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  1. The Process Poll

    You are out of your fukcing mind. Seriously bro, what universe do you live in? No goddamned HC is going to take a demotion to OC and then stay on the team he once was HC. Why even post schidt like this? This is not something that is ever going to happen, it is not even a good idea. WTF man, your thoughts here are goofier than the Sumo thread.
  2. The Process Poll

    Fire them all. Sashi = Sashit
  3. Haslams solicited input from players

    It gets dumber and dumber. Next, they will be asking Dorothy Fuldheim for her thoughts.
  4. No kidding??????

  5. No kidding??????

    I called for Hue to be fired after 1 quarter of the 1st 2016 pre season game. He has not made one iota of a difference. He is gone. There is no way Black Uncle Fester is coming back in 2018.
  6. Analytics is horse-schidt. It is something invented to shield executives when they make bad mistakes. " The analytics showed that this was a good pick" so don't fire me. Horse-schidt.............TOTAL USELESS HORSE SCHIDT Proof? Nobody spends more on analytics than the Browns. HORSE SCHIDT invented by people who don't know WTF they are talking about.
  7. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Kizer played well. Coleman dropped a key pas while we were gaining Mo. Kessler and Hogan suck Niekro Diick. 6 games, lots of football to play.
  8. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Yes, it gets fahking frigid in those domes.
  9. Not my point. My point is, the drafting of JT was a mistake typical of the many other mistakes the Browns have made. Tim Couch, Weeden, WInslow, Garrett, Coleman, Joe Thomas............all players who did nothing to help the Browns. All players who lived in the shadows of the players other teams took AFTER them.No, Joe Thomas is not at fault....but he is an example of the stupidity of the Browns. Bigdeal, HOF..............WTF does that translate into for the Browns? NADA.
  10. I Agree with that. Badminton players don't get credit either.
  11. Mah Nikkaz................Remember, after 1 quarter of the first 2016 pre-season game I announced vehemently that this head coach was a mistake, and the FO would prove to be a total failure. The foibles, gaffs, stupidity and failures of this organization in every aspect from the draft, to play calling, to the uniforms has been a failure beyond the need to even debate this. Myles Garret, Corey Coleman, DeShone Kizer, on and on it goes. Still, as you point out, at 1 - 25, there are still people here who honestly believe that this is what a rebuild looks like. How do you even debate this kind of mindset? What is the point of it? Are these people idiots? Well, no, Nick, what they are, and I mean this respectfully, are fans; this makes them simpletons. Browns fans are unique simpletons. They actually believe that there is something special about this franchise that none of the other 31 teams and fans are even smart enough to understand....even if we explain it to them. What you have among Cleveland fans, largely, is a real-world enactment of the fable "The King Has No Clothes" . Love for the team is such that fans will fabricate make-believe analytics and viewpoints to assure themselves that we really, really, really have it together, but people just don't see yet the glory that is just moments, maybe one more draft away. When I slammed the (IDIOTIC) drafting of Joe Thomas, I was blasted. I have been blasted all along for daring to suggest that he was a waste of a pick and had no positive impact on the Browns. So............now as his light is just about out, his body used up, his team worse off than when he arrived, the Browns again will need a LT. It only takes one year to rebuild an NFL football team. Two years to go from nothing to playoffs.We see it over and over, and surely, we see the difference a great QB can make. BUT BUT BUT............................... NONE of those great players would have worked out for us, Nick.....don't you see? It is the trade down players, the 2 for one that we take who really are important. Never mind winning, touchdowns, playoffs.............you need to understand how good this 1 - 25 team really is.
  12. Dude, stop being a pussy.
  13. Dude, stop eating paint chips. Are you that much of a dullard that you cannot detect SARCASM in my calling the Sumo piecea FINE article? Good grief dude, The POINT was that I posted an IDIOT article about Sumos. Only a reotard would believe that article was ever meant to be serious. The SUMO article WAS A JOKE........................ THe point of my post is........................ I posted that article, and people here spent time actually debating that horse schidt. THE POINT IS................................... THis article about Peyton Manning............................... IS LIKEWISE HORSESCHIDT......................... Really, are you that dimwitted that this has to be explained to you?
  14. Not long ago I posted a fine piece on the value of Sumo Wrestlers as NFL linemen. To my astonishment, the thread not only got responses, but it got a TON of responses, and guys like Hoorta actually spent valuable time of their life researching for analytical data that might make a case for debate. Do you see my point here?