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  1. BobPOUND!

    Tyrod Is going to surprise everyone

    I just don't see it.. In the film I saw of him last year, he stood in the pocket most of the times and only exited when the easy yardage was there or he had checked all the way out. He is no RG3. Even though they are the same age, I think his physical shape is much better as he hasn't been beaten to a pulp like RG3... Only time will tell. But I feel that we will do very good under Tyrod and he will silence any thoughts of throwing Mayfield to the wolves..... I could see us sneaking into the Wildcards this year with the talent we have finally assembled... I might have to agree with you on Hue, but again only time will tell... I just don't feel the love for this guy, but i am sure glad we stuck it out for 3 years with him regardless of our pathetic W/L ratio.. we needed to show potential coaches that the Browns will give you time if you come here and not pull the plug on you for 1 bad season... If that is the only thing we get out of Hue, then it was worth it. Because if he sucks butt this season, I think we will be in a much better position to pick up a 1st class coach who sees that we are finally willing to spend the money and make the good decisions.... I hope i am wrong on Hue and that he is the 2nd coming of Parcel's or something... If he just gets out of the way and lets the people he has hired do the heavy lifting he could be seen as a master mind if we can squeak into the playoffs this year. PS...I know I will get Sheet for this. But this whole Black Tarkenton thing really pisses me off... I read your whole thread on your explanation of this, but I think you are just cloaking your bullcrap attitude towards black QB's.... You use this term for nearly every black QB we talk about now... Come up with a new term, this one is getting really F'Ing old.
  2. BobPOUND!

    Tyrod Is going to surprise everyone

    https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/06/watch_baker_mayfield_backing_u.html For instance..
  3. I've watched a lot of film on Tyrod going back to last year and the limited training camp film they've released. And what I have noticed in the limited stuff I've seen this year is the ease with which he is hitting receivers in motion with little to no adjustment needed. Obviously this is practice, but it is something I am not seeing from Mayfield yet. He is hitting the same receivers but they have to slightly adjust or a small jump.. But Tyrod's passes are hitting them in stride with no adjustments needed. This is something that has been sorely needed in Cleveland for a long long time. A QB that can hit in stride and allow the WR's to make moves after the catch, instead of having to adjust and then get taken down at the point of the catch.... I think he is going to do extremely well this year. And I don't get the "he's going to go down on the 1st game" vibe from him either. He is younger and in shape and looks really good. BobPound!
  4. BobPOUND!

    Ghoolie is a Homo, this we know.

    Oldest is now 18. He was 2 or 3 when they saw the playoffs last, my youngest was likely 9 months old.... How can I ever get them to bond with this team. ??
  5. BobPOUND!

    Ghoolie is a Homo, this we know.

    I remember the last game I saw of the Browns. Of all places to watch it, I was with a Steelers fan. I remember loosing that game pretty badly and the Steelers guy falling backwards into the end zone with the last touchdown scored against us. I remember our guys doing laps around the outside of the field high fiving fans for the last time. I remember the next Halloween wearing my beloved Browns jersey with permanent marker written on the back "Disgruntled Browns Fan" with "Shmuck MODELL" written all over it. I was bitter for many years.. Then I was married and had my first kid and then they came back... Only to watch that first game with the same Steeler's fan and watch us lose horribly yet again... That season was tough but I was hopeful.. Kelly Holcomb taking us to the Playoffs for the first time. I was there on the last game of the season against the Falcons at our new stadium. I screamed my voice out for a week and broke my thumb literally high fiving someone.. I was really hopeful even though we lost a heartbreaker to the Shmucking Steelers yet again.... I remember beating the Steelers for the first time as well. Was listening in on the radio while my wife was in the store.. I remember almost denting the roof of my car pounding on it as the last minute touchdown sealed the win.... My kids were there during the pre-season when Johnny Manziel threw his first touchdown.. I thought that this was it.. My kids would finally get to see what Browns Football was about... Then nothing. I have been beat down so many times that last year I gave up. I was hopeful that our newest QB sensation would turn the tide, but not really. I didn't watch a single game last year. I would just turn in on Monday and check the scores and sigh yet again........ I can't admit this to anyone now because it has become a running joke... I am VERY VERY Hopeful for the first in a long time for this team.. I want to tell the next smug piece of Sheet that makes a Browns joke at my expense to go Shmuck themselves because this year we finally have our Sheet together... I think the players in our clubhouse this year are special and the only thing that is going to ruin this year is our coach.. I am not sold yet on Hue, but I absolutely agree with the decisions to keep him even as bad as his record has been... We needed this building time.. And we have built wisely in my opinion.. 3 years of absolute butt hurt embarrassment to get us here, but HERE WE ARE... This year IS going to be different.. Mark it!!! BOBPound!
  6. BobPOUND!


    Anyone have a thought on CeeDee Lamb.. Looks to be the 3rd best receiver in the draft this year. Watched him connecting perfectly with Mayfield in a lot of games last year. Good downfield blocker. Looks like a tough kid... 3 WR threats??? Could be a good combination.
  7. BobPOUND!

