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  1. I still think it was shitty to parade Stone around in handcuffs during that pre-dawn raid, with CNN cameras rolling.
  2. Damn Larry, you’ve got a real bad case of TDS. Your last 4-5 posts I’ve read you bring up Trump. Did he kick your ass and take your lunch money?
  3. Canton Dawg

    No debate? No surprise.

    You must be referring to the MSM.
  4. Canton Dawg

    No debate? No surprise.

    Trump surprises me in many ways. The biggest surprise is his take no shit, and get things done approach in DC. The second biggest surprise is his uncanny ability to say stupid shit...there’s times he is his own worst enemy. Bottom line, I would vote for Trump over anything the Dems currently have in their ranks.
  5. Canton Dawg

    No debate? No surprise.

    Wow, so this flaming asshole is using Trump’s tax returns as an excuse for Biden to NOT debate DT? Really?...The sane people know the real reason behind it. Trump would mop the floor with quid pro Joe and the Dems know it.
  6. Canton Dawg

    Covid deaths decline

    I took the wife for a Covid 19 test on Sunday as part of her pre admission test for a Wednesday procedure. She got the email from the Cleveland Clinic yesterday that she tested positive. They said that since she tested positive in April, it never really left her system. They also said that I probably still have it as well, but we both feel fine and show no symptoms. Looks like I’m working from home longer than anticipated!
  7. If by chance quid pro Joe wins the election, it will be time for me to reallocate my investments.
  8. Canton Dawg

    Apology accepted

  9. Canton Dawg

    Covid deaths decline