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  1. Kvoethe


    Here’s a little song about my home town https://imgur.com/gallery/fH2gybQ Is this u Steve??
  2. Kvoethe

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    Baker is basically a Sober Johnny Manziel I called him Manziel 2.0 back during the draft... They are both 2 short
  3. Kvoethe

    This Week in the AFC North

    All I know is the Squeelers have been scripted to make the playoffs...jax is beating indy...rofl. cant make this stuff up. A div 3 high school team is beating the colts..and the squeelers are tied with the ravens...
  4. Smart play by Clownboy Fall on it...its our ball...dumbaSS
  5. Kvoethe

    Kevin Stefanski

    ....needs to go I much prefer a fresh start every season...the exciting chatter...the speculation...having the same coach every year with the same results is just boring...bring in a new guy!! I also want that famous Browns qb jersey with 25 names to hit 50
  6. ?Could have used this offense 7 diff weeks this year...amazing what playing for your HC job can do to the playbook
  7. Lets see if shitpanski can fock up good field position
  8. Baker sitting there...Wish I could do that...
  9. Chubb is a nifty runnner...td Jarvis!! Looks like we found our QB!!!
  10. New season of Battle Bots starts tonight on Discovery
  11. Kvoethe

    Baker Mayfield

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/baker-mayfield-landing-spots-texans-washington-among-potential-destinations-for-browns-qb-in-2022/ Possible places for Baker next season..lol
  12. Kvoethe

    You're the GM...

    Appropriate name
  13. They replace free but only if not tampered with...someone had been in there messin around ..voided the warranty. Like when kids put those go kart exhausts on a civic...voids the warranty on the engine and drive train