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  1. Dabbed some sunset sherbet, and had an ambien. Yeah. It's awesome
  2. Looked like 2 different teams comparing our QB's.
  3. SD_Tom

    Baker time

    If the coaching seat isn't hot after a 1-32-1 record.. It ain't ever getting hot
  4. SD_Tom

    Baker time

    When baker gets his chance, I really think he'll be good. The Ohio state game was what initially made me a believer. You just got nervous he'd make plays when they needed to. That's prob the same way everyone felt about Brees yesterday. And I hope Mahomes crushing it right now shuts up the "you gotta play them immediately!" crowd. sitting certainly Worked for Goff, Jimmy G, and mahomes.
  5. SD_Tom

    Dutch's Droppings

    I'll take baker and ward over saquon any day of the week.
  6. SD_Tom


    Ty Webb reference?
  7. SD_Tom


    I've always thought Peppers was so overrated. I felt that Lewis was the best on that team. Then again, I'm just some schmuck on the interwebs
  8. SD_Tom


    Look at how loaded buckeyes secondary has been recently. Lattimore. Hooker, Conley, Apple, Roby, and Ward.
  9. SD_Tom

    Our Strongest Position

  10. SD_Tom

    Browns All Pros since 2010

    Myles is looking badass. He's a game changer out there.
  11. SD_Tom

    Does preseason mean anything?

    When or if they actually put it all together, they're gonna look pretty damn good. We'll find out in a few weeks how long it takes
  12. SD_Tom

    how good did myles look against the eagles 1's?

    They better start calling holding on opposing offensive lineman like they call it against ours. He's gonna get held a lot. I think he looked pretty damn good. He'll likely keep improving when he improves his technique, and he's a game changer out there. Maybe there was a reason he was the consensus #1 pick by everyone.
  13. Ahhh yes. The award winning journalism of "the right scoop" Ground breaking stuff LOL
  14. SD_Tom

    Avery and Nassib should be our LDE rotation

    Avery looks very good so far.
  15. SD_Tom

    Baker Dorsey LOL - MUST SEE

    Mmmm. Yeah that's good stuff. LOL
  16. Maybe nut jobs like Jones are catching flak because these batshit crazy stories actually have people stupid enough to believe them and insane enough to take action. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/06/22/us/pizzagate-attack-sentence.amp.html The flat earthers have shown that no matter how completely wrong they are, they have thousands of others who feel the exact same way. In their minds, they are 100% correct, and all the scientists are wrong. All the satellite photos are wrong, all the globes are wrong... Etc. Nuttier than squirrel turds
  17. SD_Tom

    Kizer's 142 Passer Rating against Steelers.

    That crappy QB situation was entirely the Browns fault. Nobody forced them to dump all vets and/or not sign any.
  18. SD_Tom

    Flash Is Back

    Damn. He did miss a season. Now I remember, I was just surprised he didn't spend much time in jail. I'd still be locked up if I did that. I was thinking Ray Lewis, but he wasn't actually charged with murder, so he just got fined
  19. SD_Tom

    Kizer's 142 Passer Rating against Steelers.

    He definitely cracks under pressure. Baker thrives under it. Kizer wasn't that bad a pick for rd 2, but it was understood that he needed to sit and learn for at least a year, except for the Browns office and coaching staff
  20. SD_Tom

    Flash Is Back

    The whole suspension is Retarded. If he'd have killed someone, he probably wouldn't have missed a game
  21. SD_Tom

    Flash Is Back

    Need to make weed legal and just up the penalties for everything else
  22. SD_Tom

    Paxton Lynch

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/broncos-fans-are-already-booing-former-first-rounder-paxton-lynch-chanting-for-chad-kelly/amp/ LOL
  23. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    Rough supporting cast, but it'll get better with Fitz and Johnson out there Still made some nice throws. Baker just looks more in command of the team, more composed. Kept plays alive under big pressure. No real dangerous mistakes. Rosen threw a pick 6, and that's my biggest knock on him. He just seems to have a few throws a game like wtf were you thinking? But he definitely puts up big numbers