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  1. For the Frauds they are.. It's getting predictable
  2. I believe this would be the third..
  3. Axe

    Time Traveler who went to the year 8973 tells all!

    What about 2112 muther farker???
  4. Axe

    Democrats take the house

    Clearly you haven't been paying attention..
  5. Axe

    Democrats take the house

    Welcome to nothing but 2 yrs of noise...
  6. Axe

    Picture of My Dad and I

    My grand dad in Euclid used to do that with me in the early 60s and oddly enough I didn't care for beer until a few yrs ago..
  7. Axe

    All in on Baker?

    Don't become the Buccaneers.. In the 40 yr history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have drafted 25 Quarterbacks, and exactly ZERO have been signed to a second contract..... Despite the fact they have drafted THREE Superbowl winning Quarterbacks..
  8. Axe

    Yes or no?

  9. Axe

    A Must Watch

    Another MUST Watch!!
  10. Axe

    Caravan of illegals

  11. Axe

    Caravan of illegals

  12. 29 point loss to an unranked team.. Let Bama do that.. And then we'll see some SERIOUS rage googling and hear some real howling around here You don't lose by 29 to an unranked team and still think you're playoff material.... You just don't..
  13. Now you guys watch.. OSU will drop to number 5 despite getting SMOKED by 29... BY an unranked team !! Again!! Happens every farking yr! Someone explain Monday morning how Ohio State is ranked above Purdue!! 29!!!
  14. Axe

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    I previously posted my local.. Wife and I spent the late morning and early afternoon on the beach Monday.. No issues.. I grew up 30 miles east of Cleve but have been here since 73.. Red tide happens.. Kinda like Lovebugs.. No one can answer why absolutely.. Just happens with varying degrees of severity.. One thing is certain after an outbreak of red tide.. It will be a banner yr for shrimp..
  15. Axe

    Rihanna turns down Super Bowl

    Yer Damn Skippy!!
  16. Axe

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Prior engagement so I'll be in the 34217 watching what I can catch on the big screen.. I'm a Bucs fan and a Browns fan.. I don't like when these two play.. The Bucs just fired Mike Smith and McCoy is doubtful.. Wouldn't surprise me to see the Browns win this one..
  17. Axe

    Rihanna turns down Super Bowl

    Rihanna turns down Super Bowl" Thank You Lord!
  18. Axe

    No offense President Carter but...

    Can't believe I voted for that asshat.. Didn't make that mistake twice..