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  1. BobPOUND!

    Higgins Did Not Lose This Game!

    Sorry for the caps in my initial post name. As usual, every Browns game takes me to the fucking bitter end and several more craft beers than I expected to drink.. So needless to say I am still freaking feeling the after affects.... After reading my drunken posts, I will stand by them.. This is not the "fumble" part 2. It was a fluke play that called into question a ridiculous rule that hopefully will be re-considered this year... As some internet talking head said for days before this game.. We were playing with house money. We weren't expected to be good this year. We sure as hell weren't supposed to make the playoff and we sure as hell, sure as hell weren't going to Beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburg in the opening round. And we sure as hell weren't supposed to take the Reigning Super Bowl champs to the literal last minutes of the game... So we won on so many levels already this year... The Fumble was a choke by a player who rarely chocked. On a team that was destined to make the Super Bowl that year.. No comparison. As to the Mahomes injury.. I am not sure if it has been discussed as to how injured Patrick had been for some time before he left the game. If I had to guess he was suffering from back spasms starting back in the 2nd quarter. And our defensive scheme shifted gears when our DC realized he was hobbled. We were sending a 5th man at him even if it meant going man on man and getting burned. Just so we could put a body on him and knock him down. And it worked, even before he went out of the game.. I have no idea what possessed him or his coach to put him in a position to run that ball like he did... He or his coach took him out of that game.. We just did the work for them... It was clean but brutal... But then again YOU ARE NOT A RUNNING BACK.. And this is why running QB's do not last in this league. Both Lamar and Patrick were taken out of their respective games by hard hits. So maybe this will call into question this move towards QB's that both run and throw well. But always seem to fall back on the run when the need arises and almost inevitably leads to an injury. Go Browns!! For the last time this season... Can't wait for next year.. Can't believe I am saying this and not being sarcastic
  2. BobPOUND!

    Higgins Did Not Lose This Game!

    As to who is saying Higgins, pretty much everyone on TV.. Real Browns fans understand he was trying to win the game.. Stephanski called a ballsy game. Twice 4th and short on our side of the field and going for it.. Balls..... He missed an easy red flag on that "reception".. Not sure how much that played into anything.. But a very obvious mistake. Then losing the Timeout on an obvious reception not 2 plays later.. Another mistake... The Baker INT was a horrible horrible pass. It resulted in ZERO points. But then again it negated us getting points on that possession. The Defense was always going to be our downfall and it showed today... All we needed was ONE stop on that last possession and they just couldn't do it... Next year we will address our defense.... It was a great year and even with this bitter loss, it shows how far we've come in a very short amount of time.
  3. I am going on the Higgins bandwagon. I will 100% support his effort to make that TD. Not 1 in a 100 times would that result in a touchback... Rashard. You keep your head up!!! Browns Nation loves you and your effort to make that TD..... There were at least a dozens points that we could have won that game and your mistake was just one of them. Baker's INT was inexcusable. The fact that our Defense couldn't make Hennie miss on a 3rd and long... Keep your head up and I for one hope you our are 3rd receiver next year behind Landry and OBJ..... Great season.. See you all at the Draft!!!!!! BobPound!
  4. THIS is why I am a Browns fan and why I stuck with them through so much shit these past 20 years(new Browns). To get back that feeling from the days of Bernie and Brian Sipe and the rest of those cast of characters.. This team will already go down in history as one of the best we've ever fielded if not the best(and that is saying something).. But I feel the best is yet to come. WE CAN WIN THIS GAME.. Mark my words.. The Chiefs will come out rusty and we can jump on top of them and get a 7 or 14 point lead.. But don't expect them to fall apart like the Steelers. They will come roaring back and this is where our game plan needs to bend not break... First, run early and often to limit the number of possessions for Mahomes. Take shots to keep them honest. A Higgins post down the left side and air it out. But then back to the run. Make the 3rd down manageable at less than 4 yards.. Baker has proven he is deadly on those plays. 5 wideouts(with Hunt or Chubb) and spread them out.. Pick them apart. Defense must submit to their over the top dominance.. KEEP THEM IN FRONT OF US at all costs. Put extra men in the backfield and accept that they will will run and short/medium pass us down the field. Firm up inside the 20 and try and at least get 25 to 30% of their Red Zones to turn into 3 points instead of 7 or 8.... Control the clock on both sides of the ball.. Make their touchdown drives take longer.. Run the ball on our side and run the clock.. SLOW THEM DOWN to our speed instead of trying to match them at theirs. We will lose a shootout just like we did against the Ravens.... CONTROL the game and we win. And if by some miracle OBJ is reading things on our humble board.. You are a Brown through and through. You've done the one thing you needed to do for this team. Be a quiet supporter.. You are a big reason we are here and I for one won't forget you... I hope they bring you back next year and you are that last piece of the offense that either brings us back to a Super Bowl(God willing) or takes us there next year..... GO BROWNS.. You are already winners....
  5. BobPOUND!

    Just Imagine.......

