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  1. BobPOUND!

    Hue interview with mkc

    But then there is this from a Hue interview.. Wish he would have done it while "HE WAS THE COACH" as he so famously said 10k times. "But as he watched the season unfold, Jackson grew to believe that Mayfield should have been running an offense similar to the one he ran at Oklahoma, which was based on playing fast with quick throws -- more slants, more outs, more fast passing and fewer seven-stop drops." I just hope to God the new OC realizes that everything is about Mayfield's development going forward.. And whatever the Shmuck play calling they've been doing these past weeks(including the wins) has to change.. Reverses with Callway coming out of the backfield, stupid Shmucking trick plays...... We have 2 great running backs to take the pressure off of a rookie QB and we settle for tricks... I formation runs, with BM using his incredible play action acting abilities.. Quick outs, quick slants... Over the top screens when the Defense gets over aggressive trying to get to him.. Shmuck standing in the pocket for 3 seconds waiting for these over complicated plays to develop.. Bang bang bang.. Fast. Shmuck even let him go no huddle on the first possession... The play calling to date has been freaking abysmal and he deserved to be fired for it. BobPound!
  2. BobPOUND!

    Grossi's Take On Dorsey's First Draft

    Nothing like overstating things so quickly... Lots of football left to be played this year.. We all feel the change, but let's not get to freaking Socky..
  3. BobPOUND!

    Fire the Kicker

    I don't know. It was an ugly butt kick but it went in and capped an ugly butt game that we WON.. I like this kid.. Something tells me they got this pick right. He is young and has a good head on his shoulders. The reaction to him getting the game ball in the locker room was priceless.. the guys like him and that is great for confidence. I think that confidence is a bigger factor in kicking than leg strength even.. He seems to have the later and not much of the former.. Confidence can be built.. He has leg strength He had the distance to kick that last minute 55 yarder in regular time, he just didn't believe he could do it. The FG that won the game had no confidence behind it, but it went in anyways... He will do better.. He is young and he has the leg strength. He just needs to believe he can do it.. And that game winning FG will make him CRAVE the next clutch kick he needs to make.. BobPound!
  4. BobPOUND!

    A Case For Hue

    I am still down on Hue. But after this week, I am willing to extend to him the rest of the season until we are either in the playoffs in which case he keeps his job, or we are out of contention with a 5 or 6 win season, in which case as soon as we are out of contention, he should be fired and the "next man up" mentality will put the OC in charge... Some things that makes me think the locker room has turned a corner with Hue.. The fact that when he was giving game balls away, they were banging into him in pure joy, to the point he got slammed against the lockers.. That was a moment of truth there.. Guys so happy that they feel like they can share it with him and try and make him one of the guys.. it was a small thing, but it stood out to me. Giving game balls to non-players is stupid.. STOP DOING IT!! This is now Hue's team. Period end of story.. 3rd year coaches are expected to start fielding playoff capable teams.. Has Hue done this.. YES... Does his teams show up ready to play every Sunday... YES they have been in every game to the bitter bitter(sometimes sweet) end... He handles the press OK, not great.. He needs to know when to stop talking.. He needs to take a page from the Baker Mayfield press playbook. BE COOL, give credit to everyone but yourself.. Build confidence...
  5. BobPOUND!


    I will have to assume that they do not trust Chubb to be the extra blocker yet.. Hyde can make the hard yards AND block and keep the free man from killing Baker. For the fan boys of Chubb, give him time. he is obviously a VERY talented runner and can make people miss and find the hole.. BUT if he can't block, in our scheme he sits the bench except in plays where we have an extra TE to help with blocking.. And we don't seem to do a lot of 2 TE sets... Next to QB, Running back in our scheme is going to be one of the hardest positions to learn, maybe DB might be harder, but Ward has shown a rookie can come in from college and excel in the position... Having the combination this year of Duke and Hyde is great.. I just wish they would stick with the run a bit longer and force them to put the extra man in the box and open up Baker for some longer passes.. Make Baker's incredible play action feint be something to be absolutely feared by opposing defenses.. We seem to go away from the run to soon. And we are seem to be trying WAY TO MANY GIMMICK FFREAKING plays... Another reverse in a completely head scratching moment for a 7 yard loss.. STUPID. You have 2 great RB with another waiting in the wings... RUN IT TO THE SEAM or run it up the middle, but stop with the freaking reverses to WR's... BobPOund!
  6. BobPOUND!

