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  1. Kvoethe

    1 wr choice gone

    Obj cant be happy in NY
  2. Baker will end up damaged...he is already taking too many hits. And his ankle is dinged. Its wash rinse repeat of every other qb we have had the last 10 years
  3. Kvoethe

    Hue's Presser

  4. And the ref saying it was ok to hit him in the head??? JFC...i cant watch this moronic NFL amymore.
  5. Kvoethe

    Fire Hue now!

    Cant wait for hue to bring the innovative play calling to the offense!!! Booyah!!
  6. Kvoethe

    Another record with the browns tag

    Also maybe the record for games where we had won the turnover battle by 3 and still lose.
  7. Longest fg ever in overtime!! One for the books!!
  8. Kvoethe

    It’s still not enough

    Get ghoolie to chip in for the other half.
  9. Kvoethe

    Hyde traded

    This has a moneyball feel. The manager wont play the pitcher ar first base....so he trades the first baseman to force him to.
  10. Kvoethe

    Hyde traded

    Bring back cajuste
  11. Hes gonna get the work now...adios carlos
  12. Kvoethe

    Hyde traded

    Just heard on radio
  13. Kvoethe

    A Case For Hue

    Lets win 8 games first. 😎
  14. Kvoethe

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    We should be old school pounding the rock till they stack the box and throw a bit.
  15. Im down near columbiana...guide shows squeelers vs cincy... Grrrr