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  1. Canton Dawg

    Mueller report

    I’ve never witnessed this many fuckin’ crybabies in my life...the phony investigation is over. Except maybe the one heading in the Dems direction. 👍
  2. Canton Dawg

    Mueller report

    Yes, you’ll find the pp tape at your local library. It sits between the Bigfoot tape, and the Roswell Space Alien footage...enjoy.
  3. Canton Dawg

    Mueller report

    Here’s the only talking point you need to take away from the Mueller report.
  4. Canton Dawg

    Mueller report

    You’re right, the more shit they attempt to throw at Trump the better he’s going to look in 2020.
  5. Canton Dawg

    Firemaster Trump!!

    Not hardly, that would be like calling Obammy a “Healthcare Master”.
  6. Canton Dawg

    Mueller report

    Just like the FISA warrant?...I agree.
  7. Last I saw it was in the 75 lb range, but that was in early February.
  8. If you have 20 minutes to spare, this a great clip by Joe Thomas. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/joe-thomas-film-room-episode-10-how-do-you-stop-myles-garrett-good-luck
  9. Here’s a classic, Cher is doing a 180 on her immigration stance.
  10. Canton Dawg

    Regular Season Schedule

    I snagged this from McNeil’s Twitter account (the guy that orchestrated the 0-16 parade). *This schedule was passed to me via DM. I make no claims as to its validity aside from the guy I got it from tells a believable story. If it turns out to be fake, please do not burn my house down. I just got it rebuilt after the parade. 😂