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  1. Ghoolie

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Machismo doesn't define whether something is a sport or not. Try your hand at figure skating and tell me if it is hard or not. Golf isn't a sport. It simply isn't. A pro who is a par shooter is going to take 72 swings per round of golf. From top to contact, let's say generously a swing takes 6 seconds to execute. That means a guy does 432 seconds of physical work to play an entire round. 7 minutes plus change. What the hell kind of sport takes 3 hours and requires 7 minutes of physical activity? Let's not be stupid. Soccer? A sport for effeminate men. A sport mostly played by homosexuals. Soccer is nothing more than Dancing With The Stars for sissy boys. How can anyone watch this schidt?
  2. Ghoolie

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    The Browns can't even win a fukcking game.
  3. Ghoolie

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    I think Jim was merely being kind and politically correct. He couldn't very well dis the kid after we drafted him. New England has lost a bunch of SB's too, so, that passing game isn't all it's cracked up to be? Look, here is what you young pups and zealots continue to miss, year after year after year. Whatever football is today..............a passing game, a running game. it always changes, always has, always will....and, great players can change the game. They always have, and always will. I can tell you this much, a human being, with talent and drive from God, will, 100% of the time, make you analytical, buzzword experts look like jackoffs. Barkley is that caliber of player. When a guy like him comes along, all the draft analysis goes out the window, and you take him. Case in point.................... If you didn't know the story, and I told you that a head coach with Jim Brown on his team, used a #1 pick to go get a Rookie FB, you would go on and on and on with analytics, and bullschidt about how you don't draft a RB when you have a great one. BUT.............you would be, as you are now, wrong.....100% wrong......... That is Exactly what Paul Brown Did. Gee Orion, if you were around back then you could have given your draft analysis bullschidt to PB and taught him something. Sorry man, it doens't fukcing matter who is own your team, when you have a chance to take Barkley.....you don't take Baker................. WHO BY THE WAY.......would have been available at 4.
  4. Ghoolie

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    What does Suck-er have to do with anything? Homosexuals actually think it is normal to consummate their "marriage" by putting their penis into the rectum of the guy they call their husband. That is popular too, but it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The NFL won't die in our lifetime nor in that of our kids. Soccer is a **Mask** sport, for fukcing morons. Idiots follow soccer. Since there are so many idiots in the world, of course, soccer will remain a big sport. HOWEVER...........the problem soccer has, in addition to the homosexual infestation, is that there are too many teams, too many divisions, and..............it is a boring game. These penis puffers aren't going to flock to sports bars like NFL fans do. Also, since it doesn't take a huge skill set to play soccer, anyone can make the soccer team. This commonality will eventually stagnate this boring non-sport. It will eventually collapse under it's own weight. Meanwhile, the NFL is indeed changing. It is not a matter of better, or worse, it is a matter of going here the money is, and not catering to the element that will support it no matter what.
  5. Ghoolie

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    I didn't want Trent Richardson. I hated that Shmucking pick. When I quoted Jim Brown as saying Trent was ordinary, you guys went ballistic. Really, you guys are fukcking jackoffs. There is no commonality between Barkley and Richardson. Nothing at all. Oh, they played the same positions? Ahhhhh... I see, so as long as you draft someone at a position, it doens't matter how well they play, all that matters is that you can come back and say.... hey, we tried a RB before it didn't work. SO then, why draft a QB? We did that before, too. Again, I am past the annual "I told you so" of all the years past. THere is no more fun watching you guys run and hide after this board is flooded with " Ghoolie Was Right Again" posts. Saying that Dosey "nailed it" before a single game is played, is just more annual browns fans arrogant, self-important BS of "we are way smarter than the rest of the teams", only to watch Big Ben, Wenz, Petersen etc etc etc help their team win while we go 1 - 31. I support Dorsey because honestly, at 0 - 8, I will be bored out of Browns town. If it were my team, I would have drafted the best player first, and taken one of the even money BIG QBs at #4. My beef with this franchise is that they purposely refrain from taking the top playmakers in the draft. We will see if Dorsey knows something I don't.
  6. Ghoolie

