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  1. Kvoethe

    Grocery shopping/updates/86’d

    Recently the giant eagles in columbiana county have been stocked up with tp. Smooth pb is not to be found..same with wipes...but i havent had any issues recently buying stuff. Prices are at a premium tho. No bags of rice but plenty of boxes of minute variety. Their produce sucks regardless. Aldi has better produce because it turnsover so fast it doesnt sit around.
  2. Kvoethe

    Dewine has done a great job!!

    I still dont get it...last years flu season thru march killes 22k people...we are at 8. I think this has been around longer than we think...its just the testing that has everyone up in arms. I HOPE I am right and we hit the peak this week..or next and it calms down..
  3. Kvoethe

    Dewine has done a great job!!

    Trump could cure this tomorrow and still get blamed for something...its kinda funny how creatively they spin stuff.
  4. All crap aside...and I havent been a fan of his...I like how he has been a leader and locked stuff down. Kudos to Mike!!
  5. Drop in the bucket...I would expect more after last seasons performance...
  6. Kvoethe

    Quarterback Carousel

    Flacco Waived
  7. Kvoethe


    Wow...was like watching SNL last night. Crazy stuff.
  8. Kvoethe

    Bloomberg Getting Destroyed in Debate

    Christ that party is a mess....once again they are going to be sitting around when trump wins blaming russia... Trump won that last night
  9. Some good tidbits in there...I like this line of thinking
  10. Derek wolfe...small school by me...just wrote a big check for a turf field for his high school...
  11. Kvoethe

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Clubber Lang is back baby!!!
  12. Kvoethe

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Radio down here said ...guessing...1 or 2 games to start the season.
  13. Lets hope thats our record after 7 games!!
  14. I was waiting for Pelosi to start doing vodka shooters....she is batshit crazy
  15. Kvoethe

    What does the Chief Of Staff do?

    We could hire a diaper wearing llama and I wouldnt care as long as they help us win. Good for this person...she could be awesome!!