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  1. Remainder of the season. Just plain dumb and dangerous. EDIT: And without pay. Got to send a message to all. Pouncey kicking him in the head should be similar.
  2. TexasAg1969

    Daughter Has A New Book

    Published in paperback to be placed in Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart stores nationwide (this is a big deal few authors ever get to experience). The Rogue King: Inferno Rising by Abigail Owen which is a pseudonym, a.k.a. pen name, under which she publishes. Her book will be place in those stores beginning July 30 with a contract to produce at least two more of the series. She also has a short story that is being converted into a video game. More on that at a later date when we know when and how, etc. Anyway get it for your wife. She'll love it. But be careful. They may want to go back to her first (Blue Violet) and buy up quite a number already published.😁
  3. A Warning by Anonymous: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/07/books/review/a-warning-anonymous-book-review-trump.html?te=1&nl=books&emc=edit_bk_20191112?campaign_id=69&instance_id=13805&segment_id=18729&user_id=d9a86769cb7d3f13660654f8df7875af&regi_id=10000096420191112 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/08/books/anonymous-book-donald-trump.html?te=1&nl=books&emc=edit_bk_20191112?campaign_id=69&instance_id=13805&segment_id=18729&user_id=d9a86769cb7d3f13660654f8df7875af&regi_id=10000096420191112 Eat it an weep.😋😢😘🤣
  4. As soon as you explain to me why the WH is blocking testimony by those directly involved like Mulvany, Bolton, etc.
  5. You mean like "Obama was born in Kenya and should not be president" birther issue that trumpy latched onto for years? Oh, you forgot about that I bet. Having a trumpy moment?
  6. And now there is a second witness to the Sondland - Trump phone call. Now you know why Sondland is suddenly willing to amend his swore testimony just as I said. Too bad cal but using congressional fund withholding from a country needing it to defend themselves from Russian attack for your own personal political gain is not legal in any way shape or form. It was counter to US policy in defense of our own country i.e. help the Ukranians fight the Russians so we don't have to. If Obama had done this you would all have been screaming bloody murder. https://www.wsls.com/news/politics/2019/11/14/ap-source-2nd-us-official-heard-trump-call-with-sondland/ And just as suddenly trump's perfect memory develops lapses. Right! LOL😂
  7. I have always said Obama was a Chicago Alderman completely in the dark when it comes to foreign affairs. Two idiots do no make for good national security. Withholding that congressional approved money for Ukraine to defend themselves for pure personal political gain and not for our national defense policy is far worse than just being a nincompoop, which I have no problem at saying about Obama in respect to foreign affairs. Way out of his league there.
  8. How about 90% of the threads started on the polyboard. It's a trumpy board, not a discussion board. You all are so busy brainwashing each other you could never even listen to another opinion contrary to the trumpy support threads here. And every one of those threads are full of biased sources in support of the Great Orange Con Man. How about one of you do a little research on Trump University and how many people he took for life savings that just got back pennies on the dollar for a bogus degree with bogus trumpy promotion. That's who this president really is, but none of you will actually go find that information. Same applies to The Trump Foundation. Every time I bring that bogus piece of thievery up everyone runs to the Clinton Foundation rather than researching and addressing that issue. That's who he is and always has been, a con artist. And that's who is in charge of our national security.? Good luck with Putin's Puppet.
  9. However Taylor's assistant who did hear the phone call and Sondland, who is suddenly backtracking for fear of charges of lying to Congress under oath, are still set to testify. The problem for Sondland is that apparently more than one person can be brought forward who overheard the entire conversation on a cell phone in a public setting. BTW there is also evidence that all of it was picked up by Russian Intel. Really poor security in a well covered (read that spied upon) city in Ukraine. And now Trump is saying he can't remember that call. This is all just the setup for a lot of further public testimony to come that weaves the entire story into a believable whole. Fox won't tell you that though.
  10. TexasAg1969

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    LOL! Ah, the eternal optimist has no chance against the infernal planner.😈
  11. LOL! No one else is guilty of that here in the opposite direction.🤣
  12. My guess would be he started baiting you, realized he used a taboo word to do so and deleted it immediately. When he comes back on why don't you just PM him and find out for yourself. We all are guilty at some time or another of using words on the internet we immediately regret sending and would take them back if we had a way of doing so. Fortunately we can do so with posts here through edit or delete. Just my guess from some history with him. Up to you whether you are curious or forgiving enough to ask.
  13. TexasAg1969

    Bakes lectures fans

    So we need to amend that to read, "You damn kids get off my lawn and stop yelling when we have the fucking ball!"👍😂
  14. TexasAg1969

    Baker has turned the corner

    I just love it when you set yourself up. "Lucy tee that damn thing up again and I'll kick it to the moon!"🧐🏈🌚😂
  15. TexasAg1969

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    Me too under forced circumstances. Wifey decided that the ideal time for us to host our monthly bridge group is tonight from 6-9 pm CDT. So I get to miss the Tavern and record the game so I can see it as soon as I throw the last couple out the door (hopefully in time for the 2nd half KO or early 3rd Q live).😫 Glad it's on NFL Net or I would miss being able to go back for the 1st half and into the 2nd.
  16. So then you disagree with The Federalist Papers and Common Sense. OK.
  17. BB Trumpettes: Can Be Counted On As The Usual Suspects 🙈🙉🙊
  18. Report at your own risk of banning. 😂 I disagree. I have had many PM conversations with him and find him to be a very upright, decent person who enjoys baiting a bit. He is no racist to the best of my knowledge. That's my opinion on what I know of him that most on the BB do not based on those private conversations. It would be very difficult to have stayed in the military long enough to retire if you were a racist. You would have been tossed out before that retirement took place, because it would have come to the attention of superiors. For these reasons I would like to see his return. That does not mean he and I always agreed on things, particularly on the polyboard. It just means I have a lot of respect for him as a person.
  19. Thank you Z and thank you Kathy. DieHard is a good man and retired military.👍
  20. TexasAg1969

    The Gipper's Guide to America

    And one of the main reasons it is so starry in Estes Park is that you are already 8000 ft into the atmosphere from where you sit. The heavier atmosphere is well below that level. Same reason that many observatories are built as high as possible. The multiple telescope complex on the Hawaii Big Island is above 13,000 ft.
  21. TexasAg1969

    Rankem Browns HCs since 1999

    And it can blow at any minute since it is so far advanced into late stage. That could be tonight...................................................or it could be in 222019.😜 EDIT: But have no fear it will be before the earth gets swallowed by our own red giant when it gets to that stage in 4-5 billion years.
  22. I did not bet the over/under. I took Pitt plus 2 1/2 points. If they win or if they lose by 1 or 2, I win. If they lose by 3 or more I lose. EDIT: I thought of you today when I was in seeing two different doctors and set to see a specialist this coming Friday. It was a cartoon of an older man going into a medical clinic and he says to his wife, "My social life has really picked up lately with all these clinic visits dear."🤕🤗
  23. My son banned my wife from A&M games when we attended the game we lost to Baylor in 1985 in Waco. 20 years later he lifted the ban so she could attend the Baylor game again in Waco. Result? First loss to Baylor since 1985. Now she is on permanent lifetime ban. LOL!🤣
  24. TexasAg1969

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    LOL! You mean tu right?😂 BTW one of my UT friends thinks it is hilarious I like to goad her with tu when I actually have a Masters Degree from there.😜