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  1. Gunz41

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Without ever meeting any of you guys, and never talking to the man, I consider the ones I have conversed with pals, even Ghoolie. Prayers to his wife, children, family, friends, and all of you guys who knew him. Its never easy losing someone close, even harder when it is unexpected. Father, we pray that you take care of Stan, like we know you will. And we pray you ease the hearts of all those he left behind and help them get through these tough times and celebrate all the good times he had. Amen
  2. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    See that is where it riles me up, and actually think that at times he actually does believe his own crap and not just trolling. Just because you are good at making accurate observations in one area doesnt mean you can for everything. I know a lot of football, you have to coaching, and a lot of different philosophies, and a fair amount with health/physical activities because of that. But that doesn't mean I can make an accurate observation on soccer, cricket, swimming. And those are in the same "field", not water to sports lol
  3. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I dunno why, you guys have been here a lot longer and are on here way more than me, but I feel like I have to do this to him. I'm tired of every single time I come on here, which usually isn't a whole lot he is trying to bully someone, so I have taken up the task of teaching the bully a lesson. Maybe at some point I will tire of it, but at the moment I want to embarrass him, and that coming from a very good and heartfelt person. I just cant stand all the hypocrisy. At least the other things that confuse me on here aren't coming from a dark place, no matter how wrong or misplaced. But I have an idea. Since I really don't have an opinion on fatty being here or not its yalls call, but I say if he doesn't answer, or try to give a response then he gets suspended. 1 week for not answering in a week. And once he reaches the number of issues Gordon had, he gets longer, traded, or his name changed lol
  4. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I dont care. I know exactly what he is TRYING to do. But since he wants to make people made and annoy them, I am going to constantly embarrass him until he is either gone or answers the question. You realize ignoring him doesnt do the job, he just continues to do all his stupid shtick, so we will see if he is man enough to try and actually discuss something
  5. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    So then reply to my message Fatty
  6. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Not that the troll would care, but its simple for me, just admit you were wrong. The hate speech isnt right, but besides that, if you want any kind of props for actually getting some things right, then you have to accept when you are wrong. So Mr. Ghoolie, if you want to have a shred of credibility or respect, then please answer like a real human on these 4 issues. Not some insult or just come back with how great and smart you are, but actually try to add some substance. 1. After the conclusion of 2016 regular season, you proclaimed Tom Brady was finished, and he would never win another playoff game. He proceeded to win 3 that year, including a Super Bowl. Last year, he won the MVP, won 2 more playoff games. During this offseason I mentioned this to you, instead of saying yes I was wrong for whatever reason, you actually said you were completely right. That is absolutely a lie. You have also talked a lot of crap on Josh Gordon all year, but now are singing his praises, and saying HE will take them to Super Bowl. That would take you even further in being wrong about Brady not winning another playoff game. So the question is easy, so please explain how in any world you were correct about Brady? 2. You like to say you were the 1st one to call this person bad, a bust, etc. How many times have we heard, "I called Hue after 1st quarter of 1st preseason game." You also guaranteed Hue would be gone after year 1, yet that didn't happen. But the kicker, you have talked about a lot of Browns draft picks being busts, especially Myles, saying it before he stepped on the field. You like to say you admitted you were wrong about Lynch, only 4 years late. You actually called Myles a bust before 1st game last year, but said Lynch needed more time to be called a bust. So exactly how do you explain that one? 3. Your "predictions" on the top players. How exactly should we give you credit for it when you say multiple people. I would like to be able to give you credit, because you seem like you need the validation, and it sounds like Tom is a decent guy. But when you 1st say Lamar Jackson, then Baker Mayfield, then Josh Rosen, exactly how can you get full credit? And when you constantly rail on the team for not taking a QB at #1, then say they should not have taken one, how exactly should we take you seriously. I am not going to go back again and post the top playmakers available at the Browns pick, I am sure you have seen it, but you just constantly complain that they didn't take the top playmakers when they had a chance, that the Browns are too stupid to do so. So looking at the past, the top playmaker taken available produces 1 really good player. Your argument cant be the Browns took the wrong one, because it was other teams. Your argument cant be that those players selected weren't the top playmakers, because they were drafted the highest at that time. 4. How can you say you don't care about the Browns, but be a member of the board. How can you constantly bring up about how people are crying about you to the owner of the board trying to censor you, but make a post how you want to purchase the board, of a team you care nothing about, and your 1st action as the owner would be to completely get rid of them? So what you are saying is that Ghoolie shouldn't be censored, should be allowed to say/do whatever you want, no matter how offensive, but others shouldn't even be allowed on here. So it really should just be a Ghoolie only disgusting, hate filled bitch fest. So please explain yourself. And I will post this reply to you every time you say something out of line that I see until you give an answer.
  7. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Some ego, but I actually think it is more a self esteem issue. For someone to make so many predictions, all to counteract each other to give themselves a better chance, or to constantly flip flop on issues, that is a self esteem issue
  8. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Exactly, now everyone can see you. You just talk trash, you know exactly what Ghoolie is, and wont even try to back up your crap. You know, for someone who tries to act superior, not once when I have called your asinine comments out have you had even 1 real reply, its always an insult or just try to make yourself feel better by proclaiming your self appointed greatness. You sir are a disgrace, a joke, a troll.
  9. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Get your facts straight if you want to come at me big boy. Not once did Gunz EVER say he didn't read you. So wrong there troll, LIE. And I also NEVER said that anything on here made me mad. But of course, keep thinking everything revolves around you and your pathetic life ON HERE. But since you replied to me and called me by name, please Mr. I am always right, always tell the truth, not a troll, etc. Please explain to me again how you were so right on Brady, that you said in 2016 how he was done, would never win another playoff game. AFTER that statement, he won an AFC championship game, a Super Bowl, last year an MVP, a playoff game, an AFC championship game, and lost in Super Bowl. So tell me again how you were correct. No, this isn't one of those point out "the one time I was wrong" Paxton Lynch things, you actually said since all of those that you were correct on Brady, so how?
  10. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Come on guys, I am not even going to quote Mr. Troll from his posts in last day. But he is OBVIOUSLY trolling. Just look back from start of season and look at how bad he talked about Mr. Gordon, now he is saying the opposite. He is ONLY trying to upset people and talk bad about the team. He also cannot keep his stupid crap together, or at least wont to prove a point. He has said even after being proven wrong about Brady never winning another playoff game, etc. But now that they got Gordon, New England is AT LEAST going to AFC championship game. Mr numbskull Ghoolie, that would be ANOTHER playoff win, at least number 5 since you said he was done and would never win another one. As for the others still complaining about the trade, please at least use logic to formulate the whining. Doesn't matter to me whether he was on the team or not. But to say they didn't get the best deal for him, that certainly isnt proven, it's just your thought on what he was worth. And you certainly cant tell someone that they didn't get what he was worth because there is no proof they did, and turn around and say they could have gotten more WITHOUT PROOF. And I don't know if you guys just dont know much football or just dont want to look at something objectively, but you CANT look at stats as a player in Cleveland vs New England. It's just not in a vacuum like that. Everyone wants to talk about how bad the WR group is, and I wont argue that, but if you added Gordon to it, it's not like it becomes the best. He would be the most talented, but he would still draw the most attention, thus taking away from stats. He also wouldn't be surrounded by the other NE receivers. But the 2biggest reasons you cant look at it just by stats, is the thing most have complained about the most all season, the coaching staff. NE puts their players in the right position to succeed, while most here have called Cleveland coaches some of worst ever. And the TOP reason, TOM BRADY. You think maybe the best QB ever helps Josh succeed more than a rookie QB that some are already turning on. I just dont understand why some want to be a part of a message board or a fan of a team when ALL they want to do is complain about them.
  11. Gunz41

