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  1. Kvoethe

    Race of Capitol attacker? Think MSM will report it?

    Cnn trucks peeling out in 3..2...1
  2. Kvoethe

    I can't support this

    If its gender reassignment..you are right. I was thinking general medicine. No way they should do that until the kid is 21 and they can decide for themselves. My bad
  3. Kvoethe

    I can't support this

    First off....gay isnt a disease, a color, race or creed. Any doctor that refuses treatment should lose their license.
  4. Kvoethe


    Today Biden went to talk about guns...and forgot lol
  5. Kvoethe

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    Join me in my new organization!! H.E.L.M Happy ending lives matter!!
  6. Earth is the third rock from the sun... So isn't every country a 3rd world country?
  7. Kvoethe

    Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

    Asians dont call the cops..they are easy marks to prey upon.
  8. Kvoethe

    Monopoly community chest getting woke

    “You live in CA and just been arrested! Go to jail, go directly to jail. Count to five, and go to Boardwalk, collect $200
  9. https://nypost.com/2021/03/19/monopoly-scraps-outdated-community-chest-cards-to-get-woke/ As long as its not political crap..I have no problem updating it. Could seriously be funny..
  10. Telling me to buy gold first...gives me credibility issues
  11. Kvoethe

    Skewed report?

    A Texas A&M-led survey found that more than 31% of 5,009 Americans queried between May 28 and June 8 of last year did not intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
  12. Kvoethe

    Skewed report?

    Article almost a year old...fwiw.
  13. Kvoethe

    Who has had the vaccine?

    Got my second moderna a week ago...no issues...some coworkers had high temps and flu like symptoms
  14. I saw the AZ vaccine was causing strokes...some countries quit using it. I got the moderna injections...felt like a tetanus shot for a few days
  15. Mining rare earths is hard on the environment...China doesnt much care about environment. Although termed rare earth elements...not really rare at all. They just dont make ores like the other metals. I think the USA has one mine for these elements.