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  1. SD_Tom

    AAF question

    Last game I saw there was the wild card game against the patriots in 94
  2. SD_Tom

    AAF question

    I should watch more than the 5 minutes I did last Saturday. Too bad Qualcomm stadium sucks. Like municipal stadium bad. Anyone who's been there knows exactly what I mean.
  3. SD_Tom

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I hope he picks right back up where he left off when he's able to play. That's going to be the best backfield in the NFL. I hope this was his scared straight moment. At least Hue isn't here to assist in the downward spiral.
  4. SD_Tom

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    And on testosterone most likely. I have to think the majority of these guys are using peds. Top athletes can get around tests. I don't think the general public realizes how the NFL environment conditions you to be as aggressive as possible. Being in that environment all the time.... When the drinks start going, and party girls get involved, you know crazy shits going down
  5. I don't even really care now. They finally drafted THE GUY at QB. Looks like they also did that at RB & CB too. Hue is finally gone, and I trust Dorsey will make some more great decisions and this team will be primed to win a lot of games.
  6. SD_Tom

    Haslam didn't like Bridgewater's handshake

    Yeah, cuz JFF was a home run. Way better choice.
  7. SD_Tom

    Gerald McCoy

    I had to Google it and see if I missed a trade or something
  8. SD_Tom

    Baker is simply legendary...

    Now they're saying similar stuff about Wentz. That his ego is out of control and half the team hates him.
  9. SD_Tom

    Nick Chubb highest graded RB...per PFF

    Imagine if he got a real number of carries for the first 7 games
  10. If it was little Caesars or pizza hut they should be outraged
  11. Couldn't at least get some bojangles? Wendy's and McDonald's? LOL
  12. SD_Tom

    Baldy is a fan

    Legit LOL at this
  13. SD_Tom

    Baldy is a fan

    Ok Ghoolie
  14. SD_Tom

    Haskins Declares

    Lawrence looks badass