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  1. gernthefish

    Browns Playoff Odds Calculator ..

    Maybe I'm over-analizing this, but does the % of scenarios mean the same thing as probability? If the Browns make the playoffs in 40% of the scenarios, does this mean they have a 40% chance? I'm not a statistician, but thinking this is probably not the case.
  2. gernthefish


    'Cause we're FREEEEEEEEEEEE.....FREE FALLIN' Tom Petty RIP
  3. gernthefish

    Which Positions on the Browns are most Deficient?

    Yeah, we need to address the QB position for sure, but being a 1-15 team, I think focusing on other deficiencies would give us more bang for the buck. It might also allow us to better assess our current QB lineup.
  4. gernthefish

    Which Positions on the Browns are most Deficient?

    1. Quarterback - I don't feel this has been a huge deficiency for us, given the many other glaring issues. Maybe go for Garrapalo in free agency. 2. Defensive Backfield (need 2) - Yes, draft Peppers, Adams or Hooker in 2nd round. 3. Right side of the OL..from OC to RT (need 2) - Yes, get a quality center - Elflin or Pocic at #12 4. Outside edge rusher (need 1) - Yes, need a game changer here. Select Myles Garrett at #1. 5. Inside LB (though, Davis and Kirksey are serviceable) - I think we can make do with what we have. 6. Tight End - Might be ok 7. Wide Receiver - Keep Pryor and Coleman, maybe look for someone else in free agency. 8. Running back (it would not hurt the Browns to get a real play maker at one of these last 3 spots...or do you think we are sufficient - I think we are ok here.
  5. gernthefish

    Why are you a fan?

    Interestingly enough, I don't really know. I was born in Cleveland, but moved away at an early age. Visiting family in the area, Browns games were always on TV. My dad and grandfather would constantly complain about the team even though they had some good years back in the 70s. Leroy Kelley was my favorite player back then. Success in the 1980s during the Sipe and Kosar eras cemented my interest despite red-right 88, the drive, and the fumble. When they moved to that city on the east coast, my dad became a Bills fan and never really turned back. That was a tough pill to swallow, especially since he was the main reason I fell in love with the Browns. My 2 boys are split. I was able to brainwash 1 of them early on with a Browns teddy bear and blanket. He's still a Browns fan 20 years later. My other son, much to his credit, realized being a Browns fan is an exercise in futility.
  6. gernthefish


    And the rest of him too!
  7. gernthefish

    We need an experienced backup QB

    I hear Manziel might be available.
  8. gernthefish

    Sunshine and rainbows

    I can usually get thru September before giving up hope. Not sure if I can do it this year.
  9. gernthefish

    Draft Day 1 Thoughts

    I like draft beer!
  10. gernthefish

    If Goff Is Gone...

    I don't think we should sell the farm. Take Goff or Bosa, whoever's still available. If both are available, I say Bosa since he's more likely the real deal.
  11. gernthefish

    Why / How did you become a Browns fan ?

    Been a Browns fan since the early 70s, encouraged by my dad and grandfather. I moved away from Cleveland at a relatively young age, but followed the Browns thru the Sipe & Kosar eras and have become a die hard fan ever since. I thought losing the team in 1995 and sucking ever since would have been the end for me especially since I no longer live in the area, but I have become obsessed with seeing them turn things around. I may be old, wrinkly and grey before that ever happens. Crap...I just looked in the mirror.
  12. gernthefish

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Hmmm...not sure I agree. Run blocking has been horrendous.
  13. gernthefish

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    This incident seems a little overblown to me. If it were any other player, it would be a non-issue. But Manziel has a target on him because of who is is. Cowher's right, we should cut him for being a distraction.
  14. gernthefish

    22 games under head coach Mike Pettine

    Close doesn't cut it, but I like the competitiveness I see with the team. We seem to hang in there even with the best teams. I honestly thought Denver would blow us out. We just have to take better advantage of opportunities.