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    a poll that means a LOT -

    Why, would the VP of the US go to these lengths if he or his cock sucking boss didn't have something to hide? How does getting a Ukrainian Prosecutor General fired advance the security of the United States?
  2. Axe

    Whatever, Donald

    No idea wtf you are babbling about.. I don't pay attention to either.. Not really sure who they are.. Sorry to disappoint you. But please, do continue to make shit up.. It's what the left does 🤣 Oh, and by the way.. That laptop linked to Hunter is part of an FBI money laundering probe.. FACT Why, do you suppose? I'm sure the "big guy" knows nothing... Woody, pull your beak out of your ass..
  3. Of course, we already knew that 🤣 HUGE CROWD there Barry 🤣
  4. Axe

    Whatever, Donald

    When it comes to Hoorta "No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot." ~ Mark Twain
  5. Axe

    Too Funny

    https://nypost.com/2020/10/19/jeffrey-toobin-was-masturbating-in-front-of-new-yorker-bigs-report/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&sr_share=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3MjWLbNZAmTA_LOKXUo6q2P6gaaTScNxTC_OZkIy1s20wzJ_6ux4ZFrLs " The New Yorker writer and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin didn’t just expose himself during a Zoom work meeting — he was allegedly caught masturbating in the call with some of the magazine’s biggest names, and has been suspended from the publication. " 🤣
  6. Axe

    Too Funny

    " Toobin — married since 1986 to former Harvard classmate Amy McIntosh, with whom he has a son and daughter " SO, how do you explain gettin caught whacking off in front of company biwigs on a zoom call and becoming a laughing stock nation wide. How do you explain that to the wife and kids? 🤣
  7. Axe


    I I'm sure Tex, Hoorta and Woody are out there too
  8. Axe


    That may be the most delusional thing I've read here EVER.. 🤪 Get help, somewhere...
  9. Actually, Shifforbrains was running the Russia thing almost as hard as Woody and Hoorta until it was put to bed by the Director of National Intelligence...
  10. https://ussanews.com/News1/2020/10/17/breaking-claim-hunter-biden-sex-tapes-shows-hunter-biden-sexually-abusing-multiple-underage-chinese-girls/ " At the 3:32 mark, Lude describes the sex acts as, “extreme abuse” of children. This implies violence and rape and it confirms that the victims of the Hunter Biden sex acts did not consent. " Just imagine, if had been Trump jr...
  11. Can't speak to that but they do appear to be the only two people in denial of the disclosures on the planet.. Wait... It's a smear campaign.. Russian disinformation 😉
  12. Man, those two are fucked in the head 😟
  13. I actually live in Fla and talk to many people day in and day out.. Most are Hispanic.. If you believe that you are fuckin delusional.. Wait... We all know that already 🤣