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I don't get the Johnny Football comparisons at all. I've watched his film and he is a smart QB. Obviously he needs work, just like any College QB needs to make it in the NFL and that is where the comparisons end. I knew nothing about JFF before we drafted him other than he won the Heisman and the You tubes I watched of him. I had no idea of the lack of work ethic this kid had. I was high on Johnny back then because I thought he loved the game. Turns out he loved the lime light a whole lot more and that football was a means to an end. What I see in Mayfield is a passionate person, who works hard to get what he wants. Everyone says that his work ethic is impeccable. he will stay late and watch film and do the hard work that needs to be done. One note of concern and one that was raised above. He was arrested for showing VERY bad judgement.. And because he is a white "smart" quarterback, it is pushed under the rug. I only read about that 2 days ago and was very surprised... As noted above, if he were black, he would have a scarlet letter on him and wouldn't have been touched until the 6th round... I hope I am right about this kid.. We really need a solution at QB and if this kid is smart he will understand he has a golden opportunity to learn under a good veteran NFL QB. If he is smart and works hard, he has the potential to be loved and adored by millions of Browns fans the world over.. I think allot of these kids coming into the league do no understand that Browns fans will canonize any QB that can get us to the playoffs a few times. I means they don't even have to win a Superbowl or even get to one and we will be celebrating them for decades to come(Bernie??)..
  8. BobPOUND!

    Will we trade back in round one for another pick...?

    you suck Was literally logging on to start the same damn thread. Was willing to bet that we give up both of our 2nd round picks at the top to get back in and nab a Running Back.. Great minds
  9. BobPOUND!

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Great interview with The Call... I really liked his responses and he didn't get baited into saying stupid things.. Look like he was confident without being a finger. Just 1 interview.. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000913467/Baker-Mayfield-full-interview-on-Super-Bowl-Prime
  10. BobPOUND!

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Not sure if this makes sense as a reply. But the QB for sure can lead to a really shitty defense. The Browns offense for years is a perfect example... If a QB and the offense are constantly going 3 and out, and the defense never gets any rest, this is of course going to lead to a shitty defense on a lot of levels. We get the ball first and our O goes 3 and out. Defense steps up and does a good job and maybe they get them out on the 2nd set of downs.. We are up on O and then 3 and out. Again our D steps up and stops them before they get into FG range... Our O is pinned back and goes 3 and out. Punt leaves our D already on our side of the field.. They bend don't break and give up a FG.. By the 4th quarter the D is exhausted and we are down by 21. They are forced to blitz blitz ... And then we get smoked with big downfield throws and suddenly we lost 35 to 3 or if we are lucky 35 to 10 in junk time... A bad QB/Offense is the chicken before the egg.
  11. BobPOUND!

    Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    Had to go back 3 pages to revive this thread.. We need to wrap our head around the fact that this guy has the reigns of our team for the next year.. And here is a stat I like.. 2017 TD's 14 versus 4 Picks 2016 TD's 17 Versus 6 picks 2015 TD's 20 Versus 6 picks Compare this to the pathetic ELEVEN and TWENTY TWO!!!!! Of Dishone Kizer.. Imagine having even half of those picks back in critical parts of those games? I don't know that he is THE MAN. But if he cannot end up like RG3 last year and try and run down a freaking 250 pound linebacker and get knocked out at the start of the season, i think he is poised to do MUCH better.
  12. BobPOUND!

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Might already be out there, but I haven't seen a thread for this guy yet.. I am not a college ball guy, but I have watched a lot of you tubes on the 3 or 4 major prospects and have seen little attention given to Baker Mayfield. I watched the fan boy vids of each of the 4 top guys and of course they look great. But then you watch every throw they make against a good team like Ohio State and then they look a lot different. I watched Darnold in that game and I was less than impressed. Saw him throwing into double even triple coverage. Sure there were a LOT of dropped passes, but he made a lot of iffy decisions in that game. On the other hand Baker Mayfield has a similar look about him, but definitely smaller(at 6'1"). He has a good arm and throw darts. But I really like his decision making in that game. Threw into double coverage , but ball was placed where only the receiver could get it. He seemed to be checking down 3 and even 4 deep before scrambling. Scrambles great especially on the weak side. I really liked Mayfield in the very limited film I've seen of him. Not sure if there are other things that are negatives, like off field cowpoop.. But I would love to see this play out. Take Saquon Barkley at 1 and I think it is likely that Mayfield is available at 4... Thoughts?
  13. BobPOUND!

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Common, this is opening day. It's a new season and all thing are possible at least for the next 3 to 3 1/2 hours.. SO ENJOY IT. Screw being realistic or trying to guess the score. Enjoy the possibility that this is the year we finally do something to get us die hard fans excited. For me, I just hung my Browns banner on the front porch. It is tattered and hasn't hung for nearly 2 seasons.. Going to a local bar with some friends. Good beer maybe some chicken chunks.. And from now till then I am eternally optimistic and almost nervous.. Cannot wait !! Plenty of time for being realistic in 5 or 6 hours...
  14. BobPOUND!

    Haden ....RELEASED

    Don't know if Cleveland players every check these boards. But I for one want to wish Joe GOOD LUCK.. You've been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise black hole of despair as a Long time Browns fan.. Thank you for your commitment to our team and always keeping it classy!