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  1. And how many wins has that brought the Browns? Again, this cocksucker is no different than the cocksucker before him. Ass in the hot seat in Cleveland? NOOOOOOoooooooo problem...just pull some fucking useless stat our of your cunt and laugh about how good your fucking defense is. This guy will get fired along with Hue. He might as well joint that piece of shit Joe THomas and tell jokes on the sidelines when his team is losing. he had a fucking chance to get the ball back in the hands of Black Tarkenton against the Steelers..................... How did that "only 4 passes have gone for 20 yards against us work out for him? Dumb fucking bastard. Who the fuck cares about his personal statistics? All I hear is how defense wins games.................. well, in two games so far, the cocksucker hasn't won shit. But hey, let's grease his asshole, take turns ass fucking him and see if we can't get him some kind of trophy. Piece of shit, worthless, phony, undisciplined fucktard.
  2. Kizer

    Haslam is bringing in a Cherry Picker for Sunday's game. He will life Kizer's dullard ass 12 feet in the air and let him take as long as he needs to throw.
  3. Kizer

    I never said the Ravens or anyone else rushed 8. Of course they don't have to.... KIZER BLOWS HUE JACKSON BLOWS. THE BROWNS HAVE NO SKILLED PLAYERS. What I said was, the Defense stays home, they don't bite on play fakes.....FIVE MEN CANNOT BLOCK 8. The offensive line is next to fucking meaningless. The Browns have NO SKILLED PLAYERS. Colts win....Bengals Win Enjoy your fucking all time high NFL paid OL. Means NOTHING.
  4. Garrett Hurt Already

    Boo, thats what 99% of the people here believe. Hoorta believes you can have clumsy fatasses block their way to the SB. Flugel is just concerned with saying In (insert asshole) We Trust, and Gipper is suffering with the effects of his mother dropping him on his head. I have never seen a bigger bunch of fucktards who believe you build a team first and then just plug in a QB. The big thing with fans here is that they create imaginary bullshit.........like this one...................."The Browns snookered the rest of the NFL, we stole Kizer in the second round and now next year we won't have to use a high pick on a QB. THe fucking Browns are amazing............. NO QB is good enough for our precious #1 picks......... so what do we do? We waste them on useless cocksuckers like Joe Thomas, Corey Coleman and Two Tackle Texas, the Cowgirl wannabe with splintered ankles. Pagano is a good coach. Just watch how much better his QB does than ours. He has Luck to work with, conversely, there is NO AMOUNT of luck that will help this fucking lack-of-talent team. Beat the Colts? Exactly how the fuck is that going to happen? We have the consummate Black Tarkenton.
  5. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Lewis is way better than Hue Jackoff.
  6. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Dude............ how are the Browns going to hammer anyone? Dude, perhaps the Brown will win, but they are not in a different class than the Colts. They aren't some rebuilding team that isn't good enough to beat the playoff teams, but are almost that good, and can clobber the weak teams. The Browns are a shit team. They are one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL. hey aren't going to "hammer" anyone. Colts have the edge in QB, RB, defense and HC. Browns have very little chance at beaining anyone. I am rooting for the Colts to fuck up the Browns players. There are maybe 5 players on this shit pile worth keeping, the rest should be released, as well as the entire coaching staff and FO.
  7. Garrett Hurt Already

    Read your own words..............he WASNT in a position..........................any mother fucker COULD have been if other shit happened. Stop with the IF ONLY WE MAKE THAT PLAY bullshit. Kizer has not been in a position where he could have won a game. The last drive was not impressive. It was mostly enabled by stupid Steeler penalties. Kizer is a blowjob. He will singlehandedly give the game to the Colts.
  8. Garrett Hurt Already

    Nobody is blaming Garrett for why he is brittle. HE just is. Look, sparky; if he had a shoulder injury and a testicle injury.....Those would be unrelated injuries. THREE ankle injuries? THREE? All causing him to miss action? THREE? Unrelated? No shit? Hey, do you want to buy some magic beans?
  9. Greg is a jackoff. A man that designs a D to fit his players isn't a coach, he is a panderer; he is floundering; he is a ship with no rudder. To be successful in anything requires a plan, core beliefs, faith in the system you designed. Why don't the Browns attract the best players? Why are Browns players so soft? On defense it is because Greg WIlliams stands for nothing, other than aggression....................... like being a bounty hunter.................(Isn't it funny that Browns fans hate the "dirty" Steelers, but chant In WILLIAMS WE TRUST for a guy who participated in bounty hunting. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  10. Garrett Hurt Already

