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  1. Ghoolie

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Jeez someone saod that 3 years ago.... but you guys all disagreed. WHo was that? Oh yeah............. ME. The very first voice to say Hue Blows.
  2. Ghoolie

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    AWWWWW......................... Ghoolie blues again? Like I told you at the fist possession of his first preseason game.... Hue should be fired. HOWEVER.................... I also told you the offense would be not much different. HUE.................. Hot Haley calls the Offense. Hue calls the defense. THIS IS HUE'S TEAM..... DINK AND DUMP Get your Black Tarkenton, throw the wrong rookie into the QB job. THEN................ collectively scratch your ballsack because the team still sucks. LMAO. Coordinators LMAO
  3. Laughing at you guys so much my tears have soaked by nuttsack. YOu dickheads are experts on EVERYTHING...................... Now you are experts on child custody, alimony and child support. Seriously? Why do these players need agents? Why do front offices need executives? Hell, not long ago you jackoffs were assuring me that microfracture surgery would bring KW3 back better than ever. Who needs doctors? WHo needs any professional? Just come to you jackoffs. Fahking idiots. How the hell is this woman a gold digger? Ah, did she make the ruling? You idiots, a JUDGE made that call. I am sure if a court ruled that YOU were owed $6,800 per month you would stand up and say................ " hey I want less, I only need $2400 per month, and I want the other 4, 400 to go to Josh so he can make millions. Look, dipschidts.......... Gordon is a piece of garbage. He has no moral fiber and cares for nobody but himself. He tells a lie about wanting time to get himself together and you jackoffs chastize me for calling it BULLSCHIDT........................ BUT BUT BUT...................now you find out that Ghoolie WAS RIGHT....................... IT WAS ALL BULLSCHIDT................... AWWWWWWWW............ poor Josh...... he deserves our support.... he is getting it back together and we MUST support him................... B U L L S C H I D T..................................................... PURE BULLSCHIDT. Josh Gordon is all about himself. He is the consummate Browns player. Lackadaisical, soft, and always blaming someone else....................carry on morons........... post more about how I am intolerant and how I don't understand a person who is "really, really trying hard". If the guy was a man, he would face his obligation and he would have been at camp. Gordon is a ghetto scum.
  4. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    McGarrett? Dude, he is a homosexual who is playing intermittently so he can get the hell out of Cleveland. I would put the odds at 50/50 that he has another ankle injury before opening day. He blows. Big, strong, fast Absolutely. However, he has the killer instinct of David Hogg. Honestly, he's a soft player. A homo.
  5. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Vag..... Jim Brown is the only NFL player to my knowledge that had formal rape charges filed against him. He held another woman by her ankles and dropped her off his second floor apartment. He was charged with some form of second-degree manslaughter or some such charge. He beat the living schidt out of more than one woman................ BUT BUT BUT..............Zomblow will yank your post is you bring this up. Roethlisberger is a winner. Everyone does stupid things, it is a part of being young. Also, he was never accused of rape, charges were never filed against him. A woman made allegations. Should the Steelers beat the Browns opening day, and they should be 6 point favorites to do so, hate for Ben will explode. The Browns still lack discipline. You can see on Hard Knocks that they are a lazy, unattentive, soft bunch of idiots. Perhaps some of the new talent will finally spur a Steeler-like work ethic and intensity. If not, 3/13 will be about it.
  6. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    mjp you are obviously a simple person. I imagine you haven't ever been passionate about much, started/ran a company, or excelled in much other than being a fan. Professional athletes are not like average people. An average thinking person doesn't rise to great things; doesn't take many risks in life; and generally does not reach that high in life. Leader, people who excell in life, and for the sake of this discussion, athletes do only one thing. They know only one thing, the eat, schidt and dream of only one thing. Ben has done nothing but football his entire life. A gladiator, a warrior, an athlete plays until nobody wants them or until their heart and body can take no more. As crippled as Kosar is, in his last interview he said he wishes he was still the QB of the Browns. Being in the limelight is not like living in the suburbs and having a nice life. Of course you think Ben has earned enough money. But you are not the caliber of achiever as Ben, so of course you can't indentify. Really, if you even have to ask this question, you are a bigger fukcking idiot than I assumed you were. The sports world is filled with examples of players, boxers, wrestlers, etc, who went out of the game in shambles. Dude.................a warrior only knows one love..............when the game is over, why do you think the majority of athletes vanish into horrible endings and obscurity? Idiot.
  7. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    One of the best QBs of my lifetime. One tough sonofabitch. And an Ohio boy, to boot. How can you not love this guy?
  8. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Agreed. He has been fahking the Browns his entire career. He has more wins than EVERY BROWNS QB who has played during his career He is 22-2 Versus the Browns Ben Roethlisberger has been raping the Browns for 12 years. Ben also gets to laugh at Kellen Winslow II being drafted ahead of him.
  9. Ghoolie

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Yeah, Haley is to busy kneeling and kissing Hue's backside. Dude, he hit is head on the ground.
  10. Ghoolie

