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  1. Howdy, I'll unfortunately be missing this game as I was suppose to go but I can't get out of Africa in time to make the game. So I'm selling them. I currently have them up on NFL ticket exchange for $289 each but was hoping to get more people who are Browns fans for a lot less. These are Grille Club tickets which allows you into the grille club for free top shelf drinks and and gourmet food. The are section 108 row 19 seat 7 & 8. I physically have the tickets now so I'll have to call in to transfer over the tickets and they'll be a small ticket fee to get them. I'd prefer to try to get rid of these by today so let me know as soon as you can. I'm at the office here for another 2 hours as it's 5 hours ahead. Thanks.
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    Howdy fellers, Anybody have any more information on the The grille club tickets? at $4300 I hope they are pretty good. I'm flying in on May 28th to check out the seats and tour the stadium as well as check out the city and fan base. Any suggestions?