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  1. Joe tore his tricep....

    No sir. Browns dont have playmakers that part is true. But what YOU said is teams can and do win with low round linemen. You even said some one without any high round linemen. Just admit it, you were caught saying something wrong
  2. Joe tore his tricep....

    Ghoolie you are wrong on this subject. You said the top teams in NFL dont waste top picks on OL. Well, here is the list of just 1st round OL with good teams recently. There will be a few that were 1st round picks and switched teams, but they still were 1sr rounders that helped their team succeed. Atlanta: Jake Matthews, Alex Mack Carolina Panthers: Matt Kalil Dallas Cowboys: Zach Martin, Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith Green Bay Packers: Bryan Bulaga New England Patriots: Nate Solder Philadelphia Eagles: Lane Johnson (just look at Wentz W-L record with and without him), Pittsburgh Steelers: David Decastro, Maurkice Pouncey Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung That is just since Joe Thomas was drafted. There has been a few 2nd rounders as well who turned into Pro Bowlers for competing teams. I could have missed someone as I dont know every teams lineman
  3. Ghoolie's Game and Life Notes

    Again Ghoolie, sorry about your mother. Even if you arent going to be a fan of the Browns anymore, you still have the memories with your mother. On to your post here, I only have one question for you since you have constantly said about 1st preseason game and discipline etc. Have you ever coached a game of football? Just saying that this or that should only take days is very short sided and not knowing how things work.
  4. Sorry for your loss. You are in prayers
  5. Which school?

    I feel dumb, I didn't mean Earl Campbell, meant 2 time heisman winner Archie Griffin. Wow that was s BIG mistake haha
  6. Which school?

    Not saying they werent great, my point was that other schools could have a better 2, not weighing Jim Brown a lot more. OJ and Allen would be a better 2 to me. Or the triplets of Earl Campbell, Eddie George, and Ezekiel Elliott
  7. Which school?

    My point was the school who has produced the 2 or more best players by position. Jim Brown being great, but the next dont hold up to others schools top 2. I'll start it, and feel free to disagree. QB: Standford: John Elway and Andrew Luck
  8. Which school?

    Been thinking about this, which school has produced the best talent at each position? Has to have more than 1 example (ex. Jim Brown best RB ever, but not another one I can think of from Syracuse) Thoughts?
  9. Here are a few things you seem like you NEED Ghoolie
  10. Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    How did Ryan Leaf look in preseason, if I remember correctly, he looked better than Manning in preseason. Lets also remember preseason doesn't have all the starters, and most likely 2's and 3's. The Patriots in their 1st preseason game held out something like 40 guys out of 90 on the roster right now, so more than likely that is about 13 guys who will make the roster playing, and that isn't starters. And then the first 2 games of regular season (you know starters vs. starters), Ryan Leaf lit the league up. What happened after that? Anyone can have a great preseason, that can carry over to a great career, or a bad career. I wouldn't be so quick to call him the next coming, or compare him with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and John Elway like has been said in this thread. I played against guys that were in the league and at times did well against them, and I hoped they did well in the league, but just because I knew them doesn't mean it distorted my mind into thinking they were better than what they were. The thing that people don't seem to understand is that someone who makes it to the league will ALWAYS look so much better than others in lower levels. So Player A was a beast in pee wee, JV, High School, and college. Yes that is because they are that 1 person that is going to make it to the highest level. Less than 1 % of college players make it, so yes they will look superior. EVERY player in the league was a Superstar in pee wee and high school, they were just that much better.
  11. Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

    Yes the argument was OL or QB. Obviously everyone in their right mind knows that QB is the most important position, the point is that every QB (whether terrible to elite) needs a supporting cast to ultimately be successful. That is the point I was trying to make and that you were seemingly trying to ignore. If you cannot realize by now that my argument had nothing to do with how the thread started or the intent of it then I am sorry, I must not have articulated it in the right way. If you take every postional group in the sport and ask what I would want my best player to be it would be the QB. He is certainly the most important position on the field 10 fold. And I brought up the list because of the "virtually" comment that you had made, to show that championships can be won or competed for without a great or elite QB. I despise quite a few teams in the NFL from ways players etc have acted when on those teams, also by rivalries and what some family members allegiance lies with. Half of my family are all diehard Cowgirl fans. Only Cowboy I can like is Zeke. But I hate Andrew Luck way more. It is the same reason that I dislike everyone's favorite son here Lebron James. It is all the hype before the player has done a thing. And Lebron is 100 times better than Andrew Luck will ever be. But when you were talking about the Patriots/Colts championship game, you were throwing ALL the loss on Andrew Luck. The Colts lost because New England was a lot better. They lost by the margin because Luck was bad and the defense was bad. So yes to sum it all up, QB IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION, TEAMS CAN WIN WITHOUT A GREAT QB AT TIMES, ANDREW LUCK IS OVERRATED BUT ISN"T THE WHOLE REASON THEY HAVEN'T WON A RING, AND THE BROWNS NEED A GOOD TO ELITE QB. Now have a great day and good luck to the Pats this year, even though they certainly don't need it P.S.- I know Peyton Manning has been brought up in this thread and how much he had dropped off in production the last year and a half of his career and not being reason they won the Super Bowl. While Denver's defense did play a huge part in the win, PM had more to do that just stats, he was so cerebral on the football field that can't be qualified into stats. He had a lot to do with the win as well. Osweiler probably wouldn't have won the SB.
  12. Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

