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  1. Why do the fact checkers never check Biden? 🧐
  2. Sure it has. But this time it wasn't the hedge fund managers
  3. I didn't even know GameStop was still around. Kudos to the lil guy
  4. I'm so relieved.. What could possibly go wrong within those 90 days?
  5. Axe

    The Stock Market

    I guess you haven't bothered to look at Biden's tax proposals.. I'm talking with multiple accountants to try to minimize what appears to be $200k+ hit if his lamebrain bullshit is actually enacted. And with no checks and balances due to the fraudulent elections...... Why wouldn't they be? Buy a clue if you must..
  6. yep.. If you have children and grandchildren,,, fear for their futures..
  7. Shut your cockhole and listen to this lady..
  8. 29 year old Kamala Harris out partying with her 60 year old married lover and boss Mayor Willie Brown. If this doesn't make liberals proud I don't know what will.
  9. Axe

    Dwayne Haskins signs with the stoolers

    Dwayne Haskins = Cardale Jones = JaMarcus Russell... Glad they did it
  10. Yep, we've been hearing about it all year down in this neck o the woods Never thought it would happen tho
  11. My Bucs are the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium!! 😁