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  1. SD_Tom

    WR position

    Odell is no Flash. If they're healthy, Gordon all day. He's roughly 4 inches taller and must be at least 30 lbs heavier right now. Probably faster than OBJ too. He's like a mini lebron. Just insane genetics. Hopefully he doesn't pop for peds. Flash, Landry, Callaway, Njoku, Duke, janis, Coleman if he steps up... Devalve isn't bad either.
  2. SD_Tom

    WR position

    Absolute machine. Hope he can stay on the field
  3. SD_Tom

    Cleveland in the Finals

    That's what I was thinking. Why else is he on the roster?
  4. SD_Tom

    Cleveland in the Finals

    I can't stand GS. LeBron is the GOAT. When Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat that warriors team for the team's first ever championship.... That's as impressive as you can ask for.
  5. SD_Tom


    Hell yeah. Amazing game from the GOAT
  6. SD_Tom

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    Sure sounds like he'll be starting soon enough. And yeah seeing him 2x a year might suck for a long time. People who think he can only run... He's just a scrambler, can't hurt people passing it... etc... Will be sorely mistaken.
  7. SD_Tom

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    The guy is such a freak athlete. I'm sure he'll start making highlight reels soon enough. Seems like he's got his head on straight, and he works hard. Didn't really matter what team he went to because I knew he wasn't going to the Browns. I'd simply like to see him do well. He's one of the most exciting players I've ever seen.
  8. SD_Tom

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I don't think he's missed a game has he? Seems plenty durable so far.
  9. SD_Tom

    A Cautionary Note

    Big difference between having great stats and winning a championship. Mayfield is another example.
  10. SD_Tom

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I realize stats aren't everything but nobody was ever talking about Pryor taking over as starting QB in his rookie year. It's a definite possibility that Jackson replaces Flaaco this season. People still act like all he does is scramble and run for his life.... and you don't get 3K+ yds 2 seasons in a row without making a lot of throws.
  11. SD_Tom


    GO CAVS!
  12. SD_Tom

    Antonio Callaway

    Brantley or Callaway?
  13. SD_Tom

    Antonio Callaway

    Nobody cares if he plays well and can stay eligible. Brantley was that type of pick last year.
  14. SD_Tom

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    He's not as good? Stats say otherwise and the 2017 film shows plenty of great throws to see some flashes or potential to be a star.
  15. SD_Tom