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  1. TexasAg1969

    The Gipper's Guide to America

    Just bringing this up to date. I took the Deer Mountain Trail in Rocky M. N.P. yesterday which starts just under 9000 ft. and gains just over 1400 ft. in elevation in just over 3 miles. Then you have to walk the 3 miles back. The switchbacks and and then the stairsteps to the top the last 100m + are coronary killers. At nearing 74 I would not do this, but having done well on both thallium stress test and coronary aneurysm scans in recent years since retirement gave me confidence the MDs knew what they were doing. Otherwise I would not be showing you this video I found 👻 that actually matched snowy & sunny conditions I found all the way up and back. Beautiful no wind day with not a cloud anywhere. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-symantec-ext_onb&hsimp=yhs-ext_onb&hspart=symantec&p=deer+maintain+trail+hike+in+rocky+mountain+national+park#id=4&vid=2ff3cc4afef21b1143a81b1241720a08&action=click
  2. TexasAg1969

    Mars in 3D

    OK girls this is not the political forum.😱
  3. TexasAg1969

    Bid adieu to America first

    Obviously I was talking specifically about maintaining our alliances which has been the keystone of keeping us out of major European conflicts since WW II. He has messed those up big time to the point we are the laughingstock of the EU & England since Brexit began. They are all breathing a sigh of relief that he lost.
  4. TexasAg1969

    Here's your evidence lefties.

    And in Wisconsin election news. Oh, the irony!😱 https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2111730370525/biden-picks-up-small-number-of-votes-in-milwaukee-county-after-trump-requested-recount
  5. TexasAg1969

    Here's your evidence lefties.

    Deep pockets in deep shit.🤣
  6. TexasAg1969

    Clay Matthews HOF Semifinalist

    You know Manning and Woodson will be inducted for sure. The competition is among the other 23 for remaining spots.
  7. TexasAg1969

    Browns vs Jags on TV

    How come they don't push ours back so our "star" can play too?
  8. TexasAg1969

    Timeless Tribute by Denzel Ward

    Great article about a great man from his son. Good find Mike.
  9. TexasAg1969

    Here's your evidence lefties.

    Maybe he better fire this donor while he's at it. He wants a $2.5mil refund for getting nothing in return. LOL!😂 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/11/27/fred-eshelman-sues-pro-trump-true-vote-election-lawsuits/6440272002/
  10. TexasAg1969

    Here's your evidence lefties.

    Eat it says Trump appointed judge for unanimous 3 judge panel for Federal District Appeals Court. Trumpy is pathetic. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-lawsuit-pennsylvania/u-s-federal-appeals-court-rejects-trump-campaigns-pennsylvania-election-case-idUSKBN2872AZ “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” wrote Stephanos Bibas on behalf of a three-judge panel. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” wrote Bibas, who was nominated by Trump.
  11. TexasAg1969

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    And there are some really excellent WRs in this class, so if we are going BPA there is a better than even chance one falls to us in that mid-round area. Drafttek distinguishes between WRs and Slot players. I would also consider TE Kyle Pitts of Florida if he's still there in our TE oriented offense. https://www.drafttek.com/2021-NFL-Draft-Position-Rankings/Top-College-WRs-2021-NFL-Draft.asp https://www.drafttek.com/2021-NFL-Draft-Position-Rankings/Top-College-Slot-WRs-2021-NFL-Draft.asp
  12. TexasAg1969

    Ravens/Steelers game postponed

    Definitely going to play my Steelers Defense in my FFL then. Jackson ruled OUT for the game.
  13. TexasAg1969

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    And they can get in line behind in-person schoolteachers as well if we want a full return to the classrooms. Screw the athletes. Get in line behind the old folks too like every other able bodied 20-30 y.o.
  14. TexasAg1969

    Bid adieu to America first

    Say goodbye to Making American Isolationist Again. Didn't work then and it was far more dangerous now. Like it or not we need allies in this autocratic world. Trumplestiltskin was and is an idiot in a world of wolves waiting for our self induced fall. Putin was his ally in this bumbling moronic 180 degree effort.
  15. TexasAg1969

    For you science deniers

    It only makes sense to loser deniers. New math of 2020: 306 - 232 = 74. Suck on that answer trumpysuckers.🍭