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  1. TexasAg1969

    Chubb / Hunt vs Byner / Mack

    What I most enjoyed was Chubb on the sidelines laughing, joking and congratulating Hunt after his TD. There is not a selfish bone in that talented body. He was genuinely happy to see Hunt score for the Browns after he had set it up with so many tough runs before Hunt took the field.
  2. TexasAg1969

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Tackle dammit
  3. TexasAg1969

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Is Vernon ever not injured?
  4. When I lived in Venezuela I discovered the wonderful taste of yucca root. It's a bit stringier than potato, but has a very excellent taste and fried yucca tastes far better to me that fried potato. And now you can find it in grocery stores around here. I don't know about Ohio. Anyway.............yum!πŸ˜‹ https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-symantec-ext_onb&hsimp=yhs-ext_onb&hspart=symantec&p=yucca+root#id=2&vid=a061a70b31fed16dda9301cc7cf7308a&action=click
  5. TexasAg1969

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    If this game goes bad because of Baker in the first half, look for exactly that in the 2nd.
  6. TexasAg1969

    In Lieu of No New Movies

    Now listening to A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean. There is a reason this is my favorite all time scene in a movie. Like Norman as an old man I love being alone in the wilderness, though just like in this scene many who love me are concerned that I still do so at my age. But to me it's still a spiritual journey every time I go. And as I have told my wife each time she worriers as I go, I will be fine whether I ever come back or not because..............................a river runs through it.
  7. TexasAg1969

    This Week in the AFC North

    Looks like 1-2 to me Zombo. Browns by 3 27-24 (with a missed Browns XP😁) Steelers 27-7. One awesome looking defense unfortunately. Ravens pull a double double 34-10 over the Hopkins-less Texians.
  8. Well even "survival skills" cal will admit that maggots are full of protein. Just cook it down into applesauce. LOL!πŸ˜‹
  9. TexasAg1969

    Bungle Week

    Well one of these damn LBs needs to meander on over there and start making some plays for this defense. It's a start anyway.😁
  10. TexasAg1969

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    I don't disagree with that. But one thing that bothered me about the Ravens game was that for some reason after a whole high school, college and pro career they switch him to the other side of the field. You have to suddenly try to do many things reverse from what you had been doing for years. Now why exactly was that done? It certainly looked like he was not anywhere near what we are used to seeing from him. Isn't anyone else capable of being the LDE? I didn't exactly see the people playing RDE do much of anything either. Well at least the half of the game I watched. Plus the way they were using the DL was to try to keep containment lanes on the QB, kind of limiting the things they could do to pushing forward rather than trying to get around. If the LBs can't pick up the holes with a DE like Myles spinning, jumping, going around, etc., we are in really big, big trouble.
  11. TexasAg1969

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    So you want a Forbes magazine too just like Stormy huh?😜
  12. TexasAg1969

    Seibert waived, Parkey elevated to 53 man roster

    Perhaps we need one of those long list of Browns kickers T-shirts like we had with Browns QBs.πŸ‘ πŸ€£
  13. TexasAg1969

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    I love die hard fans. Ain't nothin' like 'em come hell or high water! For this team definitely no sunshine patriots since there hasn't been sunshine in Cleveland football for years.πŸ€©πŸ‘
  14. TexasAg1969

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    And that seems to lead right back to your piece on Baker. Do I get a creditπŸ€‘? 😁
  15. TexasAg1969

    What would rather have?

    We don't answer because this is not the political board. Go over there with your menage a trois dumbass.