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  1. C02 levels have been higher in the past, that’s a scientific fact...period.
  2. Canton Dawg

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    Agree, we only end up ousting a tight knit group of thugs...only to be replaced by another tight knit group of thugs. There’s a reason the Middle East has been a region of violence for thousands of years.
  3. So you hang your hat on the same guys that claimed of the next coming ice age in the ‘60’s & ‘70’s? I find it hilarious that these same people make outlandish claims that the polar ice caps will be melted by (insert year here), then we get to laugh when the claims were false. One of the biggest problems today, are the scientists turned into politicians, and the politicians turned into scientists.
  4. I’m sure those greenhouse gasses meant a lot during the several ice ages in past.
  5. And Mars has an atmosphere of 95.3% carbon dioxide...I wonder if that's why its so damned hot there?
  6. So if we use the Christian Mingle website again as the status quo, what would be the purpose of the Conservatives finding an alternate? Just so a judge can order the proprietor of the website to adapt to the Libs wishes? Seems like pissing against the wind to me.
  7. The Christian Dating site that now must include gays would disagree with you.
  8. Here’s something to chew on, the global temperatures have been higher and lower with C02 levels that have been higher. Show me a correlation between higher temps and higher C02 levels...I’ll wait.
  9. Anyone who thinks if you pay billions of dollars into a fund to stop climate change is beyond brain damage.
  10. Canton Dawg

    Stewart speech to Congress

    Then Crenshaw calls the asshole out for lying...and the so called “journalists” deletes his tweet.
  11. Canton Dawg

    Stewart speech to Congress

    Then you have your “Fake News” journalists spewing their bullshit on Twitter.