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  1. At what point does this become ridiculous to everyone?

    Who’s playing the double standard?...Oh yeah, the libs.
  2. At what point does this become ridiculous to everyone?

    Double standard much? Not too long ago a Philadelphia Starbucks refused to let a police officer use the restroom telling him it was for paying customers. Don't remember Starbucks closing 8000 stores for sensitivity training toward police. Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/04/hardly_a_stir_when_starbucks_denied_a_cop.html#ixzz5Dd1TnpMi Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook
  3. Trump Administration Abandons Crackdown on Marijuana

    But we WILL have the munchies!!
  4. Deep Fakes

  5. Deep Fakes

    Obozo never really was a legitimate source.
  6. Ah, George Soros...the Jew that turned Nazi. I believe he’s in his 80’s now, and I don’t wish death upon anyone, but I’ll read his obituary with a smile on my face.
  7. Tank Carder Question

    Remember our DB named Thane Gash?
  8. Tank Carder Question

    No, but Jimmy Bob & Billy Bob definitely.
  9. Browns Schedule Thread

  10. Tank Carder Question

    Superman wears Tank Carder pajamas.
  11. We just attacked Syria

  12. I believe the Republicans want to see Mueller finish his investigation. That way, when Mueller doesn’t find anything, they can thumb their noses at the Dumbocrats.
  13. We just attacked Syria