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  1. Gunz41

    Antonio Brown

    Whether you like him or not, I very much dislike how he conducts himself, some of this doesn't add up. And to liken it to Big Ben and say he should have just paid her a bunch of money, what I read was she asked in excess of 75 grand. Yes a lot of money to any of us, but not to him. So him not just paying her off makes it seem as though he believes he is innocent. And if he believes that, I can understand why he wouldn't want to pay her. You know if he paid her off, even if he was innocent, just to have the ordeal behind him that he would be guilty in the eyes of the public
  2. Gunz41

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    Mine is Xfinity. 59 for me is FS1. O well. Sounds like something I didn't want to see haha
  3. Gunz41

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    I've got both the channels, but it had the Ravens game on. About an hr or so north of Roanoke
  4. Gunz41

    Chris Smith

    Prayers for DE Chris Smith and his family after the awful news today
  5. Gunz41


    You must not have read the rest of the thread or understood the context of that comment. My whole point was that they didn't lose because of refs, certainly not to take up for Robinson
  6. Gunz41


    This is one of the most asinine things I've ever seen. Lets go ahead and excuse his behavior so that we can excuse his behavior. And you have shown your ability to judge someone (McCoy, Hogan, etc), I would bet that "bi*ch" would make you his
  7. Gunz41


    After you posted the other view did I not say that it should have been called? That doesn't change the fact that at the moment of contact he was NOT blocking him in the back, and that the blocking in back portion of it appears to be a result of the defenders action to try and get away. But it also should have been called back. And the part about the still shots wasn't about the hook and hold, as I already said that should have been thrown, it's the part of linemen down field, when A. There is no such thing on a pass behind LOS and B. The still shot is after he has caught the ball and started to run. And that sure with the benefit of replay and still shots you can find things, yet the guys on the field are expected to be right 100% of the time without it, while watching multiple things at eye level. And I don't agree with you that most people have a good sense of things. It hasn't been just this game, but others that everyone is out to get the Browns, every call (not the obvious ones) shouldn't have been called, etc. You actually have people on here defending Robinson and saying that the refs cheated. I don't think that is good sense. Since you said coached/analyze rules you are probably like me and view flags and stuff without any kind of bias whatsoever. My whole point in bringing it up wasn't to say that there couldn't have been a blown call, but to show that there were far more that were correct than not, and it wasn't some kind of conspiracy.
  8. Gunz41


    Let's just ask this question, exactly how many of these flags did people pointing them out see at the split second, not with replay, and how many were in the angle of the official? I've coached a long time, know the rules very well, know some rules that most people don't know existed, and I don't know as much as officials. But heck, go try it out for yourself. Go to a football game or practice, be at the same level as the game, and watch multiple things/players all at the same time. And then see if you get it right 100% of the time. I don't understand why people expect these guys (and a couple gals) to be perfect, to see everything they see, but wouldn't expect themselves to be perfect in their job. But people here are actually taking it further. Sure they missed calls, but talking about them actually cheating. Absolutely ridiculous. I forgot, those officials couldn't block, threw 3 INTs, and lost their cool. Many times I have disagreed with a call coaching. And a lot of the time I was correct. And even more when breaking down film I have seen things I thought was obvious that should have been called. They weren't trying to make me lose, they missed it. As for the still shots here, after I seen a different view I said the call was missed, but a still shot can be frozen to make it look worse. On the Henry TD, the block started on side/a bit in front from the video I saw. The defender TURNED to try and get loose, which is how you see him directly in his back. And the guys down field means ZERO. One, the pass was BEHIND the LOS, and 2 at the time the ball hits his hands they are WITHIN a yard of LOS, way within a yard. Again, there were a few plays I saw that were incorrect, a few that I don't think should have been thrown, but to call them cheaters is ridiculous, and to defend a guy who kicks someone is crazy. And to actually blame the officials for a 30 point loss and make it seem like they are the ones who made the Browns lose and they cheated is so out there that it is crazy
  9. Gunz41


    Not saying I think it should have been called, I think that is a no flag, but he was there a bit early. As for Harris, I must be looking at someone different then. His left hand APPEARS to be on his outside shoulder pad
  10. Gunz41


    Sure looks like it to me. Not front front, but enough for it to not be a block in back.
  11. Gunz41


    With a different angle it looks different, but from the video his block certainly starts in front. That still shot does look like a penalty though. And now that I have seen the other view, I can match it up with the hook/hold As for the Harris one... go to YouTube and look up Every Browns penalty and the play that starts at 4:37. He grabs the top of his jersey and holds it when Chubb goes to outside. And men downfield, they can be a yard downfield, and this pic is AFTER he has caught it. When the ball hits his hands the front two linemen are less than a yard over. As for the one on Randall, they called a D. Hold. I was merely saying that he was there a little early for PI. There could have been a hold earlier that I didn't see. But he was there before the ball. So you can say they made the wrong call (hold vs PI). On the OBJ one, I have no issue with saying no flag, but saying how horrible of a call it was, no OBJ pushed off.
  12. Gunz41


    It wouldn't let me put the url in. Go to YouTube and type Every Browns Penalty... And I am sure everyone can find the Henry TD
  13. Gunz41


    It isnt a penalty. He starts in front, the defender turns which is where you see him in his back, he never hooks him, and he isn't tackled like I saw some say, he just drives him into the ground.
  14. Gunz41


    Just watched the Henry 75 yard TD. Unless you guys had a better video than I did, there is no penalty on that play. The Landry play on the sideline was on him. I just found a video of all the penalties: 1. Not a blindside block 2. Is absolutely the right call for Roughing the passer 3. Double team, there is a double team, cant argue that 1 4. Unnecessary roughness on Garrett. Absolutely 5. Defensive hold. He was a little early, that one could go either way. Wasn't egregious 6. Roughing the passer on Richardson was the right call. They are protecting the QB more and more and it was not needed. 7. Offsides- yeah 8. The kick. It was absolutely a kick and he should be suspended 9. False start. I can't say I see it. Looks like maybe his hand moves 10. Offensive PI. I'm sorry but it is. He pushes off to gain separation 11. Holding. It was but not one of the worst holds I have seen. But he does hold him at the POA 12. Illegal use of hands and hold on PR. Video really didn't show it 13. False start. No way to dispute it 14. Hold on Harris. Clear hold 15. 2nd hold on Harris, probably but not nearly as bad 16. Hold on Ward. It wasn't in the video and no replay. It appears that Myles was held on the play 17. Hold on Hubbard absolutely I/or the video must have missed one. And this doesn't take into account ones that were missed on the Titans. But since I couldn't see the game I figured I would try to find a video since people were making it out to be so bad. 2 that I didn't think were flags, a couple that were penalties but could have been no calls, and a couple couldn't see in video.
  15. Gunz41

    Who is the bigger idiot

    Its funny going back and reading this and almost all of what I have been saying is evident in here hahahahahahaha