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  1. Happy Thanksgiving... you flockin' turkeys...

    That's a Cabernet-you'll love it.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving... you flockin' turkeys...

    Marques de Grin(y)on 2013 Single Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Nero-try some of this some time from Spain. Had some there and brought the only one I could find back in the suitcase. It's excellent. After I got it home I found it was rated 93 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Worth the 29E I paid for it.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving... you flockin' turkeys...

    I've got a really good 1st growth Ch√Ęteau Guiraud Sauternes that I picked up at the winery 6 years ago. Because we had a rented larger Mercedes we took a picture of us outside the Chateau next to the Mercedes with a note to our children that we had spent their inheritance and taken up permanent residence in the Bordeaux region of France. Not wasting that on the sodapop wine loving in-laws. They get an Italian Moscato for 1/10 the price. EDIT: We had actually reserved a bottom dweller car in Barcelona, but since we were driving to Paris they asked if we would take the Mercedes there for the same price since it needed to be returned to Paris. Ah, OK.
  4. Camp Mayfield

    Why is that? He's worked in NFL front offices and watches more college football than most. The answer is simple: Because he is a bullfrog. So just because he likes a mighty fine wine? Joy to the world!
  5. Tis the Season

    There once was a lady from Brussels I forget the rest.
  6. There is a Theme here

    2. Well must be Hess then
  7. My reverse the f'n process trade 'em all away to fill the needs now so we can f'n win draft (and I kept next year's intact). Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 4 (DEN): Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA (A+) Round 1 Pick 5 (IND): Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State (A+) Round 1 Pick 20 (ATL): Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama (A) Round 2 Pick 4 (DEN): Marcus Allen, FS, Penn State (B+) Round 2 Pick 32: Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama (A) Round 3 Pick 1: Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest (B+) Round 4 Pick 1: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB, Oklahoma (A) Don't need anymore 5th round and later losers the Browns are famous for.
  8. An Honest Question: What is it about this FO....

    Oh, I love a little youngsters bromance. These Are The Days Of Our Lives.
  9. Haslams solicited input from players

    My Dad would approve. He told me he wanted his ashes to be thrown into the Brazos, "So I can flow deep in the Heart of Texas." We took half his ashes and half Mom's and did exactly that under the bridge that goes on the way into College Station. We spread the other halves together in Rocky Mountain National Park overlooking their favorite spot to view the winter grazing grounds of the elk. A cup of his also went behind a marker locating the site of the dormitory he lived in on the A&M campus. He would have liked the fact that we did not ask permission for any of this. Easier to get forgiveness.
  10. There is a Theme here

    2. Albert Speer-read his Autobiography Inside the Third Reich 9. Zoloft 10. Fitzgerald
  11. Haslams solicited input from players

    And from his grave (well really he was cremated) he could likely do a better job.
  12. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    Drop Rosen into this with a couple more skill players and this team turns around overnight. Bring in the depth on D as well and we're set for comeback of the year. EDIT: Oh, and steal Henry from the Titans so we can make all those short yardage 1st downs. (Just for Tour).
  13. Camp Mayfield

    In Hue's case this would be an asset. Bet he won't waste TOs or screw up the redzone calls.
  14. Haslams solicited input from players

    Yeah Tour he came upon it the first job he had when one unit he was responsible for was doing 50% better than the other, both built at the same time a number of years before. He asked a lot of those around until he hit "Joe" who had been with the unit since it had started. He told my dad not only what was wrong, but what parts it needed for the fix. He said he had told others before but no one ever authorized the ordering of the parts. My dad did it immediately and Joe & crew did the fix and when it was then outproducing the "better" unit, he got called before the refinery personnel to be given an award. He called Joe out of the men gathered before him and made him come up to take the award with those comments I provided before about the smartest guy in the room. He used that method the rest of his 40 year career with Mobil.
  15. No kidding??????

    ^^^^Let HIM eat the little cakes (just a little accuracy in history). Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout.