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  1. It's not about the welfare of the United States and it's people for the Dems..
  2. I'm pretty much over Durham's nothing burger..
  3. Axe

    Mask lovers

  4. Benedict Roberts switched sides so it's 4-4 at present.
  5. Axe

    What I think.

    Young man, I never threatened you.. Here's the difference between you and I sonny.. I talk to people here EXACTLY as I would in person.. You and I both know with absolute certainty that you never would have uttered those words face to face.. Everyone else here knows it as well.. There are things you do in the interweb and things you don't.. Hoorta wants to bash Steve for being what he considers a slanted moderator.. Steve, to the best of my knowledge never did ANYTHING about that egregious over stepping of the line.. Nor would I have wanted him to.. You showed everyone here, what punk ass pc of shit you are.. That's enough.. You aren't bad.. You aren't shit...Sucks to be you.
  6. Axe

    What I think.

    But you were okay with Neo degrading my deceased mother..
  7. https://genesiustimes.com/oped-i-was-raped-by-whoever-trump-picks-to-replace-ginsburg-on-the-supreme-court/?fbclid=IwAR0OjGUDnP64QdhaNriaovdTLfmDDqpah_LGlhCTA8YGrwE1vBTP6_G5xKE#.X2VzZ54UU94.facebook
  8. Trump should nominate Amy Coney Barrett .... She was chosen to be Ginsberg's replacement during the last cycle so the vetting process is already done. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/donald-trump-put-forth-nominee-002900994.html