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  1. Ibleedbrown

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we win that game, and the next 2 after that. I guess that’s all it is for me, the sense of doom and gloom has been replaced by an optimistic “let’s see what happens.” A big step up from past seasons.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I dunno. I guess l can only speak for me personally, but the sense of impending doom that seemed to be ever present at every Browns game for a long long time has dissipated for me. Sure, we lost to the Texans, but that was just a “we got beat by the better team” thing for me.
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Free Agents after this Season

    I highly agree here. It seems like we’ve been pining for a Vickers type guy who you can trust to make a block in space more often than not, and he fits the bill. The other guy is Perriman, a guy who purportedly has stone hands disease, but we’ve seen anything but in his time with the Browns. Everyone else on that list is a Price is Right candidate, as in bring him back if. Higgins and Robinson included. I’d hate to see them sign elsewhere for back up money, but if they go for starter money l’d understand.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Another feather in the cap of Mayfield

    Too bad he plays for the Browns and not the Indians. Feather in the cap... Yeah, l know...
  5. Or you’re looking for a developmental type player who you hope will be a significant contributor down the road, like Higgins, who was also a 5th rounder.
  6. Just stumbled upon this...
  7. Just rewatched some of the last game and l’m seeing more and more of the nuances that l thought made Baker excel at college. He’s showing some great touch on passes where the situation warrants it, like a couple passes to Chubb out of the backfield and a couple passes over a defender to drop it to his receiver a little further out. The pass to Higgins was particularly nice. And he can still sling the fastball when needed too. He had a nice one to Calloway on the 3rd or 4th TD drive. He also had a nice play on a fake handoff where he hid the ball behind his hip on the second TD drive and then passed it to a wide open Njoku for a nice gain. That’s something l recall from watching a couple college games last year is he had a knack pulling off the “maybe l got the ball, maybe l don’t...” trick. All just boils down to the game slowing down for him, and l expect to see more of that as the season moves on.
  8. Ibleedbrown


    I tend to think Njoku has some leadership qualities as well. Just a few scenes from HK and a couple interviews l’ve seen, but he seems to have a confidence and presence around his teammates. Pretty cool for such a young guy. Perhaps a future team captain.
  9. Ibleedbrown

    Browns vs Bengals Gameday thread

    So far so good fellas. Them’s some wildly fun TDs. Njoku being cradled like a baby by a defender and being pushed into the endzone by Tretter. Does Tretter get an assist there?
  10. Ibleedbrown

    targeting the secondary in the draft....

    I just looked up the contract situation for these guys. I thought we exercised the 5th year option for Randall for this year, but the option is for next year. Pretty hefty pay raise next year for Randall at just over $9 mil. Wouldn’t mind seeing a restructure/extension for him. Mitchell signed a pretty team friendly 3 year deal and Carrie a less friendly 4 year deal, and of course Ward and Peppers are still under their rookie contracts. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dawgsbynature.com/platform/amp/2018/3/22/17153688/breakdown-of-cb-t-j-carries-contract-with-the-browns https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/damarious-randall-16754/ https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/terrance-mitchell-14665/
  11. Am l mistaken or is Williams still technically under contract as the DC for another year or 2 after this?
  12. Ibleedbrown

    Steelers exposed?

    I like tacos
  13. Ibleedbrown

    targeting the secondary in the draft....

    We really may be in a position to go bpa, and l keep hearing this is a deep draft for DL which l agree we need. But if bpa happens to be another position then go for it. I’m actually quite interested in seeing what we have in store for offseason development snd retainment of current players. Like l’d like to see our strength and conditioning coach move in with Des Harrison and Austin Corbett and get those guys up to speed for next year.
  14. Watching Balt Cincy here. Interesting glimpse into the possible future for the Ratbirds with Jackson behind center. He is an athletic dude.
  15. Ibleedbrown

    Top PFF Grades Halfway Through

    Tretter in the too 3. Love that shìt.