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  1. broganreynik

    Expectations next year?

    We’ll be burning couches after Baker hoists the Lombardi.
  2. broganreynik


    I’m not saying he wouldn’t work, but I’d be a bit more skeptical than if it were someone with more coordinator experience. I’m usually pretty happy to have my skepticism shattered.
  3. broganreynik


    As cool as it would be to have two of my favorite Nebraska quarterbacks coaching both my college and pro teams, I would be pretty damn underwhelmed with Zac Taylor. He has one season where he was named interim offensive coordinator with the Dolphins, when his father-in-law was the coach. Aside from that, his only coordinator experience is a one-year stint at Cincinnati (the college) in 2016. I don’t care that Goff is the second coming of David this season, Taylor isn’t ready to be the Goliath in charge yet.
  4. broganreynik


    I’m all for Lincoln Riley. He’s my number one with a bullet. Other college coaches I’d consider: Matt Campbell, David Shaw, James Franklin. Maybe Chris Petersen, but coaching under Haslam could push him off the wagon. I would be bummed if it’s anyone but Riley though.
  5. broganreynik

    Hue fired

    Your lips to God’s ears. I’m not sure how Baker could have been clearer about not liking Hue without just coming out and saying it. At least that’s what I was picking up in his interviews.
  6. broganreynik


    Because it isn’t Carl.
  7. broganreynik

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    That move actually brings his trade value up, since it puts a definite timetable for when they need to agree on the deal. A team could trade for him and his rookie contract, or wait for him to be cut and have to pay more. Possibly significantly more since the interested teams could end up driving the price up.
  8. broganreynik

    Flash Is Back

    Hey, man. It ain’t no sin to go to the skrip club. Err’body goes to the skrip club.
  9. broganreynik

    Flash Is Back

    That was Randy Gregory. I’d say it didn’t go well, but he’s playing again, faster than it took for Flash to get back.
  10. broganreynik

    Neat article on Drew Stanton

    Brogan’s definitely George, there to provide the sweet treats for the dudes and tasty licks for the ladies.
  11. broganreynik

    Cory Coleman Traded

    If you think everyone sucks, odds are you’ll be right now and again. Even better odds when you’re a Browns fan.
  12. broganreynik

    Urban Meyer

    I think you made your point.
  13. broganreynik

    Ghoolie's Final Word - The only.one that matters.

    It’s impressive, given her age. She loses the tempo here and there, but it’s a helluva lot better than I was at 15. Hell, since starting up my current band that writes in more of a Petty/Springsteen style, flashy stuff hasn’t been part of my arsenal. I’d like to think muscle memory would get me back in the swing of it after kicking off the rust. Then again, the old bones would probably tell the muscles to go Shmuck themselves.
  14. broganreynik

    Why is Jackson Painting Himself Into a Corner?

    His ego is setting himself up to do what he says, or not do what he says? Well, you’re not wrong...