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  1. Just imagine if this jackass had an R behind his name..
  2. Should have happened already but don't count on it..
  3. So there's no such thing as a deep state.. That's what we're always told.. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/dan-gainor-even-ny-times-columnist-admits-theres-a-deep-state-but-he-says-members-are-the-good-guys But they're good guys
  4. Axe


  5. 1 lb of quarters is exactly $20.00 5 lbs is exactly $100.00
  6. I've been to Turkey.. They are not our friends, they are not our allies. They hate us.
  7. Axe

    John Oliver

  8. Axe

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    THAT ass kicking was a serious reality check..
  9. So, the truth is now termed as deflection by the left..