?) -, H -, K -, T - he ducks behind Bito and then picks up Bito’s guy so Bito can go next level, B -, R £ he whiffed on every blocking opportunity this play. Note: it looks like Landry is calling out blocking assignments before this play, but then whiffs on his own block. 80 £ S4P4: Chubb run. 86 -, H -, K -, T -, R -, 88 - stout on Bosa. S4P5: Baker fumble. H + for fending off one guy and then fending off Kush’s guy, K - he did ok here but found himself sorta trap blocked, T - he got held here, 99 tugging the collar, B -, R £ basically sucked, Bito saved his ass. Note: I think l am done with Greg Robinson. I grow weary of his lack of tenacity. I think we literally have TEs who block better than him. S5P1: Chubb run. H -, K -pulled then next level block, T -, B - tough play, got twisted around with Kush scooting behind him, R -, 86 - did ok on Bosa. S5P2: Landry reception. 67 - McCray sighting, H -, K £ got beat and tried to arm bar the defender, luckily Chubb there for the bail out block, T -, B -, R £ tried to hockey check Bosa, and it was not effective. S5P3: 88 - respectable block and release to catch a pass, H -, K -, T -, B -, R -,. S5P4: H -, K - Kush can lay a lick, did so here and then picked up a guy coming around that guy, T -, B - maybe held a guy, R - seemed to mostly be blocking a guy in the back, 88 - Bosa again, 80 - with a respectable block. S5P5: Jarvis reception. H - barely, K -, T -, B -, R -. S5P6: OBJ run. H - well played, ignores the de and turns in, and then turns out after the end around develops to wall off a defender, K -, T -, B -, R - best shove back block l’ve seen from him, 88 + it’s fun watching him on this play, he acts almost like a fullback sweeping behind the line and thinks about blocking 2 guys before he found a third guy to block. S5P7: Chubb run. H -, K -, T -, R -, 80 £ was actually a key block in the play and didn’t quite get it, 86 £ kinda got beat too. Note: Calloway is an awkward blocker. S5P8: Incompletion. H -, K -, T -, B - barely, gave up a lil ground, R -. S5P9: Incompletion. H - sustained a decently long block but got bowled over, K - if you’re gonna get knocked down, take ‘em with you, T -, B -, R -, 88 - good chuck on Bosa. FG... Notes: our TEs are decent blockers. I also like that the receivers are clearly involved in the blocking scheme.
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    Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives...
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