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  1. Joe tore his tricep....

    Man this sucks
  2. I've been sick of regime changes since the Romeo o Romeo days, and that was like 10 years ago. Even after 2 crappyish seasons l was relieved they gave him a third year, and waddya know, we won 10 games that year. I agree all the losing sucks balls, but l'm willing to ride this out a little longer. I like some aspects of the plan, like creating a foundation on each side of the ball by addressing the line and moving outward. O line improved, D line improved, and then build outward from there with skill players on offense and the secondary on defense. If they want to throw another mind or 2 into the shot callers mix, that's fine, but the last thing l wanna see is another overhaul.
  3. Kizer to start

    Did Hue just meet these QBs? Perhaps we should trade for Osweiler again.
  4. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    I suppose l'm in the minority on this but l actually thought Hogan showed more arm than l thought he had, meaning he threw some passes that travelled a fair distance before hitting the ground or the loving caress of a defensive back. Not that the results were good or anything, but as far as point A to point B, there was more distance between those points than l thought he was capable of.
  5. Lots of good debate up in here. Been a good read, good thinking stuff. I would argue that the Billy Beane/Theo Epstein/moneyball thing does play into this however. Not that it will be effective, but it mirrors an attempt that has been tried with baseball and has worked there, and the Browns do have a dude with that background calling shots. I also get that the playing days of an NFL player are much less than a baseball player though too. Somewhere there must be a positional breakdown on playing days shelf life though, right? What is it for an O lineman? The Cubs basically drafted and developed their hitters, and then payed a lot of money for already developed pitching. I would argue that a hitters playing shelf life is longer than a pitchers. Strain on the arm and all, throwing a ball 90 plus a thousand plus times a year, Tommy John. I'm trying to identify something this FO has done definitively and purposefully to improve this team, and l see the Oline. Extending Bitonio, signing Zeitler and Tretter, and l truly believe it's an inprovement over last year. l also see improvement on the defensive line. I'm no expert, but there is the saying the game is "won and lost in the trenches." Perhaps we are proving that theory wrong? Just looking for hope here. I'm not a huge fan of how we burnt it down either but hoping there is a silver lining somewhere.
  6. Wait, we are family friendly now?

    shît fûck cõck
  7. Shmuck Sheet Damn Socksucker Bitch Blow me
  8. I'd say this is sort of me too, except my extreme disagreeableness after a loss extended into the mid-2000s, l never got the expedited shipping on the Browns paper (and yes, some weeks it would show up after the game in southern Ohio), and l've tried and cannot root for any other football team. it is what it is. Enthusiasm is high during the draft and pre-season, enthusiasm wanes as the losses come during the season, apathy starts showing up right about now, and we're a couple weeks away from Shmuck this Sheet. And then the process starts again next year.
  9. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    Higgins was in that draft
  10. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    ThIs is bad trolling Cal. You need less references and more wild conjecture. And a few bad dick jokes wouldn't hurt.
  11. Some PFF grades

    I'm not following your wierdness. Is this a buy low sell high thing? I don't fully understand what measureables go into a pff ranking, but he was top 5 in whatever those were. Every team gets their Cal Ripken, and you just deal with it and hope for the best when shit happens. Bengals got Anthony Munoz. Reds got Barry Larkin. Yankees got Jeter. Lakers got Kobe. Yadda yadda... Like a wise and perverted man once said, just let it happen.
  12. Jordan Leslie will save us all. That's not a joke. People will freak out and name their babies after him. Jordan, and Leslie. He will unify us all.
  13. Hue and the offense

    A lot of the same arguments about Kizer getting reps to learn and take his lumps and growing pains and such can also be said about our Oline and the blocking scheme in general. It's 5 guys who simply haven't played much together as a unit with live shit hitting the fan. God love Joe Thomas, but his veteran day off status has acclimated to veteran pre-season off status. Zeitler and Tretter are new, and Bitinio and Coleman missed significant time last year. I would argue with the relative veteranness of that group, and Jackson's stated desire to run the ball, that group will find their groove faster than a rookie QB at honing their craft, so why not burn some early games plugging away at the run game more than you otherwise might so those guys can gel?
  14. Hue and the offense

    Yeah, some points in there. A little strangely written. Emasculating the offensive line? Weird ass thing to say for a sports writer to make a point. l remember preseason Hue, "l know we can run the ball." But yeah, proof in that pudding. The emasculated pudding.
  15. Is It Time To Promote Dayes?

    UDFA, though considered a good pick up for a UDFA.