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  1. Touchdown Tommy and Mike Junkin were stellar picks
  2. SD_Tom

    Bell to jet’s

    Kind crazy Cleveland was that large. I suspect some of that is new suburbs popping up and making the city smaller. No wonder traffic is so good there. At least compared to anywhere in Socal.
  3. SD_Tom

    Kiper Upgrades The Browns

    A "draft expert" is my dream job. Get to speculate all year long over bullshit, and then face zero consequences when you're wrong
  4. SD_Tom

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    I thought the same thing. I'm also considering buying an Eric Kush jersey. Too hilarious he'll be listed as OG Kush on the stat sheet
  5. He did lead the league in rushing as a rookie. He's one of the best rbs in the NFL. Those are two good reasons he needs to play when available. I think Chubb will tear it up. Can't wait
  6. This is definitely someone who posts here
  7. SD_Tom

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Good. Hopefully this just cements his legacy as the most pathetic coach in nfl history
  8. SD_Tom

    Tyrell Williams of “strong interest” per Kabot

    He'd be a great addition
  9. SD_Tom

    Nick Bosa has insane legs....

    Stacey Keibler FTW
  10. SD_Tom

    The Combine

    The entire team was so bad, kinda tough to grade Rosen. Hey, all that matters is that the Browns finally got the qb right. Cannot wait till September.
  11. SD_Tom


    Last game I saw there was the wild card game against the patriots in 94
  12. SD_Tom


    I should watch more than the 5 minutes I did last Saturday. Too bad Qualcomm stadium sucks. Like municipal stadium bad. Anyone who's been there knows exactly what I mean.