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  1. Bradley Chubb #1

    We need to draft him on name alone just the commentary alone. ”chubb really got penetration”
  2. The Kobayashi Maru

    Dude get yourself a firestick with kodi on it and watch the new series the day after it come out in HD
  3. Well unless they come back... they will be at home next week right with us. Jax isnt quitting.
  4. Dorsey Hired

    Dorsey says anything less than a division title next year is a disappointment. ok... so we have that going for us. He also said when we die... we will achieve eternal conciousness.
  5. Belief that Dorsey will bring in his own HC

    Another nfl landmark achieved by hapless browns
  6. Dorsey Hired

    As I stated in other thread. I would have liked to see where sashis moneyball took us. hue needs an OC
  7. Sashi fired

    Rooney Rule Violation!!!! #BLM
  8. Sashi fired

    Dunno if its been said... out lack of patience is disturbing i would have liked to see where moneyball took us. the draft maneuvering... stickpiled picks... cap space. It had potential to be epic if it went to conclusion. hue needs a coordinator...sashi should have stayed. Imho. Jimmy is the problem.
  9. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2746677-cleveland-browns-fan-secures-permit-for-0-16-parade-around-firstenergy-stadium well done!! ill be there!!
  10. Your math sucks because no way the browns are worth close to 1 billion. Jimmah overpaid. He could get 50 percent stake for 200 million
  11. Latest rumor I heard about Manning is that he is buying an ownership stake in the Browns.
  12. ***Official Browns @ Bengals Game Day Thread***

    My friends kids went up to the game.... bought tickets at the gate.... 6 dollars... wow. Six bucks. peyton rumor I heard latest was he is buying a ownership stake in the Browns
  13. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    If coach was white the liberals would be out with pitchforks at the toy reference... relax man it was just a joke. But in america you cant make jokes
  14. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Lol i hope you were kidding whe you said actual news