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  1. Axe

    Here Ya Go Tex

    Your either detoxing, or retoxing.. There is no middle ground
  2. Non disclosure contract..
  3. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    No, I'm saying that's the Vegas line. 4.5 games..
  4. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    http://smokeroom.com/2018/08/08/ohio-state-football-zach-smith-contract-details/ Hmmm, why do you suppose he got such a paltry raise after the 2015 season?
  5. Axe

    For Steve - new music for band

    Do ya do this one Steve? We're looking at it hard Our way of course
  6. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    4.5 game suspension is the over/under number... If Mary Jo says "wait, we're not done yet" at the end of 14 days then you can pretty much figure your boy Urban is phuckened..
  7. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    Ex SEC head..She is leading the investigation. She has done so in 3 or 4 NFL investigations. Ray Rice and the Panther's ex owner Jerry Richardson come to mind.. It's never good news for the principle of the investigation when she is involved it seems..
  8. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    " Like I said, Meyer should have simply declined to answer any questions about that subject because of potentially on going legal consequences " But he did answer, and he did lie. Mary Jo White doesn't play.... I'll wait for her work to end..
  9. So what is the base supposed to say? "Holy Sheet THAT WAS CLOSE" ?
  10. Axe

    The NY Times Latest Hire

    It does seem to be a gift doesn't it
  11. Axe

    The political side of college football

    LOL,, WTF? 🤣 I'm not even gonna ask what you were looking for when you found that, let alone what it means
  12. Axe

    The NY Times Latest Hire

    Libs sure do love their double standards don't they
  13. Axe

    Urban Meyer

    I LOVE IT!! Suddenly, Urban remembers,,,, he DID know!! 🤣 Last week he was Sgt Schultz How much money do ya think Buckeye Alumni and Boosters are doling out right about now 🤣