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  1. Ghoolie

    Steelers cack up a furball

    Dude, NOBODY has quoted me more than you. NOBODY HERE believes you had me on ignore. Give it a rest already, and just go with the flow.
  2. Ghoolie

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    What kind of year was 2018? We don't know yet.............. Can you flipping imagine that? December................... and the Browns are in the playoff hunt. Yeah, I know, it isn't the same as being the division leader, but the only thing that matters is how you play at the end of regular season. If the Browns win out, regardless of the playoffs, this will have been one hell of a year. The post Hue season has been fabulous.
  3. Ghoolie

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    I am with you on it. We should have humiliated Cincy. Honestly, we are a better team than the Textards and should have won that game. It is very reasonable to expect the Browns to win out. Denver won't know what hit them. Go Pats.....
  4. Ghoolie

    Dorsey's hit rate !

    Unless this owner does something really FUBAR, and God knows as Browns fans, we have seen it before, optimism for a spectacular 2019 is not far-fetched. What a difference firing Hue Jackson has made? What a difference Dorsey has made, in one year. Amazing.
  5. Ghoolie

    Steelers cack up a furball

    Larry, I honestly don't care about all that crap anymore. Barkley is great, Mayfield is great. We got the best QB of the last 5 -6 years IMHO. We are alive to win the AFC North. Slim? Maybe not so much. That we can even talk about it? Phenomenal. We will beat Denver. Anyone stupid enough to listen to me and take Paxton Lynch can't be very good. LMAO.
  6. Ghoolie

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Three Steelers Losses, Three Ravens losses, Browns win out. It could happen.
  7. Ghoolie

    Dorsey's hit rate !

    Can one of you more detail/analytic types offer up some type of stats on what Dorsey's hit rate at adding players is? As the benchmark, I am talking about how many new guys have we acquired, how many are starting and /or contributing and then how many we let go. Clearly, he hit the ball out of the park with the two #1 picks. Even to the casual observer, the 2018 Browns have more good players than at any time since 1999. Logically if Dorsey has a comparable year with the draft and 2019 offseason, the Browns will have what, 4, 5 more new contributing players? Imagine the 2019 team with the addition of a new solid DB, an inside DL bull and a big WR target who can draw double coverage. And what if 2 of those guys are at the stellar level, which doesn't seem to be a stretch. Furthermore, unless you really hate the Browns, you have to believe that player candidates in 2019 are going to have an all-time high-level of enthusiasm to play here. Momentum....it happens on a much broader spectrum than just during a game. You have to be dead not to feel the rebirth.
  8. Ghoolie

    Steelers cack up a furball

    As I said, I prefer to use non-Fuck words, but if I do, it won't be in the spirit of Ghoolie heaping tough love on Browns fans. With Stan gone, my responsibility to launch Ghoolie on our opponents has never been more important. If WIlliams and Kitchen don't get the permenant titles, I may say the real F bomb. I imagine your world is upside down now, once again riding in the same bus with me, eh? :-). We have a real team Larry, can you believe it?
  9. Ghoolie

    Steelers cack up a furball

    How is the word Fuck passing? It is a good word, and Fuck the Steelers is great wisdom. Still, we haven't done fuck since it was banned. I am still going to use the word Fukck or fauhk. But it is nice to see the return of fuck.
  10. Ghoolie

    The truth

    Watson blows donkey caulks. He is a run-first QB and will never taste a SB unless he licks the seats the day after. Fukck Watson. You saw how stinky he was yesterday. SB contender my azz. Isn't it funny how the reason we didn't beat the Bengals worse is because we let up on the gas pedal..... BUT the reason we almost pulled the game out in the second half was because the Textard's defense was just too good. Fukck the Texans, did I already say that? Seriously, we turned Watt into Who? We stuck his caulk up his ass and he played like a homosexual. He ain's schidt. Baker had a bad day. We play the Texans 10 times, we win 9. GUARANTEED. The caulksucker Texans won't win another game this year, and you will see both Watt and Watts-son exposed as homosexuals. I agree, we will improve in the offseason, but we are a better team than the Texans right now. In every aspect of the game. I guaranteed a win over the Carolina Tarkentons. We will asss pummel Denver and DRIVE a fist right down John Elways horse teeth. Fukck Denver.
  11. Ghoolie

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    However we describe it, this is a team headed in the right direction. I hope Williams and Kitchen are allowed to remain in place. The momentum is undeniable.
  12. Ghoolie

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I don't see how you hire another head coach or OC at this point. These guys rock. Mayfield is the tits. He's no Paxton Lynch, but he is still very good.
  13. Ghoolie

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Time passes far too fast my brother.
  14. Ghoolie

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    They had confidence against the Bengals. To me the impressive thing is that we made a lot of mistakes, and pulled together to win in spite of it. I think that transcends confidence and flows into the character column.
  15. Ghoolie

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Landry is top shelf. If we add a big sky WR, look out. He guy is impressive and he gives it everything, He was born to be a Brownie.