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  1. Axe

    Washington Redskins Name Change

    Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs!! 😳 MASTER Volume knob on my amps.. 😖 What shall we call them moving forward?
  2. Change one simple letter 😄 https://www.foxnews.com/us/defend-the-police-mural-changed-to-defend-the-police-outside-milwaukee-city-hall
  3. Axe

    Washington Redskins Name Change

    They should change it to the Washington Foreskins.. Then the libs would be ecstatic
  4. Y'know? NYC just defunded the very people that ran in to the towers on 911.. Think about that..
  5. Axe

    Apology accepted

    Hilarious, you think your point was so cerebral that it goes over people's heads. 😂 Meanwhile, Some call bullshit for what it is.. Sorry you got caught up in the wash YOU, are the only one that sees yourself as you think you are..
  6. We need two national anthems? Nah, sorry, what's next? the Trany/Woody national anthem?
  7. Potential division? If true... I won't be watching..
  8. You cray cray Signed Woody (the board cnt)
  9. What sane person could be happy with the state of the country given the antics of the left over the last 4 yrs? From the Russia Mueller horseshit to Kavanaugh to the impeachment charade to the left wing Covid farce to implode the economy and the radical left antifa bullshit?
  10. Axe

    Apology accepted

    People are NOT anti science People are anti liars And from this, science is not immune. Far too often people of science manipulate their data to fit their particular agenda. Or even worse, to fit the agenda of those financing their research. I love science! without political agendas.