    Some things will never change

    No hater here.. But those 2 calls alone are inexcusable when a team is already struggling to break through with so many rookies.. 4th and goal and you do a reverse?? Are you F'ing kidding me? WHY GO FOR THE 2 Point conversion the 2nd time(or for that matter the 1st one!!).. We are sitting at 28 to 14 . THEN WE GO FOR A 2 POINT.. F'ING WHY??? Put the 1 point on the board and the score is 29 to 14... This means we win at the end of regulation because even if they score the 2point conversion the score is 43 to 42.. Or 44 to 42 if we had just freaking kicked the extra points.. Coaching matters!! Whoever is making these stupid Shmucking calls needs to be called out!! If it isn't Hue, then Hue needs to get a freaking handle on this.. BobPound
  7. BobPOUND!

    Some things will never change

    That call on the 2 yard line where instead of having our stud Running Back(EITHER OF THEM!!!!!!!) take it straight up the gut, someone(Hue or Haley??) calls a trick play that results in a 4 yard loss.. that call right there was indefensible. I can't believe that isn't on every post today... Going for 2 points ?? That 1 point cost us the game didn't it???? Those aren't player errors those are coaching errors.. BOTH COST US THE GAME... By the time we get to the 4th and 1 call, the game is already being lost by us.. Game should have been shut down long before.. That game pissed me off to high heaven.. Sure the dropped passes were key, but we bounced back from them.. You can't bounce back from leaving 5 points off the board(the net gain from running up the middle for the TD on the 1 and the single point instead of going for 2)... Inexcusable. BobPound
  8. BobPOUND!

    Some things will never change

    I was against this early in the season, even though I lost any wanting of him being our coach 2 years ago. I had high hopes for him based on the hype he brought with him. After 3 years now, that is all he is HYPE.. The Haslan's were forced to stick with Hue this year because they needed to prove to some yet to be determined coach, that we would even give hapless Hue 3 years even with only 2 wins and a tie!!! This will put us in the running for some higher caliber coaches either this year or going into next year.. But why wait? This is based off the only information I have available, but hard knocks showed me that the guys on that team TOLERATE Hue at best.. I think there is a stench that follows Hue around that he no longer able to get rid of... The men will play for Williams or Haley as they respect them.. Personally I would go for Williams to finish the season out.... But for once I am willing to give this team the time to get this right....We have the talent finally.. We just need to show the guys that performance matters and integrity matters.. We got rid of Coleman and Gordon.. Time to do what is right for this team. And week 5 is the time to do it!! BobPound
  9. BobPOUND!

    Too Early to Name Our Defense?

    time to kill this thread. To bad I got excited and jinxed us all.. Shmucking A..
  10. BobPOUND!

    Too Early to Name Our Defense?

    The Big Dawg Defense..
  11. BobPOUND!

    Too Early to Name Our Defense?

    The M.E.L.T. line ..... Miles Emmanuel Larry Trevon ...
  12. BobPOUND!

    Our D just got a lot scarier..

    For once our Next man up philosophy isn't all that bad.... I think we will really miss Randall in the middle though.... He is another game changer just in the fact that they don't throw his way.. he is a calming force out there.... I know this is football and people get hurt, but man wouldn't it be great to see ALL our starters out there at the same time. What a sight that would be ...
  13. Time to get ready and come up with some good names. Orange Crush was used already. But I think this Defense will be worthy of a timeless name...
  14. It looks like Kirksey AND Ogbah are back for the Raiders game.. I wouldn't want to be Carr Come Sunday afternoon.. It is going to be a long painful game..