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  1. How did such an ignorant young man find himself in a place of such judgement? 
  2. Axe


  3. We were simply discussing good idea? bad idea? and you break off that incredibly ignorant jewel..
  4. What the actual f u c k are you talking about?
  5. Axe


  6. Axe

    Israel bans Muslim congresswomen from entering

    They were denied entry visas by a country they deny exists.. 🤣
  7. Axe


  8. I know,, I know , but holy shit balls that's funny
  9. Axe

    How Refreshing!!

    I have to admit the Epstien news made it to us but other than that I heard NOTHING about the United States for over a week.. I wasn't sure the place was still here when we flew out of Quito. The wife and I with our driver and guide before they took us to Quito airport at 1:00 am local time
  10. Axe

    Actual laugh out loud moment

    Doesn't appear as tho she's missed many meals
  11. Axe

    How Refreshing!!

    The Equator had to top the list. We stayed at a nice place up at 13,100 ft for a night and then a few days down in the Amazon.. I didn't want to come back..
  12. Getting away from all media for a week.. I highly recommend it. I really do ... Sorry, the wife just walked in with a huge bag of usb cables from vacation.. I had to tell her what each belonged to. I feel as tho I just aced some sort of weird ass sobriety test Honestly, Ecuador is unbelievably gorgeous.. I highly recommend a week away from all of the political bullshit.. How refreshing.
  13. I got it from one of the most liberal people I know so,, could be