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  1. Logo?

    Ahh. I’m indifferent about the mascot.
  2. Logo?

    Sheet, Brownie is my favorite “logo” to have on a hat or shirt. Just another reason to hate the cuntinuing source of ire.
  3. These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

    God bless America! Based on the thread title, I thought we were going to get a preview of Dee’s next abominations.
  4. Earl Thomas next ?

  5. Cousins would "seriously consider" the Browns

    That headline isn’t indicative of what McCloughan said at all.
  6. 2018 QB Class

    sarcasm [sahr-kaz-uh m] noun harsh or bitter derision or irony. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark Once again, your puerile simplicity can’t decipher facetious if it bit you in the tuckus. Sidenote: not cool with the Rain Man remark. My sister is mentally disabled, and it’s cretins like you that can’t handle their own mental inferiority, so you attempt derision. Thing is, she knows she’s smarter than you. She has a legit reason, whereas you are willfully ignorant.
  7. Bridge QB Over Troubled Waters

    I think it’s obvious we make a deal with the Pats to get Brian Hoyer.
  8. 2018 QB Class

    Apparently The Rock eye-roll is too subtle for you. Then, the ball going over the punter’s head went even further over your head. I wasn’t puzzled at all; I was being sarcastic. My one year old son knows one percent is one out of a hundred. You were overstating the obvious like you had some Billy Bean keen eye for stats. Meanwhile, every one else knows that 6% difference in completion percentage is like a quarter-second in the 40. It’s foolish to think a guy that can’t complete 60% of his passes against Mountain West competition will complete 66% in the NFL.
  9. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    All the more reason for you to know that’s what happens.
  10. 2018 QB Class

    Notice I used your logic to compare Kizer to Wentz?
  11. 2018 QB Class

    Six more passes per 100?!? Are you sure? I’m not convinced that’s how percentages work. Well, Sheet, Kizer only needed to complete seven more passes per 100 to be equal with Carson Wentz.
  12. Not that I subscribe to your theory, but Luke Falk should be on the Browns’ draft board. Dating Mallori Lindberg from the WSU cross country team. Smokeshow. Or better yet, Nick Fitzgerald, who’s dating Miss South Carolina/Falcons cheerleader Will Grier is married to a former Bucs cheerleader, but he got her knocked up first. Plus, the whole drug thing. Jake Browning is off limits, since he’s dating a J student at rival Oregon. I think she’s the cutest of the bunch though. Kenny Hill has a Dallas Cowboys staffer Trace McSorley’s PSU field hockey gf... Brett Rypien is dating this BSU soccer cutie Tanner Mangum’s BYU volleyball wife I don’t care where she’s from, if we’re basing QBs on their girlfriends, Kyle Allen would be the top pick. In all all seriousness though, any QB can have a nice looking girlfriend from their school; there’s always jersey chasers out there.
  13. Which school?

    I'll throw out Nebraska's duos worthy of consideration, not necessarily expecting any to be the best at their positions. RB: Roger Craig and Ahman Green WR: Irving Fryar and Guy Chamberlin T: Link Lyman and Bob Brown G: Will Shields and Dean Steinkuhler C: Charley Brock and Mick Tingelhoff DE: Neil Smith and Grant Wistrom DT: Ndamukong Suh and John Dutton LB: Broderick Thomas and Lavonte David
  14. Garrett Hurt Already

    You must not be very good at sex.
  15. Garrett Hurt Already

    Whoa whoa whoa. As a musician, I cannot say the same. Playing music is amazing, and really makes life much more worthwhile. But if you told me I have to go the rest of my life without sex or without playing music, I'd say "well, I've had a good 27 years! Seems like a good time to learn a new hobby."