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  1. And a new video Sorry Steve, no nudity
  2. Now George Takei accused of sexual assault

    Can't believe Bill Nye hasn't been outed yet.
  3. High praise from yer ilk
  4. You only voted once? Nah, we appreciate the vote Steve
  5. We were just named the November band of the month on http://womenofmetal.net/ The amount and level of talent covered there is incredible. From Nightwish to Epica to Doro to Arch Enemy, the list goes on and on and to be honored by a station and site that large is kind of a big deal for us http://www.arielsatticmusic.com/
  6. Tom Petty

    Not to mention all of Motely,, and Ozzie
  7. So Who Gets Indicted First?

    I think most reasonable people see this dog and pony show for what it is.. I think most sensible people see the MSM for what it is. I think most well grounded people are getting very pissed off by the left's antics on everything from this subject, to the boy scouts, to monuments, to the national anthem.. I think most balanced people are really getting tired of the left's S H I T.
  8. We love Bernie's plan

  9. Unbelievable stuff being reported tonight.. Manafort was working with the Clinton/Podesta team and the Russians? The news of the night is very bad for the left.. Wear your high tide waders tomorrow fellas. The B U L L S H I T from the left is gonna be deep.
  10. EMP's coming cal!!! Run cal!!!

    Read Cyberstorm... https://www.amazon.com/CyberStorm-Matthew-Mather-ebook/dp/B00BT4QRHG Then you'll have a handle on how serious this is. Yeah, we've known about the potential for half a century but we haven't fixed it. We've only made it worse..
  11. Jesus fukking christ this oreilly guy...

    I don't know. I haven't had a whole lot to say about this because this type of thing has been going on since Adam snuck up and doggy'd Eve. You aren't stopping this type of behavior. You just aren't..