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  1. Kvoethe

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Biggest improvement I see is the lack of mistakes and drive killers.
  2. Kvoethe

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    I know right...lol
  3. Seriously... This is what you hang your hat on? A guy with hundreds of business dealings is expected to know professors? Every university makes their living off students whose parents try to put little johnny through college even tho they go into debt to do so. Johnny flunks out and its the schools fault. I see it all the time. Parents who bend over backwards thinking their kids are genius, when they are really just average at best.
  4. Ok..how to put this is simple terms for all the conspiracy theorists. When kap took sf to the superbowl it was because of the read option. When he would get hit after fliping the ball to the back..he would get hit and penalties would ensue. Defenses were a mess trying to figure it out. They change the rule and the qb is now part of the play so this one trick pony now has to be a thrower and it turns out he sucks at it. Thats why he has no job.
  5. Kvoethe

    Bid adieu to America first

    Im guessing Syria for next war effort..
  6. Kvoethe

    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

    Garrett was thrilled https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/11/myles-garrett-im-smiling-and-crying-im-so-proud-of-the-dl-including-olivier-vernon-who-had-3-sacks-in-his-absence.html Sucks he is out for Jax
  7. Its your story...make it whatever you want. Talk to me next year when this country is going backwards. Your guy won. Grats. The media will be exalting bidens achievements as society collapses. I cant wait.
  8. Not longer than we heard......russia...russia...russia...
  9. Kvoethe

    Big Ben sets new record

    They crying all over pukeberg sports radio that raplisberger isnt in the discussion for mvp
  10. Kvoethe

    So don't trust science too much

    Antibiotics kill bacterial flora in our bodies...good and bad. Its reasonable to conclude that small children may have issues when their growing bacterial colonies in their gut is decimated early in life. Kids also dont go eat enough dirt. Kids who go outside and play...get dirty and all that end up with stronger immune systems.... Unfortunately most people dont use antibiotics correctly...doctors prescribe them to shut mothers up even when its viral. Companies arent making new antibiotics because there is no money in it.
  11. Kvoethe

    Gaslighting the new buzzword of the bitter left

    Middle class gets fucked again..
  12. Kvoethe

    Where has the Russia narrative gone?

    No longer needed...all the narratives are gone..we in happy land now...dont you feel it?? I cant wait for my 6 days off a week and a check every month!!
  13. Kvoethe

    And what matters to the left

    White is all colors...black is actually the absence of color
  14. Kvoethe

    And what matters to the left

    Hell they want a woman of color to take over jeopardy