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  1. BobPOUND!

    Building The Browns

    Ok. Who got a tear in their eye when the alumni's were speaking, especially Jim Brown.. He can't have many seasons left in him, would love to see us win something,(AFC North, playoff game, Super bowl ) before he leaves us. BobPound!
  2. BobPOUND!

    Red Red Wine

    Kid likes to hit. Seems like he was in on nearly 75% of the tackles and was always hustling to the ball. Seemed to track where the play was going nicely too. Good pickup I think.
  3. BobPOUND!

    Greedy Williams

    Dixon and Minnifield. / Williams and Ward Slaughter, Langhorn Kosar/Beckam, Landry and Mayfield Not to mention Olivier and Garret .. Paired with Oganjobi and Richardson... The pairs we are coming up with are getting downright historic.. If I could speak to the players of this 2019 team I would tell them this.. Give us FIVE YEARS of your life. Put your head down and play your fucking heart out and you will be fucking LEGENDS for life.. How many 25 year olds can even be in that position.. Five years and a Super Bowl win somewhere in there, and they will go down in history.. What more motivation do you need? Hell if they go 1-15 next year again, the 2018 season will still go down as one of the best in the new Browns era bar none. I am still re-watching games and highlights.. BobPound
  4. BobPOUND!

    Building The Browns

    The energy feels real this year. I remember watching early season footage from this show and the HBO show and feeling cringie at times even as I was getting very excited.. I feel that they are getting along, and the feelings are real... I am so looking forward to this season. BobPound!
  5. BobPOUND!

    Building The Browns

    LOVE our new Defensive Coordinator. Seems passionate and has a lot to prove in the way his previous employers treated him..
  6. BobPOUND!

    OBJ Will Have One of His Worst Seasons in 2019

    I agree with you. I was in the camp of "Oh great, we have OBJ" when I heard the news. And it was literally 50/50 sarcasm and sincerity. My first thought on hearing the news was "Oh Shit what did we give up". I was surprised it was as cheap as it was, but was still to expensive for my taste.. With the defensive moves we made in shoring up our Dline and with the improved play of nearly everyone on the defense, Peppers included, I felt we were already in a good spot going into the Draft this year.. This move puts to much of a spot light on us. But it is here and there is nothing we can do about it but HOPEFULLY see a team that wants to sacrifice to win... But I think we sold the cow for magic beans. Sure OBJ might get us to the playoff in 2019/2020.. But WTF happens in 2020/2021? All these people are going to want to get paid.. Our window is going to be short. The only Silver/Gold lining might be in what I said above.. If OBJ's stats are low this year due to him being doubled and even tripled and someone like Calloway or Higgins hits 1000k yards this season, his price tag might go down and we might get to keep him for a bit cheaper for 2021/2022... But either way I don't want a year or two of winning. I want to rebuild a team that consistently drafts well, makes good off season pickups and makes it to the playoffs and is a SuperBowl contender each and every year... QUESTION for anyone willing to answer it... Do bonus' count against the cap? Let's say the owners give a 10% bonus for making it to the playoffs or a 20% bonus for an appearence in the SB or 25 for winning it.. How does that look against the cap? Could we incentivize our team into winning and pay them less in guaranteed money? They are all young and have lots of time to make bank... Give them a reason to make more money now instead of waiting till their contracts are renegotiated. BobPound
  7. We are getting into the slow time of the NFL year.. Draft will soon be over and then its whatever small pieces of news we get from camp.. So between now and then it is all speculation and hype. To that end, why I think OBJ will be one of our best players while the rest of the talking heads and stat watchers proclaim him to be a bust... Our opponents are going to have to pick their poison. And the first poison they are going to be forced to deal with is OBJ. He will consistently get our opponents best CB's or Safeties. He will more times than not get a 2nd defender to help out.. Even with that type of attention last year, he was still one of the best in the league as Eli had to thread the needle over and over to him and to both their credit, they made a decent combination.. BUT.... In Cleveland we have at least 2 other incredible targets that in a normal offense would require a double team of either one of them.. Njoku and Landry both bring another level to this. And not to mention the long threat of Calloway and even Higgins... Baker won't have to thread it to OBJ as he should have a plethora of easier targets to hit. And not to mention not 1 not 2 but eventually 3 Pro-bowl quality running backs which further takes the weight off of OBJ to make ALL of the offense like he has done in years past... It will come down to whether OBJ has thick skin. Because half way through the season they will start harping on his production and how we wasted so much on bringing this over priced Prima Donna to the Browns.. When in reality his mere presence out there completely opens up our offensive to a level I don't think we've ever seen, including Langhorne and Slaughter and Kosar.. He is a case study in Subtraction through Addition.. His addition subtracts at least 2 and sometimes 3 defenders from covering others on the field.. But it will come at a cost to his ego and his stats... Hopefully he can handle it. BobPound!
  8. BobPOUND!

    round 2

    Not sexy, but seems we are in dire need of depth at Oline... So my pick is best available Offensive lineman..
  9. BobPOUND!

    Game of Browns - King of the North

    That was fucking brilliant. Way to much time on their hands ..
  10. BobPOUND!

    Regular Season Schedule

    If this is accurate, this is really good for us. Especially the 2nd half of the season. Cinci twice, Buffalo, Baltimore. And WTF is @Denver again.. I like the Jets Opening, gives us a good chance to get started on the right foot. San Fran and Miami are definitely winnable. And of course twice for Pittsburgh.. I like the schedule if it turns out correct and it seems plausible.. Easier schedule in my opinion than last year and technically we should be a much better team going into this season.. I am excited.. BobPound!
  11. BobPOUND!

    Solution to Tanking??

    Worst team doesn't get a 1st round pick, but gets an extra 3rd 4th and 5th... Make sure they aren't tanking just to get the prize college player that next year.. But not punish them for needed talent in the deeper rounds.
  12. BobPOUND!

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    And pretty much the entirety of the NFC except Lions fans.. Fuck the NFC and their damned domes... Don't expect to come over to our team and then bitch and whine about how cold Cleveland is in January.. Screw them. NOT WELCOME! And while we are at it, don't expect to come bouncing over to the Browns from the South East or West AFC.. We are going to pound them into the dirt this year.. NOT WELCOME.. Just leave our team alone and let us real fans enjoy this ride solo for a year, then we will re-evaluate... And get the hell of my lawn Bobpound!
  13. BobPOUND!

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    I agree with the thought that ALL are welcome.. EXCEPT. Former Steeler's fans or Ravens fans or Bengal's fans... OR Dallas Fans.... Why Dallas, just because I don't like them ... My brother hit the eject button 7 or 8 years ago on the Browns after being a lifelong Browns fan... Though I love him, HE is not welcome back into the Browns fandom... Other than that, all are welcome. Oh except Patriots fans as well.. They don't get to come over here after the decade they've had.. Go suck an egg and learn what its like to support a team when they sucked.. Unless they are really old Patriots fans and they remember when they wore paper bags over their heads.. They are welcome... Other than that. All are welcome .. Bobpound!
  14. BobPOUND!

    Browns are America's Team

    Funny stuff. Who would have thought Odell was such a dork(in a good way). I thought he'd think himself to cool to do something this dorky... We knew after last pre-season that Baker was really just a big dork.. They are going to have such a good time this season...