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  1. BrownsfaninPa

    What do you prefer, shortened season, or extened ?

    Lets hope the Browns make it to the playoffs.
  2. If the season is not able to start as scheduled, what would you prefer, a full schedule to play and just have it extended into Feb, or will you want the season to start on whatever week is scheduled and finish the season as planned? I would accept either way, but if the first few games are missed, how do the teams declare division winners if teams miss divisional games? Because some teams may play a divisional game 2 weeks in a row.
  3. I agree im not looking for the young QB to get injured, just saying that it could happen on a wrong move on the QB by avoiding a tackle. Strickly innocent tackle play.
  4. Well if that's not being a true fan of high hopes, then I don't know what else it can be. As of now, the Browns QB/ WR duo will always have a better rating than the Bengals ROOKIE QB who hasn't put his uniform on yet. And UNTIL the Bengals QB/WR duo has a better rating, then this is not a matter of concern. Who knows, the Browns might be the one to shorten Joe Burrow's rookie season with a injury by getting sacked .
  5. BrownsfaninPa

    Mt. Rushmore of Coaches

    Here is how I look at the career's of NFL's winning coaches. If your going to base a coach on most games won per season, that includes all playoff and Super Bowls , then you have to include the coaches from the earliest years. There was no Super Bowls prior to 1967. So the highest level a team can earn is the NFL CHAMPIONSHIP. and back in those early years, they only played 12-14 games. So if you took George Halas, Paul Brown, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Don Shula, Chuck Noll, and Bill Bellicheck's total career win's, only the top 4 coaches with most wins should be honored as a member on Mt. Rushmore.
  6. BrownsfaninPa

    Remember the WLAF

    How many of you out there remember the original WLAF that started with 10 teams in 1991-92? I was a fan of the team called The San Antonio Riders. I chose to cheer for that team only because their team colors were brown and gold.
  7. BrownsfaninPa

    NFL stadiums

    What about the CHICAGO BEARS . That stadium has been around along time. Just updated new seats and suites etc.
  8. BrownsfaninPa


    Ok, here is an off topic, but just interested in hearing if you ever have thought of your own fantasy team? As for me, my team colors would be Brown, Gold, and White. I like the New Orleans Saints uniforms, so I look at their uniforms and would change the black to brown. As for a team name, i'm thinking of the American indian theme as maybe, the apache's, or worriors, or something with gambling like the 4 Ace's, or a western theme, such as the Lawmen. I already have a logo design for the LAWMEN team. My team helmet would be gold with 2 brown stripes and one white stripe, and a brown facemask.. A team logo of both sides of the helmet. Home jersey would be all brown with thin gold , and white sleeve stripes, and white numbers trimmed in gold. 2 home pants variations. Gold pants with a wide brown stripe, and a white pants with 2 brown stripes with one gold stripe. Away jersey would be white with brown numbers trimmed in gold, thin brown and gold sleeve stripes. The away pants are the same as the other pant variation. I know this may be way out there but it looks good in my thoughts.
  9. BrownsfaninPa

    Your BROWNS "man cave" collection

    My collection consists of football card team sets ranging from the 60's to most recent years. I have about 80 games on dvd from late 70's to present. I also have the 1st MNF game of the Browns - Jets. I have autographed mini-helmet signed by Leroy Kelly, various football cards signed by players, Eric Metcalf, Clay Matthews, and even Coach B. Bellicheck. Various McFARLANE figures and I customized several to represent, Brian Sipe, Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Tim Couch, Ozzie Newson, Ernest Byner, and Tom Cousineau, and one of Baker Mayfield. 2 special footballs, and 3 different 3 x5 ft flags. I have one here at my desk in my work office. White Baker Mayfield jersey, and a brown Bernie Kosar jersey. Several die cast matchbox trucks, a few Starting - Line Up figures, and 3 1999 Burger King Dawg Pound plush items. And a assortment of little items. I had a special graduation tassel made in Browns team colors of brown, orange and white.
  10. BrownsfaninPa

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    The only thing I can do without on draft day is that there are too many family members in the back room with the draftee's. Too much hugging and kissing going on. It takes some guys over 5 minutes to finish kissing and hugging family members around the table. You have all night to celebrate with family afterwards.
  11. BrownsfaninPa

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Colleen Wolfe is married to a local sports journalist here in Philadelphia, his name is John Gonzalez.
  12. BrownsfaninPa

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    My meal tonight will be very simple, fish sticks and French fries, and tarter sauce, and ice tea. Probly some kettle style chips to snack on, and some chocolate pudding.
  13. BrownsfaninPa

    More Deep Thoughts with BrownsfaninPa

    What's the latest on the M. Garrett issue from last season. That was really an ugly and disturbing display that took place with him and the Steelers QB. I know he was reinstated back in Feb, but will there be any thing charged to him ? Is he on probation so say?
  14. BrownsfaninPa

    More Deep Thoughts with BrownsfaninPa

    the 84 uniforms were different , I liked the pant stripe design, 2 brown wide stripes with one wide orange stripe in the middle. I liked them more than the more recent uniform we just got rid of. I didn't like the orange numbers on the home and away jerseys. I liked the BROWNS name on the pant legs, and the away white jersey would look so much better with brown numbers.
  15. BrownsfaninPa

    Your BROWNS "man cave" collection

    Just wanted to ask who out there has a BROWNS MAN CAVE ? A place to show your Browns collectibles, and memorabilia items, etc. I will take a few photos of my small wall display and collection. Does anyone know how to post photo's here on the board?