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  1. BrownsfaninPa

    Here comes the Raiders

    This will be a very interesting match up. The Raiders not doing all that well, and the Browns are moving along steady. Another win will move us up on the win column and make news as a AFC playoff contender.
  2. BrownsfaninPa

    Coincidence Baker improved after OBJ left the game?

    There is no question that having OBJ out will effect the offense game plan. Weather he was making plays or not, he has a presence on the field that concerns the defense on the field. Now that he is out, the rest of our WR, & TE 's will have to come up big if Baker is going to spread the ball to an open receiver.
  3. Well, a win is a win, but how we win is the major factor. That game was just a total nail-biter. Down early from the very beginning, and it took awhile to catch up and was able to take the lead , but the Bengals came right back and made it a dawg and cat brawl. We have the lead with only minutes left and we were able to secure a hard fought game win against a divisional rival and a state rival.
  4. BrownsfaninPa


    As popular as MNF has been since its first game, I feel that the first MNF game every year should be the Browns - Jets in honor of its tradition.
  5. It's that classic match up once again of the right to say we are the better team than our cross state rivals. Between the Browns and the Bengals it's always a toss up on who will get a victory when these teams meet. I have always like this state and divisional rival. Cleveland from the north, and Cincinnati from the south. Dawgs vs Cats. Good old classic football. Time for a win Browns.
  6. BrownsfaninPa

    Customized themed DawgPound truck

    From time to time, my mind thinks up some odd and different topics. I was just thinking about how the Browns could have their very own DAWG POUND truck. The Dawg Catcher, gathering up fans for recruitment into the Dawg Pound. My idea comes from the customized yellow truck that the Steelers used to show off near the end zone back in the 80's or early 90's. I think they used to call it the terrible truck. But actually, its a full size customized truck that was called the BEER TRUCK, by Tom Daniels. It was made into a Monogram model kit. Just google it, it will come up. It was a yellow flatbed truck with a barrell of beer in the back with chains and wood posts around the flat bed. My idea is similar to that, but the back of my truck would be steel bars and a round up of fans ready to be initiated into the DAWG POUND. My idea is similar to Tom Daniels truck called Dragon Wagon. I have a few details of my own to make it related to the DAWG POUND.
  7. BrownsfaninPa

    Pitiful in pittsburgh

    Well another high hoped win gone down the drain. Why is it that this Browns team always has terrible luck when playing the Steelers? Its just amazing how many times this team has lost over and over to the Steelers and it just never fails. Are we cursed ?
  8. BrownsfaninPa

    OBJ sent home / Colts shut down facility ?

    Yes, the basic flu issues can be dealt with, but if your showing signs with this crappy virus, then that's when things get questionable. Glad to here all is well, and we can proceed as scheduled.
  9. BrownsfaninPa


    May I ask if your an Irishman? My ancestry dates back to Ireland, but I don't know where exactly. My Great Grandfather was from Ireland.
  10. BrownsfaninPa

    OBJ sent home / Colts shut down facility ?

    Wow I don't like the sounds of these 2 headlines. Hope the issues will not effect this weeks Steelers game, or any future games. Scary crap with this crazy health issue floating all over.
  11. BrownsfaninPa


    Well its Steelers week. Time to face our arch rivals. And even though the Browns aren't actually playing in London, we are facing Big Ben. Our defense led by Myles Garrett has to put major pressure on #7, make him rush his decision on what to do, and hit him and bring him down. Hoping he has elbow problems to prevent him from passing. Our offense has to dominate the field in all areas. Spread the ball around to make the Steelers wonder where the ball is going next. Make sure our receivers catch everything that is thrown, and gain massive yards and sum it up with a TD. If our defense can suffocate their offense, we can win this game. Remember , big ben doesn't come down easily, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. GO BROWNS !!
  12. BrownsfaninPa

    Long Time Coming

    Yes, and I hope Miles don't rip off any helmets and swing it at the player.
  13. BrownsfaninPa

    Long Time Coming

    HOW BOUT THEM BROWNS !! WOW i'm loving to see this team win games and scoring points. As of today, the Browns are 4-1. Haven't had a record like this since way back in 1994. It feels good to see a team you have cheered for have a winning record . I know its early, and crazy things happen from week to week. Just look what happened to Dak Prescott of the Cowboys. We face the long time rivals the Steelers this week. I feel we can beat them. The Steelers didn't look too impressive against the Eagles this past week. GO BROWNS !!
  14. BrownsfaninPa

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    Last nights game was very good. We got the win, and looked pretty damn good. The uniforms looked so sleek and cool. I love the brown jersey and the classic orange pants from the 70's / 80's. Days of Brian Sipe, Greg Pruitt, Mike Pruitt, Cleo Miller on offense and on defense we had Clay Matthews, Lyle Alzdo, Jerry Sherk, Dick Ambrose.
  15. BrownsfaninPa

    Chubb / Hunt vs Byner / Mack

    Last nights running attack looked awesome. So glad to see a running game eat up yards for positive gain. Seeing Chubb and Hunt run the way they did reminded me of the mid 80's when we had 2 1,000 yrd rushers in the same year with E. Byner & K. Mack. Would it be possible to have these two runners gain the yards that Byner & Mack did?