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  1. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Can always check out the free trial https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/download-install-trial.html
  2. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    I get what you're saying Clev... I just think it sends the wrong message to the team and the league and I don't think there will be any trade deals with him. Hell I don't even think anyone would pick him up if we cut him.
  3. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    HAHAHAHAHA Not cutting this dumb Shmuck ASAP shows only that this organization hasn't learned a god damned thing.
  4. The only prob I have with any of that is not firing Hue today. I'd like to see how Williams would respond to the situation.
  5. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Ghoolies 0-8 Takeaway

    Every Sunday I hear this scraping sound. Its the sound of Paul, Otto, and the other greats rolling in their graves. Hue made it clear during the Baltimore game that he has no desire to win and if they don't care, why should I? Also, how anyone can tell what the talent level is of players on this team is beyond me. Hue consistently puts our players in bad positions and has an itchy trigger finger that makes Haslam seem like a rock of stability. Starting over again at this point costs the team nothing. It can't possibly get any worse.
  6. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    I don't buy into all these people predicting a huge Pit blow out. The first reason is that these games are usually pretty close and second is that I don't think they are that good this year. In fact, I think Balt is the team to beat. Guess we will see how it plays out tho.
  7. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Calvin Pryor being released

    I'm glad they cut his ass... this is exactly the kind of shit previous regimes wouldn't have had the balls to do.
  8. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Perfect Preseason

    I don't think anyone cares about being undefeated. I think what's most important is that this team has been the more physical so far and not giving up points... at least for me, that's what I wanted to see.
  9. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Black kids throw elderly woman to ground and then into pool

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and the white kids used to burn crosses on black families lawns and try to kick their asses at every turn... i know most of you right wingers are saying to yourselves "Those were the days... We are trying to get back to that"
  10. Too many fuckin' pee brains who believe their own lies on this board
  11. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Why not Tony Romo?

    I think we should give this guy a shot if we can get a good deal for him. Everyone has good points about what they don't like about him but he sure seems better than what we have got right now. I also think our young qb's would be better served having to compete with a veteran in training camp.
  12. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Remember when...Chuck Schumer met with Putin...2003 !

    More evident every day that republicans really do hate america and americans
  13. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    Camp Trubisky

    I agree Canton... they need to build a team that can support a qb before putting all their eggs in that basket.
  14. Browns_Fucking_Rule

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    and lack of talent at wr isn't helping either