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  1. McCain goes full Progressive

    Fuck Benedict McCain..
  2. Packers @ Falcons

    Not sure which was worse.. The Refs, or Green Bay's O line..
  3. Thanks man, we got extremely lucky!! The eye passed about 20 miles to our east. Bucket list. You guys need to experience one of these things outside under cover with your back to a strong building and the wind.. Trust me .. Well, w/o a ton of property at risk.. They shriek like a living entity.
  4. Sorry, that video is a couple yrs old. Irma is much worse than that.
  5. Yeah, we're laughing our asses off in this locale.
  6. BULLSHIT!! You did criticize him in your first freaking sentence Again, how much has the Clinton Foundation donated?? Wasn't disasters like THIS the reason the foundation was created in the first place?
  7. Season starts in earnest

    Can't believe Michigan isn't all over Fla. Gators have 10 suspended players and no QB.
  8. How much has the Clinton Foundation donated?
  9. Oh boy,, in an effort to save the thread, this is a pretty cool site https://www.windy.com/?27.439,-82.521,5 Particularly if live if Hurricane alley this time of year..
  10. Wtf is happening in Charlottesville?

    The 1st amendment IS absolute.. The 1st amendment allows you to be as stupid as you like.. It also keeps anyone from feeling they or their group are the deciders of what is and what isn't hate speech.. I would think most Americans reject both sides of this fiasco
  11. Wtf is happening in Charlottesville?

    Look, the election of Donald Trump didn't create the Left's hate. It simply revealed it..