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  1. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    I think we draft Antonio Callaway. he seems like a perfect Hue project that should be picked at 4. 1st round talent fo sho!! marijuana schmariwanna... draft that talent!! No red flags here!!
  2. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Ghoolie is the board herpes. Keeps flaring up now and then and its the same painful rash. with his age... maybe he is shingles.
  3. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    Terrell owens 2.0. Stay away unless really cheap.
  4. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    Hopefully Jimmah got enough egg on his face that he never steps in the warroom again after the manziel debacle.
  5. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Its been a helluva off season
  6. Hue Jackson

    The whole twitterverse is like huh??
  7. Hue Jackson

    Hue jackson on Baker Mayfield ” I feel like hes the pied piper of oklahoma football. When he walked into the building, he made this sound- kind of went hee hee & all the players in the bldg started going hee hee and here we go. Most unbelievable thing ive ever seen” Wtf Hue? this scares me
  8. Jets sign Pryor, rebuilding 2016 Browns

    Jets didnt get the memo They keep signing our stars from the 1-15 season...
  9. Jets sign Pryor, rebuilding 2016 Browns

    I wont miss him. Who was the guy who coined the phrase “ teddy twatwater”
  10. Baker Mayfield

    Evidently you cant use kocky and it changes it to socky lol
  11. Baker Mayfield

    Socky = Socky lol. Edit function not working
  12. Baker Mayfield

    I bow to the superior knowledge... i still dont like mayfield. It could just be manziel carryover. I know you need to be Kocky to play QB. He may be awesome...
  13. Baker Mayfield

    Mayfield... Manziel 2.0 get Barkley and Chubb Or barkley and one of the other qbs. Barkley is a must... he is the next generation of backs that can catch out of the backfield... with Haley at OC the things we could do..
  14. Barkley at #1?

    I think tie rod is good enough... barkley is such a generational talent... i honestly will be happy as long as we dont blow it.