    I believed all along ( I think if I say believed instead of predicted, less people will get pissed off) that taking Kizer would be the straw that broke Hue Jackson's back. From the standpoint of being a CEO, how the hell could you pass on Trubisky....a GUARANTEED PICK, and take splinter legs and Black Tarkenton? Is Trubisky a guaranteed star? Who knows? However, drafting him would have indicated to Haslam that QB is job #1. SO whatever happened, Hue would be safe because he went for the gusto. HOWEVER.....................what Hue did was put himself in a position where if Kizer fails, it will illuminate that Hue left the Browns horribly inadequate at QB. Hue needs to go, and he WILL be fired this season. Can you imagine being 0 - 4 with the remaining 12 being pretty much non winnable games? Idiot franchise.
  11. Garrett Hurt Already

    Your post is very good and I agree with it 100%. A few things. Browns fans love to call Steel fans fair weather, and as you point out, all fans are that way to some extent. Die hard Browns fans have been at the top of the list in loyalty despite losing, but as you said, that group is dwindling. Outside the walls of this board, you know it and I know it, EVERYBODY knows it, the Browns are not viewed favorably by most fans. Regarding the QB. This has been a problem since 1999. For some reasons fans have been convinced that no QB has been good enough to draft early. SO here we sit,with shit.
  12. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    I have, absolutely, on the rare occasion that it happens. Unlike 95% of the posters here, I show up after the game to post, no matter what happens. It is the majority of the posters here that you should direct your question to, because there are many, many more examples of my being dead on and the majority here being dead wrong, than there are of me being wrong. Paxton Lynch is not a bust. He hasn't even had the opportunity to start yet. Not beating out Trevor Spermian is not an indication of anything other than Elway and company aren't ready to give him the reins. Let me ask you this.......do you consider Ernie Davis a bust? He never got to play. I haven't called Kizer a bust, because he was pure shit to begin with. He is a great physical specimen, and in that, he could prove me wrong. If he does, and I hope he does, I will be the first one to admit it. Case in point, for several sound reasons, I think the Colts will beat the Browns Sunday. If they do, this place will be a ghost town and very few will come in and say, Ghoolie was right. That phrase is so distasteful to people on this board that posters make up pretend shit, fake stats and meaningless facts to defend being wrong. "Yeah, Ghoolie was right, BUT BUT BUT..............not because of why he said. Just a small cross-sectional recap............... Rich and I guaranteed the Browns woudl regret not taking Ben. I wanted Petersen, Julio Jones, and the list goes on...the posters here assured me that these guys didn't fit our style. (LMAO, 1 - 17 style) I called for Crennell and Sewage to be fired in the first half of their first preseason game. I called Coleman a bad (waste) of a pick. FOund him to be too soft, effeminate, and physically impotent for the NFL. Behold where he is. I called Garrett a total flush of a #1 #1 pick.....and where is he right now? I called Kizer black Tarkenton, a run-first QB who is a cockeyed passer, a dimwit who holds the ball too long, and still predict that he will indeed get hurt because he is so easy to sack. I predicted the high priced OL would fare no better than last years. So far? We cant run for shit, and we lead the pack in sacks allowed. I predicted that Hue would fuck himself with a QB quagmire, unless Kizer gels fast, Hue and the FO will be exposed as having squandered a lot of premium picks and not having a single QB prospect that can be part of this "rebuild" nonsense. Hue WILL be fired, you can bet on it. When Lynch gets a verdict, THEN we can talk about him. However, for now, just like Tom Brady on the bench for Bledsoe, Young for Montana, Sipe for Phipps, there is no verdict on Lynch. You blowjobs don't get to decide what the time limit is up for calling a guy a bust. When he is released? Then we can talk. As of now, he is a viable QB prospect, and he surely is better than Kizer based on NFL wins and losses. Let's see what the talk is here after the Browns get kicked in the nuts Sunday. I will be here to rub it in, or to eat crow. I think your issue is not understanding that the reason I don't admit to being wrong, is because I seldom, if ever am. So of course there is no record of me admitting I was wrong. I am simply not wrong that often. Bet the Colts.
  13. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    The Colts will beat the Browns. They have better coaching and better players. Stats mean very little because they involve too many random variables. Make no mistake, the Colts will humiliate the Browns. This is a lock, dude. 14 - 17 point win for the Colts.