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  1. Axe

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    The man did what he said he would do.. Unlike the POS you voted for..
  2. No doubt there is.. No doubt there is...... The republic is no more... And the sad thing is, there is no fight...
  3. Axe

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    Kamala polishes serious male appendage 😮
  4. Axe

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    Pull head out of ass
  5. Aint shit of importance going to happen.. Dream on
  6. None of it will lead anywhere Proper power will never be restored.
  7. https://www.weaselzippers.us/465199-breaking-houthis-in-yemen-launch-missiles-into-saudi-arabia-that-are-intercepted-by-their-iron-dome/
  8. I told you a long time ago if it wasn't released pre election then it would never see the light of day... And it won't.. Hunter is scot-free, Hillary is scot-free. Epstein who? It's all under the rug and forgotten.. Yeah, at this point I bet you'd prefer to delay.. Seriously, wtf are you talking about anymore?
  9. I collect show dvds. I have everything Rush has released. 14 or 15 🤘😎🤘
  10. If you think we are even remotely the same country as in 92 then either you weren't here then, or you haven't been paying attention ..