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  1. broganreynik

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    It sure is. I couldn’t remember what it was specifically
  2. broganreynik

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Well, he wasn’t the first about Baker. There was the dude whose friend used Skynet with the Giants to see what other teams are doing; illegal as all fuck. But he came on in like February and said it was Baker at 1 and Ward at 4.
  3. broganreynik

    will there be repercussions for the blown fumble call?

    So he wasn’t close enough to make the call of a touchdown either.
  4. broganreynik

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Wait... wool?!? I get being uppity about fur, but wool?! It fucking grows back. I don’t mind seeing her tuchus, but that is just ridiculous.
  5. broganreynik

    Browns players walkup Music

  6. broganreynik

    "Raiders" may stay in Oakland?

    So are they proposing a new team, or just retaining the rights to the franchise name? I wonder if a move from Jacksonville would appease them. But then who the fuck would Goodell ship to London? I guess they could add a new team in both places, but that messes with the current division set-up. I guess if the NFL is okay with going away from the four teams per division, they can figure out the logistics. Hell, one of the mayoral candidates here in Omaha is pushing hard for an NFL team. There’s no fucking way that happens. The TD Ameritrade Park where they host the College World Series has a max capacity of 35,000. There’s nowhere left for them to build unless they want to go out of downtown into one of the surrounding cities, like the AAA Royals team does. I can’t imagine the city would be willing to give up that commerce. That leaves the ghetto. Considering the gang wars that have tons of shootings every night (when it’s above freezing. Gangbangers can’t handle the cold, apparently), I can’t imagine that going well. Not to mention Omaha isn’t exactly a lucrative market. I guess this all amounts to me saying jack shit just to see my thoughts written out.
  7. broganreynik

    Where will Flacco end up

    I could see the Giants too. Mostly because I can’t imagine someone would actually choose to frequent the shithole that is Jacksonville. Although he’s already used to Baltimore, so Jax might seem like a Caribbean island.
  8. broganreynik

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Actually, we do own the tiebreaker over the Colts. I can’t even count apparently. So we need the Tits to lose, then the Colts/Tits tie. Steelers losing out would be more likely ha.
  9. broganreynik

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Yep. Even if they tie, both teams would have the tiebreaker over us.
  10. broganreynik

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    I still got my Johnny Football jersey hanging in the closet. I actually had Football put on the back, just in case he flamed out. ‘Twas a good decision. I don’t ever wear the damn thing though. I usually wear Joe Thomas, Joe Haden, or Scott Frost. Have a Baker one coming for Christmas from the wife. That’ll be my gameday go to for the next 18 or so years! 😃
  11. broganreynik

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    Eight times a Brown has won the award out of a possible eleven. That’s a good sign.
  12. Are there quarterbacks that don’t drop off dramatically if their first read isn’t open? I’m genuinely curious, as I would think it would apply to everyone. If there are ones who don’t drop off, those guys are dudes.
  13. broganreynik

    Jags Bench Bortles

    They already have their QB of the future: Tanner Lee. 😂
  14. broganreynik

    Expectations next year?

    We’ll be burning couches after Baker hoists the Lombardi.
  15. broganreynik


    I’m not saying he wouldn’t work, but I’d be a bit more skeptical than if it were someone with more coordinator experience. I’m usually pretty happy to have my skepticism shattered.