    I really hate to talk bad to people, especially ones I don't know and could be a genius for all I know, but you really can't be this dense can you? If you are one of these people that just tries to start stuff then bravo, but I can't tell and you really just come off as being out in outer space. You say the discussion here is about the Brown's QB situation. WRONG. The discussion started as OL. Your FIRST post in THIS thread was as follows, " The Amish Jim Plunkett is always out of something. WRs, RBs, Defense and now its the OL. If you put a Pro Bowl squad around Lucky he could probably win something." So how exactly is that about the BROWNS QB situation? I did use the word elite because having an elite QB does help things greatly. QB is the most important position on the field, no argument from me there, and nowhere did I say differently. BUT BUT BUT, there are teams that have won or made Super Bowls with average to below average QB's. You see, that is where Tom Brady and the Patriots come up. But better yet, lets use the 2 best QB's in the NFL today, and the 2 best QB's in history as examples. Tom Brady is 5-2 in Super Bowls, in 16 seasons so he went to the Super Bowl 44 % of the time. Joe Montana was 4-0 in Super Bowls, in 16 seasons so he went to the Super Bowl 25 % of the time. Aaron Rodgers is 1-0 in the Super Bowl in 12 seasons, so he has been to Super Bowl 9 % of the time. Do you know what this tells everyone except you apparently, IT'S NOT JUST THE QUARTERBACK. If it were, like was said before, then these guys would be there every year. Everyone already knows what your answer is going to be, "well of course you need more, the rest of the team has to help the QB, or they had a bad game." But when you wanted to put someone down (who I don't like either), it was ALL Luck's fault "36% passer rating" even though the defense gave up 42 points, well that was Luck's fault to. So Luck isn't allowed to have bad games. And sorry to inform you, but you did change the argument. First it was virtually all Super Bowl teams had to have QB's good enough to win to get to the Super Bowl. Well when it was shown to you these QB's that don't factor into your "virtually" then you spiraled to Dilfer won before Kerry Collins was a bust, blah blah blah. IT DOESN"T MATTER HOW SOMEONE PLAYED IN THE SUPER BOWL, you see for everyone else on planet earth, getting there means what happened BEFORE/PREVIOUSLY. This whole dumbass thing started because I said your statement was both smart and dumb. Now it has just turned into dumb. Now if you want to just be a fan, that is good that is what you should do, but please don't try to act like you know exactly how the game of football works and why things work the way they do, and who is important and who isn't. I will pretty much GUARANTEE you lose that argument every time. Now good day my friend
  13. Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

    Yes my friend, you did say virtually, but then you changed your argument as how the sub par QB's played in the Super Bowl. Nobody ever thought that you thought every QB in SB history was elite. It is the way you try to make your point. Look, I know you love your Patriots and TB12, I think he is the greatest QB in NFL history and I am not like most non Patriot fans, I can root for them and him. But you made the point people were trying to get you to understand. "Why doesnt Brady win every Super Bowl? Because he has good and bad games. Some teams match up better against him and others dont. None of that changes my statement at all." So you backed yourself in a corner with that one. How could Brady have a bad game just like you said, but Luck cannot just have a bad game? Exactly what is the difference? You placed all the blame on Luck for this game, it couldn't have been anything elses fault, but I know that what I have seen is that some of the games NE have lost is not entirely Brady's fault. THAT is exactly my point, there are many factors in winning or losing a football game. Yes it helps when the franchise QB plays well, but there can be other factors. Whether it is good or bad, I dunno, but I guess I just can't help but l cant just watch/look at any game as just a fan, the coaching in me notices other things and not just have the perception that everything is always because of a simple reason. You seem like a good guy and I certainly don't have anything against you, others may, but I have no issue with anyone on here. I initially just replied because just like things can have 2 things be correct at the same time, your first comment did as well.
  14. Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

