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  1. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    He better get some thicker skin, Pat thought the Cleveland media was tough...wait until the NY media unleashes on him.
  2. Todd Haley

    Hue needs an OC...in other words, someone else he can throw under the bus 🚌
  3. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    Thanks AG! I hear former Browns HC Pat Shurmer is “REALLY EXCITED” about his new job as the Giants HC. . .
  4. Let the hand-wringing begin

    Mueller and associates have been investigating the Trump/Russia collusion for over a year and a half and nothing has been brought forward. If Trump was knee deep in cahoots with the Soviets, they would've found it long ago...and trust me, they would announce it far and wide. I was never a Trump supporter, but more of an anti-Hillary and anti mainstream media guy. The more I see the MSM grasping at straws to find any little thing on Trump, it makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. I get out of bed every day giddy, because I know that another fukkin Clinton won't be in the White House.
  5. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    They should hand him his walking papers...then again he would probably drop them.
  6. Let the hand-wringing begin

    In typical lib fashion, you keep bringing up the Russkies. Just wait until they release the memo, and you will probably sing a different tune.
  7. Let the hand-wringing begin

  8. The fake news Awards

    Mark Dice has his top 10 fake news list. . .
  9. Brad Seely

    He signed with the Texans yesterday. . . http://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Texans-hire-NFL-special-teams-coach-Brad-Seely-12505211.php
  10. APPLE

    Kinda like the Trump/Russia collusion narrative the libtards cling to.
  11. The Jacksonville approach

    Sushi was in charge of the 53 man roster, so I would say that one was on him.
  12. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    You mean like wear a suicide vest, or hijack a jet and ram it into a skyscraper??
  13. The fake news Awards

    Dramatic? You mean like that whiny beyotch Cory Booker?. . .tears of rage?!? http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/01/16/cory_booker_i_am_frankly_seething_with_anger_over_s-hole_comments_had_tears_of_rage.html
  14. Freedom of the Press

    Isn't North Korea a democracy??