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  1. BrownsfaninPa

    Uncharted Territory

    Iam very happy to see my all time favorite team winning again. Its been a long drout when it comes to winning. We lost a few that shouldn't have cost us the game, and the tie is only a smile that we could of won that one also. Three games left, and we could get a 8 game winning year. But its a start.
  2. BrownsfaninPa

    Too Early to Name Our Defense?

    How about -- Seek & Destroy !!!!
  3. BrownsfaninPa


    It was a long time since the Browns could enjoy a victory. But last nights game wasn't all that glorious. The 1st half was horrendous, and the OL wasn't doing good against the JETS defense. Tyrod Taylor was battered from the start. The boo's were loud and noticeable. The rookie comes in with much applause and made things happen instantly. We won the game and fans cheered like they did in the past. Much better days ahead.
  4. BrownsfaninPa


    Its the start of a new season. We start off at home against our main , historic rival, the Steelers. Lets show the football world that the Browns are a team to deal with, and a win will open some eyes for concern in weeks to come. GO BROWNS !! The losing years are gone.
  5. BrownsfaninPa


    I'll be watching on NFL network, but I live here in philly, and my girlfriend is a big Eagles fan, and they play the Steelers tonight, so I guess its going to be a flip flop back and forth for both games. I'll wear my throwback white #57 Clay Matthews jersey.
  6. BrownsfaninPa

    How is your excitement

    I'am ready for the new season, and hope it can be better than the year before. This will be a big year, because it can not get any worse than last years 0-16 record. GO BROWNS !!
  7. As a long time Browns fan, you always want to see former players make it in the HALL OF FAME. Iam very opinionated about recent players that have been voted in and personally, I don't feel they deserve to be in yet if at all. Recent players such as Jonathon Ogeden, Kevin Greene, and Jason Taylor all have been voted in. But to me, a player from years ago should be in because of the era and rules of their time of playing. For example, some stats for QB sacks, were not kept on record until about 1983, so a player such as Clay Matthews don't have stats to show what he accomplished as a player. Today there are records for how many times a player sneezes in the huttle, etc. Maybe iam just wanting these 2 players in because of my Browns devotion and support. Clay Matthews holds records at LB for years of service, games played and team records as well. 19 yrs in the NFL and that isn't H.O.F. worthy? Rams DE Jackie Slater , or Saints LB, Ricky Jackson are in, so why not Clay? And I feel the same for OL Doug Dieken. I compare his stats with H.O.F. Cardinals OL, Dan Dierdorf. Dan went to more Pro Bowls, but other than that, what did he do to out shine Doug Dieken?
  8. BrownsfaninPa

    How bad can it get ????

    Iam a long time fan of the Browns, starting back in the late 70's. It really sucks when you cheer for a team that used to be a major threat in the AFC. And when the team was taken from Cleveland and was given a new team with all the historic records, players, and colors, I was happy to begin a new era and ready to build new team records etc. But the records this team is collecting in its history is all for the worse. This team tries to get better, and move office personnel around, and coachs come and go. 1st round draft picks turn out to be flops, and this team continues to lose week after week, year after year. Its just not fun being a fan of a team that just cant win. Iam not turning in my fan support to the Browns, but being a fan these days is just depressing.
  9. As a Browns fan, we all love the BROWNS-STEELERS match ups. Over the past 18 yrs since the Browns returned to the NFL, this classic divisional rivalry has been totally one sided. Even though the Steelers have the winning side of our match ups, is this still looked at as a rivalry, or just another match up? Has the classic hatred for eachother still excite this match up each year? As for me, its just another game, because the winning percentage goes to the Steelers, but if the Browns begin winning games each match up then the rivalry will return.
  10. BrownsfaninPa

    Ghoolie Goes Black

    I don't get too over excited about the start of any season anymore. I just hope that each game is a successful game and a win and the end. As for the QB's, just keep the hopes in a positive mind. I keep my mind also on the past from the 70's & 80's. Just to keep those days fresh and remember how the Browns used to be.
  11. BrownsfaninPa

    Browns McFarlane / Madden figures - Miles Garrett

    Not to be rude or ignorant, but what does my age have to do with enjoying a sports hobby of collecting sports memorabilia of the Cleveland Browns? Let me ask you a un-related question. On your job, do take a lunch break ? And if so what do you do , eat a lunch, smoke a few cigs, or read a book, etc ?
  12. Iam a long time collector of football figures, and I have all the McFarlane Browns figures, plus I did some home made figures of my own. I did a Brian Sipe, Lyle Alzado, Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, and a Tim Couch. The actual figures I have are, Jim Brown, James Jackson, William Green, Brady Quinn, Payton Hillis, and Johnny Manziel. Iam hoping the next Browns figure will be a Miles Garrett. And if the Miles Garrett figure does or doesn't make it into production, I have BEARS Julius Peppers figure i'll use to make a custom M. Garrett of my own.
  13. BrownsfaninPa

    Reflecting Back on Head Coaches...

    Those were the good ol days when the BROWNS were a dominating force to deal with. Sam's years with the Kardiac Kids era with Brian Sipe , Greg and Mike Pruitt, Ozzie, and on defense we had Clay Matthews, Lyle Alzado, Etc. Marty's era was even better, rookie Bernie Kosar , Kevin Mack, Ernest Byner, and veteran ozzie, and on defense we had mean and nasty Eddie Johnson, Bob Golic, Mike Johnson, Clay Matthews, Hanford Dixon, and Frank Minnifield who created our now infamous end zone fan club, The DAWG POUND. I wished the Browns would have stayed in Cleveland, there was no telling how many Super Bowls this franchise could have gone to if it was given a chance.
  14. Iam a long time Browns fan, and over the past 15+ yrs, there hasnt been much to be proud of due to the lack of winning games. And I ofter go back in time during the Brian Sipe era and Bernie Kosar era and watch games from when times were much enjoyable. Early 80's known as the Kardiac Kids, then the Dawg Pound was created, and the back to back AFC CHAMPIONSHIPS against the Broncos, 3 games in 4 years were good times. Though they were losses, at least we made it to that far. So having those games to look back on keeps my thoughts positive about the team of Brown and orange. We have the best colors and the best end zone fan section known as THE DAWG POUND. It may not be as the infamous Purple People Eaters, The Doomsday Defense, The Killer B's, The Steel Curtin, but ours is just as unique. Lets hope for a much improved team and bring back the Browns glory days. GO BROWNS.
  15. BrownsfaninPa

    player equipment / protection

    Iam just wondering how the NFL forces their rules on player protection? Over the years the way the helmets are made have improved to absorb hard hits and contacts to the ground, etc. But at the same time, as these players are much more larger in size, as being muscled, and in shape etc, They are wearing smaller shoulder pads, and less padded equipment such as thigh pads, and knee pads. I understand that the players want to have more mobility for better movement, and less constricting pads in their way, but, wouldn't these pads also help less injurys? Look how the players were covered in pads, from helmet to knees , arms wrapped , elbows, padded, forearms padded, and thighs and knees padded. Today they wear basic uniform pants and little to know pads on the shoulders etc. Why cant the NFL put in place a mandatory rule that certain shoulder pads are to be issued for each team, depending on size of player and the same for other position etc. ?