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  1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. ☕️
  2. Let's just wait for that other shoe to drop ☕
  3. I wonder if the owners of The Red Hen will shut down for a day of diversity training?
  4. The BIG difference will be that when a conservative restaurant owner refuses to serve a lib...there will be plenty of wailing & whining.
  5. And the illegal immigrants are forced to come here?
  6. I would say that ball can bounce on both sides of the court. It won’t be long until some Dumbocrat steps foot in a restaurant, and is shown the door.
  7. Canton Dawg

    More Peter Fonda

    I’m sure Sony Pictures really appreciates the timing of this prick’s commentary.
  8. And we have another washed up has been Hollywood star joining in on the bash Trump’s kids. This time it’s Mrs Barr. . .
  9. I saw this and immediately thought of Woodly
  10. I hear Hillary’s favorite pizza is “Little Seizures”.