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  1. Canton Dawg

    Exemptions for Religious Institutions

    I’m curious as to why you had no comment regarding the assembly of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or Jews?
  2. Canton Dawg

    Vermont goes full Stalin

    Yep, it took me a 30 minute wait in line to get into Costco in Strongsville on Friday. I was having Cedar Point flashbacks while I was standing in that long line.
  3. Let’s not overlook the millions given to the illegal immigrants.
  4. Canton Dawg

    Fake News

  5. Canton Dawg

    Coronavirus humor

    Good luck finding a virgin.
  6. Canton Dawg

    What In The Fuck Was This Question?

    How about "Spanish" fly?
  7. Canton Dawg

    The Stock Market

  8. Canton Dawg

    Just got put under quarantine

    I wish you and your parents the best.
  9. Canton Dawg

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    This was my theory as well.
  10. Canton Dawg

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    I think I found a solution to the shit paper shortage...I just hope the pages aren’t shiny! 😀
  11. Canton Dawg

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    It’s being reported that the 4th person in Ohio has been diagnosed with the Corona virus, in Stark County. The odd thing about this case, is the victim really didn’t travel anywhere. Its got the doctors scratching their heads wondering where he contracted the bug.