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  1. Here’s a novel idea Dementia Joe….how about cutting back on your spending?
  2. I saw that on the news this morning, and it made my week! I was ashamed for voting for that assclown during the last election, but vowed to not let that prick get re-elected. He just saved us the trouble.
  3. Canton Dawg

    Quick Yes or No Question - Election

    I bet Joe doesn’t realize that these are MAGA kids.
  4. Since I’m 50% Native American, I demand my reparations. I can be flexible on my demands, all 3 naked blond nymphomaniacs don’t have to be supermodels…but a pulse is required! 😁
  5. Immensely, I’m now able to buy a large iced tea at McDonalds for $1
  6. Canton Dawg

    EO Vax Mandate, The Bill of Rights, Polarization

    My body…my choice I believe is the battle cry for the baby killers. I would say it seems appropriate in this case.
  7. Canton Dawg

    Completely true ( environment if anybody cares)

    Let’s see, the only major River in the west is the Colorado. People living in Nevada, Arizona, So. California want natural grass, water fountains, swimming pools, and water parks while living in a fucking desert. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Canton Dawg

    Quick Yes or No Question - Election

    2 words. Mueller Investigation
  9. Canton Dawg


    Really isn’t saying much, JFK would fuck a snake if you held it for him.
  10. Canton Dawg


    Yes Steve, but let’s look at the other side of the coin. At least he doesn’t put out mean tweets.
  11. Canton Dawg

    Who messed up Afghanistan?

    I’m sure there are at least 3 members of this board that would blame Trump…..just sayin’.
  12. Canton Dawg


    Don’t look now Biden nut swingers! Looks like Dementia Joe’s numbers are climbing! When it’s all said and done, this fucking meat puppet will surpass Trump’s Covid death count by years end.
  13. Canton Dawg


    MAYBE….just MAYBE WSS gives us chance to voice our political opinions? I mean after all, this is the Political Forum? If you would like to control the narrative, maybe you can be a moderator at Pravda or Tass?