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  1. sdballis

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/20/report-browns-are-expected-to-hire-bill-callahan/ Bringing in Bill Callahan for OLine after letting Campen go.
  2. sdballis

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/kevin-stefanskis-browns-coaching-staff-in-2020-whos-in-whos-out-and-who-might-be-on-the-way-to-cleveland/ fwiw
  3. sdballis

    James Campen - Asst OC?

    https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2019/1/12/18179770/cleveland-browns-interviewing-green-bay-james-campen Packers longest tenured coach and one of the best/most well-respected run game coordinators in the league. Would be a huge get. Feel free to merge with assistant search thread.
  4. sdballis

    Neat article on Drew Stanton

    Copy/paste please??
  5. sdballis

    Who Plays LT?

    According to the GOAT, it's not Austin Corbett http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000942053/article/joe-thomas-austin-corbett-is-a-guard-not-a-tackle
  6. sdballis

    Browns Let go of McCourty

    We move from 219 to 205.
  7. sdballis

    Chris Smith, DE

    http://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/nfl/browns/report-cleveland-browns-to-sign-free-agent-de-chris-smith/95-528227432 Under the radar signing. I don't have thoughts. Haha EDIT: 3 year, 14M
  8. sdballis

    Earl Thomas next ?

    Exactly..... You guys got super trolled and, even after numerous people told you, you still believed it.
  9. sdballis

    Earl Thomas next ?

    Can someone please shut down this thread?
  10. sdballis

    Landry is Ours

    Well if we gave #65 up for Tyrod, we didn't send that to the Phins so worst case is this years 4th and next years 3rd...
  11. sdballis

    Landry is Ours

    A 2018 and 2019 pick to be given
  12. sdballis

    Draft Day Scenario

    Sorry if this has been brought up elsewhere, but.. Something a few people mentioned on ESPN yesterday that I hadn't really thought about: We obviously have way too many picks to use this year. We are now in the trade UP phase of the rebuild where we need to trade picks to secure less quantity, but better quality assets. We've been rumored to have proposed a trade for Robert Quinn, many expect us to consider offering a pick for Jarvis Landry, etc. We cannot bring 12 rookies into camp and expect them all to secure a roster spot. Having said that, there is (obviously) a massive divide in what our draft philosophy should be. Some want Barkley at #1 with the risk of not having our top QB available at #4. Others want our top QB at #1 given that Barkley probably will not drop to #4. Why not use a few of those extra picks and move up to #2 to secure your 2 favorite players? Trade the Giants #4, #64 and later pick for #2 and get Saquon and the QB of your choice. I admit I think the Giants will demand more in that trade, but I don't know that the Broncos or Jets can offer THAT much more for the Giants to consider dropping those 1 or 2 extra spots. If our FO is in the quandary of Saquon is our #1, but we HAVE to take QB (public pressure), this seems to be the most logical solution. Thoughts?
  13. sdballis

    The Wizard - Stepping Down

  14. sdballis

    Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    I guess I was approaching it from two different spots. 1. Looking at current prospects. Getting back to our original question, is a RB worth #1 overall? Well, again, if he is #1 on your board, then I say yes. Those who believe that a RB's shelf life and heavy pass offenses have led to the de-valuing of the position will argue no, obviously. Similarly, MLBs traditionally don't go top 10, however Roquan Smith is on another level (I've spent 8 years in Athens at UGA, so I've seen plenty of him). If you think he is an elite/Pro Bowl/potential HoF, can you bring yourself to NOT draft him where you think he is worthy just because society will frown upon it? Yes, no one can be a 100% lock to be a Pro Bowler, but this is the gamble you are taking with any player. Even those guys that scouts claim to be "LOCKS," about half of them seem to bust. 2. Looking back at past drafts. More was I was getting at with my examples. Again, if you could go back to 2000 and we have #1 (Courtney Brown), would you rather have Urlacher (who went #9) there? BUT BUT BUT, he's a MLB and they DON'T go #1............... OF COURSE YOU DO. Just because a position has the perception of less impact doesn't mean you pass on a guy that great just because he plays a "less valuable" position. If you graded Urlacher out as the #1 player, you don't drop him down your draft board just because he doesn't play QB/LT/DE. Again, outside of K/P and maybe C/G, there are very few positions that you should refuse to take #1 imo.
  15. sdballis

    Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    Like many others, I think this question is lacking some plausible answers. I think that if you scout Saquon and he is CLEARLY the best player in the draft, you have to take him #1. RBs can certainly change the game enough to still be considered with that high a pick. Granted, I agree that production can be found later (mostly due to the O-line's impact on RB success), but if you have the next big thing waiting for you, you pull the trigger. A related question I would pose is this: If a player was a guaranteed perennial Pro Bowler/HoFer, what position WOULDN'T be worthy of (insert pick here)? (#1, top 5, etc.) Would you look back and take a Urlacher #1 even though "MLBers aren't worthy of a top 10 pick?" A Deion Sanders? A Gronkowski? I find it hard to say no to those impact guys regardless of the perception of where they "should" be picked. Obviously K/P aren't justified, and maybe not C/G, but given the hit rate on draft picks, I'd love to take a guaranteed guy at any position.