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  1. strglzer

    Darnold at #1?

    I like the idea of a trade with the bills, I take both 1st's, there top 2nd. and a 1st next year, thats what I want, look at what the jets gave up to move 3 spots, then I trade one of my lower 2nd's for a next year 1st. go into next year with 3 first, plus im loaded this year. as for the QB's it seams like 3 are in play, with the 4th. being an out side chance. I really like Allen, but most of the so called experts say it's Darnold, I can be happy with that.... For the love of god...Please I.m begging.....pick the right one......
  2. strglzer

    2016 Players improvements Year 2

    God I hope we find that starter, having found that. Next years draft would be something........2 1st. and 3 2nds and not having to spend on a QB would be huge..............
  3. strglzer

    Have they learned their lesson?

    If I have to chose QB or DE at one, I have to take the QB. Don't understand how taking one of three QB's at one is a reach, when 2 and maybe 3 QB's may go top 10.
  4. strglzer

    Kyle Sloter is our QB target

    After reading about this kid about a month ago, I started watching all the tape I could find on him, if we pass on Tribs, this kid would be my 2nd. chose, of all the QB's this year, has the size, the release, and down field vision, and seeing all the top 5 QB's needing a year to develop, don't see why not to take a flyer on him in the 4th., but he may not make it that far down, yes he is raw but all the other QB's are as well, I might take him in the 3rd. just to insure I'd get him......
  5. After watching Kyle's highlight film, have to say he looks as good as any of the QB's in this draft, 6'4 218# has the size, quick release and takes the hit after the throw. If I can't get Tribs in the 1st. I'd be ok taking a flyer on this kid.....
  6. strglzer

    Camp Trade Down

    If the tits would trade 5 plus 18, for the number one. I'd take it in a New York MIn.... 5-12-18-32-52 I'd be a Happy Camper.....
  7. I have to add to my comments above, Everyone knows we have to hit on this draft to turn this team around, that means we first have to address the QB, no matter who we draft, without a stable QB it wont make a difference, So we have to address that one first, Question... is that QB on this team now? Most would say NO.... and at best a poor maybe..... We have a few options here, 1.) Take the best QB in the draft, costing us the #1 pick. 2.) Trading for a QB that might be better than we get in the draft. 3.) FA 1.) Draft - option 2.) Trade -option 3.) FA -- poor option - At best buys us a year. ( I dont think many on here wouldnt agree. ) So now we have only 2 Real options left, Draft or trade, This front office has to do one of the 2, Draft the best QB, or Trading for the best QB, I dont care which way the Browns go, as long as we get the best QB we can get. I would go hard after Jimmy, I would offer NE our 2nd. (65) this year, and our 2nd. next year. We still have 3 top picks for Def. and we walk out with our QB, the top Def. pick, and 12 and 33 to boot. If possible, We could now trade down to 3 or 4, picking up one of the two 2nd rd. picks We give NE. So the whole deal cost us one 2nd. and we still get Allen or Gerritt.
  8. If we take Trubisky we give up the 1st pick in the draft for our QB, and we are out of the race for the top Def. players in the draft. We still have 12,33,65 to pick up Def. players to help this team. Jimmy G. could be the right direction to go but people think a 1 and 4 is to much to spend on him. But remember this, there are what about 6 teams looking for there QB, Jimmy G. is not going to go cheep. I would try to set the deal in stone now before the draft, and teams start bidding on his services. I would go hard after Jimmy, I would offer NE our 2nd. (65) this year, and our 2nd. next year. We still have 3 top picks for Def. and we walk out with our QB, the top Def. pick, and 12 and 33 to boot. If Jimmy is a top 20 QB he is worth the 2 seconds, if Trubisky is a top 20 QB he is worth the 1st pick, If both bomb out I would rather loose 2 seconds than the first pick. Both are going to have risks but I do think that Jimmy is the lower risk.....
  9. First I was in the Army in the 70's, second I was in a plane on 9-11, Thank god not one that was doomed... I'm white and I work mostly in the black area's of Cleveland, I tell most blacks that i'm not racist to a color of skin, but i am racist to a class of people. To me BLM falls into that class of people, When BLM start to address black on black crime, then just maybe some of this can go away, As for CK if I owned SF, he would have be let go before the game ever started, I'd be like Trump....Your Fired..... If that would have happened, other players would have though twice before doing the same.... America Love it or leave it....... My biggest concern is all the hard working blacks that go to work and have the same dreams and goals of most Americans, are being dragged down by BLM and people like CK.
  10. strglzer

    Rule change idea to reward aggressive offense.

    I've always wanted to cut the preseason down, problem is the players and the union don't, I say add the two extra games and make every player set out two games a season, be it due to injury or not, then back up players become more important, come the last few games picking which players set against which teams would be interesting....
  11. strglzer

    Camp Cook

  12. strglzer

    RG3 set to be a Brown ?

    ok we have Josh to start, and alot of people want RG3 or Kaep so we dont have to draft a QB, thats insane, we have been looking for a QB for 20 plus years, so Golf and Wentz go on and become starters for years to come and we are still looking.... If that would happen everybody will be calling for heads to fall again, and the Browns are the laughing stock again.... Its better to take the chance and lose than to not take the chance at all.... Nobody thought Brady was worth a pick till what the 6th. round....
  13. strglzer

    Park your tents

    OK, I picked Goff, Everybody keeps saying franchise QB, Hell can ether Goff or Wentz become a top 15 QB in the NFL, if so then a pick at two is worth doing. I'd love a so called franchise QB, but top 15 is still worth a number two.
  14. 1. If Clowney is there at 4, I see a trade being made..... 2. No way will Carr be there late in the 2nd. I see 2 to 3 QB's going top 10, and 2 to 3 more going late 1st an early 2nd. 3. Hope Botels is there at 4 but not likely, And not sure Carr will be there at 26. If we could come out of the first round with Sammy and Carr that alone would make the draft....... Give me a guard in the 2nd and I'm dancen in the streets......
  15. strglzer

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Hey guys been reading the post for weeks, first post on this site, I like JF but just don't see him as a good fit here. In a dome or warm weather I think is were he will shine, But here in this weather no thanks, and not to mention we play on grass which will also slow him down, the rest of our division has shown you the need that big strong guy to handle the wind an weather. Now on too the draft and the way I see it. First we need to value the positions. With a number 4 pick you have to look at QB's first, (and god knows we need one) but if none are worth that pick, we have to move to the next position of value, LT got that covered, Wide receiver would be next in value and Sammy would be the choice here. Now comes the first D player in my opinion a D back or a D end. and there may be one at 4 but don't think he'll be there. So how would I set this draft up? 1.) Try like hell to trade down to 6 to 10 still alot of talent there, and take Carr. ( none of the top 4 QB's and maybe top 5 QB's will be there at 26...) 2.) If I'm stuck at 4, I'm looking at Bortals first. and not sure how it is spelled? And he may not be there!!! 3.) Sammy would be my next choice here. If he is also gone... 4.) Conney the DE would be my next pick.