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    What a jackoff his Father must be. LOL. Father day present... Hey KW Sr., how do you feel about your Son's aspirations to take penis in his soldier asss? LMAO. LMAO. Applauding what has happened to this kid. LMAO................We traded UP to get him. LMAO.
  7. Ghoolie

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    Nick, I hope you are right. I have always maintained that the reason the Browns continue to suck is that they have purposely refused to participate in drafting the very top tier playmakers. Winslow, Manziel, Quinn, and we refuse Big Ben, Petersen, Wenz, and on it goes. I want this team to win, because honestly another losing season pretty much will have me bored to death. My interest is on its last leg as it is. If I am being honest, I believe the Browns completely fukced up another draft. I believe the proper draft was Barkley at #1, and whichever of the three 6"5" top QBs was left at #4. My gut tells me this is going to be another year of watching the guys we didn't take run wild. Sadly, if we do blow this again, it's time to find a new team No more "rebuilding" for me.
  8. Ghoolie

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Larry, you just never learn, do you? You and I had the very same debate circa 1996 when it was announced that the new franchise would require the purchasing of PSL's. Our friend Kathy challenged my statement that " if the NFL is smart they will stop fukcking around worrying about what the die-hard fan wants, and instead focus on what the casual fan, the more affluent, less knowledgeable but BIG MONEY fan. THe NFL was right to focus on the non die-hard then, and they are 100% CORRECTAMNUDO to continue their behavior now. Like it or not, we will support the Browns no matter how pizzed we are. As much as you claimed PSL's were an abomination and would kill the game.............you yourself bought PSLs. So too, is it today. The TRADITIONAL NF fn has dwindled, but the old model of a town supporting a team no longer applies. There are many ways to herd sheep and build new dollars for the NFL. Trust me, they will be fine. Baseball is only exceeded in boring-ness by soccer. MLB blows. They too, will have to reinent their form of entertainment.
  9. Ghoolie

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    I am staying at Mandalay Bay this week. The stadium is right next to the I-15 and in full view of the strip. I can't wait to see a game here, it is going to be very cool. Very cool indeed.
  10. Ghoolie

    Ghoolie is a Homo, this we know.

    I don't really drink to that excess. I may be smelling too many dog farts. WHo knows.?
  11. Ghoolie

    Ghoolie is a Homo, this we know.

    It has been ages since we both were hopeful. I think it is a good Omen, Larry. I pray that my summer seems endless to me, but each year, when fall comes, football in the air is still very exciting.
  12. I woke up hungry as all hell this morning and didn't really have time to eat right. I stopped at the gas station and got a small package of powdered sugar doughnuts and drank an ice water from the cooler in my car. This was enjoyable..........from there, yuck............... My day was busy, so again for convenience, I went to Sonic. Acouple chili dogs, small order of chedder peppers and a vanilla coke. EH......Ater 1 dog, gave the other....actually, to a dog I saw roaming in the parking lot. Had an orange and 2 peanut butter crackers, more ice water at 6, then went on a 4 -mile walk. Came back needing food. I popped in a Red Baron hamburger pizza (thought it was sausage when I bought it).....OMG is that schidt NASTY............ENough salt to kill a whale. Knowing what happens to a pizza when it sits on the countertop, I took the one piece I bit into, and the rest of the pizza and threw it in the trash. Christ knows I am hungry. So, I am sitting down with my pooch to watch Fear the Walking dead. I soaked about 12 mini carrots in red wine vinegar, rolled them in a really good dry rub BBQ seasoning, cut another orange and made 2 more peanut butter cracker set ups. I have for the most part got my eating under control, but Jesus, when you don't plan and are in a hurry, it is amazing the weird, nasty schidt you will eat. I bought 3 Red barron Pizzas for $10. THe one I baked and the two I didn't are in my trash. Let's hear your food nastiness.
  13. Ghoolie

