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  1. Canton Dawg

    Biden's deferments to avoid military service

    Or...I’ll run off to Canada like Billy Bob Clinton.
  2. Canton Dawg

    Biden's deferments to avoid military service

    So the Dems won’t hold Admiral Asthma to the same standards as Capt Bonespurs?
  3. Canton Dawg


    The silence from the TDS crowd is deafening.
  4. Canton Dawg

    "I Don't Think the Science Knows, Actually"

    You mean the same group of people who said we were heading into another ice age now say we have global warming?....Well, imagine that.
  5. Canton Dawg

    "It is the plague" - DJT

    Tour is just displaying his advanced stages of TDS.
  6. Canton Dawg

    Democrat Charged At Cop With Knife

    Same here...except Steeler fans, I think they’re all assholes (whether they play golf or not 😀).
  7. I’m all for an IQ test as a prerequisite for anyone running for a Congressional seat. I doubt many sitting members could pass it.
  8. If Trump was counting on guidance from Fauci he was screwed from the start. Fauci was bending like a willow in the breeze the first few months of the pandemic.
  9. Canton Dawg

    Ain't No Russian Disinformation On The BB.

    Don’t forget about Hunter Biden landing a cushy job with that Ukrainian energy company. I’m sure he could phone in a favor for the old man if needed.
  10. The bold and underlined text below should be concerning for the NFL. Thursday night’s season-opening matchup between the Chiefs and Texans attracted 19.3 million viewers between 8 and 11 p.m. That marks a 12.3% drop from last year’s ratings, which ended with an audience of 22 million. Deadline noted that the key 18-49 demographic pulled in a 5.2 rating, falling from last year’s 12.8 mark.
  11. Canton Dawg

    New Song For Ya Steve

  12. Canton Dawg

    Protest Thread