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  1. Dabbed some sunset sherbet, and had an ambien. Yeah. It's awesome
  2. Looked like 2 different teams comparing our QB's.
  3. SD_Tom

    Baker time

    If the coaching seat isn't hot after a 1-32-1 record.. It ain't ever getting hot
  4. SD_Tom

    Baker time

    When baker gets his chance, I really think he'll be good. The Ohio state game was what initially made me a believer. You just got nervous he'd make plays when they needed to. That's prob the same way everyone felt about Brees yesterday. And I hope Mahomes crushing it right now shuts up the "you gotta play them immediately!" crowd. sitting certainly Worked for Goff, Jimmy G, and mahomes.
  5. SD_Tom

    Dutch's Droppings

    I'll take baker and ward over saquon any day of the week.
  6. SD_Tom


    Ty Webb reference?
  7. SD_Tom


    I've always thought Peppers was so overrated. I felt that Lewis was the best on that team. Then again, I'm just some schmuck on the interwebs
  8. SD_Tom


    Look at how loaded buckeyes secondary has been recently. Lattimore. Hooker, Conley, Apple, Roby, and Ward.
  9. SD_Tom

    Our Strongest Position

  10. SD_Tom

    Browns All Pros since 2010

    Myles is looking badass. He's a game changer out there.
  11. SD_Tom

    Does preseason mean anything?

    When or if they actually put it all together, they're gonna look pretty damn good. We'll find out in a few weeks how long it takes
  12. SD_Tom

    how good did myles look against the eagles 1's?

    They better start calling holding on opposing offensive lineman like they call it against ours. He's gonna get held a lot. I think he looked pretty damn good. He'll likely keep improving when he improves his technique, and he's a game changer out there. Maybe there was a reason he was the consensus #1 pick by everyone.
  13. Ahhh yes. The award winning journalism of "the right scoop" Ground breaking stuff LOL
  14. SD_Tom

    Avery and Nassib should be our LDE rotation

    Avery looks very good so far.