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  1. Ghoolie

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    Thanks for not reading me. Carry on! I really do own this place, don't I?
  2. Ghoolie

    Hue's Presser

    I said from day 1, Haley is a dink and dump.fizzle. So is Hue. Perfect.storm but Haley is the scapegoat. Hue is the HC through 2019
  3. Ghoolie

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    Hoorta, I am happy to play fair, as long as you do. I didn t even know I was banned the last time. However, bro, stick to your rules.for EVERYONE. Be fair. I come.back after 3 days not posting, and my name is plastered over multiple threads and posts. Bro, dont you get tired of reading posts from guys like Dutch Oven, Mark and Mjp who quote me and then announce that they never read me? Come on dude, if you want to clean up the board then throw your helmet-to-helmet flag REGARDLESS pf who lowers their helmet. Be fair, then you won't.have a Ghoolie headache. Be fair bro, just be fair.
  4. Ghoolie

    Survey Tuesday

    You and hoorta need to get a life. Grow up already. Fans are fans. People are people. What you SHOULD be concerned with is why nobody every gives a schidt about browns fans because the team, since 1999 has been the worst team in the history of the NFL. I have been a RedSox fan as long as I can remember pro ports.
  5. Ghoolie

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    No, I am basing my opinion on Marty's entire career as a choker.
  6. Ghoolie

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    Not to burst your bubble of enthusiasm, but your premise is not based in reality. The teams is in the EXACT same place as it was last year. Last Place. Your post is filled with euphemisms and useless rhetoric. The offense is finding its identity? The defense is the foundation? The team has competed every week? The QB is a competitor? C'mon man, this is pure bullschidt. Excuses, and fabrications to once again explain why you cannot judge the Browns by the W-L columns. Here is what I see. The Browns have no WR''s, they are lacking depth at RB, and Williams D can't stop a wall clock that isn't plugged in. Hue has created internal coaching turmoil by throwing Haley under the Bus. Add to that the Browns will most likely lose the next 2 games and go to 2--6-1. The final insult to injury is that Hue Jackson is not going to be fired any time soon. Sorry man, your optimism does not seem to be based in reality.
  7. I have no argument with this. Godell is a piece of schidt. His lack of spine and moral compass has greatly diminished the league. He has allowed thug culture to prevail.
  8. Ghoolie

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    He certainly has Marty's lack of discipline and back-breaking penalty part nailed down.
  9. While I believe Browns fans are the worst at blaming their woes on the refs, the hit on Mayfield was a violation, in every aspect of the rule. It is disgusting, NOT idiotic, it is disgusting on many fronts. I am sick to the point of vomiting when I see how many of their fahking thugs lower their heads to tackle. I watched some show on HBO SPorts about the Monsters of the Midway, Butkus, Eller, White, Green, Greer, Lambert and Ham......NONE of them lowered their head in making tackles. When the fauchk did this disgusting bastardization of football start? How is it that so many of these scumtards lower their heads knowing it is illegal, and seeing the spinal injuries it causes? The no-call on Baker was despicable. The refs confused incidental head-to-head that is allowed when a QB becomes a runner, then the purposeful lowering of the head. Frankly, in my humble opinion, the first violation of a hit with lower head should be given a 4-week suspension with no pay. The second violation gets a year suspension with no pay. The third violation gets expulsion from the league.You can be sure if Brady got hit like that, the refs would have been all over it. Sad. It is sad what these azzhole refs have done to the game.
  10. Shula? Shula over Paul Brown? LMMFAO.
  11. Ghoolie

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Memphis is a murder capital of the world, Gip. It is a place where animals are abused ( Jut this week a puppy put in a hot grill, another one shot and had its legs broken. Blacks shooting each other, stealing anything that isn't bolted down, and breaking everything else. A colleague of mine, President of the Memphis Chamber just last week murdered in the high rent district of downtown after a fundraiser for the poor. Trust me, Memphis is an ungodly shithole.
  12. Ghoolie

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    And this has what to do with the football game? Tampa is not the shithole Memphis is, but I agree, it is a shithole.
  13. Ghoolie

    What Are Your Top 5 All-time Novels?

    The Bible Morrison and Boyd's Organic Chemistry Fundamentals of Physics (Hadley, Resnick and Walker) Make Money With Your Studio, Tom Volinchak - Hal Leonard Fart Proudly - Benjamin Franklin
  14. Ghoolie

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Debt shortens our lives by 20 years and sucks the fun out of life. And for what? A place to park our cars, take a schidt, watch TV and eat. Cathy and i have 5 bedrooms, 4 crappers, three attics. We own the place, but it is still a pain in the assz. It is said that a house is the best investment a man will ever make. I say, bullschidt, The best thing to spend money on are things that make us happy and allow us to have fun. Otherwise, what the hell is the point to life (Save the spiritual things)
  15. Ghoolie

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Great. You guys can talk about me all day. Carry on!