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    Coming to the Panther game this Sunday

    I’ve got a group of 11 coming up from the Charlotte area. We are staying at the Westin near the Stadium. Most of us will be in Browns gear but my son (11) and my sister will be cheering for the Panthers. I’d love to meet up with some of you before the game.
  2. Banshe5

    Charlotte December 21 vs Panthers

    Unfortunately I am serious. It was quite funny. We were in the very last row in the upper deck. No way in hell would the camera ever catch him on TV. I looked at the "security guard" and asked him if he was serious. He said "yep", I replied with "no wonder Charlotte isn't known as a football city".
  3. Banshe5

    Charlotte December 21 vs Panthers

    Thank you, please do. It's fairly crowded for tailgating but it can be done. My brother in law owns his own catering business and he will be coming as well albeit he is a Panthers fan. Just be prepared my youngest son Preston is 6 years old and he's a shit talker. He likes to go round and round with me. As soon as I said they were playing this year he started talking shit. He plays PeeWee football for Boger City. The choice was the Panthers or the damn Steelers. So he's a Boger City Panther. Last year was his first year playing at 5 years old and he started on both sides of the ball. We went to the Panthers/49ers playoff game this post season and he took off his shirt so the damn "security" made him put it back on. Not quite the same as being in Cleveland.
  4. Banshe5

    Charlotte December 21 vs Panthers

    If love to meet up with some of you for the game. Hopefully we will have something to be cheering for. I live just outside of Charlotte but my business is only about 5 minutes from the Stadium. I have a small group that would love to tailgate before hand. It's always fun because the Panthers are my second team. My 6 year old is a diehard Panthers fan but my 13 year old is a Browns fan. I've been to every Panthers/Browns game. Even went to Cleveland in 99 to watch the game. It would be great if we got up.
  5. Banshe5

    Browns Fan in Charlotte

    Good morning everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jay and have been a Browns fan since I was old enough to watch football. I'm 35 years old. I've been lurking on this board for a few years and appreciate the information. We don't get to hear much about our beloved Browns down here in NC. I look forward to the conversations.