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  1. I hadn't seen any of GOT until a couple nights ago.. I watched the first episode.. Wasn't bad
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    That was my first thought It IS baseball season after all
  4. Catch it.. It does NOT suck.. No, seriously. I thought I'd hate it but it's a pretty decent mini series. How factually correct it is who knows? I'm sure liberties were taken, there always are.
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    Chernobyl HBO

    That's as high as the meters went Gotta love the fireman that picked up the pc of graphite with a gloved hand and had a smoldering, bubbling, blistering bleeding hot mess of a hand within 5 minutes.. 3.6 Roentgen
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    RIP Bart Starr

    https://www.packers.com/news/packers-legend-bart-starr-dies-at-85 " Bart Starr, the first quarterback in history to win five National Football League championships and hero of the most memorable game in the storied history of the Green Bay Packers, died today in Birmingham, Ala. He had been in failing health since suffering a serious stroke in 2014. "
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    The New McCarthyism

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    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    If I were McCoy, I'd just wait....
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    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Why does this McCoy mess have New England at a low price written all over it?
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    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    He's not what he used to be but he's still a solid player.. Just doesn't fit the new scheme and certainly not for $16 mil.. He could help the Browns tho
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    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    There's a shocker As I said at the top of the page. McCoy is now gone and JPP is most likely gone for the year with the neck injury .. Bucfuckened the Bucs are ....
  12. Sounds like a solid plan to me Seriously, I don't get it but I absolutely love this woman's sense of logic
  13. After this lil tibit of pure ignorance. Nothing is out of the question