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  1. Canton Dawg

    Caravan of illegals

    I see Colbert left out a couple of states motto’s. California - Don’t step in that Texas - Steers & queers...I don’t see any horns on you? Arizona - Your not in Mexico anymore Minnesota - Somalia 2.0
  2. Canton Dawg

    No offense President Carter but...

    Fukkin peanut farmer was unfit to be Prez.
  3. And I thought you were stupid.
  4. Move along folks nothing to see here...just another article from “The Huff”. This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
  5. Canton Dawg

    Horse face

    I think Trump misspelled "whore's face".
  6. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-nfl-teams-pass-rush-units-after-week-6 15. TEAM PASS-RUSH GRADE: 66.8 Team Pressure Percentage: 29% (T-25th) Team Pressure Percentage when Blitzing: 41.8% (30th) Top Pass-Rusher (Pass-Rush Grade): Edge Genard Avery (79.5)
  7. Canton Dawg

    How Republicans deny people their right to vote!

    Well, the Democrats need someone to vote for them!
  8. Canton Dawg

    Stormy speaks

  9. Canton Dawg

    Stormy speaks

    This sums up the weekly news in one meme.
  10. Canton Dawg

    Presidential portrait

    They would save the driving for Ted Kennedy.
  11. Canton Dawg

    Stormy speaks

    So what's next for her Creepy Porn lawyer? I think he's having political aspirations...he would make a great democrat.