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  1. So you think you found patient zero? The lone conservative in California? it was a joke bro.
  2. Antibody testing.. Should it be a main focus at this point? We can do all three right?
  3. Axe

    Coronavirus humor

    This is awesome!
  4. Axe


    This is the battle we face. Where are you getting yours?
  5. Axe

    The Tiger King

    I've seen multiple train wrecks in person. This show is not all that dissimilar.. It's hard to turn away.
  6. Ditto, I tell people all the time, if all ended tomorrow all I could say is Thank You Lord. It's been an incredible ride.
  7. Axe

    Browns Board Draft Finished Rounds

    Bah, they'll draft another effin kicker
  8. Axe

    Bottom line on the virus

    Congratulations Welcome, to the machine.. You will grow to hate it.. Before CAD, it was even worse
  9. Axe

    Browns Board Draft Finished Rounds

    Sorry man, Bucs AND Browns fan here. I have to take issue with this pick. In Rd 2 the Bucs will start looking for an heir apparent to Brady. And they have no serious RB on the roster imo. I know you didn't burn the midnight oil researching the Bucs draft needs I didn't know this was going on or I may have given ya some help
  10. Axe

    Just got put under quarantine

    Really sorry to hear this man
  11. I've no doubt this happened. I just think that after the Epstein, Wiensteen, Me too, etc etc things that people are kinda numb to this anymore. They just don't want to hear it. That and I think we all recognize that Joe is failing and isn't going to be the nominee.. NO ONE, save his puppeteers, want to see this man as the POTUS
  12. There are train wrecks and then there is "The Tiger King" 🤣 Unbelievable ratings and reviews.. Has anyone been watching?