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  1. Psychic Projections

  2. Seriously, even if you can't think of something of football value, just make some stupid schit up. I do it all the time and look at all the hits I get. Seriously, between the government shutdowns, airline delays, Stan breaking his leg, and all this talk about gun control, I really thought I had reached my limit of taking bad news. But then, along comes Boris Karloff Kvoethe checking into the lab to see if Igor made any new monsters, only to find a lot of the same old schit...........and wow............ it brought tears to my eyes. Please, guys, do something nice. Kvoethe is going to be checking back in, in a few days. Let's post some new horse schit for him to read through. I know you can do it. Kvoethestein......Look Look....... IT's ALIIIIIIIVE
  3. Don't check in so fukcing much. Have a sandwich, shave your wife's mustache, do some fukcing thing. Seriously, you seem like a smart guy, for Pete's sake man, occupy yourself. Try checking in every couple months. Then,, oh man, you will be able to complain about all the schidt you missed. I think this thread should be combined with my Sumo Wrestlers as Offensive Linemen. Did you see that one? Lotsa serious football talk in that baby. Go check it out. When will you be back here? Friday?
  4. It will work. I will watch more XFL than the schidt NFL, I can tell you that much.
  5. Mah Nikka, this is the logic that has the Browns as the worst team in the history of the NFL. We like players, but always, they aren't worth the price tag. Somethingis worth what the market will pay for it. If the next Peytaon Manning is available for 3 million per year, the Browns will be interested, Otherwise? We can get great QBs inthelate rounds of the draft, and not have to pay them. This has really worked well so far.
  6. Not insane at all. There is a time value to money. What is expensive today is a bargain in 3 years. The Jets recognize they need a QB, the Jets recognize if you want the best, you have to pay for it. Otherwise, you are the Cleveland Browns.
  7. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    You know Gip, who are you, Hue, me, or anyone else to say that a veteran or new draftee will be his replacement? The new guy is still going to have to compete. The last time I looked, nobody gave Kizer the starting job. Whatever the level of talent we had, Kizer beat them. How do we know that Kizer won't beat out McCarron, et. al? Here is what bothers me about this schidt pile. At QB, we aren't looking for a QB, we are looking for a savior, a miracle worker, someone to magically save the jobs of management and make the owner look respectable. If we are looking for a QB? Then Kizer is not a question mark. He is part of this team and it is in everyone's interest to make this kid all he can be. I think Hue and the Browns treated this kid like schidt. Pulling him, not giving him confidence, not giving him weapons, and giving him an unimaginative, sitting duck offense that Joe Montana couldn't succeed in. Anyone can draft talent. All these kids have talent. Developing players, that's what the Browns suck at. Kizer is a solid athlete, and a solid young man. You don't get rid of that spirit, you build on it.
  8. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    NOBODY wants to go to Cleveland.
  9. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    Here is how it is determined......................... You have 4 schidt cities, and then you have Las Vegas, new home of the Raiders. Hmmmmmm... let me see.....Cleveland or Las Vegas...................... wow.................this IS a tough one.
  10. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    I would have never drafted the kid. That said, I will repeat myself for #201, he has more upside, and greater physical skills than any QB we have, and more than likely, any QB we are considering. The kid had the Steelers dead to rights. Fumble fingers Coleman screwed the kid over. Kizer can play. Unfortunately, he mixes in enough horseschidt to sour an entire game. Decision making? He can get better. Really, is he costing so much that releasing him is a big bonus? WHo would we put in his place? Sorry, this kid has better skills than RG3. He likes his job, the players like him, he isn't making a mess off the field and reportedly he is a hard butt worker. Black Tarkenton or not, you gotta be nuts to get rid of a kid of this caliber.
  11. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    He played 3 times as many plays as the other edge defenders. Nice post though, you got me.
  12. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    Haven't you heard? He isn't just going to the HOF, he is also the new GM. Cousins would have to be out of his fukcking mind to play in Cleveland. He will have fat enough offers to cherry pick where he wants to go. WTF does he want with the burden of returning the Browns to greatness, and playing for 1- 31 black Uncle Fester?
  13. Why no meetings?

    Yeah, in your mind you WISH that was me. But more than a couple dozen people here know me in real life. I don't speak any different'y in public than I do here. I would have no problem telling Joe Thomas to his face he was a wasted pick. I imagine he would laugh and fire something right back at me, but make no mistake, online, in person, there is no man, there has never been a man who has or will cause me any fear. Pro athlete, of street goon. I simply don't give a fukck. Never did, never will.
  14. Why no meetings?

    They wouldn't dare call me. I would blast them with such a tornado of threats and profanity they would call the cops on me. However, regarding meetings............one of the characteristics of successful people is that they typically don't spend much time in meetings. Most of the hubub around combines and player meetings is mental masturbation. A reason to get drunk, and get away from one's spouse. The Browns suck. Meetings are not going to help that.