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  1. BobPOUND!

    Freddie's Staff searches

    I think that Dorsey is going to choose people in his and Kitchens mold. Not pedigrees, not men who were "IN CHARGE" when good things happened to this team or that team. They are going to bring people in that others want to follow and work for. Not to be mistaken with weak leaders who let the rabble run free.. But men (and I wouldn't rule out a woman getting a position under Dorsey/Kitchens) who inspire people to want to work for them.. If you look at the picks that Dorsey has made, what one defining attribute seems to now be evident after a year of watching them? Baker, Kitchens(which we now find out was really a Dorsey pick and not Hue or Haley), Landry, etc all have a defining characteristic. They all pull the best out of those around them. Not by force or because they were told to do that, but rather that is their innate personality.. Watch every pick up and down the structure from here on out, so long as Dorsey(and by extension Kitchens) is doing the picking, they are going to have to FIRST and FOREMOST pass the test of being a good leader that leads not because they were put in charge, but because people want to work for them.. From the Ball boy to the GM. This structure could be incredible.. The only potential stumbling block is the Haslam's who are egotistical and arrogant leader types who view leadership as the only criteria for people to respect them. They have money and power and they are in charge. That in their minds make them great leaders.. If Haslam decides he has soured on Dorsey's radially different management approach, he will be canned.. But so far so good.. He seems to be differing to Dorsey.. Bobpound!
  2. BobPOUND!


    Freddie Kitchens/John Dorsey to me personifies a quiet movement that is taking place in the world.... For literally thousands of years the management style of the western world(going back to Rome) has been that of top down, hierarchical structures that emphasizes the need of a strong man at the top of the heap. The strong man maintains his leadership by bringing in underlings who share his values and his management style. And before long(depending on the size of the structure) you have an entire organization that mimics the style and personality of its anointed strong man leader. At times this can be a great way to build an organization, because if the strong man at the top has a good moral compass and makes good choices in his underlings, the structure under him becomes stronger as it goes down to the bottom of the pyramid... But the opposite can (and more times than not) also be true.. A weak leader at the top can result in an exponentially weaker bottom, as the weakness grows the further down the structure it goes.. Hue was a perfect example in year 2. He had replaced most of the people with people he wanted. He led with a "MY WAY or NO WAY" mentality that was on display constantly in that HBO show. He was the quintessential Strong Man leader... It isn't obviously just the NFL that does this. Organization such as Wells Fargo take on the personality and traits of its strong man/woman leaders.. Wells Fargo was led by a man named Strumpf. His style was to push the legal boundaries in pursuit of higher share holder value... It took a few years, but eventually that mindset permeated all the way down to the lowest levels of the organization. And in 2018 we finally saw what that looked like as the FCC showed how corrupt even the lowest level loan officers were screwing people over for a buck. So back to the Browns. Our owner is the personification of the Strong Man leader type. He is the CEO of the Pilot Flying J Corporation and likely leads that corporation in the same way that he has tried to run the Browns since he bought it. That's why Hue was the way he was likely. He was brought in to mimic Haslan's management style and "enforce" some discipline on this team. But as is usually the case with top down thinking. The person he chose, fooled him into thinking he was a strong leader. He wasn't and the rest is history. What Dorsey is doing to me transcends the NFL.. He has interjected himself between Haslam and the team and is incorporating a new structure that starts with him... And instead of him being the strong man at the top, he is setting about hiring people up and down the structure that are people capable of leading not because the man above them TOLD THEM he was in charge, but rather because the people below them WANT TO FOLLOW THEM. Baker personifies this. He leads by example, not because he tells everyone around him he is in charge(Hue).. Kitchens appears to be cut from the same cloth. People want to follow him, they want to do good work for him.. And as this structure grows, it will start to take on the attributes and personality of Dorsey. Watching him on that HBO show was crazy and I didn't realize what I was watching at the time. Dorsey walks to his own drum. He is nice to people, he doesn't talk down to them.. I mean what the fuck kind of GM acts like that? In normal hierarchical structures a man like him is supposed to be untouchable by the commoners... Imagine a man like Dorsey in charge of a company? Not leading because he tells you he is in charge, but because you want to work for him. I have a very strong feeling that every pick this team makes going forward is going to be in the mold of Dorsey. Not men/women in charge, but true leader of men. Up and down the chain, from the towel boy to our next DC.. BobPound!
  3. BobPOUND!


    I am nervous and incredibly happy all at the same time. This was my pick yet again. Like the Baker Mayfield pick, I just got a great feeling that he was going to be the right fit here in Cleveland. After watching that video posted above about Kitchens in Arizona, i am even more convinced he is the right pick. BUT..... I can completely understand Cowherd's(and frankly probably a lot of other more serious people) head scratching on our pick for head coach. The dude was a Running back coach just months ago. Now he is an elite level NFL Coach, who is going to have to steer the ship and do thousand other things all while trying to maintain this relationship with his franchise QB and other top players.. It's going to be a tough row to hoe.... So I don't think anything that Cowherd said was out of bounds or even dickish.. And I think he is spot on, concerning how arrogant Browns fans are getting coming out of this season... We finished THIRD in the division. We didn't get a winning season even.... So let's check our arrogance at the door and get back to the work that got us from the bottom of the basement to the middle of the league in just a single year.. Playoffs and even an AFC North championship are now well within our grasp...... So I don't end up with a wall of words I'm going to end here.. And I am going to post why I think Freddie is a harbinger of things to come not only in the NFL but across the management world. It is a movement that is LONG overdue.. BobPound!
  4. BobPOUND!

    Coach Interviews

    fuck I truly hope not.. Another "tear it apart to make it mine" coach who has a philosophy, instead of fucking looking at the talent in front of you and bending your plan to them...
  5. BobPOUND!

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Get off my thread... Ya Bag of Dicks
  6. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Why do teams do this?
  7. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    UNREAL.. They are not talking to Flacko on the sidelines.. They are going to go with Jackson again.. Harbaugh is giving his job away with this decision. And Rivers is a fucking bad ass.. Hoping that Baker is around as long as he has been. Game over with that penalty.
  8. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Looks like TWO HARBAUGH's are going to be looking for jobs this off season.
  9. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    I cannot believe they are sitting their Super Bowl Champion QB in favor of this glorified RB... I am so glad this kid is getting his ass handed to him so we don't have to hear about it all off season about how much better he was going to be than Baker. Go BOLTS...
  10. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Man I never realized what a weird release Rivers has on throws...
  11. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    And no sooner did I say something and he connects a big one.
  12. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    What the fuck is wrong with Rivers? He looks so old in this game. Which I know he is, but he's never looked it.
  13. BobPOUND!

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    I think they should pull Jackson while they still have a chance.. Kid is a choker and a 1 dimensional QB.. Or rather a 2 dimensional Running back is more like it.
  14. BobPOUND!

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    they are sticking with him. Special Teams and D is saving their ass right now.
  15. BobPOUND!

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    And mark it.. OUT COMES JACKSON and in comes Flacco.... This is their season ...