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  1. Let the hand-wringing begin

    Are you guys ready for your Civics 101 class for the day? Cool. Let's talk "control of the House and Senate". Please keep your eye on the word, "CONTROL". In the House of Representatives, a bill can be passed with a simple MAJORITY voting in favor. The House currently has, 248 Republicans and 192 Democrats. This gives the Republicans not only the majority, but CONTROL of the House of Representatives. The Democrats cannot stop a Republican backed bill...plain and simple. In the Senate, there are 100 members. Of these 51 are Republicans and 49 are Democrats. The Republicans enjoy a majority, but not control. Here is why. In order to pass any meaningful legislation, a SUPER MAJORITY is needed. It requires 60 Senators to pass legislation. Since neither party has 60 members it requires a combination of yes votes from both parties to pass legislation. In our current division that means 9 Democrats must vote yes. The Democrats actually have CONTROL of the Senate and are able to block ANY legislative attempts. So comments made by Schumer and other apparently uninformed Democrats and liberals, are lying to the American public each time they say the words, "The Republicans CONTROL the Senate." It's basic Civics and basic math. So guess who owns the shutdown?
  2. Shaq Sez

    "Shaquille O’Neal Says: ‘Trump Is Possibly The Best President Of The President Of All Times Ever, He Is Not Afraid To…’ " https://conservativeview.co/shaquille-oneal-says-trump-is-possibly-the-best-president-of-the-president-of-all-times-ever-he-is-not-afraid-to/
  3. APPLE

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/apple-announces-350-billion-investment-20k-jobs-over-5-years.html?__source=sharebar One wonders why they didn't do this during Obama's Shithole administration...
  4. Camp Mayfield

    This.. The 3rd quarter was a preview of life in the NFL for Mayfield.
  5. Camp Mayfield

    Seems to me he has a bit of johnny football in him
  6. Actually, isn't he over in Europe somewhere giving speeches and talking openly about it? Or was that last week
  7. Look, I live at sea level.. I've been here 45 yrs. And the sea level has not risen one F U C K I N inch in that time.
  8. They really should change the name to the "Music Hall of Fame"..
  9. The correct decision

    What President Trump needs to do, is to sign an executive order condemning Satan to eternal damnation in hell just so we can watch the main stream media and the Democrats come out in defense of Satan..
  10. "Let's see if the NRA defends these gun owner's rights too..." I guess the bigger question is will the ACLU?
  11. Of course he went for the money.. $75 mil before endorsements? State of the art facility? Word out of Tallahassee is they wouldn't build him a facility on a level of Clemson's but A&M already has one that's close in place.. Supposedly that was huge as well.