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  1. Kvoethe

    Browns Tree Topper

  2. Kvoethe

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

    Should have kept williams. Team wouldnt be so goddamned undisciplined and we would have 3 more wins this year and helmet smasher still on the field
  3. Low hanging fruit. Move it along
  4. Kvoethe

    On to the 2020 Season

    Just Pay Schobert!! Lol
  5. You have achieved quotes out of context...and I have a stalker...wooo!!
  6. Kvoethe

    On to the 2020 Season

    Start with dumping freddie before Baker ands up like tim couch.
  7. Pittsburgh media all over the shirt this morning...they are rubbing one out to how they rose up and beat a talented team...they are slobbing the tomlin knob with talk of coach of the year...how he is able to keep winning with scraps of a team. Freddie must go back to the farm.
  8. Kvoethe

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    The fact that we have a loaded offense...and we went against a depleted horrible steeler squad and lost and looked like floundering children shows freddie is Not the coach for the browns. Embarrassing imho...
  9. Kvoethe

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Myles wasnt saving this shitty effort...we are bad. Just bad.
  10. All I can hear you saying is..."get off my lawn" relax fuddy duddy...get with the times 😜
  11. Yeah...who wants to have a laugh about a game? He should be fined and suspended for having a sense of humor
  12. Its a Joke..not a dick...dont take it so hard. Wow..the justice police is out in force...leave your dark humor at the door. You see ..yeah..i teach kids..but I am also an adult and I make adult jokes...sometimes they are hilariously cringworthy. I live by the motto...just because you make light of something doesnt mean you take it lighly. I see some of the stuff spewed around here and I am amazed at the hypocracy. Sit down and let the big kids have a few laughs. Does the fake outrage make you feel better? Why arent you walking the streets of chicago where they kill and shoot hundreds of young black men a year?? Please back off my jokes. I am amazed how easily you guys are triggered.
  13. Well...he should be used to getting cut...
  14. Kvoethe

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Now I know why your poetic G. Have a wonderful day as well!!