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  1. Canton Dawg

    Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

    I know lean and Six Sigma aren’t the same, they were implemented simultaneously where I was working. Lean is a derivative of the Japanese Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. Six Sigma was adopted in our QA department as I was leaving for Production Planning.
  2. Canton Dawg

    Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

    I can only speak of Six Sigma from a manufacturing perspective (40 years). Six Sigma emerged in the early ‘90’s around the same time as Lean Manufacturing. It was used primarily in the QA dept for root cause analysis.
  3. Canton Dawg

    Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

    Six Sigma?....Really? That’s funny Woody, what the fuck does process improvements have to do with this?
  4. Canton Dawg

    Could Joe Biden Cancel Student Loan Debt?

    I want my mortgage and car loans canceled.
  5. Canton Dawg

    Happy Thanksgiving from the rat patrol

    You too Steve!
  6. Since when was evidence required? The fuckin’ Dems been running bullshit for 4 years with zero evidence.
  7. Ironic, I said the same thing about the Russian Collusion bullshit.
  8. All of a sudden, the Dims are against investigations.
  9. Canton Dawg

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    Do nothing is something Joe excels at.
  10. Canton Dawg

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    Well it didn’t take long for CNN to start riding Joe’s knob.
  11. Canton Dawg


    Or Biden can use NIFSY (Nothing In Forty Seven Years).
  12. 47 years of nothing, and the dumbasses who voted for him think he’s going to NOW do something! 😂😂😂😂