    Yes I have an expertise on stupidity, because I can spot it from a mile away when its happening. And I even said it was dumb and brilliant. And NO, what I said does not support your argument. here is a list of EVERY starting QB in Super Bowls, you tell me that every one of them is Elite all time. 1: Bart Starr/Len Dawson 2: Bart Starr/Daryle Lamonica 3. Joe Namath/ Earl Morrall 4. Len Dawson/Joe Kapp 5. Johnny Unitas/Craig Morton 6. Roger Staubach/ Bob Griese 7. Bob Griese/ Bill Kilmer 8. Bob Griese/ Fran Tarkenton 9. Terry Bradshaw/Fran Tarkenton 10. Terry Bradshaw/ Roger Staubach 11. Ken Stabler/ Fran Tarkenton 12. Roger Staubach/ Craig Morton 13. Terry Bradshaw/ Roger Staubach 14. Terry Bradshaw/ Vince Farragamo 15. Jim Plunkett/ Ron Jaworski 16. Joe Montana/ Ken Anderson 17. Joe Theisman/ David Woodley 18. Jim Plunkett/ Joe Theisman 19. Joe Montana/ Dan Marino 20. Jim McMahon/ Tony Eason 21. Phil Simms/ John Elway 22. Doug Williams/ John Elway 23. Joe Montana/ Boomer Esiason 24. Joe Montana/ John Elway 25. Jeff Hostetler/ Jim Kelly 26. Mark Rypien/ Jim Kelly 27. Troy Aikman/ Jim Kelly 28. Troy Aikman/ Jim Kelly 29. Steve Young/ Stan Humpheries 30. Troy Aikman/ Neil O'Donnell 31. Brett Favre/ Drew Bledsoe 32. John Elway/ Brett Favre 33. John Elway/ Chris Chandler 34. Kurt Warner/ Steve McNair 35. Trent Dilfer/ Kerry Collins 36. Tom Brady/ Kurt Warner 37. Brad Johnson/ Rich Gannon 38. Tom Brady/ Jake Delhomme 39. Tom Brady/ Donovan McNabb 40. Ben Roethlisberger/ Matt Hasselbeck 41. Peyton Manning/ Rex Grossman 42. Eli Manning/ Tom Brady 43. Ben Roethlisberger/ Kurt Warner 44. Drew Brees/ Peyton Manning 45. Aaron Rodgers/ Ben Roethlisberger 46. Eli Manning/ Tom Brady 47. Joe Flacco/ Colin Kaepernick 48. Russell Wilson/ Peyton Manning 49. Tom Brady/ Russell Wilson 50. Peyton Manning/ Cam Newton 51. Tom Brady/ Matt Ryan Bold denotes HOF, Italics denotes future HOF, some others may be HOF So you are telling me that every single one of these men were the reason their team got to the Super Bowl. It goes back to your original comment "Look at virtually every Super Bowl. Both teams got there because they found a QB good enough to win." While technically being true, because they did get there so the "won", some of them just were not the reason they got there. I don't understand how you can actually disagree with this. You even said in this post that Kerry Collins was a bust, so he was a bust good enough to get him to the Super Bowl. If it were just about the QB, some of these teams would not have been in the SB. Not surprisingly, you don't understand the point yourself was trying to make. Because once someone showed you that its NOT just about the QB getting them to the Super Bowl, you try to change your argument to how a QB performed in the Super Bowl. How you play in the Super Bowl has NO bearing as to how you play in leading up to the Super Bowl. It is all about the QB you say, well then how come the 2 best QB's in history (Tom Brady and Joe Montana) didn't make it to every Super Bowl, and how come when Brady was in the league, did guys like Flacco and Gannon even make it to the Super Bowl. Yes I remember thinking a few weeks ago how much the NFL needed and missed Rex Grossman. Man he was a one of a kind and a GREAT QB
  15. Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

    This is one of the dumbest AND brilliant comments I have ever seen. There have been many Super Bowl teams that have had sub par QB's playing in the game (Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson are 2 that jump out), that is the dumbest part of it, but brilliant because obviously they were good enough to win because they were there. The part you are not saying is those 2 instances the defense carried them. Those QB's didn't lose them the game, but weren't on a Brady, Montana, Elway, Manning level, or even in the same neighborhood. And before you call me a Luck fan, I think he is very overrated. Sure he is better than some of the QB's in the league, but he is not as great as some of the talk about him. And to your gus argument, both of you are correct. Luck was bad in the game, but so was the Indy defense. I don't understand the way people think now a days, its like if one point is correct then that is the only point that can be correct. I'll put it like this, Ghoolie can be a jerk (as well as anyone else), Ghoolie can also be very funny (as can anyone else). BOTH can be true at the same time