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  1. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Wow two weeks to wait for that performance? Did they even practice?
  2. I wouldnt use Papa Johns as a car mat. That stuff is terrible
  3. What a 6th Grader Thinks About The Browns

    Excellent penmanship for that kid!!
  4. New name for ghoolie!!

    Ive been thinking how much ghoolie predicts doom and gloom all the time. he shall be known henceforth as: Nostradumbass! A true friend of the Browns Dilly Dilly!
  5. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    Wentz, goff and mariotta Fa la la lala la la la la when we drafted, shoulda got one fa la lala la la la la now we sit at the bottom fa la lala la la la la sung to some christmas tune..
  6. So this is it??

    We need a good OC. Nothing more... nothing less. He can come up with a gameplan that will cater to our talent and we can win some games
  7. So this is it??

    http://www.physics-astronomy.com/2017/04/hubble-just-spotted-something-massive.html?m=1#.Wfy8EGgpCaP thats for ghoolie
  8. So this is it??

    Same old rehashed comments over and over. Booooooring yeah we get it... we arent good. Move on.... nothing to see here.
  9. Why is this board Censored now?

    What happened to my rick roll? Guess the no fun league is spreading lol
  10. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    Sucks for him and the league.. in a few months the media will have you convinced this is the best QB draft class in 20 years so no worries!! We are a lock!! For what? I have no idea.
  11. AJ McCarron

    Im just glad they botched it!!!!
  12. AJ McCarron

    Rumor is we traded a 2nd to cincy for mccaron but we were so busy celebrating we forgot to notify the NFL and we missed the deadline... heard on radio... hopefully a joke
  13. Can we please stop turning on every new coach...

    We are two years into the process... give em a chance. besides... all things aside... its fun to guess what the next screw up in the redzone is going to be.
  14. QBs the Browns could have picked

    Wheres the beating a dead horse picture?
  15. Bring in martavias bryant

    If the nfl removes weed restriction we could have a helluva team...