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    My house has covid...

    Me, the wife and the in laws I have the mild no taste or smell version with a sinus thing Wife has cough and worse sinus thing Inlaws have bad coughs and Father in law has aches and weakness. County health nurse called today with results and to do tracking. My inlaws live with us due to health issues...Mil has copd and colon cancer...Fil has lung and stomach cancer...in their 70s. So far they seem ok...we have a pulse oximeter and we check all of us regularly. My inlaws are travelers...always going to their favorite restaurant for 2 meals a day..we tried to stop em but they think its safe and just get pissed off when we say anything. Wife and I were extra cautious and well they brought it home to us.
  2. The one corona testing center...if you make an appointment and dont show..you get a positive test.
  3. Kvoethe

    China Seeds

    Investigated and proved to be meaningless..some kind of reviewing scam...just mostly veggie seeds...unless they are proprietary gene modded...then they can take over farms like Monsanto does.
  4. There are some on the other side of the aisle...I dont trust any of em
  5. Kvoethe

    Gold as an Indicator

    Ive been sitting on 75lbs of silver quarters...might be a good time to sell for melt value. Yes I have picked thru all of them for collectibles and quality coins. These are all circulated coins.
  6. https://www.outkick.com/lebron-mookie-and-mlb-promote-divisive-corporate-approved-blm-lifestyle/ Should be required reading!! You can’t spell BLM without MLB, and so it makes perfect sense that Major League Baseball returned Thursday evening on its knee, placating the Black Lives Matter mob with headpats, bellyrubs, butter biscuits and other pet treats. The Yankees and Nationals took batting practice in BLM T-shirts. They kneeled and bowed their heads before the national anthem, then rose to their feet for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner. MLB carved BLM into the back of the pitcher’s mound. In Boston, the Red Sox unveiled a 250-foot BLM billboard at Fenway Park. In the nightcap, Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts, one of the richest athletes in sports, kneeled during the playing of the anthem. I found the whole thing sad, embarrassing and patronizing. It crystalizes America’s pervasive lack of substance. Imagine Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey signing Jackie Robinson to be a mascot rather than second baseman. That’s what BLM is at this point. Corporate America’s lovable mascot, a decorative symbol to be bought and plastered on a field to ward off accusations of systemic racism. When fans return to the ballpark, commemorative “I’m Not Racist” T-shirts, ball caps and jerseys will be available to the public for just $29.99. We used to fight for opportunity, a chance to compete at the highest level athletically, academically and financially. Now we’re fighting for public pandering and payoffs to charities that fight social injustice with highly-compensated speaking engagements. It’s insulting. Are we really that cheap, that clueless? Have we come so far that there’s so little to do that symbolic gestures and eight-figure checks to the National Rainbow Action Network For The Advancement Of Media People are all that’s left to do? The gestures don’t fight discrimination. And they won’t prevent the next batch of riots. In fact, all the pandering guarantees another wave of riots. The rioters have been rewarded. The bigots painting with broad brushes, the ones vilifying all police and all white people, watched Thursday’s Ice Justice Challenge and felt emboldened. They’ll wait for the mainstream media and celebrity influencers to reveal the next piece of viral video intended to trigger their emotions. Meanwhile, LeBron James and his Orlando-bubbled NBA cohorts plan to keep the emotional pot simmering with constant references to Breonna Taylor, the Louisville woman caught in a hail of police gunfire during a failed drug bust. Stirring outrage is the side-hustle of professional athletes. Someone might want to inform Mookie Betts that taking a knee has lost its outrage-ability. The Ice Knee Challenge is as mainstream as mom, baseball and apple pie. Major corporations finance it. White kids from the suburbs do it. Roger Goodell endorses it. There’s no risk in taking a knee, especially when you’ve signed a 12-year, $365 million contract. The kneelers aren’t mimicking John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the ‘68 Olympics. The courageous black professional athlete will be the one bold enough to point out the fraudulence of the movement. Kneeling is a fad that went pop, crossed over and is the preferred gesture of people disconnected from “the culture.” Someone needs to send Mookie the memo circulating throughout the NBA. Talk Breonna Taylor. That’s the new