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    We can tell you would be so much better and are way tougher than anyone. You sir could only be compared to LT. WHAT A JOKE
  12. Gunz41

    The best is yet to come!

  13. Gunz41

    QB Prognostication

    In 5 years. NFC EAST- Wentz then Dak NFC North- Stafford, Kirk, Rodgers, then Trubisky NFC South- Cam, Winston NFC WEST- Goff, Wilson, Jimmy G, Rosen AFC EAST- Darnold, Allen AFC North- Baker, Flacco, Jackson, Rudolph AFC SOUTH- Watson, Luck, Bortles, Mariota AFC West- Mahomes, Carr Top 5: in alphabetical order (as a lot has to do with what is surrounded by): 1. Goff, Mahomes, Newton, Watson, Wentz
  14. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    You obviously missed the point. There is no question the young man has talent and didnt have great QBs throwing the ball. But the ones just up in arms (seems like you are going that way) about him being gone and now doing something with Patriots are ONLY looking at his potential. I couldn't care less whether he was on the team or not btw. But you HAVE to look at the entire picture to get the answer. And those averages are his numbers while he was a Brown. Those weren't his averages while he was in the games, but that's the point, you couldn't count on him. To put it on a game average with those numbers instead of by season, his average per game while a member of Cleveland Browns 1.83 catches, 31.7 yards, 0.18 TD SO, while everyone wants to rag on the current receiving corp, and not saying they are great, but I 100% believe the worst guys you can think of now of past (Britt, Bowe, etc) could at least DOUBLE those totals. I am one of the rare ones that wants Gordon to succeed no matter where he is playing, so its not like I am taking joy in the numbers. But what it ultimately comes down to is would you rather have a guy with all the potential in the world but can't count on to be on the field from week to week, or someone reliable who isnt nearly as good.
  15. Gunz41

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    In the NFL, not fantasy football or world, yes. Cooper younger, no off the field issues, not a mistake away from being gone, and on multi year deal