    Dwight Clark passes away, 61

    What can you say about this, that we all aren't thinking? Jesus, 61? People, have a toast to life this week. I am too lazy to go Google, was he sick?
  14. I posted my positions on Hue, in the jump in the lake thread, so I am not going to double the effort, save to say that this guy's life cannot have been easy the last 2 years. I admire his grit. What a mess. I don't think many of us would have fought through it and kept our job, let alone our sanity. For whatever the reason, I have had my fill of horse-schidt. It's time to win football games. Perhaps I just finally shed off the snake-skin of having no team and watching loss and ridicule. Maybe I needed a good 19-year bowel movement to get back to my self? I really don't know WTF it is, but I know this..... Im tired of going to Vegas in the fall and not enjoying the Browns beating someone's butt I miss rubbing the reality of our rich tradition into the face of FRAKS I can still remember the looks on the faces of fellow Browns fans the very last game we played in Muni. jesus, Joseph and Mary, this has never just been about stupid butt football. Friends, family, the times of our lives..............intertwined with our Brownies. We deserve our Christmas table back. I think some in these recent times of my dear friend, Kathy Hutchins, Mom, to those of us who began this board. I attended the season opener with her, Furnier, and Eric. I got drunk with her two nights before and lamented my sorrow for not joining her for the big gala at Muni before they tore it down. I just couldn't say goodbye to the place. I have pissed a lot of you guys off over the years, and feel no remorse for it, (fukck you if you can't take it), however, it is time for this team, fan base and media to talk, breathe, eat and schidt Browns football again. The reset we wanted? We got. This, to me, is year one. Fukck all the feelings about " yeah, here we go again". That schidt is in the past. It has no bearing on this season. I hope the media and fans stay away from the sidebars and focus on energizing this team. If you don't believe that an energized fan base makes a difference to a team, to men, to competitors, then you don't understand the human condition. We are going to have the best season in a long, long time. We will win opening day. Youth, youth and spirit. his team will win early and there will be an overflow of people cheering and jumping on board. You watch......THESE..............are the good old days.
  15. Ghoolie

    Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    I believe some here are going to drop dead reading my current views. Frankly, a man who says " if I can't win, I will quit" is not a man you should respect. This is not the philosophy of a wise man, nor one destined for greatness. In my life, twice I have been a millionaire, and twice I have lost everything. At 63, when I should be looking to the Vegas Sunset, collecting SS and living off my hard work, I am once again risking everything in the launch of a new water technology company. I believe I can change the outlook of safe water for tens of millions of people. If I am successful, it will truly be an achievement of my life. If I again crash, I won't give it a second thought. THere is more to Hue Jackson than you think. He wants to win. I have come to see him in a totally different light. This man has extreme passion for the Browns, and for football. He is a fighter, and he isn't going to give any fukcker the upper hand in his life by saying " if I don't do this, I will quit". A man doesn't quit. A man doesn't even think about quitting. FIring is up to the owner. An owner doesn't need permission or a plan to fire a coach. He can fire him at any time. There is no logic for a man....for a world-beater to even think about quitting or firing. Hue is giving the Browns everything he can give them. He takes the ridicule, the losses, the press talking about his life and his job, and he keeps going forward. You think it is easy? You try it some time. Go ahead, leave the comfort of anonymity, let the world stick a microscope up your asss and see how different life is. Hue Jackson owes you and me nothing. He was hired to do everything in his power to win. From where I stand, he is a man of honor and he has risen to that obligation. He doens't spit and slobber like Cowher, but he is just as tough. In the event that Hue does not succeed, he has no shame for I am sure in his heart, he knows he gave his best. That's all a man can do, Boo. More often than not, great men fail, You can be disatisfied with 0 - 16, we all are. But there is no quit, and no dishonor in Hue Jackson. I won't again bash him. I simply won't.