gesture. Thursday, following a scrimmage against the Mavericks, LeBron James opened his press conference calling attention to Taylor’s death. “First of all, I want to continue to shed light on justice for Breonna Taylor and to her family and everything that’s going on with that situation,” James said. “We want the cops arrested who committed that crime.” Taylor’s death was tragic. Three police officers executed a no-knock search warrant on her apartment. Taylor’s boyfriend acknowledged firing the first gunshot and injuring a police officer. The police responded, firing 22 shots. Eight of those gunshots hit Taylor. Because Taylor’s boyfriend fired first, there’s zero chance of convicting the officers involved in the shooting. Johnnie Cochran’s corpse could raise reasonable doubt in the case. An arrest and trial would waste Kentucky taxpayer money, and the subsequent not-guilty verdict would spark a second wave of costly and potentially deadly riots in Louisville. James is grandstanding. He’s keeping the racial animus warm until the next Cops Gone Wild video. That’s the purpose of Black Lives Matter — racial animus. We know the movement cares nothing about the thousands of black lives lost to non-white perpetrators. BLM’s mission is to provoke racial tension. “When you’re black, (BLM) is not a movement,” James said. “It’s a lifestyle.” Wow. James is frighteningly lost in secular values. He represents a generation of young black people detached completely from religious faith. Christianity is a lifestyle. Islam is a lifestyle. Judaism. Buddhism. Hinduism. Confucianism. Black Lives Matter is a political offshoot of Marxism with the goal of disrupting the nuclear family. LeBron James is the head of a nuclear family and has tremendous influence over young people. Repair of the black family structure should be the top priority for anyone with a legitimate concern for the welfare and future of black American lives. Yeah, LeBron James needs to shut up and dribble. He’s clueless. He’s a tall basketball player masquerading as a thought leader and moral compass. Shrink James to 5-foot-9 and no one would take his social and political commentary seriously. A healthy lifestyle does not consist of promoting racial animus and second-guessing white police officers. James’ framing of BLM as a lifestyle is as rational as his assertion several years ago that unseen spray paint on his mansion gate made him feel like Emmett Till’s mother. LeBron, Mookie, Colin Kaepernick, Malcolm Jenkins and all the other professional athletes side-hustling racial animosity for social media traction are diminishing sports’ role in American society. They’re diminishing the reputation of athletes. They’re branding themselves as spoiled, entitled and irresponsible opportunists. They’re no different from the corporations that rub their bellies, pat their heads and feed them butter biscuits.
  7. If you ever watch the show...the clientele celebrates as they are arrested...wooooo Im on Live PD...hey Sticks...you out there man?? Woohoo on Live PD!!
  8. Its a shame that the sports I love to watch since I was a kid now blast me with liberal white guilt and black whining before every game. NFL is my favorite..I havent given up hope yet. But time will tell..even regular TV is getting obnoxious. Looks like hockey is safe as the last bastion of sanity in sports...
  9. A word for voter suppression or a word worse than stupid?
  10. https://disrn.com/news/rutgers-english-department-to-deemphasize-traditional-grammar-to-stand-with-the-black-lives-matter-movement
  11. Kvoethe

    Well...there goes english...

    Liberals basically saying people of color cant learn advanced speech.
  12. I agree...trades are gold mines if you dont mind a little dirt on your hands.
  13. Besides Trump winning in a landslide..
  14. All sniping aside...honestly...has BLM done anything positive??? No one can provide one positive. All they can do is say your racist and try to shout you down.
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    NBA to require masks

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    Washington Redskins

  17. Kvoethe

    Washington Redskins

    https://dailysnark.com/apparently-the-washington-redskins-are-about-to-be-in-some-deep-deep-sht/ Redskins in trouble...maybe foreskins would have been a better name..
  18. Some dumbocrat will extend it till november to get voted
  19. Kvoethe

    Christianity is under seige in America

    Mega preachers and churches ruin everything just like extreme politicians. All the small churches dont do that. They learn how to live a more christian life with love and happiness. They arent selling flowers in airports or in your tv telling you to send money.
  20. Kvoethe

    Christianity is under seige in America

    Relax roboslit, please enlighten me to when christians are jamming religion down your throat. Is it the holidays? Couple of sunday morning shows?