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    This Week In The Afc North

    Been a while but Some things never Change , then again Props to the Browns on the serious Upswing ! My Steelers ...Over Rated and Over Confident ? Cant and Wont Argue !! Severely Inconsistent, Ben will be Fine but the Offensive scheme is lacking and The Defense ? Well I failed to see the Defense Today ! Browns fans props on Beating us 2 weeks ago , an for your 3 game winning Streak. Finally its been since 1988 that you guys swept the Men Of Steel , that could very well end n 2 weeks. Question is , is this a Browns resurgence or yet another flicker of Flame before it extinguishes itself all too soon ...AGAIN. Looks like the makings of a Real movement toward Contention. Kudos. The Steelers wont be away too long , but this year is far too full of evidence that This year is NOT to be a memorable one to my Fellow Steeler Fans, and i am not being negative , just a Realist !! Good luck long suffering Browns fans , enjoy the Climb !
  2. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Browns/steelers Game

    Blaa Blaa blaaa.... No way Do Baltimore win THREE Times vs. Pittsburgh . Aint ..gonna Happen !
  3. Cleveland is any Better than the Burgh for Sickos ?? I dont think so... http://www.city-data...eland-Ohio.html http://www.city-data...nnsylvania.html Guess what they are EVERYWHERE !! Watch Out for your Damn Kids !! This just happened to be High Profile ... And PSU will Pay Dearly. Which they should.
  4. BUNSofSTEEL08

    This Week In The Afc North

    Cleveland is any Better than the Burgh for Sickos ?? I dont think so... http://www.city-data.com/so/so-Cleveland-Ohio.html http://www.city-data.com/so/so-Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania.html Guess what they are EVERYWHERE !! Watch Out for your Damn Kids !!
  5. BUNSofSTEEL08

    This Week In The Afc North

    Some things Never Change. Zombies Picks...lol
  6. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Turning The Corner?

    Well they are better than your Average 1-7 team. IMHO. You guys just need some Weapons. I dont think its Blow it up time.
  7. BUNSofSTEEL08

    I Think Hillis Is Gone

    MADDEN Curse Strikes again !! Sad I Really Like Hillis personally.
  8. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Big Ben Is #1 In Nfl

  9. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Big Ben Is #1 In Nfl

    CFFL... is dead on... And understands how it makes you guys look as a whole. I alwasy tell my People back in the Burgh "They aint all like that " ... Just like I am telling You all "We aint all like that " FAns !! ha ha ha ~
  10. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Big Ben Is #1 In Nfl

    Not our Best start. Injuries and just Poor play have been somewhat the Norm. Not going to write our season Off. We tend to Fix that stuff. The O`Line is a BIG Issue right now and Plays into Bens struggles... we will see where this all goes. I expect Tomlin and Co. to find a fix.. but if the Season remains a somewhat a struggle I wont be shocked either. Pretty sure the Steelers will remain competitive this season.
  11. BUNSofSTEEL08

    2-1 Baby, Browns Dream Season !

    Good Win Guys... Thats a Game you guys lose waaaaay more often than not over the past Decade or more. Colt had some rough Patches but when it was Money time He was Gold ! Congrats !
  12. BUNSofSTEEL08

    This Week In The Afc North

    Hmmm Thats Hilarious coming from you !! We dont get ahead of ourselves... Mr Loser Browns AND Akron U ??? Wow !
  13. BUNSofSTEEL08

    This Week In The Afc North

    Almost Impressive Zombo.... Except for you little Hatred Issue clouding your Judgement on one game ! Congrats on the Win Browns ... much needed to get things flowing for you guys. Baltimore call a Good one... and a week after they were Crowned the Class of the AFC ! Benngals return to Earth ... we will see .
  14. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Nice W

    Good Win Browns Fans !! This was important to get done for you Guys congrats.
  15. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Steelers = Owned

    We got beat with an Ugly Stick ... Lessons to be learned OR Ugly can be the season. I expect lessons be learned. RatBirds a Very Good team...far better than the Steelers at this point. But luckily the Playoffs are not decided by what kind of team you are at this point. We will see, Browns... I think are a better team man for man ( Than the Bengals) . It didnt work out that way Sunday sorry guys.
  16. BUNSofSTEEL08

    Ouch !

    No Words Necessary !
  17. BUNSofSTEEL08

    This Week's Survey 9/11

    I enjoy watching History... It makes me stop and watch , regardless of weather I Hated that It happened in the 1st place. Which often I Do.
  18. BUNSofSTEEL08

    James Harrison

    Bitter little Whiner !! Keep doing what you do as i said I ONLY see it HERE.
  19. BUNSofSTEEL08

    James Harrison

    Cheating ...Roids... Blaaaa Blaaaa Blaaaa. Funny how only the Bitter contingent of Brownie Nation (about 60% of your Fan-base ) is the only Place I see this Crap ... But you guys keep on taking the High Road. All it does is increase the P***y Karma that has your franchise somehow locked in this perpetual Tailspin.
  20. BUNSofSTEEL08


    Chiefs fans Too...
  21. BUNSofSTEEL08


    Well dont roll us all under the bus.
  22. BUNSofSTEEL08

    How Bad Do The Squealers Suck?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... As I said NOT Knocking it. Its impressive. Most dont care thats all.
  23. BUNSofSTEEL08


    NO we dont that's such a BS Statement , and always Tossed around. As much as saying you guys dont think whats happened since matters as much. we ALL Know whats up , what happened and what IS Happening. Steeler fans in General are WELL Versed in our Histoty ... it makes hwats happened SINCE 1970 all the more impressive. Thats argument is Total Bull S*** .. why keep tossing it out there ? And If a Few feel that way... we live in a What have you done for me Lately world anyway. But Most know our history extremely well.
  24. BUNSofSTEEL08


    strongly disagree S~Back ! What MAKES a Rivalry is History ...and The FANS ! Poll EVERY Person living in the Greater Pittsburgh as them the ONE Team they NEVER Want to lose to ...Area I am Sure its the Cleveland Browns. Please I dont live there but I am from there and My Friends and relatives from the Burgh are 100% Browns Haters. And Silverback... if the Browns weren't a Rival YOU wouldn't be here. Why bother ?
  25. BUNSofSTEEL08

    How Bad Do The Squealers Suck?

    We are talking the National Football League. And Poll ALL NFL Fans in the Nation and I bet less than 20% would agree with you. But I understand your need to cling to this. It is after all highly Impressive... and I am being serious. But its not on the same level. Being it was 60 yrs ago we are far removed from it all. Perhaps back in the 60s I might have felt differently. But you guys are entitled to your opinion. Most think its nit relevant that's all. And really I am not knocking the Titles. Its an impressive entry into PRO Football. I dont discount them so much as have BIG *`s by them.