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  1. Kvoethe


    All i know is duck looked less like a rookie than baker does last night
  2. And we can start saying...kitchens is not ready to be HC. ...Ward's name is only known by the medical staff. We have all-star under achievers... Kitchens pressers sound remarkably like the Farm Report on WQED at 5am on a saturday
  3. Kvoethe

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    You guys know waaaay more about his history and tendencies from college. From this year to last year everything looks forced. We dont run the ball enough... We turnover the ball too damn much... Baker needs to stfu and focus and get better. We need ward and greedy back. Remember the Ward article about his dad telling him to make sure they learn your name...well the only people who have learned it are the nurses at city hospital. We are a team of superior talented under achievers... Kitchens sucks...I cant tell if its a press conference or a Farm and field report on Wqed. Get a clue...run the effin ball in the redzone. /rant off
  4. Kvoethe

    Are any of you having log in problems???

    I am having problems with getting the courage to log in here considering how bad we suck
  5. Damn...im pissed but not this pissed...drinking problem...lol
  6. Kvoethe

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    For the umpteenth time...more play action...less shotgun
  7. Here's what you can do with your opinion https://imgur.com/gallery/vliH1Sl Hahahah..just kidding
  8. Fix is in...vegas got hammered a while back...giants either win or they cover with the points. Im watching forged in fire and other shit on my dvr...I only watch Browns.
  9. Turns out sherman is rolling back his snub bs after video shows baker shaking hands with him. Dumbass
  10. Kvoethe

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    No...williams as HC...freddie as OC...freddie cant do both. Hes morphing into Baker Manziel
  11. Kvoethe


    Bosa's comments after the game...wow...in bakers head. Brutal.
  12. Kvoethe

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    All these weapons..and a coach who doesnt know what to do with them. We are set up to win now...not flounder like fish out of water. Our team needs a better coach. Freddie wasnt ready. we should have kept williams.
  13. Kvoethe

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    If this isnt the makings of another Tim Couch...Id be suprised.
  14. Kvoethe

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Freddie kitchenzz series of unfortunate events.... We are not ready for primetime... Baker needs to shut his pie hole and focus.... We definitely regressed... Lots of season to go!!! GO BROWNS!!!
  15. Kvoethe

    This Week in the AFC North

    Jaw bone cutting off oxygen to brain is different from brain slamming into skull. I bet the way his head hit the turf when he collapsed probably concussed him more than the hit.