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  1. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    Rough supporting cast, but it'll get better with Fitz and Johnson out there Still made some nice throws. Baker just looks more in command of the team, more composed. Kept plays alive under big pressure. No real dangerous mistakes. Rosen threw a pick 6, and that's my biggest knock on him. He just seems to have a few throws a game like wtf were you thinking? But he definitely puts up big numbers
  2. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    Just like at UCLA
  3. SD_Tom

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    How can you cut in front of a car pulling out of a gas station at 3am in Strongsville? And what was with the posse of suvs going by? Looked like the fbi was raiding someone.
  4. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    Darnold and mayfield had the best games by far. I'd say Jackson was #3, Allen #4, and the rest were kinda meh I know it's just one game, but baker looked every bit as good as he did at OU.
  5. SD_Tom

    Paxton Lynch

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/broncos-fans-are-already-booing-former-first-rounder-paxton-lynch-chanting-for-chad-kelly/amp/ LOL
  6. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    Tyrod gets no love ever. He looked great It's clear why they picked mayfield after seeing all their debuts. Aside from maybe 2 passes, everything else hit guys in the hands. No big mistakes, moved the chains, and made plays when needed. If Gordon and Landry are on the field together, that's a problem for defenses. Let's hope they can keep it together
  7. SD_Tom

    Honest thoughts

    I've always thought Dayes deserves more carries.
  8. SD_Tom

    Dez on his way ?

    They might have gotten it right. Added legit free agents and top draft talent QB room has to be most improved in the NFL
  9. SD_Tom

    Dez on his way ?

    Browns are a 20 yr example of worst case scenarios Any talent they have gets injured or traded
  10. SD_Tom


    Hope they fix the running game before the season starts. Very disappointed by Chubb. Dayes looked better than Chubb. Still a ton of penalties.
  11. SD_Tom


    Chubb looks awful
  12. SD_Tom


    That's a Hue trademark
  13. SD_Tom


    Saquon just like he was at pedo state. A huge run, and then a bunch of dancing for no gain
  14. SD_Tom


    When they get good, have to show up at 9am to 930 or might not get a seat. Most of the place is buzzed by 10am kickoff.