    We have done something I didn't think I would see for years. And that is the Browns not only making the playoffs, not only winning the first round, but doing it against our former arch rivals the Steelers(is this the beginning of a new rivalry, one where we win). Whatever happens Sunday we Browns fans can finally say we've broken the new Browns losing streaks on just about every single level. NO more do I have to listen to some dumbass announcer scouring the internet to find out how long it has been since the Browns did X... I am done with that Shit! But what about next year? Or the year after that? Imagine.. Next year we come out and show that this wasn't a fluke Covid-19 year. But in fact it tempered us in the worst fire this league has endured since its inception. Imagine next year we make the playoffs and then the year after that. As a long suffering fan I am savoring these last few games like I am anticipating another long drought of no water. But what if we FINALLY have the right pieces in place and realize we aren't in a desert and we found an oasis. But rather we've found ourselves in a land where getting water and food is normal. So think about what it might feel like to be a New England fan. I remember a time when it was an embarrassment to be a Patriots fan or a New Orleans fan.. Now look at them and their fans. Imagine how you will feel when we start to put together not just 11 wins in a season, but rather years and years of winning seasons. I feel we are on the cusp of a long term trend. And I need to adjust my "poor me" browns fan mentality and start expecting what we saw this year. BobPound!
  6. Too Nervous to come up with anything other than. GO BROWNS.... !! See you all on the other side...
  7. BobPOUND!

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    There are lots of reasons for us to be optimistic. I had thrown the towel in when Stephanski was tested positive. But I've recovered from that once I realized that Van Pelt is perfectly capable of running this offense. Hell it might even be a bonus is some ways.. So many coaches rely on analytics to call plays, based on the data they get from opposing coaches and other players. I am sure they had a whole game plan based On Stephanski's tendencies.. that all gets somewhat tossed out the window. If Stephanski and Van Pelt are smart, they should let Van Pelt be the lead on creating the game plan this week.. Really toss a wrench in their analytics planning. But apart from that, I think last Sunday's game was a setup.. I can't remember who he is, but he is a news person that has a round table chat with Mary Kay Cabot. He suggested on Friday before the game last week that Stephanski and company MIGHT hold a lot of their best offensive plays back in the chance that we would be facing the Steelers in the Wild Card game.. I found the play calling last week to be puzzling at best and down right infuriating at times... With the 2 best running back in the league we are running 5 wide out sets with and empty back field!!??? But the more I watch the tape, I think he has been setting up whomever we would have faced in the first round for at least the last 3 weeks.. It's like we don't have two of the best RB's in the game if you watched those games.... I think we come out running and running and running and running.. And hope our defense can keep early scoring to a minimum from the Steelers.. Commit to the run and the long game.. Wear them down and control the clock and keep Ben off the field late in the game. I fear if we put this on Baker's shoulders he is going to sadly disappoint us all. Their pass rush is to good and Bakers sucks under pressure.. Commit to the run. Lastly is the pressure factor... We DID IT.. We made it to the playoffs. I feel a certain amount of relief after our win last week.. We are in Gravy land... Pittsburgh has a lot of pressure on them to win out. With a 10-0 start(or was it 11-0?) they were the hands on favorite to face the Chiefs at the AFC championship.... now they are 12-4 and coming off of a stretch of 1 win in 5 games(almost losing all 5)...... That is a lot of pressure and frees our team up to play lose and say FUCK IT and play all out.... I am going to go out on a limb and say we win 28-17... Go BROWNS!! Either way I am so proud of this team and can't wait to see what happens next year.. Can't remember the last time I felt that way. Including 2003..
  8. BobPOUND!

    Stefanski tests positive.

    Just saw this.. Just wow.. I am speechless.
  9. BobPOUND!

    If the Playoffs started today 12/22

    Ok. So where does that leave us... Titans won.. Miami Lost, Colts won, we won, Ravens Won.. Do we get Pittsburg again in Pittsburg?
  10. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    Wow, good conversation... I was very hard on the team yesterday in real time. It was frustrating to watch.. But the 2nd half showed this isn't the same old Browns(well less so ) .. Baker dropping that ball was very Browns'esques. But they battled back through a very frustrating 2 days.. You could see they were all stunned in the 1st and most of the 2nd quarter. No body had any energy. The delays, losing the WR corps and half the O Line. .How can that not fuck with you... Inside all that bullcrap though, in typical fashion we get at least several HORRIBLE calls go against us.. That interception(YES IT WAS) should have been 6 points going in the other direction... That was a momentum killer, because instead of getting off the field. Next play on a long 3rd, they convert and I believe score on that one. The other was Baker's last "Fumble". Someone above saw what I saw. HOW IS THAT NOT A LATERAL? The ball leaves Baker's hand(yes I know it wasn't meant to) and goes backwards and directly into Hunt's hands. And he moves the ball forward. The ball NEVER HIT THE GROUND.. So it is either a pass or a lateral.. It is not a fumble. So for as down as I was yesterday in the first half. I am very optimistic. Colts lost and the Titans lost. Nothing really has changed in my mind.. The Steelers game was always going to be our litmus test... If we can't beat them with all that is on the line. WE DO NOT DESERVE A PLAYOFF SPOT.... BobPound!
  11. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    Is it just me, but that fake crowd noise is horseshit.. That stupid horn is going off during plays
  12. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    Is there anyone in that Stadium??? I think it is BULLSHIT they are piping in noise
  13. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    FUCCCCCKKKK... Here we go Brownies Here we GO!!
  14. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    FUCKING DOINK AGAIN.. WTF is wrong with him
  15. BobPOUND!

    **** Official Browns at Jets Gameday Thread

    I really like the leadership that Mayfield is showing out there. Not sure where this goes. But Baker has stepped up in the 2nd half..