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  1. I would recommend that those of you condemning Biden for this event take the time to review Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr's detailed explanation of what actually occurred rather than continuing to jump to your erroneous conclusions. Suffice it to say they followed the movements of this car for over 8 hours before making the decision to strike. He admits they made a mistake with this particular target. There will be ensuing articles based on his interview today. This kind of event has always been described as a part of the fog of war. Shit happens in war zones that are often accidental misinterpretations of what is being seen. Mistakes happen that sometimes lead to the death and or wounding of innocents. It's just the way it is and all a person or persons can do is give it their best when making decisions like this. I feel sorry for those who were a part of it to realize the end result of their own part(s) in making this mistake. I will linger with them forever. They were just doing their best as a part of our military.
  2. Fun game to watch. Too bad it had to be lost by a ST lineman getting offsides on the FG attempt.
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    I married one of those 5'1" brown eyed dark haired beauties. Fell in love with her when I got on the school bus in a new place for the first time in 9th grade.⚡
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    "We don't need no damn statistics"-------nickers 😁
  5. It was one on the 3rd tablet of five commandments each that Mel Brooks dropped. 🤣
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    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    I've always liked Moby's music at the end of every Jason Bourne movie.
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    I think OSU and Iowa have the best shot at staying in the top 10 by regular season end. Who knows after bowl season since so many players chose not to play for fear of screwing themselves with an injury before the draft. SEC the 3 best shots at top 10 regular season are Bama, Ga. and Florida. And keep a watch on much improved Arkansas after that absolute beatdown on then #15 texas. That was no accident. They looked like a power SEC team in their lines both sides of the ball. They will kill A&M in two weeks since we now know our QB had surgery on a broken tibia down near the ankle. He's likely out for the season. Very disappointing since I thought we might be better than last year with a 4.5 speed QB with a decent arm running the show. 2nd stringer not that great and his back is a walk-on non-schollie freshmen. Yikes!😱
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    A lot of Carr's passes were simply bad receivers dropping catchable passes throughout the first half that I saw.
  9. And I was not aware that Biden is now piloting drone strikes. Pretty much what the thread title implies.😱🛩️
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    Broncos lose WR Jerry Jeudy to high ankle sprain. No likely to be back full speed when they come to Cleveland. Our D will eat Bridgewater for lunch. He does not get rid of the ball even close to how fast and accurate that Mahomes does.
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    Guess I should have stayed to the end. Never give up on MNF.😱😴
  12. That their is Audie (from his middle name). It's in the history books.😂
  13. Would you like their names? I'm really not making that part up. But as WSS said there is very little bloodline left from that many gens back. Too diluted since that time and I'm fairly sure they were the only ones in it. You won't have a pulse after that encounter.👻
  14. But wait I can say that stuff. I'm 5th gen Cherokee (4 greats out grandparents were both full blooded). Go Indians (except when you play the Astros).🤗 Now let me catch that damn headdress material. I think they are off the endangered list now. Whoop!! 🤣
  15. LOL! Well I knew one retired Ranger (now deceased) who lived next door to me when I first moved back here. He was a real Ranger in terms of honesty and fairness. So they must have reformed since the ole Ranger days and become more what we expect of them now. My great, great grandfather was deputized by a Ranger Capt. back in the early 1840's to chase down a Comanche raiding party that had killed and burned out settlers and run off with captured women and children. They got turned back up in Kansas territory by federal troops since they had left the country of Texas into U.S. territory. Never did catch up to the Comanches.
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    Texas Governor

    Boris Johnson's "Freedom from Masks" Day July 19 when masks were not longer mandated U.K., led to a jump in cases two weeks later, exactly as predicted by the best models. I wonder if he would be interested in transferring to Texas where he would be welcomed with open arms and full ICU beds. 🤣
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    Ohio State

    But those same coaches kept A&M at #5 despite what may be a season ending injury to their key offensive player, QB Haynes King. That makes zero sense to keep that high ranking. Defense alone will not get them through a season without at least 3 losses in the SEC West. First one will be to much improved Arkansas in two weeks. They looked like real competitors in their absolute beatdown of then #15 Texas. EDIT: Oh yeah, welcome to the SEC teasips! Now you get to play real football. LOL!🤣
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    Now that our starting QB went out on the 2nd possession against Colorado in a defensive win 10-7, we are not really top 25 anymore let alone top 5. This does not look promising for any return to action for Haynes King. Part of the reason he won the job was his 4.5 40 speed. Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images
  19. I'm still awaiting delivery of this so I can put it in my "outback" property behind my back fence. Honors my great, great uncle who served with Terry's Texas Rangers - wounded at Shiloh.🤠
  20. I bet if you clock 'em all you will find that we just went up against the fastest gun in the whole NFL in terms of snap to throw. So yes, it's gonna get far better.
  21. They don't jump offsides. They are just so quick the officials think they are jumping offsides. LOL!😱
  22. On the plus side the Garrett Mahomes Clowney sandwich at the end at least gave us a chance to come back at the end.
  23. So is redfish and flounder without the bad taste.😋😹
  24. Give me a tasty flounder or redfish either blackened or baked in a buttersauce any day of the week over a fish whose diet permeates through the guts into the meat. Catfish is a dead cat on the bottom converted to stinky tasting meat. Of course you can dress it up any way you want, but it still has that filtered garbage flavor. I'll eat any other Cajun kind of food including alligator tail, but forget 🐱🐡.🤮🤠