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  1. Ghoolie


    He is a Tarkenton. He is a run-first QB. Now, if you want to use the semantics that he is a scrambler? Same thing. He needs to be moving around to be accurate. When he has to play orthodox, he does just like Fran Tarkenton did in big games.....he falls apart. He sucks balls.
  2. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    I was thinking the sme thing Larry. Holy mackeral.
  3. Ghoolie


    Laughing my ass off. I was out for wings, and of course, 95% of the crowd was Bama fans............... I started making fun of Tua-arkenton, and could have had 20 fist fights. LMAO... I LOVE being Ghoolie. Seriously though, Saban's balls are going to stay shrunk all offseason. How the fuck does he put Queerdell Stewart back as starting QB? LMAO. OMG, this is absolutely off the wall funny. He fucking guy is going to go home and beat his wife, LMAO. Sorry, but when there run-first fucktards get into a championship situation, WITHOUT fAIL..........just like Shit Fran Tarkenton...................the are shown to be total shit. I love that this guy repeatedly gave thanks to God. HERE IS A GREAT TRAINING VIDEO OF THE YOUNG CLEMSON QB IN HIGH SCHOOL.
  4. Yeah, absolutely, I can beat a dead horse. But Tua looks like shit.
  5. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Excuse my French but what the fucks are you talking about Lamar is not there yet? This guy is a piece of shit. I predicted that both black Tarkington's would stink up the field and they dead excuse the spelling error on friends last name I'm using voice to text while I enjoy a Cuban cigar. As far as the team to beat Patrick my homes Is a passing machine, is team is not that good but that guy is fun to watch
  6. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Watching today made me think how good that buffoon Kosar was. Don't.getme wrong, I still have venom for him not calling his famous audibles when he had a lead, but the guy had some kind of vision and quick release. He had no mobility and he never looked like these shitbag run-first QBs
  7. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Next up Bears Eagles I like Trubisky don't have any hate skininthis game...... HOWEVER....I think Trubisky is the difference i this game. Mobile QB bit he is PASS FIRST. I like the Bears 27 -13
  8. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Stop making excuses for Jackoff jackson. He is black tarkenton. THAT is what is wrong with him. The fucking kid won't ever win a playoff game. He single-handedly lost the game. THAT is Black Tarkenton in a nutshell.
  9. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Lot of referee bullshit. They have replay and still fuck up. How a rolling TD winds up being marked complete a yard shorter than where he caught it? Fuck Baltimore. Fuck the NFL and their favoritism.
  10. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

  11. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Marty ball. 6minutes to go,10 in the box and you are afraid to play action pass. Overand over coaches are afraid to close games out. I hope.we never see this bullshit onour team.
  12. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Why did the defender not touch the reciever? Fucking bonehead talking to the refs instead of playong the game. These players and coaches just are not polished pros. Unbelievable Marty Ball
  13. Ghoolie

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    Chargers stop.the pressure. MARTY BALL. Unfucking believable