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  1. And why do you want to marry a kicking net?
  2. Ibleedbrown

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    How can you criticize a guy who is always pulling for his team? l can’t claim credit for that but thought it was pretty good. Seriously though, that’s like Twilight Zone shit. I can’t imagine what it was like to be poor Romeo trying to counsel a guy that public pud pulling is not ok.
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Sure, and not a bad suggestion. And that’s basically my point is that Duke’s skill set is so good at so many things that surely he can find a role on this team. He’s practiced with WRs the last 2 camps, we all know he can catch the ball and we all know he’s got some moves with the ball in his hands. And he blocks so so well. It’s not like the competition ever ends. Every year a good FO is going to bring in guys to compete for your job. It just so happens we brought in a ringer to compete with Duke, but if he embraces the challenge it will only make him better.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Baker’s opinion on things isn’t really something he’s in a position to keep under wraps. Not unless he wants to appear unleaderly, but it seems he’s embraced that role, and that’s largely a good thing. The media is going to ask him shit, and good leaders answer the hard questions with a degree of conviction. And really, his response was fairly diplomatic. It’s no secret a football team works better when everyone has each others’ backs. What irks me the most with this whole situation is wondering what kind of disconnect happened that caused it the first place? Duke is so good at a number of things, so what happened to make him think he had no chance to compete here?
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Player v. Player

    Sadly l agree too. I like Duke and kinda hoped he would embrace the circumstances and show us all why he belongs with a little grit and determination. But there he was the first day reiterating his desire to be traded, and if memory serves it’s the first time we heard it from his own mouth. I guess he feels the writing is on the wall and l have a hard time faulting anyone here, but at the end of the day you gotta have 53 dudes on the same page striving for the same goal, and he pretty much made it clear he wants to be elsewhere.
  6. Ibleedbrown

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    The Kush and Witzmann’s of the world are pretty much staring you into submission with what a few years of drive and determination can net. Sure, they could cut him. Blip on the radar and move on. Maybe he’s a late bloomer? Mitchell Schwartz was a reasonably high draft pick too but it seemed like it was year 3 before folks stopped calling for his head.
  7. Somehow the Corbett/right guard conversation has permeated through various threads. Someone (not me) suggested that it should be it’s own thread, and that’s a fine idea. I will do the 5 minutes of dirty work if no one else will. To catch everyone up to speed... Holy hell we wasted a hugely high draft pick on a baby faced O lineman who doesn’t seem to be turning into the building block we all expected! And in the meantime we also signed a few guys who gutted their way through a less rosy path in the NFL and have earned their way to free agent contracts like Kush and Witzmann and Kalis, all of whom sport actual facial hair. I’m pulling for Kush. Forbes is out of the equation since he’ll be a starting Tackle sometime this year.
  8. Ibleedbrown

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    I’m sure this is all Googleable if all you want to know is who made what argument. The internet is quite full of people and their opinions.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    I seem to recall Jobi got off to a really hot start last year, like in the conversation for best performing DTs in the game the first few weeks, but then cooled off a bit. Still a solid season all told, but l wonder if he and the team would have benefitted from a little more rotational help in the middle?
  10. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    There you go, stalkers with panache, to use your analogy. A more interesting variety of stalker if you will. I’m not going to say you and l both find value in the same things. I’ve got my opinions on the matter, you have yours. If semantics wrangles your weenie then substitute the word “opponent” with “the guy making the counter argument to your argument”, which is where we are right now. And how could you sleep with Jessica?!?You knew she was engaged to Blake! Just wait until Stefano hears about this!
  11. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    Yeah, flamebaiters = villains, l think we see eye to eye that there is a difference between trolls and those guys. I dunno. I guess from a personal standpoint the exchanges between flamebaiters and those who spar with them have influenced how l watch football, as strange as that might sound. The Ghoul’s anti-Olineman stance was one of the things that made me wonder just how important the Oline play was, so l started studying it. Between that and Tour’s Oline breakdowns he used to do, as well as insight from Tiamat, Gumby, and other more knowledgable posters, l have learned a lot, and now it’s my favorite nuts and bolts thing to watch in a football game. And with Turnovers guy, l think his take on things was just echoing some concerns we all had. With the Hunt signing l must admit in the back of my head was “is this a good idea?” But reading exchanges between himself and others l get to sort out any minor anxiety and at least arrive at a stopping point. If you look hard you can find value in the strangest of places.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    I believe villains are separate from trolls. The Ghoul is what he is, but somewhere deep down he clearly has a deep seated investment in the Browns in his own wierd way. Same with Shörts, who l recall incessantly went on and on about how some Browns player sucked in his Rainman like way, but quite frankly he wasn’t wrong. I guess l would differentiate trolls, who just like to ruffle feathers, with villains, who like to ruffle feathers while talking about something they’re truly passionate about in the process. I’m pretty sure a lot of us like a good football talk sparring match from time to time, and villains are often willing opponents.
  13. Ibleedbrown

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    The SS Sashi has a nice ring to it. Or at least a lotta alliteration.
  14. Ibleedbrown

    Personal Conduct

    If l’m being honest the board has gotten tamer in the years since l’ve joined, and l’m not really a fan of that. At one point in time this was a pretty intimidating place and you had to be prepared to spar if you voiced a dissenting opinion. I’m personally a fan of the board villains, as l like to call them. The Ghoulies and Stöckton Shörts and Baking up Turnovers of the world. It seems there’s a recent trend of banning or time out-ing people like that, and again, l’m not a fan. I’m sure that anyone who watches traffic on the board sees a spike in activity when the villains are at it. I get that the debating can get circular in nature, 2 mofos standing their ground and all, but sometimes, real insight can be gleaned reading between the lines of a debate between folks on opposite ends of the spectrum. I rather like the “toughest fans in pro sports” as a motto for the board and would like to see us collectively show that thick skin on an everyday basis.