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  1. SD_Tom

    Which Are You?

    You've never been on this board before?
  2. Those honking geese were friendly honkers.... Cuz they support him
  3. SD_Tom

    Jed Wills

    I'm astonished that calfox actually posted a relevant video from the same year.
  4. SD_Tom

    Jed Wills

    Joe Thomas stated in numerous interviews that he had Wills and Beckton as his #1 and #2. Beckton was only #2 because his ceiling could be higher. Thought Wills had the best technique and was the most ready to play and be great from day 1. Huge praise and a nice vote of confidence coming from the GOAT. Wills should be rock solid, and with Conklin.... No more excuse for baker to be crap.
  5. SD_Tom

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    And hopefully learned from his mistakes the first time around
  6. SD_Tom

    Stick a Fork in Them??

    I thought this thread was about the Browns organization.
  7. SD_Tom

    This Week in the NFL PLayoffs

    Watson is a crunch time machine
  8. SD_Tom

    Browns to interview McCarthy

    Not sure why people are so dead set against MM. God forbid we get an experienced and successful coach. He's won a SB, coached 2 great QB'S, and he's looking to prove he's still a top coach. Beggars can't be choosers. Let's at least get a coach who can put together a string of at least one winning season in a row.
  9. SD_Tom

    Meyer as HC and GM

    The first two names on that list are also the two biggest reasons to run from this team. I'd certainly love to see him coaching for any team I root for, but I just don't think the odds are in the Browns' favor
  10. SD_Tom

    Meyer as HC and GM

    Why would he waste his time with such a crap organization like the Browns? I'm guessing this interest is very one sided
  11. SD_Tom

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Browns deserve to lose. They're a crap team and organization. They will do their best to ensure chubb losses the rushing title today
  12. SD_Tom

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    I hope so, but he's looked bad most of the year.
  13. SD_Tom

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Would love to get Burrow. There's just something cool about an Ohio kid playing for the Browns. There's nothing this season that inspires any confidence in Baker being The Guy. With the talent on that side of the ball, there's just no way he should be this much worse. It's very disappointing
  14. The Browns are the biggest joke in the NFL period. Per Wikipedia: Through the end of the 2018 season, the Browns' win–loss record since returning to the NFL in 1999 is 95–224–1 and they hold the longest active playoff drought in the NFL at 16 seasons And Baker looks like the new Hillis.
  15. SD_Tom

    Kitchens fate?

    Urban is such an awesome coach, just by showing up McLaurin had his biggest game of the year. Only half kidding