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  1. And now 1-1 bottom of the 14th.

    Job well done darren-thanks for all your work.
  3. I invested in it a few years back. It's done very well for me. I just reinvest the dividends.
  4. Pick Six

    Not at all fair Gip. You took every one of my picks to exactly those teams.
  5. Meanwhile back at the ranch Trump is tweeting that he did not fire Comey because of the Russia thing. I guess he is either lying now or he lied when he said that to Lester Holt. Either way he's still nothing but a liar. There is one phrase he got right today, the words "con job". He just needs to say it to all his supporters so they know the real truth is right in front of them. He is definitely a doing a "con job", but some are slower on the uptake.
  6. We'll see. Opening it tonight. Good thing the old winefridge has backups available. Plus I had yesterday confused with today so there's one less day for it to last. Fortunately no one else here likes dry red wines and I have a good air sucker with corks to keep it decent for a week.
  7. Have her place one on each nipple and lick each off...................................................oh wait...................that was the Stormy Daniels tape with Orange sticky things.
  8. From wiki: Timing Each team has its representatives attend the draft. During the draft, one team is always "on the clock." In Round 1, teams have 10 minutes to make their choice (previously 15). The decision time drops to 7 minutes (previously 10) in the second round and 5 minutes in Rounds 3–6. In round 7, and for compensatory picks, teams only have 4 minutes to make their choice.
  9. New voting age

    You don't know what you're missing. I got to put some guy away who raped a woman he had abducted to a junk yard out in the country from Austin who managed to get away before he could shoot her. Gave him minimum of 40 to maximum of life. And if he gets out he gets deported to Mexico. The woman he raped and planned to kill was Mexican-American. I helped the jury understand he had told about 13 different lies on the stand. A preacher on the jury wanted to give him life without parole, but we could not hand that one down since she lived without actually being shot. We found him guilty of aggravated sexual assault (rape while threatening her life with a pistol). It was a pleasure. We made sure she was likely to be dead by the time he was eligible for parole since she was in her mid-40s. Ironically some of her friends told us afterwards they were not sure we the jury would give her justice since she was Mexican 2nd gen and he was over the border illegally. They were pleasantly surprised we could do what we did to ensure her future safety from that butt-hole.
  10. New voting age

    Got a funny story on that. My paternal grandmother lived to 98. She and her sister were driving from the country where they lived on the way to church one morning and my grandmother just could not get around some pokey old lady with my grandmother's F-85 V-8 Olds. When she finally did she made the comment that they should not let little old ladies like that drive. Her sister asked how old she thought the woman was and she answered, "At least 70 or so!" Her sister then reminded her that they themselves were then in their mid 80's. My grandmother got a kick out of that even when driving to town in her 90's. You are only as old as you feel she always told me.
  11. Logo?

    OK -- here's my new T-shirt then.
  12. New voting age

    Anyone over 70 should not be able to vote or hold office. I will be happy to sacrifice mine if it gets trumpy out!
  13. Money meet mouth? Not gonna happen! Try Ghoolie!
  14. Mow the entire yard next week including the "Outback" beyond the back fencing. Drink a bottle of Napa Cabernet or a decent Bordeaux one glass at a time between now and draft day. Have my Diplomatico rum ready for a toast on draft night, especially if we finish off the 1st with a move up for Sony Michel. My darkhorse pick from a few months ago has risen now into the first 25 on more than a few mocks.
  15. I'm betting it's Darnold and Chubb for the Browns with the Giants rolling the dice for "now" with Barkley and Jets on a QB not named Darnold.
  16. Logo?

    Send him back to Snow White with our compliments for a "nice try". The Helmet is the Browns like Mike said.
  17. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Love this quote which is exactly what I have complained about with all of Po's highlight films as "evaluations". “Everybody pumping these guys up,” Shonka said, “hasn’t studied film or is looking at too many highlight films on YouTube.”
  18. New voting age

    It should be limited to 17 year old persons.......................................as long as their parents signed for them to join any military branch of their choice. If you are in the military you have earned the right to vote.
  19. I am to be featured in a Travel Magazine Article

    Love history and we like sampling local fare that people in the area eat/drink. Also any red wines from that area you recommend we would be happy to sample with meals. If we make it to Pamplona we would be honored to have you as our guide. Years ago my wife and I drove our family to Teotihuacan (pyramid of the sun and pyramid of the moon) in Mexico and ended up with an 87 y.o. guide who spoke 5 different languages he had learned all around the world, but had come home for his final years to be a guide there. I insisted on torturing him with my very rusty Spanish between places we were walking and as a reward he took us to an archeological "dig" where they stopped to allow him to take us "where tourists don't go". You could tell the respect the people working the site had for the old man. And what a wonderful source of knowledge he carried in the 87 y.o. brain. Nothing like a local person to help you see a place through their eyes and experience.
  20. I am to be featured in a Travel Magazine Article

    That's my 1.5% which is just above the average of 1.3% for Europeans. My wife says she is not surprised.
  21. I am to be featured in a Travel Magazine Article

    My brother and his wife want to go back to Spain again (they were with us last trip) because we all enjoyed staying in the Paradores so much while venturing out by auto from place to place. Looks like the closest one to you is in Olite (Parador de Olite). Any good place to stay in Pamplona you would recommend? Also do you have a metro like Barcelona has? We stayed in Barcelona a few days about 7 years ago. Loved it. We are considering a trip to Spain again and then driving to Sauternes in Bordeaux to stay a few days before going to Paris. So we would be going right through your area. I'll let you know when, but possibly as early as a year from now. It's all in the pre-planning stage so it might be a few months before anything is firmed up.
  22. I am to be featured in a Travel Magazine Article

    Oh no! Poor "Grams" is turning over in her grave. Artists and scientists have created the first model of a Neanderthal based in part on ancient DNA evidence. She has been put together using analysis of DNA from 43,000-year-old bones that had been cannibalised. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1058538/Meet-Wilma-The-face-Neanderthal-woman-revealed-time.html#ixzz5CxKFZybI Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  23. Pretty sure Davy Crockett set that border just south of Tenn. a few years back. Cost him a bit though.
  24. With Taylor as QB we have already added the slot guy and now we need a really quality RB as a priority if we want to have a ball control offense while completing a superior defense to get them the ball. So IMO at the moment it matters more. Hyde is fine but a ball control team needs more than one quality player @ RB for a gruelling season.