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  1. SD_Tom

    Colin Coward

    I know what you mean. I think the Cavs championship is more impressive than any championship MJ or Kobe won. They literally beat the best team in the history of the NBA after a 3-1 deficit. Legendary performance under a rookie head coach.
  2. SD_Tom

    Colin Coward

    They're beating the Warriors lite. 2/3 less superstars. But I'm still glad they're winning
  3. SD_Tom

    Colin Coward

    He's certainly the most valuable player in NBA history. Look at the cavs record pre and post LBJ each stint. The sheer number of minutes and games he's logged is incredible. Imagine if he was able to learn under Dean Smith and Phil Jackson, or someone like poppovich Not the best scorer ever, but I'd argue he's the best all around player in NBA history. He certainly lived up to the expectations.
  4. SD_Tom

    LT Trent Williams has demanded a trade

    Well played sir. And kudos for literally being the only person in the world who mentioned Treat Williams' name today
  5. SD_Tom

    Colin Coward

    All the Baker haters are gonna eat their words when he's mvp off the league. I realize they've gotta wrangle in listeners and all, but unless he completely shits the bed this season, #6 is gonna rip it up
  6. SD_Tom

    Weapons Production

    Willies and Ratley looked promising. Higgins stays healthy and he should have a great year. Callaway and Njoku should be very good. Awwwww yeah. Cannot wait!
  7. This forum is the participation trophy of forums
  8. How does being co-champions equate to a participation trophy?
  9. Myles Jack was a beast at ucla. An absolute juggernaut
  10. Touchdown Tommy and Mike Junkin were stellar picks
  11. SD_Tom

    Bell to jet’s

    Kind crazy Cleveland was that large. I suspect some of that is new suburbs popping up and making the city smaller. No wonder traffic is so good there. At least compared to anywhere in Socal.
  12. SD_Tom

    Kiper Upgrades The Browns

    A "draft expert" is my dream job. Get to speculate all year long over bullshit, and then face zero consequences when you're wrong