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  1. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Penny will be there in the 2nd.
  2. So a 6'4 20 yr old with top S&C coaches and lifting programs won't be able to add about 10 lbs? Delusional thinking at best.
  3. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    QB at #1 all day over an overrated rb who got held under 80 yds about 6 games. Zeke never got shut down like barkley was.
  4. Our QB situation

    Check out Mike White, QB from WKU. He will be a steal for some team in the 3rd or 4th round.
  5. Trade down this year would be a great this

    They better not trade down.
  6. National Title Observations

    Would've been nice to see the buckeyes in there. Maybe next year. F Bama. If they're so badass how about they play a non conference top ranked team on the road. It never happens. Georgia lost that game. Gave it away
  7. The Browns are on the clock!

    At RB, don't sleep on Rashaad Penny from SDSU. He's a machine. literally gained 1,000 more yards than Barkley did this season and was about double the YPC Barkley had. 7 career kickoff returns for TD and 1 punt return for TD.
  8. Benkert or Woodside would be a decent 2nd qb pick in a later round.
  9. Rosen

    I'm sure Rosen is smart enough to realize the advantage of being #1, and the leverage it brings....As well as the upside of all the draft picks and cap space they have to really put something solid around the next QB. If you're the QB that can be the face of the Browns and turn it around, you are going to be the talk of the NFL, and likely one of the highest paid QB's in the league.
  10. Who's #1?

    The only real issue with Rosen is his injury history. Not that he's made of glass, but his OL looked like USC's vs Ohio State. He's taken lots of hits this year. They held him out of the Cactus Bowl and pulled him from his last game of the season for precautionary reasons to be safe. Darnold did make some great throws, and it's easy to see people get hyped up about him, but he's not ready to be an NFL starter any time soon. The Cotton Bowl isn't a great measuring stick, because OSU just manhandled USC. I don't think many QB's could've done much vs OSU's DL. He was under siege all night, and got sacked about 8-9 times I think. The game for all Browns fans to watch is USC vs UCLA. If you think Darnold looked better, you're delusional. If you think Rosen didn't look sharp or NFL ready, you're only lying to yourself. His accuracy, the quick release, the anticipation, the arm strength.... it was all there.
  11. Rosen

    Have the Browns shown anything since haslem became owner that screams "we're a competent and winning franchise!" They've shown the exact opposite. Face it, nobody would choose here over elsewhere if given the opportunity
  12. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    Don't sleep on his athleticism (Rosen). He was a highly ranked national tennis player before switching to football. Just because he is more of a pocket passer doesn't mean he can't scramble to keep plays alive. You can't be a great tennis player without having quick feet and good movement.
  13. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    How can anyone watch his game vs usc and think "no, no way I want a qb like that here" I just don't get it
  14. About evaluating quarterbacks.

    You can hate on Rosen all you want, but he's still the most polished qb and the most nfl ready
  15. The Browns are on the clock!

    Hue should wear a pink outfit until they win a goddamn game