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  1. TexasAg1969

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Tan shoes and pink shoelaces, a polka-dot helmet and man oh man.😁
  2. TexasAg1969

    Hop aboard the free shit Express

    Yes. Send all charitable contributions to TexAg via The Browns Board. I will then take it on that "bold" trip to Vegas in OBF's video.🤑 EDIT: BTW almost all casinos now keep computer track of all your winnings/losses from the slots and will provide you a copy for the year so you may claim the losses as part of your income tax return. I don't know if Big Brother can get you yet for not reporting an overall "win" for the year that you fail to report though.
  3. TexasAg1969

    The Gipper's Guide to America

    Ended up with only two really decent 6 mile plus hikes due to way too many rainy days and several snows added to a high snow season that has not melted yet. That cut off most of the really long hikes. They even had to re-close Trail Ridge Road over the divide a couple of times since Friday night due to heavy snows requiring heavy machine removal again. And one really good hiking day I had to squander on going with family over the divide for lunch at Grand Lake Lodge. On the way back we got to see two very large Bighorn Sheep rams with huge sets of horns and full winter coats up above treeline. Great views on a really sunny day. Oh well, at least I got some great pictures of Cascade Falls and Ouzal Falls in the Great Basin Hike in the southern part of RMNP yesterday. Had an encounter with a mama moose whom I had to wait to move off the path to join her yearling. She barely paid me any mind while munching water grasses on the side of he path from about 15 feet away. They get kind of used to people. But it helps to get on the trails by sunup so you get to see the wildlife before too many hikers move them back from the hiking paths. Got to see a coyote marking his domain as well that morning. And the wildflowers are just starting to make their appearance at lower elevations. Taking a trip on the scenic highway to Blackhawk for the casinos with my wife, brother and sister-in-law today before heading home tomorrow. Been a good trip overall despite not getting as many long hikes as I wanted. A lot of elk with new babies all around the area where my brother lives. And a lot of big males with velvety antlers as well before they head for the alpines as the snow melts. We may fly back for a week in Oct. to go to the largest Monet exhibit in decades that will be only in Denver and a place in Germany afterwards. I'm trying to talk my wife into waiting until Jan. so I can go snowshoeing in the Park. https://denverartmuseum.org/exhibitions/claude-monet EDIT: And a week in Jan. it will be with tickets by air and Monet exhibit time/date with headphone guide purchased. 125 total pieces in the exhibit.
  4. TexasAg1969

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Nor Dee, Aye? 😁
  5. TexasAg1969

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    "Aggressively pursuing free agents is a brand new strategy for the Browns. Actually signing them is a game changer. But Dorsey wasn’t done as he became the architect of the biggest blockbuster move of the offseason. The deal that brought Odell Beckham Jr. and Oliver Vernon to the Browns sent shockwaves through the entire NFL." I think there may certain former Minn. D Lineman who might argue that he stopped a little short there. 😁
  6. TexasAg1969

    is TE our weakest

    Totally agree and this is why I am really looking forward to our front 4 this year. Whole new defensive ballgame when you have so much up front quality pressure to dial up. Getting the ball to an improved offensive team a lot more will add a lot of wins this season.👍
  7. TexasAg1969

    Browns announce camp dates

    Back in the good ole days all I had to do was walk across the U. of N. Colorado campus from married student housing to watch the Broncos in TC prior to the preseason opener every year. No charge, no gates to get through, etc. Just show up, stay out of their way and watch the fun.
  8. TexasAg1969

    Building The Browns

    Two excellent interviews with Coach Kitchens. I like what he said about defense being the heart of a championship team. He got that from Stallings at Bama who got it as a player and coach for Bear Bryant. For someone like myself who loves to watch great defenses operate to tear apart offenses, I love that attitude and belief in our HC.👍👍
  9. TexasAg1969

    Hamilton the Musical

    Who can hate "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"? 🤣
  10. TexasAg1969

    Building The Browns

  11. TexasAg1969

    is TE our weakest

    Yep, I don't want the pros scouting our games and being accurate on what we will be doing in any one game. I want to see game plans developed week by week geared to what our strengths can do against various weaknesses.
  12. TexasAg1969


    As it turns out I got information from his eldest son that Frank was deeply involved in the planning and execution of Task Force Guyana to gather the remains of the over 900 bodies from the Jonestown Massacre. It was no surprise that he was later diagnosed with complex PTSD from that work and his Vietnam experiences prior to witnessing/supervision that mass body recovery effort. He had told me about the recovery effort when I saw him in April, but I did not know he was later diagnosed with and treated for the PTSD by the VA in recent years. That is one hellofa thing to live with I am certain. As he said "it was unspeakably horrific".
  13. TexasAg1969

    is TE our weakest

    Another chimes in on Garrett and the d-line. Apparently Merriman is going to work some with Garrett too. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Article/Shawne-Merriman-Myles-Garrett-Hall-of-Fame-132929955/?utm_source=247Sports Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=190617_123941_Cleveland Browns&utm_content=Link&liveconnect=1B-C2-1E-69-15-F3-1E-26-47-C2-FB-AF-1F-3D-14-30190617_123941ClevelandBrowns
  14. TexasAg1969

    Player v. Player

    Mountain out of a molehill. Go back and see what Jarvis Landry said about that and the coaching "problem". Both non-stories the media jumps on to fill up space before preseason starts.
  15. TexasAg1969

    Chernobyl HBO

    The 2nd season of the Son has gotten better each week.