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I have been telling you guys for DECADES................. Coordinators are COFFEE FETCHERS and nothing more. Coffee Fetchers. Hoorta and Flugels would have you believe it is the COORDINATOR and not the Head Coach who runs the team. Not long ago Flugel went on and on about how Savage and Crennell were the genius behind their respective teams..............THEY WERE COFFEE FETCHERS............... If you don't think Haley publicly kneeling down and kissing Hue Jacksons asss.........validates what I have been saying all along, then you are blinded by your hate. I picked up on this IMMEDIATELY........... I ear marked it as THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT part of this episode. Was it? You tell me? Haley makes a press conference to kiss Hue's asss and announce that he is Hue's bihtch. Will the OC bring some of his own ideas? Of course he will. BUT BUT BUT.................. which ideas are accepted and when those ideas are used???? ALL HUE JACKSON. You know, I often forget that most of you guys probably never even had an office, maybe not even a desk. Hell, some of you probably never even had a job. But just listen to Ghoolie and you will learn about life. The QB is the most important player on the field (thats why they get the biggest paydays, and have rules made to protect them), the HC is, and always will be the most important, and powerful position on a football team. Hue is #1 with Haslam..................If Haslam announcing that Hue doesn't report to Dorsey didn't convince you, Haley bowing down after making a foible, surely does. Life's lesson? Coordinators fetch coffe, and make public asss kissing statements.
  11. Ghoolie

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I still don't think Hue is a good head coach, but he is a good man. He just doesn't seem to have the kind of edge these lazy kids need to play hard. Maybe some of the playmakers will inspire that spirit. Preseason doesn't tell a lot, but one thing nobody can deny, Baker has a very, very quick release, and seemingly a radar-like scan of the field. Ghoolie like him originally, but then went off for one of the tall guys, but so far, it looks like for the first time since 1998, we made the right #1 pick. I still think Garrett is a homosexual, sissy-boy, penis kissing fairy. Don't think he has any instinct other than to survive and leave Cleveland. He is, a Bengal Tiger with no teeth. Perhaps Josh Gordon's return will spark some added energy in the players? Sorry, but the majority of them just seem to be going through the motions.
  12. Ghoolie

    Paxton Lynch

    One cannot categorize any human being based on measurable analytical data. Django Reinhardt played Jazz with a deformed right hand that I promise you a paper-weight players like Clapton, B.B. King and Beck couldn't play if they spent their entire lives trying. Maybe someone should tell this young man that it is impossible to play the piano without hands? Paxton Lynch could be any height and he would not likely ever be starting QB material. Nonetheless, I like the man, Paxton Lynch. I root for him and will do so until his run at the NFL is done. That said, at least 2 NFL teams thought enough of him to bring him on board. Most of you on this board, frankly are simpletons. I think the majority of you couldn't muster an original thought without someone in print or digital media telling you what to think first. The collective life wisdom of people on this board is not much higher than a frozen turd. Let me teach you something. Statistics and analytics are post-mortem data. In other words, they are accumulated AFTER the fact. Other than predicting the obvious, they are food for fools. Sure, the analytical that tells us that the probability of a man 5' 8" cannot play DE in the NFL is a statistic of common sense. Talking about the "sweet-spot" of NFL QB height is also a crock of meaningless schidt. Idiots (like you) take a look a the average height on NFL QBs and think that you now have an analytic that will help you pick the right QB. IDIOTS... YOU ARE Fahking idiots.......................... Proof????????????????????? You say the sweet spot of NFL QBs is 6' 2" - 6" 5"????? REALLY? Well, let me shove your statistic up your asss. The sweet spot of college QBs who do not make it in the NFL............. is ALSO....................... 6"2 - 6" 5".........................In fact, I would be surprised to find out that the failure rate for QBs in the 6'2 - 6" 5 height range, is HIGHER than that for those in the 5' 11" - 6" 1" range. Sorry, dickheads, a man cannot be judged, analyzed or evaluated based on some idiotic set of arithmetic equations schemed up by a boneheaded 2.1 GPA moron of a coach or sports enthusiast. Lynch blows because he doesn't have the vision, rhythm, feel, touch, sense, and nack for the game. His analytics blow those of Kosar away. His performance however, can't compare. Analytics don't just blow, people who actually think they are valid? THATS WHO REALLY BLOWS.
  13. Ghoolie

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I am THE most accurate expert. Corey Coleman. The conversation Larry is not about your horseshidt effort to save face by pointing out that Hue allowed a few plays. HUE is the BOSS............... COORDINATORs ARE COFFEe fetcherS........... I said this all along. I said if you think Hue is going to defer his throne to two jackoff coffee fetchers, then you are an idiot.
  14. Ghoolie

    Honest thoughts

    Actually, Eric Zier had a better first game showing. NIce try.
  15. Ghoolie

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    The one thing that stands out the MOST........... of this................ is how much of a control freak Hue Jackson is. For you Walter Mitty jackoffs that believe Hue has turned the offense and defense completely over to coordinators................you have learned what Ghoolie trued to teach you. COORDINATORS ARE COFFEE FETCHERS. They serve at the pleasure of the HC. During the segment I just watched, the OC asked Hue if he could have the guys who were not playing on a given day not to dress...............Hue literally bitch slapped the guy and told him NO. When the guy tried to have a second go at it, Hue replied - " I learned that when you are HC it is YOUR SHOW to run. This is MY show, sorry to be so direct, but It IS my show and I am going to run it my way. LMAO, you jackoffs think the OC runs the offfense? The fahking guy can't even win a wardrobe request. LMAO. The offense? It is created by Hue Jackson. The OC gets to design what HUE tells him. Same with the D. So enough of this bullschidt about how important coordinators are. They are nothing more than corporals, coffee fetchers. They don't dictate policy. They don't have a design ownership in the team. The take the HC's recipe and bake what he tells them to bake THAT is how it rolls. Now STFU with your idiotic hero worship of coordinators.