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  1. Axe

    The A hole thread

    Look you fuckers, I'm tryin to eat lunch here 🤮
  2. Axe

    How Much Is Enough

    No, I'll never quit playing but I wont ever gig again and Arthur is slowing my hands down. I'll always continue to make music, we just released our second cd One of the test discs I'm selling one of our businesses because I'm staring at back surgery and will be down for a while. It's been a bad bad yr. I'm also down 65lbs. Not good lbs either.
  3. Axe

    How Much Is Enough

    Not hiding I'm north of 64. I hope to retire in January.
  4. Axe

    How Much Is Enough

    I've always operated with the thought that if you didn't have a net worth of seven digits left of the decimal point then you probably shouldn't retire. Now I'm starting to think the first digit of the seven needs to be a crooked number. And don' depend on Social Security.
  5. I'm talking to the many of us that are either considering retirement or already have. How do you feel about where you are now and how the last 9 months of insanity has affected where you are and your long term plans of the last 20-30 yrs? How drastically has your outlook changed in the last short 9 months given the rising prices of damn near everything? The US dollar at present is, the world currency. When foreign nations do business, the first thing they do is buy US dollars to do so. China wants to supplant the US dollar with the renminbi or yuan (which ever you prefer to call it) and they WILL succeed. It's just a question of time. LET'S GO BRANDON"!! 🤬 So, how comfortable are ya? How much is enough?
  6. Careful what you wish for. You just might get it and look at #2 and 3 in the succession. VP and Speaker. 🤮
  7. Axe


  8. As kind of an aside Imagine how bad we could mess with the IRS if everyone withdrew $601 from their accounts and deposited it right back, every single day for a few months. They can’t audit 75 million of us.
  9. Dang, one of my all time favs 😟